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I had both done at the same time. I'm 27 and...

I had both done at the same time. I'm 27 and wanted to improve my profile, used injections to plump my cheeks in the past but wanted permanent results. Took a long time to do my research and find the right doctor. As of now I'm over a month post op and I have only tiny bit of swelling in one cheek, zero pain or discomfort. I'm very happy with the procedure. My chin looks like I always wanted it to look, had no pain or bruising there after surgery, scar is very small and fading, chin looks very natural and I don't feel the implant at all. The cheeks were swollen and sore the first 3 days after the procedure which is normal and it went away very quick. Also had some lip numbing on my left side which bothered me a but but its all gone now . Absolutely no problem sleeping on my cheeks and chin they don't bother me at all. Read a lot of horror stories about cheek implants so I am positively surprised with my experience and would do it again. Doctor Slupchynskyj is a great doctor, I left the size of the implants up to him and he did a fantastic job. Very professional and recommended.

Glad to hear you had great results. I have been researching for cheek implants, and have a question I hope you can help answer. Was your cheek implant placed outside your eyes, or close to the base of your nose? In other words, were you trying to widen your face, or make your cheek project more forward?
Hello, I am a 21-year-old man who simply had very little to no cheek volume. I actually had cheek implants on both sides of my face done last October. One thing not mentioned is that cheek implants have a tendency to migrate in the initial healing phase. I had to have a revisional surgery (at no cost) last Friday to reposition one of the implants that had migrated. Now that they are even, I am thrilled with the results, but it was not a simple of a process as people are making it out to be, especially the part about the swelling. It does stay swollen well into the 2nd week post-op, but like I said, the final result is worth it.

Its wonderful to hear how well things went. If you have before & after pictures I would absolutely love to see them!



Sometimes I feel a bit of pain in my cheek when I sleep on it. But I love it so much. Think mine we're placed close to nose cause I have very round fat face so doctor could see I don't need anymore widening lol. Yeah I also ever said it was easy breezy I have pictures after surgery I looked like a balloon but never much pain. Couldn't really run on treadmill for long time cause was uncomfortable. Now I just see its really starting to look good. Been quite some time. I'm posting pic taken today
Your results look really natural. How long until the swelling was down enough to go back to work and/or see friends and family?
Thank you. I had to go to school 2 days after the surgery. Was pretty swollen but I had little brushing. Would say day 6 i was be able to function better. Chew and talk with no problem or pain.
Bruising not brushing

Posting before photo

You look great! Did you get malar, submalar, or combination cheek implants?
My procedure was done in a hospital, and everything together (anesthesiology, operating room, doctor) costs double what Natalie's cost. But, I've always known that my doctor is on the more expensive end.
I just had cheek implants put in 14 days ago. My surgeon is one of the best in the country, Diane Colgan, Potomac MD. The best. She's done all of my work and she's the only one I trusted to do the implants. There is an art to it, and still, she made sure that I understood this: there are no guarantees. You have to trust your doctor. I did "interview" another doctor and he just pushed fillers. And why not? It's easy money and a continued income. My friend has to budget significantly for her re-fills. My eyes were never swollen (I've read nightmare stories about swelling), there was minimal bruising, which at this moment is now just yellow, and almost completely gone. Except for the first few hours after the procedure, no pain. And Tylenol worked better than the heavy meds the hospital gave me. One cheek is still more swollen and that concerns me because a friend of mine went in for breast implants (the doctor and the staff were friends of hers!) and came out with two different sizes, but Doctor Colgan assured me it's all okay. It's impossible to tell anything at the moment...I'm still swollen, enough that my nose is still looking funny. My smile is crooked and thin-lipped. I am fully prepared to wait out the summer for this to settle down. Right now, if you know me, you're wondering what happened...if you don't know can't tell I had surgery.

The cost

I have to clear something the price listed is only for cheeks I believe I paid 3.5 for them or 4 and 3 for chin. I'm not 100% sure.
also how did you decide on this doctor for cheek implants? Did you get to see many before and afters?
Looks great and the first pic is after the procedure? Looks great. Dr. S. did my nose procedures and I was pleased. I will call him for the cheek implants..
Yes it is. thank you :) You know the difference is not that visible in pictures more in reality. Really good size for me cause bigger i think would look grotesque. I also had nose done with the doctor recently. Still swollen but love it already.
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