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Had Cellulaze Done Monday March 26th - New York, NY

I have suffered from cellulite on the front of my...

I have suffered from cellulite on the front of my thighs for a long time, and always hated my knees, so I got cellulaze done and smart lipo to my knees , I am one week in already and I dont see much of a difference yet, they say that it takes time to see maximum results, but I know that the tightening effect takes time, but I figured I wouldn't see much cellulite but I still do, so I'm a little disappointed in that part, but I'm going to be optimistic, I don't see my dr again until 3months in.

The procedure itself was not bad at all, I would definitely do it again if it works!!! I just hope I end up loving my legs for once! I work out all the time and I have tried every cellulite treatment out there to get rid of it, and nothing really helped! I'm so bummed because I am a young women who is 5"6 and 125 pounds and in really good shape except for one thing I always hated my knees and the cellulite above it!! So I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that it was worth every penny!!!

It's been almost a couple weeks since your procedure. How's it going now?
I'm doing good, still a bit swollen, see some results but still have visible cellulite but not as much as I had before surgery, I'm seeing my doctor on April 23 for a follow up , so he will be able to let me know how I'm progressing, the surgery itself was very tolerable and the recovery is not bad at all, had it done on a Monday and was back to work on Thursday and doing errands on Wednesday , I have to say you do have to be patient with results , everyones healing is different and the grade of cellulite plays a part also, I had more cellulite on one thigh than the other, and the one that had less is almost cellulite free, but my other leg still has visible cellulite but definitely not as much, I also had smart lipo to my knees and those are still swollen slightly so it throws off the results I think. Ill know after I see my doctor, and he can give me more insight on my progress.
how far apart did you do the cellulaze and smart lipo?? I am planning both

Went back to the doctor for my post op and he told...

Went back to the doctor for my post op and he told me that it take at least 3 to 6 months to see the maximum results , I totally still have cellulite , with a slight improvement , which he said is normal, and he didn't expect to see much difference, so what I'm learning is you definitely need to be patient with your results, my legs actually looked better the first week , I think it's because of the swelling, but as the doctor explained it to me and the science behind it , it's a procedure that gets better in time , this isn't a immediate result ! I have to admit that it is so frustrating not to see results right away! I can't post if this procedure is worth it until I give it the full 6 months time! Believe me it's not easy waiting, my doctor told me to stop looking at my legs because I'm not going to see a difference right away, I really trust what he saying cause he did the clinical trials for 2 years and trained many doctors on the procedure !
Did you ever check with your doc about the little pellets you felt under your skin? Did they go away. I think I'm starting to feel something similar.
Are you seeing anymore results now?
Not really , slow process from some people, I think where you have the procedure done on your body makes a big difference, I had it done on the front of my thighs

It will be 2 months since my treatment, and I...

It will be 2 months since my treatment, and I don't see much of a difference since my last update, a little discourage cause now it's is time for shorts and skirts and I'm still a little self conscience , I still have cellulite and in some lighting it looks worse, so I'm still going on my doctors advice and hoping in the months to come I will see improvement, I also still have some swelling.
Hi, I had the cellulaze procedure done on July 10, 2013 and not only I don't see any results, I am still very discolored and have a ton of little spider veins which I didn't have before. Can you tell me me if after your 6 months it got better for you or nothing changed?
Hi - I noticed a difference within a few months, especially on my bum, where the dimpling was the worst. I have been silent for about a year as I'd planned to lose the weight (12 lbs or so) that would work together with the cellulaze. Only now I have I just lost it in the last few months. I have a collapsed arch so it took resistance apparatus and a warm pool 5 x per week. I didn't want to finally judge while I still had a layer of mitigating fat. Now I can see that I am plenty happy. I am so sorry you are still discolored. That seems unusual. Mine went away in weeks.
Hi Sunshine0001, It's been a year and a half and no I don't see any results. Every time someone writes me about this procedure I beg them not to go through with it. It's a waste of money and EXCRUCIATINGLY painful. I spent 12,000 and the only difference I see is to my bank account.
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