34 Years Old with 2 Kids 14 and 11 Years Old - New York, NY

My name is Melissa a mom of 2 kids a 14 and 11...

My name is Melissa a mom of 2 kids a 14 and 11 year old. I have always had big breast for my body size. I got pregnant with my first when I was 19 years old. I was like 120 pounds but with that pregnancy I had preeclampsia that made me gain over 100 pounds. So everything become really big so fast. I had stretch marks all over my body by the time I was like 2 months pregnant. I just had it bad with that pregnancy. Three years later I had my son and I gain the right amount of weight with him. After having two kids I ended up with size 46ddd breast and 267 in weight. I said to my self different time that I needed 2 lose weight and do something about my big breast. All of that came in to play 11 months a go when I put my mind to don't it for me and no one else. I started a diet and lost 33 pounds in 40 days and I love what I was seeing. Did the diet again and lost 23 pounds in 40 days. In that time I was looking for a doctor to say yes I need a breast reduction. I found that doctor in less than 4 months. But it took my insurance over 7 months 2 say yes. They denied me two times and on the third time my doctor had a phone conference with them on a Monday and by Tuesday they called him back with a yes. I remember that day like it was yesterday. March 18, 2014 when my doctor office called me and said I got approved. I did my surgery one month later on April 18, 2014.


It looks good.
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Thank you.
Congratulations, wishing you a great recovery
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Day 8 after my surgery

Today made day 8 from my surgery I'm feeling great everyday I feel better and better. I love what I c so far with my breast. I'm not looking forward for the tape to come off my breast and 2 c what it looks like under it..


You look fantastic, so glad you were able to have the surgery. Good luck in your recovery!
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Thanks u. All the best 2 u as well. U look great.
Welcome to the Other Side here ! Your Results LQQK Great ! I'm sure it feels MUCH better to You ! :-)
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10 days after

Just got home from my doctor appointment. My doctor said everything looks great. Gave me the ok 2 go back 2 work in 2 days and I can drive. Happy 4 that. My next appointment is in a month.


You look great!!!
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Thank u... U look great as well. All the best
You look great!! By the way what diet were u on before the surgery
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Day 19 after my reduction

Well I have gone back 2 work. My first day back was not good at all. My body felt like I got hit by a train. I was sore all over. My breasts were swollen and my Arms were sore. It was just not a good day back. I had to take that next few days off 2 get well. Got back to work this week and everyday is getting better and better. The tape that I had on my breast they just came off I like what I see.


WHAT a NICE Result ! You look Great for your New Size with your Body - Frame !
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Glad to hear you're feeling better. You're looking great!
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Thanks... U look great as well. All the best

27 day after my breast reduction

I'm on day 27 after my BR. I'm loving very much what I am seeing with my breast. Every day my mom say she can't believe that my breast are so small. My breast them still swell up from me work. But I always make sure that when I'm off from work I don't do anything. I make sure I sleep. I can't want to do some house work. Because no one can clean my house like me. My next appointment with my doctor is on the 2nd of June. Wishing everyone a bless weekend and all the best with your BR.


Looking good! I am with you on the housework. I can't believe that I am looking forward to doing more again :)
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Thank u. All the best 2 u. :)
Thank u. U look great. All the best. :)

2 months after my breast reduction

Today was my first time in 2 months putting on a bra. I was a 46ddd and today my breast was in a 42c bra. I felt like a new woman. Doing this breast reduction was the best thing for me and my kids. And I don't have the bad back pain like I did b4.

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Breast reduction


Very Pretty Bra ! Glad you are doing so Good and Happy you had your BR ! It does seem SO SLOW some Days & Weeks and seems like it will be Forever to Heal - but then that's where our BEFORE Pictures come in Handy - to LQQK how we USED to be ! :-)
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Thank u. Yes I can't believe that is 2 months already time is moving very fast. I'm back on my diet. Trying 2 look great for the summer. Lol. :-)
You have healed nicely and that bra is so cute. Maybe its because purple is my favorite color. How does your body feel now? Any kind of pains and are you back sleeping on your stomach if you're a stomach sleeper?
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