Still thinking about it!!!

Oh God, where to start?! The problems started...

Oh God, where to start?!

The problems started when I was about 22. My family have always been "big" - my Mum had a reduction 12 years ago to get her G cups down to a D-ish. So I was always a large C/D but when I went on the mini-pill at age 22 they went wild! Swelled up to an E/F cup and I was totally miserable - I have always been tiny, barely 100lbs and having these huge balloons in front of me was embarrassing and humiliating.

Even though I stopped the mini-pill pretty damned sharpish, they never really recovered and I always hovered around a DD, and they were extremely sensitive with bad bad bad mastalgia.

The doc told me things might improve after having children. Well - 3 kids later they really haven`t. They atrophied for a while after I finished breastfeeding, but then slowly crept up again. Now I am a D which I KNOW is not huge but I am still small - 24" waist (on a good day!) and 34" hips, 5`4" and 105lbs.

But the worst is the pain and swelling I get every month - for about half to two-thirds of every month to be precise. I totally understand that a reduction won`t stop this problem, but if they are nice and small they will be easier to manage, no?

Also - I live in Asia, a very hot part of Asia, and having to live with big boobs here is very unpleasant. The heat is uncomfortable, big boobs are not exactly a common sight here and the attention I get is annoying and humiliating. I can`t get bras to fit me easily, and swimsuits - forget it. I hunch over a lot to try and hide my size, and I get neck and back pain from that.

My boobs are very dense so even though they are not especially large they feel heavy all the time. I`m pretty miserable.

I am coming home for 2 months on the 30th, and I have an appointment with a breast surgeon on July 6th. I haven`t made a definitely decision yet, but am garnering opinions if that is ok with everyone here?! Any feedback most welcome! Thank you for reading!

Kira, great reading your post. I don't think you need to defend your desire for smaller breasts! I'm also on the petite side, and I do feel so much more proportional now that my breasts are smaller and sit up on my chest. Part of what makes breasts painful is the shape and "hang" factor. Your breasts are not as saggy as mine were, but they are still pulling you forward, and the lift and reduction would probably really help with that.

I would encourage you to talk to a gynecologist about cancer risk (I did a little research on breast cancer before I switched careers). If you do have one of the genes that puts you at a higher risk of getting cancer, the surgery will not eliminate that risk, and you might consider something different to address it. But the likelihood that you carry those genes is low - if you did, there would be a high incidence of cancer in your family and you would be aware of it.

Also, talk to the PS and to the gynecologist about what kind of impact the surgery will and won't have on your hormone-related swelling and pain. Even if the surgery doesn't relieve your pain, you have good reasons for wanting it AND there may be things you can do that help relieve that pain and swelling (a different pill, some changes in diet, etc).

Good luck!
Hi RosieRoo! About to get on my flight but just had to say thanks for your comment. Yes, a lot of people here (in Japan) go to Thailand for their "work" - it has an excellent reputation! While I realise cup size can`t be guaranteed, I am hoping for a smallish B!

Anyway - got a flight to catch so thanks for your advice and I will see how things go with the surgeon on Friday first, but if not good, Thailand is def. an option - just persuade hubby to let me have a week or so there all alone!
A smallish B would look fabulous on you! I think you will have amazing results because your size and shape are pretty darn good to begin with! Although I am very happy with my results, I would not have complained if my doc had made me smaller (I am now a 36C).

Please update after your consult!!

Well, here I am back home and I had my...

Well, here I am back home and I had my consultation with the surgeon yesterday. He was wonderful - as expected. After all I have basically known him for 20 years!

In a nutshell, he said that based on UK "norms" he would consider me "perfect" just as I am and would not recommend surgery. HOWEVER - I am not what you would call a "norm", given that I live permanently in Asia, and that I have had this mastalgia problem for nearly 20 years and have tried everything to fix it (I wrote it all out for him). Plus he can understand that given the fact that I am so sporty, carrying around a set of D's (I measured myself when I first got back and yep, back up to a D again!) on my frame he can understand that it is uncomfortable for me.

The only avenue I haven't explored on the mastalgia problem is Tamoxifen, which is rarely given as a last resort because the side effects are so risky (uterine cancer and other complications). For breast cancer prevention the risks are worth it, but not for mastalgia. Therefore, he says the only option for me now really is surgery, which while it won't fix the mastalgia issue, will certainly make it easier to manage in terms of them being smaller and lighter, and less breast tissue = less tissue to swell and cause pain.

The other bit of good news is that whilst there have been no clinical studies proving a link to breast cancer risk and mastalgia, there is strong anecdotal evidence based on his and other clinicians experience, that there is no greater incidence in mastalgia patients against the general population. This guy is NOT a plastic surgeon, he is a breast surgeon, so ALL he does is breasts, and he has 30 years experience. He really knows his stuff so I trust him!

He said regrowth can happen, but generally this happens a) with young women not yet fully developed (not me! I am nearly 40!), after pregnancy (thank you everyone, but this baby-making factory is now closed for business!), and with HRT (ok, tricky one this, but that is still light years away (I hope!). And as he pointed out, if I am going to get bigger, I am going to get bigger anyway with or without the surgery. Do I want to grow from a B back to a D in 20 years, or a D to an F??! Ouch! Good point!

So right now I am at crunch time. I have this weekend to decide to do this, and he wants an answer on Monday morning, because if I go ahead with it, he is going to schedule some special theatre time for me because we have this deadline of August 19th for me to fly back to Japan and I need to factor in the recovery time.

I am feeling pretty "normal" right now, being back home and seeing caucasian women all around me with caucasian boobs! I don't feel quite so massive as when I am surrounded by lovely petite Asian women! But I am pretty certain if I don't go ahead with this, and return back home I will regret it within days of touching back down in Asia again! I don't think I will regret doing it. He said that a "B" cup is absolutely achievable for me (something to do with the "footprint" of the breast on the chest wall which cannot be adjusted and directly affects the end size, but my footprint is quite small to start with). My husband is a little freaked out about the scarring, wimp that he is, but I am not at all. The surgeon said that the underscar will only be a few cms long, and nipple sensation loss is no longer an issue due to the technique now of keeping the nipple on the pedestal connected to blood and nerve supply all through the surgery.

I went to the movies last night, (MIB 3, very good!) and spent most of the movie staring down at the lovely curve I have between my breasts and thinking "do I REALLY want to do this??!" but then I popped to the bathroom afterwards, and looked in the mirror and I just felt like I was "all chest" - I stuck out a mile!

So - this is where I am at right now. Should I do this? Can I justify it, given that I am "not that big" and there are people far worse off than me? Then I calculate it is going to cost me about $1.30 per day for the next 20 years to feel comfortable and that is absolutely worth it to me. I'll just give up my daily bar of chocolate - I shouldn't be eating it anyway!

Would welcome any thoughts on this. It is an extremely difficult decision, but one I know many many people on here have already been through, and I am sitting here waiting and hoping to reap in all your pearls of wisdom!!! Thank you for reading!
Hi RosieRoo - good to hear! I have been feeling guilty about how much it is going to cost (no insurance) partly because my best friend keeps going on about the cost of it! Then I realised her watch she got a frew years ago actually costs more than my surgery!!! She said every time she looks at her watch it makes her feel good. Well, you know what - I want that same feeling every time I look at my boobs!
As someone who had a breast reduction more for cosmetic reasons than for back pain or headaches, I can tell you that I don't regret it for a second nor did I feel guilty for spending the $ on something that wasn't medically necessary. I only regret not going a bit smaller as I seem to have 'fluffed' a little in the last few years.

You are going to have so much fun shopping for new clothes! Living in Japan, I can imagine how hard it is to find things that fit as Asian women are so petite. I had that problem when I lived in Singapore.

Looking forward to your next update!!
I have been shopping today and every time I looked in the mirror I was thinking "I'm not THAT big, really. Why am I doing this?" I am forgetting the 18+ years of misery and self-consciousness. Yes, true, some people pay thousands to get what I already have, and fair play to them, if that is what they want. But I don't want to be known as the "girl with the big knockers", or drooled over by men that make my skin crawl. That is not the kind of attention I want, especially at my age(!) and unfortunately, especially where I am living, it is all the attention I get! Even from the women!!!

Se1f 1ove, what you said absolutely rings bells for me. I am pretty certain if I DON'T do this I will regret it. I am also pretty certain that if I DO do it, I won't. I am finding it much easier to get behind the decision to DO it than the decision not to.

Of course, that is easier to type right now given that I am just starting my third glass of chateau neuf du pape! It is also easier given that I got home and tried on the gorgeous new maxi-dress I bought today in the sale, and found that, while it looked okay, I was very "booby" in it. All you see is the boobs. Not the beautiful pattern, or the cut of the dress, or the way it flatters the neckline - just the boobs!

I have one more day to decide. I am scared. The thought of surgery is terrifying for me, for all the obvious reasons, even though I know my surgeon is fab and the hospital is fantastic. My Mum is 100% behind me (having been through the same surgery herself) and willing to help with the kids while I recover. I showed hubby some of the before and after pics on this website so he knows what to expect (cherry-picked the best ones for propaganda purposes!) and he didn't freak out too much. Actually, now I think about it he seemed to be positively enjoying his "education" but I digress....!

I think I know what needs to be done. It is just saying it out loud - my name is KiraKira and I am getting a breast reduction.

I am SO grateful to everyone here who is supporting me - thank you all so much. Knowing I have people who have been through it all already to "talk" to, who understand my flip-flapping backwards and forwards on the decision and don't judge me for any of it - you are all strangers to me, and yet you are all such an important part of this journey for me - I appreciate every one of you!

I will update again once the decision is made - but I think we all know which way this is going!

I sent a confirmation email to the breast nurse...

I sent a confirmation email to the breast nurse this morning - I am ready, lets do this!

She said it is not a problem that I am on the pill and haven't come off it, they will just take countermeasures like support stockings to prevent DVT. She has recommended a post-surgery recovery bra website ( and sad anything like E45 cream will be good post-surgery to keep the scars hydrated - although if anyone here can recommend some scar-healing creams I would love to hear about them.

It has been a really difficult decision, because now I am back home I feel relatively "normal"! But I keep remembering that just 2 weeks ago I was desperate for this surgery. I know that if I don't do it, I will regret it in the future. The mastalgia has been a huge problem for me for most of my adult life, and I have wanted this reduction for as long as I can remember. The only thing that has held me off until now was the potential that after having children it would rectify itself, but that is clearly not happening, and combined with my size on my frame, I am certain that this surgery will a) make the mastalgia easier to manage and b) make me physically and psychologically more comfortable.

Trying not to think about the cost of it! Can't shake the feeling that Mummy is dipping into the kids college fund to make herself feel better! What kind of terrible mother am I???!!! Then I remind myself I am one that hopefully in the future will be viewed as something more than just a walking set of boobs - maybe this can be considered an investment in my future career and future earning potential??! Oh, the justification! Damn myself for being so flaming analytical about everything! "Make a decision, stick to it, make it work" - THAT is all that I need to do. And the decision to go ahead sits with me much more comfortable than the decision to cancel everything.

I feel sick with nerves and anticipation, but I also feel calmer than I have in days, just knowing that is it, the decision is made and I am doing this! Will update when I have a date and add some more "before" photos!
Whoops! Sorry! I seem to have posted the same thing twice, because I thought the first one didn't go through - sorry!

Plus Kira, with your bank account a little flatter they will be eligible for more financial aid, so in the long run your probably are helping yourself out, because those grants don't like you to have too much money just lying around. Congrats on making a decision. Can't wait to hear when it will be. And if you get Steven Tyler to pop out and start singing to you I am going to be so flipping jealous! He is quite ugly, but Aerosmith is my FAVORITE!
Piggle are you a psychologist??! You hit the nail on the head! I am a deadly combo of irritatingly analytical (it is my job to be and I am very good at it in the IT field but not so good with personal stuff!!) plus TERRIBLE at spending money on myself! REALLY bad! Like, all my friends swan around with their designer handbags and me - mine are from Japanese Walmart and proud of it! Yes, the money is coming from my own pocket (no insurance here in the UK, and no surgeons with experience in this in Japan where I do have insurance) but in fact that money has been sitting in my bank account for years earmarked for this because I knew it was likely to happen in the future. Trouble is, that was before I had the kids and everything changes then, doesn't it?!

Another thing that helped was reading that so many older women who have had the procedure say their only regret was that they didn't do it years ago.

So I am going to go with RosieRoos suggestion - get a fabulous set of new boobs and have the little tykes get jobs in McDonalds to finance their college education! Great boobs AND free fries for 4 years! What more could a Mum of three ask for?!

I mailed the nurse to find out what is happening because thies surgery needs to happen this week to meet my deadline of 5 weeks clear recovery before flying home (which will be this Saturday). She is going to see the surgeon tonight and confirm a date and time for me, but for the deadline to work it MUST be this week. I am guessing it will be this Thursday or Friday, but the earlier the better quite honestly, to maximise recovery and prevent me chickening out!

So this is it! After 18 years of stress - this week is Boobageddon! I keep expecting Steve Tyler to pop up out of nowhere and start warbling "I don' wanna clo-ose my eyeees!"

Getting a bit stressed and depressed right now! I...

Getting a bit stressed and depressed right now! I got myself into the right place mentally, said "Let's do this" STILL waiting for the date!

The surgeon KNOWS I have a deadline of this Saturday (just two days from now!) and said a week ago in my consult that he was going to try and schedule some theatre time for me this week, to give me 5 clear weeks to recover before flying home alone with 3 children on a 12 hour flight - obviously the max recovery time possible is best! But since then I have heard NOTHING, and I keep emailing his nurse to find out what is going on. She said she had a clinic on Tuesday evening and she would find out what is happening and get back to me. Well, she hasn't, and the email I sent yesterday gently asking what was happening hasn't been answered. I feel like crying! It has taken me years to get to this point, and now I am here, ready to do it, money sitting ready to be transferred to the right person - and it looks like it is not going to happen! Not this week anyway. If it doesn't happen until next week, that only gives me 4 clear weeks to recover. Am I pushing it now, to be well enough to fly after just 4 weeks? At this rate I am going to have to pay for Mum to fly back with me just to help, and I just can't do that - it's not fair on her, and this cost of the surgery alone will have already cleaned me out!

Mum is working at the hospital today. She saw the surgeon briefly yesterday and said "Hey! Remember my daughter?! Any news?!" He just said "Ah, yes! Must get that sorted!" and darted out the door - not to avoid her, he just always darts, never walks. Poor guy is so busy, which is why I really don't want to hassle him any more than I already have.

I guess I just have to leave this up to fate now - if it is meant to happen, it will. But I am downgrading his email/phone responsiveness on here! Not really his fault though - the system is different here, and they have to do a certain number of NHS hours in addition to their private work. They are usually all rushed off their feet, and I am trying to be understanding of that. But my girls!!! My girls???!!!!!
Aww Kira, waiting sucks!! I hope you get your date sorted ASAP!

Even if you don't get it scheduled by Saturday, 4 weeks is still plenty of time. Along with my BR, I had a tummy tuck and was on a plane home in 10 days.... Although it was only a 2 1/2 hr flight with no kids.... There are people to help you.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out!!

Good luck, Kira! I hope you get it all worked out. I wouldn't be afraid of calling the nurse though. They know you are on a deadline and as a nurse in a busy clinic, sometimes charts get shuffled to the bottom of the stack and we don't mean for it to happen, but when the patient calls it jogs our memory and we say, "Oh my, how could I have let that one slip." Try another call, it can't hurt.

Hey. Thanks for the support. It is like mental...

Hey. Thanks for the support. It is like mental torture now. I have made the decision, but I have nothing to focus on - no date or time, nothing! And after psyching myself up for it, the thought that it might now not happen is going to catapult me right back down again!

RosieRoo - 4 weeks is still plenty of time to recover you think? I don't know why I had the magic "5 weeks" set in my head, but if you think after 4 weeks I will still be ok, that is good to know! People are generally really kind, especially when they see someone flying alone with a clutch of kids in tow, so I know people will help. I'm just worried about if I can't cope - like, if the littlest one (2 1/2) falls asleep before we land, and I can't physically carry him off the plane! I don't want to inconvenience anyone else as far as I can help it.

I called the nurse on her landline and mobile and couldn't get through, so I sent an email. Bless her, she responded saying they are working on obtaining a theatre slot and to bear with them. Mum also saw the surgeon again at work yesterday and he said he is working on a theatre slot at the private hospital and also in the private wing of the NHS hospital, but so far no luck. I'm trying not to be selfish about it - they have real emergencies they are dealing with right now and I totally understand that. I am just starting to feel like another two or three years of this (until I can come home again) is going to put ME in an emergency state!

Meanwhile of course, I am now in the time of the month where the mastalgia is absolutely at it's lowest, I have shrunk right back down from the 91 cms I was just a few days ago (now down to about 88 and those 3cms make all the difference!) and am now looking at myself thinking "Do I really need this?!" I know the answer of course - I have asked myself the same question every month for pretty much the last 18 years barring the times I was pregnant and BF'ing, and 3 weeks later I always get the same answer - HELL YES!

To make it worse I made the stupid mistake of mentioning "Boobageddon" on my facebook page (I just thought it was too funny not to share!) and got a RAFT of responses from all my A and B cup friends saying "DON'T DO IT!!!" I got really irritated in the end to be honest, and then felt mean because they are all lovely people. But I've been a B cup (in the very dim and distant past). I know how it feels. They have never been a D cup. They have no idea how it feels. Interestingly my "C and above" friends are very supportive. Funny isn't it - how the line gets drawn between us women on an issue such as this?! And the line clearly seems to be between the first two letters of the alphabet and all the others!

Last week I had some important meetings I had to attend in London, and so I was all suited and booted, marching around our Parliament building in clicky heels like I owned the place. I had done a ton of legal research, had all the documents I needed in folders under my arm, ready to represent the 500 or so people who were counting on me to put their point across on some legal issues in government. But I SWEAR to you - almost everyone I spoke to that day, no matter how professional I was and how courteous, shook my hand and greeted the girls, just a nanosecond before noticing the sound bit was actually coming from my mouth, not my chest. It's not their fault, I don't think they even do it consciously, but it was enough for me. That helped me make the decision. I am done with being a walking set of knockers. That confirmed that it is not just my imagination. They really are there, they really are noticeable (even in a plain black t-shirt) and they really do need to be taken down a level or two!
I do agree with Rosie that doing it at home is the best for healing.
Hi Kira, did your doctor say that you need 5 weeks to heal? I guess the big thing is to make sure that there are no complications after surgery, as obviously they are easier to deal with when you can see your Dr as opposed to being on the other side of the world. Issues can pop up at any time and that is the risk you take when you have surgery in another country. I had a spot open up a few weeks after surgery which was dealt with via emails to my surgeon and the help of my GP at home.

As for lifting heavy object, i.e. kids, I can't remember what the 'rules' are. Probably best to put that off for as long as you can. Just feed your 2 1/2 year old loads of sugar before you land, and things should be fine :)
Kirakira, I have exactly the same problem! I have mastalgia, a tiny frame, have two children and is Asian. I didn't know the word "mastalgia". I thought it was simply "glands hyperplasia".
Anyways, I got the breast reduction done on July 6th and feel more than 1000 grams lighter now. That is good thing for sure as well for enhanced self-confidence, which is crucial for me at my job.
For the mastalgia part, I can't tell yet. It should make sense that if you have less of the tissues, you would have less pain.
I showed the mastalgia section to my plastic surgeon and I just hope that she got them all removed. She is an excellent plastic doctor and is very experienced in that area. But it would be ideal if a doctor is good at both can treat both at the same time.
It is great that your doctor is a breast specialist as well as a plastic one. I think you can stick with him and get it done.
Another option is that you can do it in Asia, considering your flight distance. You mentioned Thailand. I hear that there are good ones in Korea and I witnessed one very successful result in Shanghai as well.
Now I think your question is, is mastalgia the ONLY reason that you want to get a breast reduction surgery?
Just some thinking.

Had a phone call from the lovely overworked...

Had a phone call from the lovely overworked specialist nurse yesterday, and she said that they may have a space for me in the main NHS hospital's private wing on Monday. I would rather be in the private hospital, but beggars can't be choosers, and I am just grateful they have found me any space at all!

Of course, now that this looks like it IS happening, my boobs have shrunk down to 88cms (from 91 a few days ago), are lovely and soft and all the pain has disappeared! But I know from experience that I could cancel now, and 3 weeks from now they will be puffing up like an inflatable ball again and I will regret it!

So - here's hoping this actually happens now! But it is looking like Monday, which will give me 4 weeks and 6 days recovery time. Good enough, as long as I stop trying to "boost" my immune system with English chocolate & cream teas!
Kira! Great news about your appointment. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping all goes well.
Good luck on Monday!! Can't wait for your update!!
Hi Kira,
Thank you for your reply! I am even tinier than you are and the two "girls" are a bit bigger than yours. Imagine someone who have carried them for dozens of years! You have listed all the reasons that forced me into the decision! Hope you can get it settled soon with your doctor and have a restful and lighter summer! Can mastalgia be actually detected by any machine like ultrasound? I do hear that mastalgia can be treated with surgery. So you may want to kill two birds with one stone!

OK, well it is now Monday at 11am and I have heard...

OK, well it is now Monday at 11am and I have heard NOTHING since Friday. What time should I go in? What time is my surgery scheduled for? From when should I stop eating? What should I take in with me? No idea at all. Looks like - yet again - this is not happening. Mentally I am not sure how much longer I can keep this up.

Monday 1pm - well, we finally got to lunchtime and...

Monday 1pm - well, we finally got to lunchtime and I couldn't stand it any longer - we phoned the hospital and asked what, if anything, was happening. The private suite manager said she knew that a request had come in from Mr Galea for fixed price surgery, but she didn't know anything about it being Monday, and they have no space anyway. They can do Friday this week, if that is any good?!

That will leave me just 4 weeks and 1 day of recovery time, before flying back home - 12 hour flight with 3 children, plus then dealing with a week of jetlag - me and the kids. Is that realistic? I have been scouring reviews of people to see where they were "at" at 4 weeks, but it is hard to tell. Can anyone give an opinion of whether this is realistic?

In addition, the suite manager got really arsey with Mum when she was on the phone. Mum said to her "We just haven't heard anything" and instead of saying something like "Sorry, there must be some miscommunication, I'll look into it" or some other such professional response, she instantly got arsey herself, saying "Now wait just a minute! We didn't know xyz and we weren't told xyz..." - basically these are the people who I am guessing are going to be responsible for me while I am in this suite overnight! So now I am even MORE nervous! It took them ages to even answer the phone!

I just don't know what to do now! I KNOW the doctor is excellent - although if I have the surgery Friday, from Saturday he is on holiday for 2 weeks, so I am guessing I will be referred to someone else while he is away. But I am even worrying whether that will happen as it seems the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing down there! What do I do? I am inclined to cancel the whole thing based on this pre-op experience, but that makes me want to cry. But then, the thought of going through this is making me cry too! This is nothing like I imagined it would be, and this is just the pre-op stage! I have been managing to keep my anxiety in check but now it is out of the box, leaping around the room stopping only occasionally to punch me in the stomach, and as I sit here typing this I am actually shaking! I am in tears all the time. This pre-op period has been so incredibly stressful and I have had absolutely zero support (other than from you wonderful girls!). I am freaking out now.
Keeping my fingers crossed that your Mum gets everything sorted tomorrow so you can finally have surgery on Friday!!
Well, the latest is that it is looking like Friday, but Mum is going into work tomorrow and she is expecting that the surgeon will speak to her then to confirm everything. I am just in a place right now where I feel like if it happens Friday then great, lets get this done, but if it doesn't, I am done, and I will have to cancel everything and try again when I am next home. We shall see.....

Good luck, Kira. I will be anxious to hear what you decide. I'm sorry you are having to go through all of this anxiety!!

Bad news I'm afraid :( I had an email from the...

Bad news I'm afraid :(

I had an email from the surgeon today, who was VERY apologetic, but said he just can't get the operating theatre time at this short notice. He has tried in two different hospitals, but it was just not possible. I thought it would be ok as I had my nose corrected in one of the hospitals, and it was literally 1 week from pre-op consult to surgery day, so I was under the impression it would be the same for the boob department too - but obviously not.

This doesn't mean it is not happening, it just means it is not happening this year. I am sure there is a reason for it, and I just have to accept that this is fate and I can't fight it, just have to go with it, and eventually the reason will become clear. Who knows - maybe they will open up a breast reduction centre down the road from me in Japan, or perhaps I will wake up next week with miraculous shrunken boobs! Maybe they are about to announce a miracle boob-shrinking herb or something?! In my experience to date these things happen for a reason.

On the bright side I can now have that medium-large glass of wine I have been holding off on while I wait to see if I am going into surgery or not! Every cloud has a chablis lining!

BIG thank you to everyone on this site who has helped advised and supported over the last few weeks! I am not leaving, just going back to lurking until I know what will be happening. There is a possibility I could be coming home for a year or so next year, so maybe it will happen then!

Good luck to everyone who is about to do it, doin' it now, or recovering from it! I will be following your storoes and taking courage from all of you! See y'all around! xxx
To be honest with you - YES! I have to admit since I heard I have been lurking around some of the Thailand surgery sites. It does look wonderful....! Definitely worth thinking about!
How disappointing Kira! I'm sorry things didn't work out this time.

You should check out LondonLou's profile. She had a BR done in Phuket and her results are fabulous! Recovering at a gorgeous resort while on holiday with the family sounds lovely, doesn't it? Just something to think about ;)

I'm so sorry to hear that, Kira, but I totally think you have the right attitude. Don't be a stranger around here! And good luck as you continue to weigh your options!

Funny how everything happens for a reason,...

Funny how everything happens for a reason, hey?!

I was really disappointed about not being able to get my reduction when I was back home in the UK a few months ago, but I figured there is a reason for it - I think I`ve just discovered what it might be!

Since I`ve been back home in Japan I have been chatting with a few friends about it, and one told me she knows of an American lady here who neededa breast reduction, and because there was an absence of skilled surgeons available to perform the surgery here, she went back to the US to have it done, BUT her Japanese health insurance paid for part of it!

I had no idea that would even be a possibility for me! So now I am looking into that for next time I return home.

Just a little update and also to show everyone that although I am not posting much I am still lurking!
Hi kirakira, just wanted to offer my support (hee!), after reading your post on bigtittiebiddy's review. We are in a similar boat, I am petite and a 30E which is relatively small compared to most, but I've wanted reduction surgery since I was a teenager. I finally plucked up courage and am booked in for the end of January. Now the decision is made I am so happy. I'm hoping for a B cup. If they effect your quality of life (and that doesn't have to be physically, it can simply be mentally) then don't be afraid. I've had so many comments over the years from women who think it must be wonderful to be "skinny with big tits" and for some women perhaps that's true; but it's definitely not true for me, I think it's torturous. So don't let go of what's true for you and let us know if you decide to go ahead! Sending you all the best.
Still thinking about it, kirakira? I'm about a week and a half post-op now... no small thanks to your wonderful encouragement- thank you so much. I can say it is COMPLETELY worth it. You and are are similar in that we're some of the smaller girls on here, but I really get it- it's about how you feel in your own skin... and mine feels like it's on right for the first time in years. If you decide to do it, let us know! I've been thinking about you since I left the hospital. Hope you're well.

That is wonderful news, Kira! Glad to hear that you haven't hit a dead end! Keep us posted on how this all works out!
My surgeon is Mr Galea at Ridgeway hospital Wroughton, Wiltshire

Haven't rated aftercare as haven't had it yet, but will if I do! I have known of Mr Galea professionally for 20 years (Mum is "in the business") and she says he is fantastic. He is not a plastic surgeon, but a breast surgeon - breast problems, augmentations, reductions - these are all he does so he really knows boobs! I met a lovely breast care specialist nurse at my consultation too, who was also really supportive.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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