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Fluffy dreams coming true March 21st New York, NY

Hey I am 25 in march, a 3 yr old son, and after...

Hey I am 25 in march, a 3 yr old son, and after pregnancy I was lucky enough to immediately drop weight but couldn't keep my breast...everyday they disgust me, I don't let my partner we I have one play w them. I have been thinkin abt this for some yrs now and after researching like crazy I am sure this is wat I want to do... I am scheduled for march and can't wait. U ladies and your stories have helped to ease my mind but make me Sooo anxious to get it done... I know I deff want silicone High profile u would like nipple area incisions but either way I just want them in. I havent decided on size. I'm 5ft and 109 lbs I want a heavy c or small d so I'm thinkin 450cc? Idk guess ill find out wen in sized n from wat yall taught me ill go 50, more than doc says

Sooo I noticed the paper I was given said saline....

Sooo I noticed the paper I was given said saline..I want silicone so I axed my doc is it a big deal I was told its an additional thousand dollars...Sooo sad hearing this :(

Ohhh man with every day that pass I get more...

Ohhh man with every day that pass I get more anxious abt my girls to b, I'm tryna do as gobigtallgirl says one day at a time but its makin me crazy lol...I'm finally over the phase of looking them up n looking for sizes..I kinda don't wanna b bothered w anything abt them til I'm like a week away lol so I may just b mia for a while so I don't drive myself crazy!!

So my opp day a lil more than a month away n I'm...

So my opp day a lil more than a month away n I'm having second thoughts, cold feet sort to speak...idk y this is coming on all of a sudden but I feel like I'm abt to make a huge mistake...can someone please reassure me its fine bc I really want this n so many negative thoughs run thru my mind...but still going over size and looking at bras, bought a few big shirts just Sooo mentally overwhelmed .

Ohh man ok so still alil over a month and as i...

ohh man ok so still alil over a month and as i wrote before second guessing everything :( i am petite 5 ft 103 lbs and thinking abt size, i kno abt what size i want so i have to do the rice test to double check n make sure my numbers are accurate but idk if i want moderate plus or high profile. i thought i wanted high profile until i was looking at celebs implants and seen a pik ofidk her name but shes in my piks, i dont want them to look like 2 balls on my chest... then i seen other piks that scared me a bit idk the cause but ima ax my doc abt them, in y piks as well. but what do u ladies suggest? but im so excited abt my op date cant wait til its here ughhhhh

Brave enuff to finally add pix

brave enuff to finally add pix

So I'm Sooo depressed today...my op day may have...

So I'm Sooo depressed today...my op day may have to b post poned by two months due to me being short of money, then on top of it all my boss cut everyone's hours to two days a week...ughhhh soooo upset but if anyone has any input, suggestions I'm open to hear it!!

So I planned out my financials and should be set...

So I planned out my financials and should be set by middle if April!!! Providing all goes accordingly. Pray for me ladies bc I'm going crazy waiting.

Ok so for the longest time I thought I wanted...

Ok so for the longest time I thought I wanted silicone...but really thinking abt it I think I would feel better if I had saline but I just can't get over the fact that the saline is in like a balloon baggie...please does anyone else have saline and if so how does it feel and are you happy with it?

Ok so the set date still a lil in the air but as...

ok so the set date still a lil in the air but as it gets closer i start having doubts about saline and my doctor, which i dont unerstand bc he is an excillent doctor and had a great folio. maybe its because i havent seen him since my first consult im feeling uneasy, but i dont get my post op consult til i paid and that should be the middle of march the way things are going. Is this normal to doubt my doc even for a sec?

So I've been having all these weird dreams the...

So I've been having all these weird dreams the first was a few weeks ago and I was at work..retail and my Gma came in before we opened and took me in a fittinroom and preped for surgery, lol she had this vac with a thin liposuction like tube and filled my breast up w god knows what lol. Last night I had a dream I was at work and while my coworkers were working my boss took me into the back room and did my breast Aug right then and there...what does this even mean...lol boobies are making me sooooo crazy ugghhh

Yayyy so i finally have th money for my ba and now...

yayyy so i finally have th money for my ba and now just waiting til monday to see abt prooceeding!!!!!

set back but back now

So I had a huge financial set back but now i am down to $400 left to pay!!! So soon enough I will have them, I was a lil depressed I didn't get them done in march like I planned but I got over it I know I will get them done and that's what matters. I am going to take my time paying the $400 so wen it cools down in abt august I should be ready to get em done, not sure if I want them in now I want to enjoy my summer with ny son so ill sacrifice august and by Sept wen ny baby start school ill b healed somewhat. But u will be hearing from me soon can't wait to go bra shopping Lmaoo

silicone vs saline all over again

So now w $400 left to pay all of a sudden I want silicone which will be 1,400 more. I planned for saline and I'm almost done paying for saline y now that its almost my time I want silicone knowing I would have to wait months more for it? Ughh


Ok ladies I know I have been back and forth but it will b a longer wait once again...I want silicone and not saline only because I don't want to regret it later. I don't have much tissue and even tho my doc said I have enough I want to b safe instead of sorry, so I will wait til I pay for silicone so I will feel mentally satisfied as well.

still stuck

Ok so I am still $400 away from saline which I decided on and keeping bc it is safer rather safe for a first time, I haven't been paying because my hrs at work dropped, I took days off bc my mom has cancer so wanted to b around and now my son is starting school so did his school shopping plus his unnecessary shopping so now I can start paying on it again hopefully b4 thanksgiving ill have something else to be thankful for! Soon ladies soon, trying to be patient.


So I had $450 left to pay off, I payed $50 and all of a sudden my balance is $200 I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth but I'm confused...but now that I'm closer the loan messed up. The company my doc was working with stopped working with my doc so now I have no idea what to do but my doc has a back up plan to help. I just ccan't believe the loan company didn't bother contacting me saying they were dropping their contact with my doc or something I shouldve been informed. But he's hopeful I should have no problem getting the situation sorted out. So $200 away fingers crossed, to anyone reading don't do a loan wen you get started you never know what happens just have all your own money upfront just to eliminate issues and stress.

me in super padded this is what i want

depression ready to give up

So my balance was 3,255 the loan ppl was taking care if the 3,000 and I had just $255 to go but bc the first loan company don't work with my doctor any longer and I have to apply all over again with a new company to help me they want $820 from me first. I am so devastate I was so close and now I'm back at square one and that's not fair considering I wasn't even informed that my doc was not going to continue working with the loan ppl. They just dropped my account and kept me out the loop and all this time I'm thinking I was getting help and almost done. I'm almost at the point I don't even want to do this any longer I worked hard to pay for it to get this close to have to start over and I'm saving to move soon... Idk what to do maybe I should get a refund and go else where


SOOOOOO I was approved for the payment plan and my date is March 21st a few days after my birthday on the 16th!! Im super excited and stoked. As far as help my cousins will have my son and my ex bf who is also my best friend and where still working on the issues we had to get back together...long story but he supports everything I do even tho he doesn't think its needed. Hell be staying with me and helping me pay for the hotel for two nights since I need to stay near the doc and have no car access.

Any tiny petite girls get saline?

5ft 104 lbs hoping im not too thin for saline, its what I want.


So my doc wants me to bring a sports bra Friday I don't own one so I have to buy one idk what size ill b and im usally a 32 most are a 34 idk what to get

March 21st

yesterday I had my sizing I loved the 350cc but felt doubtful it may b to small and ill regret, tried the 450 loved it but don't want it to be too big, but won't I loose 50cc anyway under the muscle? Just want to b sure.

March 21st is around the corner

So today I bought bio oil, baby wipes, pillow bc I don't slp on any so I don't own any lol, tinkerbell band aids, kleenex, and cetaphil bar soap bc all mine are perfumy, I have big shirts and hoodies already, sweats, hmm anything elsr I need, I bought a few sports bras. Help ladies

blood work:(

So this hand and my other 3 bandaids in all, had to suffer today bc the veins in my arms are so tiny no one can ever find then ugh. All for a greater purpose right? So I got my email and time today friday march 21st at 12pm

Happy birthday mee

So today was my bday I had so much fun even though my bra annoyed me like crazy always fixing and lifting my sag bags back in my bra ugh the gaping holes make me feel so nasty, can't wait til friday... plz hurry

a few new bras

Two more days


Omg so today is the last day of these awful breast lol, im so excited but now the fears are kicking in, I'm actually going to get cut open, and tearing through my inside :( part of me wants to say forget it but I'm just going to think of it as going to the doc to get iv take a nap and wake up w my dreams having came true. Not like I have to see what he is doing, omg someone please help my anxiety, but I did my sheets, front close bra shopping, meds, im all set gon stuff my face today, luckily they moved my appointment to 11 am so that helps u don't usually eat til 1 pm anyway lol ladies im scared.

Fluffy dreams came true

So ill try this again since my phone want to mess up everything after I wrote so much. Yesterday at 10:40 I arrived and did paper signing, they called me back immediately after. They let my friend come w me, they had me change out my clothes, pee in a cup, take pics, and answer a ton of questions. Then it was time, I said bye to my friend, and went to the back. The staff was super nice. The anesthesiologist had trouble finding my lil veins so I got poked a few times, the nurse said they'll taunt him after I go to slp. As I was drifting off my doctor waved at me with the cutest lil smile. When I woke up I had such a hard time keeping my eyes open but they helped me dress and got me up, my friend was outside in a cab waiting for me. We came to mt Vernon n I stayed at her house. She made me fruit salad, gave me water and feed me my meds and put me in bed, so I just been off n on slp, this strap hurts so bad feel like it's digging into my skin so every now n again I open it up. But I'm tired I'm update more tomor


So the day after I was feeling great now im super nauseous idk what to do crackers arent helping much

day 2

Sorry these where from yesterday

day 5

So today made day 5 and no progress w righty, she's super sore, tense, tight and I'm worried also the incision hurt like crazy, starting to regret this, should I not b worried? And this band makes it so hard to breath. Getting out the bed hurts and even writing this is making my right boob tight so I'll update when there's improvement.

A Week In

So my left side is doing an amazing job dropping and settling, no pain no stiffness, but my right omg can't do nothing w my arm wo my chest hurting and stiffening up. Its not dropping much, I'm super upset bc its my dominate side and I have to get back to work sunday I may have to tell then I need another week off:( and this band hurts so bad, any suggestions ladies?

11 days post

So I've been doing great, not much pain, I showered alone, and now cooking, did massaging, the right is starting to drop along w the left, still tightness but great.

sharp pain

How long before the sharp stabbing pains stop bc they are super annoying and painful.

two weeks post

So im two weeks and adsay out, I love em but kinda regret them only because the right side is giving me so much stress, its still not catching up much, its in alot of pain. Also sleeping on my back (im a tummy sleeper) is causing so many back issues with me, I've tried so many ways, last night I even went to the er at 12 am bc I had such a bad pain in my neck I had a hard time breathing I got worried but she said its bc my muscles are being bother by my sleep position and its straining my muscles, ugh cant wait til this is over bc im really not enjoying them yet.

possible suggestion

I havent tried this but thought id share this. The description said u microwave it for heat and freeze to help soothe any breast pain. thinking abt buying it.


When does the numbness by the arm stop and the itching omgggg yhe itching!!!?? I feel like I went a lil too big but its ok and still struggling w righty, and I hate how the insides look flat when will they round out in the middle?


So my left has softened so much, a lil scary bc the very top feels too soft I can press it all the way to my chest when I lay down and it shrunk slightly so im scared I popped it while I was sleep, my ps said he doubts that lol but idk it feels the same but weird I cant explain it is this what dropping and fluffing starts off as? Any inputs please, ill go see him tues but hes not worried I destroyed them lol, y am I panicking like this?

right still high buti wish left was


So 2 weeks and 4 days out, swelling has gone away idk if I'm getting use to the breast but im having crazy boob greed I want my swollen ones back and im feeling like I popped it and its leaking, which is crazy bc they dont seem smaller like their shrinking but idk my coworker hugged me, picked me up and squished my chest and im feeling like that was bad I mad him put me down immediately, does anyone think that coulda popped em? Ima make an appointment tomor to see my ps asap y am I so paranoid that the swelling left? Anyone went thru this?? Please help
New York Plastic Surgeon

Looked up various P.S online and his info made me confident in his ability, then I had a consult with him and I felt completely comfortable. He was warm, confident, and respectful. His staff is very patient and kind.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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You would see them deflated . my coworker popped one & it was saggy as the other was up high but not sure since you just got it done. I hope not lets hope for the best sorry to hear! When my swelling went down I saw mines smaller too! They do look bigger with the swelling
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This morning they seem so big so its deff me being super paranoid lol thank you tho boo
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They look great!!!! Happy for you!
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Thanx girly
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They look good did you say you got 450cc? Now you think you popped it? No way girl..
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I got 375 filled to 400 but I dont feel I popped it was just weird it stopped being swollen overnight but their fine lol I was being super paranoid
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Thank u lol
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They look like a good size!
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My triceps are pretty numb also and so so soooo itchy! Looking forward to showering tomorrow. Lol I don't think they look big! Very natural! You look great :)
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Oh wow ya triceps? Lol and yes showering is wonderful til the water hit ya nips ouch hope not for u, and thank you today they seem smaller for some reason I feel a lil better :)
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The itchiness will drive you crazy and feel like it'll never end, but it will. It just means the incisions are healing. As for the numbness, that takes substantially longer to go away. It's more likely that you'll just stop noticing it's numb before you actually might get normal feeling back. Looking good though, and remember you're still VERY early in the game. Being patient while things heal and settle is the hard part! :)
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It is and thank you so much!! Gave me a piece of mind :)
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I hear about this itchiness I never got it nor numbness but I got tugging in my arms from under arm incisions.. Just massage them when they itch dont scratch "/ get better love
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Thanx and no I havent scratched I apply bio oil when it itch too bad lol
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looking good girl hope all is well thinking of you : )
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Thank you things are going ok now!! How r u?:)
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good busy! seems like I can never find time to get on here anymore lol but I didn't forget about you im glad everything worked out for you!! : )
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Thank you so much and yea know what u mean, it's like now that it's done we can focus on life better wo our mind being so stuck on breast lol
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Ugh you too huh!? Im a tummy sleeper too! Im 4 weeks tuesday post op still back kinda hurts very uncomfortable! But Big Buy try body pillows n fluff up a blanket under or on the side of your boobs it really does help sleeping on the side. I use two pillows one under my boobs when sleeping on the side other under my head.. Hope that helps at least im off my back a bit
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Ima try that I would have to put it under my whole body bc I tired how I said last night b4 the hosp visit but I was half slp didnt remember exactly how u said n I ended up hurting my lower back starting to think I went to big but when I focus on my left breast I realize I didn't bc it doesn't hurt at all
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I wish the recovery time was shorter this is torture lol
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It is torture! I have one for my head n lay right on top if the other one on my side with a sheet fluffed up under the breast so it wont mess with the healing process.
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Yaaaay you made it to the other side! congrats they look great :D
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Thank u im so happy
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Your looking good! Keep your spirits up it will be worth it in the end and they will drop & fluff into perfection (: Glad to hear your up and moving and doing much better !
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