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Before I start, I want to first thank each and...

Before I start, I want to first thank each and everyone of you for sharing an ocean of valuable information.
Being on this site has truly been a God send to help me cope with BR surgery.

I turn 40 on December 1st, a big milestone, a time I thought appropriate for fulfilling your dreams.

I waited 25 years to have this surgery, for one reason or the other, I just never had the courage. After two lovely children (ages 1 and 2), two C-sections and not being to breast feed, I knew that now is the time to move forward.

My husband was against it, he said he loved my large breasts. It took a bit of time and a long visit with my PS to eventually get the point across. This was not a huge reduction, but for my frame, my breasts were large enough to be symptomatic. I was a 34DD and now I am not sure, but the goal was going down to a 34C.

My PS said everything went well. I had drain tubes for 24 hours post op which was not so painful to remove.
The most difficult day was day 1, the day I changed my bra and looked at my breasts. My first reaction was, O God, what have I done.....I broke into tears and did not know what to do.

My breasts were way high up, almost suspended to my clavicle, and the bottom part was totally flat with no breast tissue with a vertical line going straight across (lollipop). My nipples were not recognizable and I felt like my breasts are
going to pop from the swelling. They looked so fake, like two cone shaped coconuts glued to my chest.

I immediately contacted the PS and he assured me that things look the way they are meant to be at day one, and that it's only natural for me to react that way. I calmed some extend. I went on line and eventually found this site.

Today is day 4, and I must say that things are getting a little better. My breasts still look horrific, but I am better with looking at them now. I am following the post operative care to a T and am trying as much as I can to stay optimistic and positive. I am down to Tylenol extra strength, antibiotics and arnica tablets. Vicodin was making me really sick.

As far as the swelling goes, I think I am more swollen today than day one, more so on the right side. As of now, right breast looks bigger and lower.

My sides, were the lipo was done burn badly, and are very swollen.

Luckily, I bought two Merena bras before surgery and I like them a lot.

Swelling, not getting better.
Both breasts are rock solid, afraid they are going to pop.
Occasional light headedness, not triggered by anything in particular.
One breast in now lower than the other.
Incision line puckered.

I go for my one week post op next Tuesday, hopefully I will have good news.

In the mean time, happy healing everyone.



All of your concerns are 100% normal. I'm currently 1 week post op and I was the same way. I felt like I was going to explode and choke to death on mine because they were so tight and high. Yesterday I had my stitches and tape removed and I thought I was going to split open. Of course I didn't. I had 3 pounds on each side removed. I use a lot of ice packs. 15 minutes each breast once an hour and they has helped with the tightness that I felt day 1. (Well day 2, I don't remember much of day 1) I can't wait to shower this morning and see how they look! Good luck!!
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Hello! I haven't had my surgery yet, but from my reading and research, I can tell you that all of your concerns are completely to be expected: Swelling, not getting better - swelling is definitely expected at this time Both breasts are rock solid, afraid they are going to pop - yup, that too is normal, at least for a few months, slowly getting better Occasional light headedness, not triggered by anything in particular - as someone who has had a few surgeries, lightheadedness is very normal a few days (even a week) post op; I think it has to do with the anesthetic and also maybe from your pain meds One breast in now lower than the other - I would wait before jumping to any conclusions, its very early in the game and you will have a lot of settling, maybe one is more swollen than the other? Incision line puckered - I'm sure that will get better with time, at least that's what I see from all the wonderful pictures members have been kind enough to share. Thank you for your review - and pointing out the concerns...Its good to be reminded that this isn't going to be a walk in the park! :)
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PrincessMammy, the concerns you have written are all things that sound normal to me from all I've read on this and other websites. And I have seen so many photos that look like exactly what you're describing at this stage, that resolve to very nice soft but perky looking breasts by around 4 weeks. Mind you, I know it is one thing looking at other people's photos, and quite another to look at your own post-op body and fell calm - that will be me on Saturday! I do hope you continue to heal up well, and rest. Xx
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