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Ok so I've had this derma roller from MTS 1.5mm...

Ok so I've had this derma roller from MTS 1.5mm for at least 2 yrs but never used it because it looked scary. Lately I've noticed my skin pores large and acne scars more noticeable and my make up didn't go as smooth as before so I decided to give it a go. I rolled it on my cheeks 10x in each direction didn't use much force since it was my first time. I first washed my face w baking soda and water as that is my new exfoliator; pat dried and began roiling. My skin became a bit swollen and red an tingling but was not very painful. I applied some aloe vera lotion to calm it a bit. Hopefully it works since I hate going to doctors/spas.


I would cleanse your skin with a gentle gel cleanser, to help purify and dissolve any oil and bacteria the best. Post procedure apply Hylauronic acid for rapid moisture while the pores are open and your skin is healing. 3 days post treatment and following I would apply topical vitamin c and an Active growth factor serum and retinal compound cream.
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I recently found out about this derma roller deal. Did it work for you???
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