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Last Friday I got cool sculpting. The procedure...

Last Friday I got cool sculpting. The procedure was more painful than what I thought and to add to it -the machine came off so they had to suction me twice. After about 10 min into procedure pain was not bad. After one hour they took it off and my belly was a block of ice. She then had to massage it which was very painful. Went home and couldn't really function well. I felt bruised and a bit stinging. This has increased. I am now day 6 and went back to Dr to get pain killers. I have not slept in 3 days from the pain. I have a constant ice pack on it and the pain gets unbearable. I will be taking pain killers tonight and hoping to be a little better tomorrow.


Painkillers do not work. Ask for a script for Naurontin, a nerve-blocker. I also wouldn't use ice on something that has already been damaged by freezing. Let your body defrost naturally. Lots of folks have found wrapping it, to be more comfortable.
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One week update

I'm still in a lot of pain. The sharp tingling and bee stings are unbearable. I'm taking Neurontin and it only helps for a few hours. I also have resorted to ice packs. Feeling desperate about this pain. Don't even care about results anymore just want to be pain free. I don't know what else to do and I'm praying this doesn't last much longer. Any ideas on what to do is freshly appreciated.


Try BioFreeze spray (available on amazon and in some health food stores) or an arnica gel-available at any pharmacy. Ice is the thing that works the best. I had a soft icepack with a velcro belt that I wore around my waist and that helped the most. It WILL go away. By day 10 I felt much better and by day 14 it was totally gone. GOOD LUCK!
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Thank you so much. Going to look for it today. Feel desperate so will try anything. I bought a belt that I Can put ice on, so that's what I'm sporting this weekend. I'm counting the days until this pain goes away.
Unfortunately, the biofreeze only works for about an hour or so, but if you can ice while you're home and then use the biofreeze if you go out, it helps a little. I used the biofreeze more than the recommended three times a day, but it was fine. I wore the ice in the belt everywhere I went under a sweatshirt!!


Still in pain. Nights are horrid. Neurontin doesn't help. I get up every two hours at night to change my ice. Can t find anything to wear. When something runs on my stomach I see stars. I'm praying that this goes away soon. Have spent my memorial weekend at home. Feel bad that my kids have had to suffer too.


I had this done two weeks ago today and I have to say I am floored that you have been through so much. I had no bruising and very little pain about day 5 on day 10 I had some itching that went away yesterday. The swelling lasted about 5 days and was helped tons by running arnica gel on it. I know that everyone is different but you may want to give the arnica a try since it doesn't sound like much else is working for you. I bought mine at whole foods and it came with some arnica dissolving tablets that I used as well.
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I had absolutely no idea that I would be in this much pain for this long. If I could turn back time, I would not do it but I guess everyone's results are different. I will try Arnica, thanks for the recommendation.
I am very unhappy with this procedure. I am in a lot of pain as well and my stomach is still numb. I completely understand this ruining your memorial weekend. I had it done on Wednesday, and I look pregnant. I hope your pain goes away. All I want is my old stomach back. That body could wear a bikini. Feel better soon!
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Things are finally looking up.

Today is the first day I'm feeling a bit better and can function. I've only needed one ice pack and the bee stings are much less. While i am still swollen and see no noticeable visual improvement , I am delighted that things are getting better. Thank you to all who responded with kind suggestions.


So glad that you are finally feeling better!
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Thank you so much! I love getting back to a lil normal.
YAY! So glad you are feeling better, it will get even better from now on.
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2 weeks

Hi. It's now 2 weeks and I feel better. Still tingles and some bee stings but not as bad as before. Still a bit swollen and I don't expect results right now. Happy to be recovering.

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