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I needed to have my leaking silicon implants...

I needed to have my leaking silicon implants removed.
The ruptured implants caused pain, subclinical thyroid issues, anxiety, sleep issues. From what I have been told by my PS, there is good chance this misery may end with explant
PROS of SURGERY: Restored health
CONS of SURGERY: Body image adjustments
WHAT I WISHED I KNEW BEFORE: Not that much pain - wish I only took Tylenol. The PERCOSET causes worse side effects than the minor pain. The ice and tylenol did the same as percoset without the depression, insomnia, weight gain.

How long before exercise is allowed? I am post op...

How long before exercise is allowed? I am post op 2 weeks today.

I am post op 3 weeks and had a bit of a setback. ...

I am post op 3 weeks and had a bit of a setback. My explanted breast that ruptured is still abnormally swollen. I will address with Plastic surgeon and update on thursday.

Well its 3 weeks and I am having some itching and...

Well its 3 weeks and I am having some itching and pricking. I was told this is normal part of healing process. Both breasts are recovering beautifully. Will post photos soon. The incisions are quite faint at this point. I used mereda scar gel as directed by physician. Also I have not taken off the compression garment except to shower. I believe wearing it 24/7 has made this marvelous recovery. Oh yes I do but a bra ontop of it before I wear a blouse so I look normal not like a mummy.

First picture is post op when one breast seems it...

First picture is post op when one breast seems it has shrunk.
This breast filled out (fluffed) after continuous wear of compression garment.
Rest of pictures are post op 5 weeks...nude, in bra, in clothing to show 85% outcome. Total results are usually in 8 weeks although final results take up to 6 months. I am ecstatic at the progress and wish everyone an easy uncomplicated surgery with the results they desire!
I have improved health. Hope others with compromised situations going in will also have this bonus. What- a great site - the people here really care and share. Know you can expect to look classy and sassy and no longer like a floozie. People will think you are modelesque as it makes one have a sleek appearance! Anybody on the fence - GO FOR IT!


Dr Ginsberg

Rated as one of the top NYC plastic surgeons. I agree! Great surgeon and bedside manner. Does normal people but has celebrity following as well.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great!:)
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Thank you very much. Worth hiding and wearing compression garment most of the time. The bra in the picture is underwire body by victoria secret that I wear when I need to do errands outside the house.
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Your post op photos are beautiful! I'm so glad you are feeling so good. Thanks for the suggestions on my review, & thanks for sharing!
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You are welcome and thank you for the compliment! Only after I reviewed the photos I saw first hand how nice and sassy this look is!
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Nevermind I see!
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What size where your implants (cc's)? You look great!
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Ahhhh, you just answered a big question for me! My logic, and my body, tells me to keep wearing my compression bra for all of the reasons that you just stated above. With all of that disturbed tissue healing, why not have everything held up there in place while that happens! I am in total agreement with you; what brand is the one that you wear? And, how long post op do you intend to wear it? 6 Mos? Less? Thanks again, you look absolutely wonderful - what a beautiful result! Like you, I have a lot of my own tissue, and I just don't want the weight of that tissue causing any more sag than absolutely necessary.
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The compression garment is JOBST VEST without cups cat no 111907 it is size 2 which coordinates to post explant 36C, D . I purchased it at Caligor NYC angie- she ships all over. I plant to sleep in it 6 mos and after 8 wks go back and forth between sport bra and it. I also had alot of tissue pre- surgery. I weigh 133lbs 5ft 6 started 38D now 36D.
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So, like beginning of June or so, you will start wearing a sports bra for daytime and compression for sleeping until maybe October? You are about one month ahead of me. I think your plan is a good one. I have an Isavela and a First Choice that I switch back and forth with now - partly to launder them and partly to give myself a change. As much as I believe in wearing them, they do get uncomfortable at times - mostly when sitting; laying down or on your feet, not so much of a problem. Thank you for your answer.
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Hello your new breast look amazing and you still got a nice size without implants . I hope your healing well it's nice to see that the breast will bounce back . Each little cell has its on motor it's amazing how god heals the body.
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Thank you and glad you also elected explant. My nightmares have subsided Maybe the silicon leakage causes this?
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Hello fellow explanters...Smile and see the silver lining in this procedure! 1. You will look sassy and classy - not like a floozie 2. Your health will improve 3. All clothes will fit like you are modelesque Please note I added one disturbing picture - a bra not filled out. This breast did fluff out and now fills all bras. This happens in week 3 to 4 if you diligently wear the compression garment. 4. I attribute my great outcome to continuous - day and night wear of the unit. 5. Pictures show in blouse with normal bra outcome. 6. Expectations should be realistic. As you see in nude photos - the breasts will sag if you had implants 10 + years as me and are mid 50's and led sedentary lifestyle. I was told with continued wear of compression unit the breast muscle will repair and help lift and fill out the breast. I am a continued testament that is true. For all you ladies pre-explant...don't worry the pain is nothing that ice wrapped in towel can't handle. Don't jump at first sign of mild burning. It is only that. The pills made many of us ultradepressed, moody and bad for days...better mild burning that tylenol really works. Look forward to being SASSY and CLASSY --- my husband has a new fascination like he won the lottery! You will feel like a million dollars a month post operative when all is 85% healed. It takes 6 to 8 weeks of PATIENCE but worth it! SMILE you will be happy. I am not even considering fat transfer now that I see day by day the results are marvelous....Questions and comments welcome and appreciated.
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Hey Sassy! You look fabulouso!! Both my husband and I are loving the new me! I totally understand the after effects of the drugs...yuk! I'm so done with that stuff. The surgical tape fell off underneath Left breast this morning and it didn't smell good at all! Looking forward to my second post-op appt today so they can clean it up or something. My breasts haven't changed much since the 3rd day post-op. Left breast was a little sad and hanging weird the first two days, then she looked over at her sister and decided to match her!! HA! One is a little larger, but it's nothing bad like I imagined. I'm still having some connective tissue symptoms on left side from the implant...mostly neck and arm numbness. Gonna see my Primary doctor tomorrow for follow up check up. Left side of face and ear is killing me too. I'm not sure if it's all connected or not....that's what I need to find out! I'm looking forward to getting back to my old sleeping pattern and exercising again. I'm 12 days post-op and I understand I'm going to need quite a bit more time to heal. Wishing you continued success in your healing....
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Know that my breasts didn't change much either for 3 weeks. Three days is nothing. Strap them in and forget about it. I had stiff neck and minor burning up and down my arm. In my case it was Lyme disease. Heard of some people in healing having neck pain. Glad you are checking out the numbness with the doctor. Better safe than sorry! Please update us what your doctor says and I wish you speedy recovery with no more drama!
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Did anybody have the Brevia fat transfer to breasts? I would like to hear the cost, process and any pros and cons. Thank you for your help.
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Hi Sassy, I did Brava with fat transfer to the breasts. I am 5 weeks post surgery today. The brava itself is very intimadating to start but it gets easier as the days turn into weeks wearing the things. I have some pics on my review of me wearing the thing. I wore it 6 weeks before transfer for a average of 15 hours a day (wear at night while you sleep) and for 4 weeks after transfer. I will try to answer any questions you might have about it. The cost at my ps (i'm in pennsylvania) was $5,600. If you look at my pics I posted while using brava you will see that the pro is - your breasts swell to make room for the fat. I haven't found any cons yet, except wearing the domes so long.
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did it hurt? what is cycling?
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No it didn't hurt, just felt weird at the beginning. Cycling is a process that you do when using brava, it adds extra pressure to the breasts to help them expand more.
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thank you for your first hand information
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Not interested anymore in fat transfer. Seems time is the great healer!
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Wow, by what every other woman seems to be expressing; it's best to wait the full 6 weeks before becoming active again. It's going to be tough for all us woman to lay low for 6 weeks, but sometimes we just have to hand the reins over to someone else for a while.
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Thank you so much for giving me that info so I don't overdo it and damage the stitches.
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How did you feel after the anesthesia? I think that's what will mess me up the most. My surgery is next Friday and I'm getting a little nervous. How long do you think before I can start cooking dinner again? The thought of eating my husbands cooking could have worse side-effects that the drugs....ha!
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Worse side effects than the drugs is what I meant.....sorry!
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I only took percoset the second day - 1/2 a tablet. It was the slightest burning.... probably if I had just iced it and taken tylenol it would have worked the same. The first 3 days I lived on Zone protein bars and at night salad and steak / salad and tuna. I totally get it. Its best to rest up the first week and make alternate eating arrangements. Would you like to come to dinner? LOL....I make excellent salamon, veal parmagian and chicken...Seriously, I hope you have as easy a surgery as I did. It really was a big nothing as far as pain. The anaesthesia caused some anxiety / insomnia for me...but i watched lots of TV and read & slept it off later.
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