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I have never been so excited and nervous at the...

I have never been so excited and nervous at the same time. My surgery is 14 days away and I have been reading so many stories on here and thought that this would help the tiny bit of nerves I have. I am 24 years old, 106 pounds and am getting saline under the muscle. I have had several conversations with my ps and I thought I wanted to go for a full B/small C, so he reccomended 300cc for me, but now that time is getting closer I am realizing that I think I want to achieve a full C instead. Im hoping maybe 325cc but that is the biggest I think i can go with my tiny frame. I am beyond excited, I dont think its hit me yet. I think the biggest excitement is the fact that i wont have to wear padded bras anymore, or padded bathing suits. I am a little worried about the recovery time and being able to go back to work. Will the recovery time be more bc im getting under the muscle? And i was also wondering if it would be okay to at least walk on the treadmill at the gym week 2 ... nothing strenuous just some activity. Please send me your comments thanks guys!


No kidding about non padded bra and swim suits! because the prettiest clothes never have pads on lol! I am 24 too, 100-105lbs up and down, and getting saline under the muscle..but I want a full C and about 375cc but my frame is small too so I have to tell my PS make it the biggest that I be able to have for my frame when I see him on my pre-op on March 4th.. And yes I am wondering about longer recovery time for under muscle implants too, because I got 2 weeks off but I'm a waitress, and of course, carry trays and plates of foods :( So please update your story and tell us about your feeling and experience okay jaminesom!
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Not having to wear padded bras and swimsuits is going to be amazing! Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf. Will you be posting before and after photos?

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