Dermaroller for Stretch Mark Review - New York, NY

Hi ! So I have some rather annoying stretch marks...

Hi ! So I have some rather annoying stretch marks on my upper thigh/lower waist so to say ! Although not extremely visible I would definitely love to get rid of them ! My coworker recently told me about the roller and after researching I thought I would give it a try ! I started on Thursday so today was day 3 for me ! It's a little painful/uncomfortable feeling but bearable ! I have seen very minimal puncture wounds/bleeding as you will see from the pics - i plan on using the roller for 7 days straight then rest for a day or two then so on and so on - I mean for $30 couldn't hurt to try right lol and I have seen some b4 and afters and this thing seems to really work !! Fingers crossed lol I will post a pic every week after tenement - I've also read you must be patient !! Let's see ^_^ also the area gets red and puffy after using but this is normal after all these are tiny needles !


I have been so curious on this product and have been looking to invest in one. I am looking forward to watching your progress so please continue to share photos - thank you!
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Hi I definitely will - I haven't posted any new pictures only because I haven't noticed them gone yet lol although the area is now getting extremely itchy - I've read that's good and means new skin is growing so let's see lol I will keep you updated on a significant change =]
I always equate itching to healing which is a good sign, then you will see results. 

Thanks again for sharing this with us!!

Am I rolling to much ?

So I've been researching a lot more and I'm reading how they say for best results to wait at least a week each time I roll to allow healing does anyone know this to be true ?

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Severe itching

I had severe itching these last 2-3 days and I have decided to let heal what I must have created with my rolling =] I am taking the itching as a good sign and will start the rolling again once the itching subsides - when I look at the area really well I can see what the rolling did - it created a bunch of tiny lil cuts over my stretch marks and I am assuming new skin could possibly be growing over "hence the itching "lol so I actually think it would make sense to allow the area to heal some befor I start rolling again - research says it could take up to 4 weeks before you see any results ! Anyway I will definately update any progress on this !


HI! Ive been doing the roller. I was actually shown how to do it by a doctor(I work with one) and from my understanding the more aggressive you are with the rolling the more time you need to wait in-between each treatment. If you are less aggressive you can more often. Hope that helps :) I did 2 treatments one time in small sections where i actually scabbed up at one time so i had to wait longer for the area to heal.
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Exciting to hear about your results!
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It will take time and several treatments but it will start to work eventually I've done quit a few and I'm seeing a little bit of a difference. Sometimes when doing things like this the results are so slow and you dont actually see or remember what you really looked like before but its actually working kinda like loosing weight and gaining weight over a period of time.

2 weeks and I see a 65%

Improvement !! It has been two weeks since I started my rolling and I am amazed at the results !
I can't wait to see a month from now ! You will be able to see from the pic my birth mark so you can see it's really the same area ! I am amazed honestly didn't expect to see results and especially not so soon ! I rolled straight for 7 days and then gave it a break I am adding cocoa butter and vitamin C daily - I did actually roll 2 after my first 7 days straight


this is SOOOOOOOO interesting! but how does a newbie get started? first, where to buy a good roller and lastly, what size needle to start? does anyone have a definitive answer to both questions? i can't seem to find a reliable source!
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i got mine off amazon 1.5mm needles. used it first time yesterday - rolled up-down and NE and NW directions .. the stretch marks will become red/ish and then apply the oil/cream of your choice, i used bio oil but i'm sure shea butter works too. i heard you shouldn't use the derma roller more than once a week (you need to give the skin time to heal). the marks will stay red for a few days after use. clean the roller with surgical spirit (dip it in) and let it air dry only - don't use cloth or anything to dry it with. :)
kiska, did it hurt? i'm nervous but would like to try it! i heard bio oil is good so it makes sense to use it with this treatment. but about the red marks, if i use foundation, will it hide the marks or are they VERY noticeable?
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