Male Cheek Implants - left cheek swollen exactly for 2 years - New York, NY

What the doctor is not telling you is that, cheek...

What the doctor is not telling you is that, cheek implants could take up to 2 years for the swollen to subside. I for instance had my left cheek swollen exactly for 2 years. I was always depressed waking up in the morning, wondering when is going to go down. finally and exactly two years everything looks super great. I get great compliments I never had before, no one knows what i did or had done. Im 44 years old and people that dont know me thinks im 34 no lie. I get great compliments. Its been the best investment I ever had. Time and patience you need, something the doctor is going to denied. The doctor aint going to tell you that it could take two years to see full results. Of course, I had to use glases to cover up the swollen cheek during my recovery. Now, OMG I just can not believe how good it looks, I don't look tired ever.
Can please put some pics online
any chance you can post, email or text pics?
2 years! I am prepared to believe that surgeons underestimate or downplay the recovery but two years is long. Could it be that it took you longer than the norm? Happily you have a result that were worth the "pain"!
Dr. Elliot Miller

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