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I was always self conscious about my inner labia,...

I was always self conscious about my inner labia, starting at puberty and continuing on to high-school and college and those dreaded "beef curtain" comments. I heard about labiaplasty a few years ago and finally got the nerve to ask my gyno about it at my last routine annual exam. He said he'd made notes about my protruding inner labia at past exams, said He'd probably use the wedge method and that my insurance would probably cover it. Once he confirmed that my insurance would cover it, I went ahead and scheduled the appointment.
I had the surgery on a Friday morning, expecting to take that day off and be back to work on Monday. (I happened to switch jobs in the mean time and was able to schedule the full following week off - thank god!) I woke up from the procedure in excruciating pain and was given two extra vials of morphine. I was written a script for six percocets, which I've been alternating with three ibuprofen. Im also alternating ice packs and sits baths. The pain is consistently at a stinging and sore 3 out of 10.
My biggest concern is the redness at the perenium, between the back of the vagina and the anus. I'm also a little worried that he took off too much on the right side and that ill look even more uneven when I'm heeled. Plus it looks like the vagina opening is bigger now than it was before - is that a possibility?!
I'm not saying I regret the surgery- I'm just anxious for the swelling to go down to see what it will look like.
And does anyone have any advice on how to soothe the redness at the perenium?!?!

Day 6

Some swelling has gone down. I've been using baby wipes to rub away the dead skin after sits baths and showers, then blow drying with it set on cool, then applying desitin to the perennium and between my cheeks.
I'm still not in love with the way the right side (on me) pokes out or the way the clit hood pokes out on my left, almost like it's disconnected from the rest of the lip.
The left lip is tucked in and it's painful to pull out so I don't bother .
Also not in love with the way the vaginal opening closes near the perenium.
Only time and healing will tell.

Day 11

The pain has subsided quite a bit, I'm still taking ibuprofen every 4ish hours, but my vag doesn't start to throb right on the 4hour mark.

I'm itchy, which is kind of annoying. The stitches are starting to come out and the scabs are forming.

First day back in a thong! Which I actually think feels better. Bc it applies constant pressure on my lips and keeps between my cheeks (where I had a rash) from rubbing together.

Day 12 - infection?!

Just when I thought I was in the clear, the left lip looks like the sutures came all the way out and aren't holding the incision open anymore.
I'm having chunky discharge from the wound like in the attached photo. This was taken right after a bath.
My doctor told me to clean with hydrogen peroxide and apply bacitracin twice tonight and again in the morning, and call him to get an appointment tomorrow if things aren't looking better by then.

Day 13

Not infected, just part of the healing process. Right side is almost healed. Left side might need a revision once it is done healing :/

Day 18

Almost no pain. Still a little itchy from the diaper rash but not too bad. Got my period today and I've used tampons, which isn't too uncomfortable.

Three weeks

Three weeks post op as of tomorrow morning. I took two ibuprofen this morning after I put my first tampon in, but that was all I needed for the day. Itchiness has gone down a lot. I can sit, walk, everything normally.
I have my scheduled follow up on Monday, I think my stitches are pretty much all gone - hopefully I'll be able to shave down there and I'll be cleared to start working out again.
It's not as scary looking as it was at one point. It's not the most beautiful thing either. I'm glad to not have the excess skin slipping out the sides of thongs or bulging in bikinis. We'll see how soon I feel like sharing this new V with a sexual partner to determine if intercourse has improved, too.
I'll definitely spend a lot of time thinking before I go for a left labia revision in six or so months.
All in all, glad the worst is over.

4 weeks

As of tomorrow I am officially 4 weeks out. I had a check up on Monday and my doctor said I was 90% healed. My stitches are all dissolved so I shaved again tonight (yay!) and started doing some light exercising this week (no labia bulge in yoga pants :D) I'm basically back to normal - no pain meds, walking, sitting, etc. no problem. The only time I ever notice it at all is when I wipe after peeing. My Dr. said I should still try to wait a month before having sex, which is totally fine by me, I didn't even bring up the question at the appointment bc I'm just not in a place in my life where I'm having sex right now.
I'm pleased with the results, but I am hoping that there is still some swelling that will go down. On my right side (left in the pics) there's a little flap of skin near the top that's kind of hard with scar tissue that I'm not totally in love with and on my left side (right in the pics) there's a flap of skin towards the middle that just seems unnatural and cut. Back towards the perennium it looks kinda like it was cut apart and sewn together, which I guess it was, so what should I expect? We decided we would discuss a revision if I feel I need one at my next annual exam.
Here's hoping sex feels even better and I'm not self conscious with new partners!

Four weeks

One thing I forgot to mention, the recovery at first was MUCH more intense than I anticipated. I would recommend at least 5 days off (getting it done on a Wednesday and returning to work on a Monday) if that's possible for your situation.
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Glad you are doing well - thanks for keeping your review up to date!
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Looks good Hun !!
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Hey there, please check out this information to consider while healing:

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Dont use tampons yet!!!! You may stress the still healing skin!
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Hello** I had a labiaplasty this summer. I thought everything would look good until I saw I was unhappy.., He didn't cut all the way up , so I needed to go in for a touch up . So I've had this done 2 times.... Now I'm seeing I'm again unhappy It looks all uneven now another piece of labia is building out and looks like it should have been trimmed ! I'm really shocked third times a charm...but how do I go about this with my surgeon? He seemed a little annoyed the second time but said he wanted me happy I'm so nervous to tell him again I'm unhappy....but I don't want to live still hating my vagina . Any suggestions ?
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I'm not really sure. Maybe bring in a picture of what you hope the results will look like to see if that's a possibility.
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Pho, I have a question for you guys since I'm unsure how to write my problem !
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Yours looks great!
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What insurance do you have cause I'm trying to get my insurance to pay for it
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Doesn't look like a wedge to me. Did you look into your surgeon? Do you get follow up visits with him?
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He is my gynecologist, who ive been going to for years and seemed to know what he was talking about when I asked about the vaginal reconstruction surgeries. I trusted his expertise/experience and didn't do very much research on him. My first follow up is 9/8, I'm certainly looking forward to it.
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A gyno did it? That explains it. :) As long as you are happy I guess.
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Evalea, that was extremely rude. If you aren't providing any constructive information, keep your comments to yourself.
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Hmm. Seems to me the constructive information is that a Gyno is not necessarily experienced in doing this delicate operation. Your results might have something to do with that. Sorry but that is constructive for everyone else. Go cheap and go with less experience and your results may vary.
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I agree.
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Point taken. If you're willing to spend thousands of dollars on this operation, by all means, take your time and find a surgeon you trust. This isn't something I would have spent more than a copay on. Totally agree that you get what you pay for, and for $100 the operation corrected what I felt I had problems with.
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Before I would let anyone operate on my privates I would (and did) vet the crap out of him to make sure I chose correctly to minimize my risk and maximize my gain. That's what I did and I did spend some money to do so. If it wasn't worth picking the right doctor I would have probably just not had the surgery. We look at it differently which is fine. :)
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A gyno did mine and my results are fucking perfect. I would never, ever, ever have gone to a plastic surgeon. And it was a trim too! Bet you guys love that lol To each their own. No need to be rude.
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The vagina opening is just appearing bigger because there is less inner labia to cover it up. I think it's something you will get use too and it will also look much, MUCH better once the swelling has gone down. I wrote a pretty detailed review on this procedure if you would like to have a look, it's a very confusing process through the healing journey- sometimes looking ugly, sometimes looking great, but overall getting better and better. I think you will enjoy your results.
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Who is your doctor ?
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You are super swollen and bruised. There's nothing unusual about it. It will take several months for everything to heal completely. For now just rest and relax. Any redness in your perineum area will go away. Things will look much much better down there and it will effect your life amazingly :)
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idk about you, but i got a rash where your redness is. It wound up being from the pads i was usings. i never really wear pads, i usually go for tampons. the only way i fixed it was when the bleeding was low enough, i didnt have to wear pads. i heard recomendations like getting all natural cotton pads, to buying desitin to treat it. Dont worry about the unevenness yet. directly after surgery my doctor let me take a look and everything was even and small, and now everything swollen and a mess looking with one side a bit larger than the other. swelling is awful! good luck on your recovery!
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