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I was injected with silicone 700 cc approximately...

I was injected with silicone 700 cc approximately five to six months ago and almost died in March. I was in a coma in a New York hospital. I was injected by a woman who said her name was Melanie from Miami. Melanie dissappeared as soon as I became ill. She was recommended by a friend who is now ill. The intial symptoms began about a week after the injections. My symptoms included chills followed by a fever, and cellulitis. I became lethargic and struggled to go to work. I developed a chronic cough. In searching for help I saw a doctor who liposuctions silicone. The doctor injected me with cortisone injections 500$ per which is now thought to have spread the silicone throughout my body. Five months after injections and after several hospitalizations my doctors and family thought I would die. I entered the hospital with what was thought to be an allergic reaction. Doctors did not know how to treat me. I was in an induced coma for about a week and treated by a rheumatologist as a patient with a temporary case of Lupus. I had fluid in my lungs and my heart as well as other complications. The silicone was removed after surviving many complications and within five surgeries. I am still not done and my buttocks are deformed. Surgeons say they could not believe that the silicone which was hard enough to break a car window could have been liposuctioned. The emotional pain is sometimes worse than the physical pain.I will have the chance to have reconstructive surgery in about a year and will hopefully be healthy again but God will determine that.
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I am 31 years old -living in Dubai. I have been suffering these 2 years. 4 years ago I have injected oil silicone in buttock by not real doctors by thinking to create more proportion in my body since I have a big breast. They told me there were injecting collagen instead of the material they use. One year after that I didn't had any problem, any disturbing. After 1 year I start having redness, swollen hardness, pain, vomiting and weakness and I couldn't sleep properly in the both sides. I have been taking different antibiotics, IV , for a period of one year. Till I found a plastic surgeon doctor Mr. Ashok Govilla who willed to help me with my case. He done the surgery which took 6 hours and he removed a container of the material. In the biopsy result was mentioned that was found: Consistent with silicone granulomaI had 5 cuts in total in both sides. In six months I start having the same symptoms, redness ,hardness and collection in some other zones of the butt, it goes and comes because we using Kanolone Injection 10 mg since 9 months- only during the times that it appears(3 times during 9 months). I am very worried and in pain too, as I saw cases like mine in internet and they have different ending. I really hope in your help and I saw and read very good impressions about you. Please assist me by replying or suggesting what can I do, I want to get rid of it,I am planing to come in usa as soon as possible. Please doctors who had the same patients withe the same symptoms as mine,girls who are suffering the same, or has a surgery kindly advise me what to do, i wanna get rid of it and planning to come in usa as soon as possible. Looking forward for your reply. Many Thanks,
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