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Getting my stuff ready for the big day. I decided...

Getting my stuff ready for the big day. I decided to go for butt implants because I feel like it would last longer, when with the fat grafting, you loses the fat if you lose weight or work out. My body is weird. One week I'm thick, by the next month I lose weird n look skinny. So I just want something to last n also I love the projection of the implants. I don't want it too big but I always want it to turn heads, so we'll see.
Did your dr give u a dr note for your job? Did they ask for proof? I know my job will.
Doctors will do that but I don't work
I just had mine done 3 weeks ago and so far I love them. Ask them about the new shot they have on the market to cut the pain in half the first 3-4 days. It was about $400 and it was worth every penny. Day after my surgery I was up walking around, making phone calls and didn't take any pain pills at all. Good luck!!!!

This is Really Happening!!!

I'm so nervous....getting my money together n I'm so close to actually get my dream booty. Not only do I need a big booty, I also want the tiniest waist. So I really hope he sucks out as much fat out of my lovehandles n back. This is so exciting. I'm grateful to have my husband to come up with this money for me, lord only knows how much I've been waiting for this to happen. Now jinxing anything so I'll post again when I'm a day away from my surgery very soon. Good luck to you ladies!!!

I wonder what size this is

Tiny waist

Lola was the cause of my obsession to wanting butt implants

Bought my post op recovery kits

Love her tiny waist

Can't wait

Hey! Has your Doc said what he plans to do to give those hips? Good luck with your surgery :)
Do you have any before pics? When is your surgery?

Thinking about going to DR...

How do you get in contact with Dr. Yily or Dr. Duran?

OMG, I got my QUOTE from YILY!!!!

Thank you, Jesus for answering my prayers. I got my quote from Yily this morning. Been contacting her since yesterday on whatsapp. Thanks ladies for all of your help. So she quotes me for BL, Lipo on abdominal, flanks, lower and upper back, and butt implants. You guys don't even know how excited I am. Now it's time for me to start preparing myself. Tomorrow, I'm heading to the post office to get my passport in process, then gotta start looking at airfare prices. I'm so excited. I don't even think I'll be able to concentrate at work today. :)

Pre op pics


Getting everything ready for my sx.....
Congrats hun
Thanks love
Hey girlie so u and i both aren't sure whether to go oval or u think a short butt is better or a long one?...i can't make up my mind...

It's my time to shine! 17 more days!!!

There's no turning around now. This is it!!! This is really happening to me and I am excited and nervous at the same time. I'm at work and all I can think about is how close I am to my time. I pray to God everything goes well for me. And I also Thank God for making me get this far. Pre op pics will be up as soon as I get to Cipla for my lab work. Til then, ladies!!! 18 days to go!!!

Pain levels for butt implants

What number on a scale from 1-10 is the pain the first couple of days? Will I really need Percocet n oxy, cause my sx dr has something else for pain n I heard they're not strong enough
what was your doc name
How much are your taking vs your quote from Duran .. Are you staying at a recovery home - sorry just want an idea . Give us all a brake down plz - and good luck !!!
Hey girl, so is yily your doctor or Duran? How much did they quote you for? My mind is set with Gongora but he's kind of expensive.
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