Hello everyone! I'm a 28 year old mother of 2...

Hello everyone! I'm a 28 year old mother of 2 children by c-section. I NEED a breast lift like 20 years ago! Lol! My breast sag terribly, and are assymetrical, they GREW like this! Never firm or perky. I'm 5'11 and 185lbs, gained 20lbs in 4 months, I'm now barely a 34C. I don't want implants........

Scheduling a consultation

I think I will schedule a consultation tomorrow...with Dr.Khouri, I don't know why I'm so nervous, I've wanted to do this for years... I'm hoping to have surgery in early march...

Waiting on cal back...

I've decided I don't want to hop on a plane 6 times to use Dr.Khouri . I'm trying to make a consult appoint with Andrew Salzberg, has anyone had a fat transfer breast lift with him?

Booked two consultations...(wish pic)

Made 2 consultation appointments today... One with Dr. Salzberg and one with Dr Schulman. I have to wait til next month for Schulman, I'm so damn nervous, I'm afraid I won't be able to make a decision... I've always been so iffy. I hope I like Salzberg, I really don't want to do 50 consultations and not like one or like them all. Has anyone had a lift with either doctors?


Today I scheduled my consult with Dr Salzberg, it's on the 14th @8am! A very good start to my 29th bday on the 15th!

First consult....

Went to see Dr Salzberg today, I absolutely LOVED him and his staff! His PA was great and I think the other woman was an assistant? She was awesome! I didn't feel pressured or like they were hard selling. Salzberg was very honest and realistic. I've always said "I don't want implants" but the fat transfer won't be enough and will end up sagging pretty early so I tried on some sizers, I said "give me the minimum" I ended up in a 450 cc and a 375 cc and freaking LOVED it, I had the assistant rolling when she said 450 ccs before seeing them, I said "please lord don't make me look like Wendy Williams!" She said we don't even have that size! The quote was for $9400, it's a 3000 more than I planned but I really like this office, doctor and staff... Is it dumb of me not to get another consult? My next one is for 2/5/14 with DR Schulman, I'd really like to make a decision before then because I want to schedule for mid feb early march...

Made another appointment...

Made an appointment with Dr. Fruend (sp?) for 1/28, gonna see what he has to say, I'm still iffy about implants, it makes sense with the way the doctor explained it and the overall look I want, I freak out ever so often about my iud... Because there is a foreign object in me... I wonder what will happen when I dwell on augmented boobs? I've wanted this for atleast 15 years, I just turned 29, my children are 11 and 5, I'm done, but now that this is a reality and not just a fantasy, I'm nervous as hell, not about pain, or healing ( I was up the next day after both c sections, carrying my kids on my chest) just... What if I screw them up more? By being "greedy"? I won't post a face pic but I'm very pretty, am I tempting fate? Idk... Weird...

Styling and profiling....

I didn't know there was sooooo much work in getting new boobies! I didn't know what the hell a HP implant was! Lol, from what I've been reading, HPs are good for narrow chests, I don't want my boobs round and in my throat, I'm gonna discuss this in detail with DR Freund on Tuesday ... For the look I want I think I may look at moderate or MP +

Dr Fruend tomorrow!!!!

I have my consult with Dr Fruend in the morning...excited to see what he says... Still don't really want implants but well see what he says. I'd really like to do this the beginning of march or late February...I think I will ask about the tummy tuck... I called back Salzberg and it's about 3000 extra, so that's on top of the 9400. I saw he had a lawsuit in 2011, idk if this should concern me... I still really liked him, his staff and office... I was a little put off when I asked the PA about the brava bra system and she didn't seem to know what I was talking about...or when I asked her about the pain pump (not that I don't think I'll need one)

Dr Schulman today!

Going to see Dr S today! This is my last doctor I am going to see, he's the last of 3 and I wonder what hell say or how I'll feel about him. I really really liked Salzberg sooo much ! My main focus is the boobies but I'm still contemplating a mini TT... I'll update after the appointment, it's at 3:15pm...

Dr Schulman...oh! Dr Schulman...

First off... I didn't have to wait long at all, which was great! I have no patience...lol...office was very cute and the staff was friendly...I really loved Dr. S' personality... He was honest and thorough as far as explaining what he could do (I didn't try on sizers) I'm sure he could do a wonderful job BUT he costs about 3gs more than I planned on paying...considering the area, I wonder if most of my fee is for rent, lol,very swank. I could probably pay the difference in two months but I wanna recuperating no later than 4/1.... What to do what to do? Salzberg is still my fav overall... A friend just recommended Michael Gartner... Has anyone used him before?


For 3/21/2014!!!!! I can't believe I just typed that!!!!! Seriously! OMG! I'm so ecstatic I could cry! I went with Dr. Salzberg, I just loved him and his staff the most. I saw a Dr. Michael Gartner on the 18th and although I really liked him, his staff seemed ok, but he wanted to do my lift and implant or fat transfer as two surgeries... I could understand the logic of it but I just want to go under so many times since I'm sure I'll be getting a TT in the near future... This boobie transformation will cost about $9000, I'm sooooo hoping it'll be worth it... Anything to get my boobs off my stomach will be an improvement... Lol

Pre-op 2/25!!!!

Signed all my consents... Settled on 375 ccs in both, take breast tissue from larger boob, M+ profile, I'm toooo excited!!! Should I buy a particular bra for afterwards? How will I know what size to buy?

Holy bejesus!

I can't believe I'm actually three weeks away... I think my heart skipped a beat just thinking about it... I decided to go with the 400ccs! I didn't want to be afraid I wish I went bigger, I'm a tall woman and even though I'm like 190 now, in about 2 months I'll miraculously will be 170, hopefully I can get just all weight in the stomach area (which is not much at all) I gained the weight to get my ass and thighs back but I lose weight ALL OVER boobs included, I barely fill a b cup now, this summer I was 160, you could imagine! Anyone know how I can keep my belly tight and keep my bottom half the same??? Lmfao

One week cigarette free....

I haven't had a ciagrette all week! I've smoked for 14 years and always thought is be an old lady who'd have a cigarette in her mouth and an oxygen tank! I'm so proud of myself! Since I'm doing 3 weeks of no smoking, which I thought I couldn't do a day... I'm quitting forever!!! I've been prepping all week... Picked up my prescriptions yesterday...in the last week I bought a few button down "granny gowns" I wear hair weaves sooooo.... I bought some curly hair I don't have to do anything to, since I can't raise my arms... I'll install that later this week... I have my lever 2000... I have a list and I think I should be ok... I smoke pot... Did anyone's PS tell them to stop??? I asked my PC about drugs and did they mean pot , she said they definitely meant drugs like heroin, cocaine, crack, etc... So? Any suggestions? I really don't want to give up both!!! lol,

One WEEK!!!!!

I'm freaking out!!!!! Lol, Everytime I think about it... My heart beats faster and my stomach gets butterflies... In love with the new tits before I even get em! Lol

Kind of have an attitude...

So I get an automated call asking me to confirm, my appointment for 3/21 @12:10. I call the office because my appointment time was 930. I was told that whoever was before me surgery is gonna go over 2 hours so I was pushed back... It's kind of like WTF? You know... I figured I'd go to bed Thursday at 11 wake up at 7, leave my house at 745 to be at the office 830. Now this throws me off... I have to sort of rearrange things...


Is the big DAY! I'm so freaking nervous... I feel like I wanna vomit... Is that normal???

This is crazy...

I can't believe this day is finally here! The last three weeks have breezed by....I have to be at the office 1130...I'll update on the drive home....

I'm perfectly fine....

Title says it all... I'm A -OK, so ok, I'm standing in the kitchen with the family. (I smoked a joint with my neighbor upstairs) This was truly a great experience... Except for ,immediately upon waking up I had pain in my sternum, I took a perc, and that did nothing, so I was given some kind of pain shot and it got better. I originally told the nurse I needed two, meds do not work properly on me... The nurse says... " I can believe that, the anesthesiologist had a tough time keeping you under" I knew that was gonna happen... Everytime I've been under... I've literally jumped out of bed, ask my my things and signed myself out...so far so good... I took pics after he "marked" me and some in the post op bra provided by them... I feel like the right boob which was bigger is still bigger. He was supposed to remove tissue up even it with left then add implant..I really don't care about a slight difference, I can live with it.. I know it extremely early but I love em already... I can't wait to see my nipples, post op is Tuesday..


Feeling fantastic...haven't taken a perc in hours... I'm some kind of weirdo... Lol

I don't think my breasts....

Are swollen, they don't feel swollen but I put an ice pack on just in case... I still feel pretty good...when I shower tomorrow I will post a bra less pic!

First shower!

So I took my first post op shower which was fine... My honey helped wash the super low parts and dry me off so I wouldn't have to bend. It's waaaay too early to tell but my right breast which was bigger than the left for the beginning is still bigger. I didn't expect then to be perfectly symmetrical... But I thought he was gonna take tissue from my right breast to even it up to my left then add the implant... I don't know... Is it just me or my nipples are downward? I know it's way too early but I'm just a nervous nelly...

They itch!

My boobs are itching... Well really most of my body but periodically... My first post op appt is on Tuesday.... I feel great so far, I took 2 percs at 230, not because I was in pain but because it was scheduled, I bought Tylenol to start that tomorrow...

Why don't I have a strap?

Has this happened to anyone else? When I woke up and looked down it was my first question and the nurse said the dr said I didn't need one... Won't it take forever for the babies to drop and fluff??

Before today's shower...

Took a shower today... No pain... BUT I'm guessing because I haven't taken a perc all day, my body just went through some kind of withdrawal and just threw up...

Post op was today...

Still no pain... Dr said I can lay on my side (thank god) I just should make sure I alternate sides... The doctor wants them to settle a little higher, to keep upper pole fullness, so he gave me a bra that's doubled... Like an underwire and sports bra in one. With the amount of sagging I had I thought I was going to need an anchor lift, seems I have an partial lollipop on my larger breast and the other one is just an aerola one (sp?) ? I'm not mad about it, less scars right? I'm just wondering... Does that mean he lifted enough? Should I have been more verbal about lifting as opposed to the size? Idk... I'm not upset about size... I just don't want to worry about another lift until I'm 40...

One week post op!

I'm still feeling fine! They're just kind of tight sometimes... Like I can feel em in there... Idk... But no pain... Just kind of uncomfortable because they're still kind of hard...I DID manage to have sex the day after surgery...lol, could not help myself, lol, just told him don't lay on me and we were fine... Slept well... Lol.. Tmi?

Sutures are out!!!!

And my boobs frighten me! Are they supposed to look like that??? Ewww! The smell!!! When they took the original strip off was horrible... Like behind a dirty ear... Lol, They put more steri strips on and after they fall off they said it's ok for them to be out... I was somewhat disappointed the DR did not come in to remove sutures (which I didn't think he would do) or even examine them... It was kind of off putting...the suture removal didn't hurt that bad... Only on a few...my nipples are really freaking me out... Cause I saw that pink... Oh my! Shouldn't have looked lol

2 weeks post op

I'm feeling ok... My skin is sore, ever since she took out the sutures... I'm concerned about the size of my breasts... I like sacs gone individually but not as a pair... I guess I have to wait...

My right boob!

My sister says I showered too much... Idk but I know it didn't look like this last week when she changed the strips... I think I'm gonna just walk into my ps tomorrow... The pic looks worse than it really is... It's like a skinned knee, I just don't know why it happened... The PA was tugging on stitches last week... It was oozing brown stuff (non smelly) it's what made me take them off... I'm gonna let them air out some before putting the bra back on...

3 weeks post...

So far so good... Only a little worried about shape and such... I know I have to wait so I'm not THAT worried... I am however wondering If I was lifted enough... I guess time will tell... I do like them though...everyday they look better...

I really liked Dr. Salzberg and his staff...

I really liked Dr. Salzberg and his staff, his PCC was the best! So far my breasts look very natural, I'm not sure if he lifted them enough but I'm def not all scarred up. I'm waiting for implant to D&F, that may put them where they belong. Overall, I'd recommend to another, might get mini TT if I decide to do it...

4 weeks post op....

So far it's been going pretty good... I don't remember if I mentioned I started going back to the gym on the 1st. I only do cardio and leg exercises, I was told not to do upper body exercises... Which I miss dearly ???? I'm still rather concerned about my right boob looking better than my left. They actually both are beautiful, just a bit different. I'm waiting for the left to round out, I don't know where this indentation came from, it's been here from the beginning, even tho it's not as pronounced when just taking off the bra...I know I have to wait... They're just so different... Idk...

4 weeks post op....

Missing pics... Sorry, pressed wrong button...

Should I...

Be able to kind of hold a pencil under my boob after a breast lift??? I'm pretty certain the answer is no... Either enough tissue wasn't taken out or the implants are too big? I didn't care to larger... I just didn't want to sag... THEN my breasts are beautiful but individually. I started really massaging my left boob hoping to get it to drop. My right one is so beautifully round, still dropping to do but I'm wondering will that make it appear saggy? I just don't know... It's kind of bumming me out cause I know I'll have to wait to a we where they go...
C.A. Salzberg

Dr. Salzberg was wonderful, his PCC was awesome! She's what really sealed the deal when I decided on choosing him as my doctor. He ONLY got the four stars because my second follow up appt I did not see him at all...I did not expect him to remove my sutures but I would've been happy if he glanced at them for 2 minutes... Other than that... The experience was wonderful!! Would recommend him to others... 2 weeks post op writing this... And everything is peachy so far...

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey love!!! I'm following your progress and see your concerns. Have your shared them with your ps? I can see that he cut around your nipples and repositioned them. What does your ps say?
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Idk, do you think he moved ur nipples? My dr did my breast lift super tight and relocated my nipples. My boobs are taking forever to drop. Can u feel ur nipples? Still cant feel mine. Im praying ur outcome meets ur expectations girl;*}
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Try massaging more where the indention is. I've read from a few women on here that it helps. Btw ur body is looking good;•}
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Thank you! That's what I've decided to do... He didn't give me any sort of instructions like that, but I've been searching myself, just the massaging yesterday made it better...
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Oh thanks! (Body comment) I gained 20lb for a transfer I didn't get, lol, I'm trying to lose the belly without losing the thighs and butt... Took forever to get it back! Lol
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Lord I can imagine . I have this five lbs flucuation thing. I skip lunch for two days only bc im busy or something and hubbys like u skipped lunch huh, thats me weighing about 127 .the most I can get up to is 132 and im like ooh I feel thick, lol
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;) I'm happy for you sweetness!!
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You look great!!! Your recovery seems to be going very well. It's amazing how you endured the pain...I could not be without painkillers. Likewise I was itching like crazy every time I took a Percocet!!!! You will be looking hot in your bathing suit this summer!!! :)
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Thanks! I'm a weirdo when it comes to pain meds... Giving birth to my son, being so sleepy, I must've told them I was numb because when they went to cut (csection) I felt the pain and my skin split open on the left, it took 16 tries to get that damn epidural to work... Even this go around the nurse said the anesth. Had a hard time keeping me under... I know you're not supposed to but I can freaking drive and do everything on the oxy... Scares the bejesus outta me... I shouldn't be able to function on narcotics like I drank a cup of tea! Lol
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I'm already buying bathing suits all over the place... Going to the Caribbean in June... Excited!!!
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That's awesome!!! ;)
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They do look like they are getting better!! I'm happy for you that you are happy with them!! I'll pray that ur healing keeps progressing to ur expectations;)
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I suck navigating this site... I'm sure everyone thinks me rude as hell lol
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Hey girl , how are you doing today? Are you healing up better? Praying for you!!
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I'm soooo late! Lol, thanks for checking on me... I think they need to work on the navigation of this a site a little more...lol
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Don't feel bad it got me too when I was reading, I didn't realize you posted to a convo on another girls site so sorry. Don't ever feel like I'm just not responding bc some of them just don't go they my email so I don't know when some post:( eventually I get it a day or two later tho;)
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Try mederma gel it works every well with the healing precess
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You look great! Are you using any scar creams and doing massages?
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Haven't stated yet... The right boob, I'm waiting for it to scab alittle
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Glad she took out ur sutures but I hope ur soreness subsides. I can feel the egde of a stitch on the top of my nipples same place on each of them. I'll pray for ur progress ;)
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Lol they were cut up , girl they are allowed to be scary!! Take you some vitamin A 8,000 iu. It makes u heal really quickly. As they start to heal they will look normal:) I guess that's why my dr puts the glue, now I have to worry about my body dissolving the stitches:/
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I'm gonna buy some ASAP! I know it's a waiting game... I'm not known for my patience lol
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Lol on the sex !! We did at three days after , but my chest tightened so much. Now we are good. The shape and size of urs is great. Idk about the lift , I told my dr to do what he had to do to get them to look right, that I was ok with scars. There are so many greats scar products these days. Do u have smooth or round? My will drop only a little bc I have textured implants. We must just still be healing bc mine get super tight in the morning if I'm really active the day bf. needless to say they were tight yesterday and again this morning.
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Smooth or *textured*, I was typing to fast!!
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They do tighten when I'm active...what do you do for swelling? I'd really like to get the slight swelling down... I think I have smooth... I'll ask tomorrow... They're taking out the sutures...
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