3 weeks post op BA

So after reading so many stories, I finally...

So after reading so many stories, I finally decided to write my own. My Stats: 30 yrs old, 5'4, 150lbs, 2 kids (ages 5 and 10). On January 13, 2012, I decided to have Vaser Lipo on my full abdomen since I was so unhappy with my post pregnancy belly that I was never able to get rid of. Unfortunately, i didnt get the results I expected, although my belly went down and I no longer looked pregnant, my stomach still doesnt look nice and flat. When my husband said we were going to Dominican Republic this year, I figured since many women are going out there for cosmetic procedures perhaps i should look into it aswell. So I had several consultations, and they all reccomended tummy tucks for the loose skin in my abdomen. After consulting this with family and friends, I realized that it was too much of risk, plus recovery in a strange place other than my home was not a good idea. So I decided that perhaps I need bigger breast to make the appearance stomach smaller. So i started doing research...found a nice doctor...went for a consult, then went for sizing, decided on doing Salines appx 400 cc under the muscle crease incision. Surgery is scheduled for April 2. I feel so freaked out, I am scared of the recovery, I hope I am making the right decision. Luckily I was able to take the week off to heal. I will post pre-op photos as soon as I get home. Looking for advise and reccomendations!!

Just purchased a recliner for my recovery...I have...

Just purchased a recliner for my recovery...I have heard from friends that i wont be able to sleep laying down...:( I also ordered front zip bras from walmart. i hope i picked the right size.

Have my prescriptions, my bras, just gotta get the...

Have my prescriptions, my bras, just gotta get the bromelain and arnica....and am ready to go....today i woke up happy but it made feel guilty. I went to the gym after work and tried to tell myself that I will love myself more and be happier with my body....but I dont know still have mixed feelings.

I purchased all my last minute items. I am 13 days...

I purchased all my last minute items. I am 13 days away and I am very excited. Trying to maintain a positive mind. I have been staying very busy...I just booked my vacation..hopefully i'll be comfortable enough to travel in two months. I am also trying to clear my desk at work in anticipation of my week off. NOW, my concern is going to small. I chose the 400cc when i went for sizing, they looked nice, but if part of it will be hidden under my muscle am afraid the may be small. But, I was thinking that what am looking for is height and projection/top fullness, so as long as I can achieve that with high profile salines I will be happy.

A few more days left for me and really enjoying...

a few more days left for me and really enjoying certain things which I know I wont be enjoying after this BA, like sleeping on my tummy!!, squeezing my kids, doing abdominal crunches.

Question- Can someone please describe what it feels like to have "morning boob" am concerned about this because i will only have a week off to heal and my morning commute (NYC) is no fun.

2nd Question- Can I party by the second week? I have several events coming up and am not sure if I will be able to make it.

Four more days......why do I feel so scared?

Four more days......why do I feel so scared?

Just a few more days...now am feeling super...

Just a few more days...now am feeling super excited. went out to do my nails..i was told i only needed one undone toe, so am out enjoying the beautiful spring day in NY. I also took the kids to the movies and tomorrow night am taking them bowling. Curious to know what bikinis will look nice in me after the BA!

Well guys this is it....tomorrow is the big day! ...

well guys this is it....tomorrow is the big day! wish me luck and pray for me.

Surgery done. Super sore after anesthesia....now...

Surgery done. Super sore after anesthesia....now at home relaxing watching TV.

Post op day one...i feel kind of good. the...

Post op day one...i feel kind of good. the pressure is strong and when i get up it feels really bad. But I slept on my recliner woke up by 240, took 2 percocets then at 5 took a valium at 9am took the arnica pellets and applied the gel. The back pain is what make everything worse. Ill have my hubby apply arnica on my back tonight. Hopefully i can feel better soon...i only got 350cc under muscle..but they feel soooo heavy!

Ok guys, is PO day 5. I feel really good, but i...

Ok guys, is PO day 5. I feel really good, but i will take it easy until several months in as per my bestie who had them done. The morning is tough...gotta figure out a trick to how am gonna get up tomorrow for work amd get the kids all ready. What I do is take a valium before waking up (like 5) so by 630 am good. any suggestion ladies? Well hope everyone is healing well.

When can I sleep on my side? Last night i woke up...

When can I sleep on my side? Last night i woke up and couldnt sleep my back and butt hurts!

Every day is different. They are heavy for me but...

Every day is different. They are heavy for me but i assume it takes time. my besties tells me not to slouch...i guess am a little shy to show them off. Last night i didnt sleep that well...but the night before in slept great. It all takes time...so sad i cant shop yet for cute stuff, but i did get some nice bralets. Desperate to hit the gym...feel fat :( But over all am happy and tonite am wearing my first sexy outfit. Yay! Not sure if I can drink yet? Am off antibiotics.

Anyone having sharp shooting pains in breast post...

anyone having sharp shooting pains in breast post appx 10-15 days.

Is nerve pinching sensation on one breast normal?...

Is nerve pinching sensation on one breast normal? I am tired of feeling this!!! Will it go away?

Well is been a bit over 3 weeks...I must say the...

Well is been a bit over 3 weeks...I must say the first two weeks are the hardest. It gets better...i still feel a little nerve pinching but not as much...its gotten better since i STOPPED using the sports bra. I went back to the soft strechy bras....the best ones are the victoria secret lacy bralettes, they feel nice soft and allow ur breast to drop. So now am seeing a difference in the dropping situation. I wish i had gone bigger to atleast 450cc cause am not a small girl. But i think about my kids and my office job and remember that i didnt want to look ridiculous or embarrass my kids. but yeah if i are not petite go larger. So far they look nice hopefully theyll get better they are still pretty high.

New pics 6 weeks post op

Feel good! 57 days PO

I feel good dont even remember the surgery any more.


11 months PO

hello ladies! happy to report I am a full 34d love my size. my stats are 5'4 140lbs. I will update my photo soon.
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I love your size you look good no need to go any larger. They look very natural :))
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they look great!!!! congrats!!!
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Wow you look awesome.They def look bigger than 375!!
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Hi Labarbie1010, How is your recovery going? Have they dropped and fluffed more? I see we have similar stats (I'm 5'5 &150lbs) and I got 360cc. I am close to 4 weeks post op and I know I should have definitely gone bigger :( (feeling pretty depressed) Have you seen any changes?
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Hi! Sorry i havent been on the site for a while. I was told later on that i got 375 each. I feel they are still high. And yes i wish i could have gone atleast 450, but i didnt want to get strech marks on my breast. But they look good, ill post pics, also i lost weight went down 10lbs and that makes a huge difference.
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Glad to hear your happy with the outcome! Im trying to lose 10 lbs. As well, Did you lose any volume? Im just afraid that if I lose weight they will look smaller?! Looking forward to your pics :)
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No i did loose volume they actually look better and stick out more.
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I uploaded more pics
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You look so beautiful and amazing those 10 pounds did wonders!!!!! And the boobies def dont look 375
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They do look Amazing! Congrats :)
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hey there, im new to this site and im also 5'5 and 150 lbs. my operation is in 2 wks. i went with the 450 implant and made a note to fill to at least 475. my doc said shed go no larger than 600 cc for me. Im doing saline under the muscle. you say u wish you would have gone bigger? do u have any advice for me? im worried il feel the same ... i want to be a large D to DD. any comments or advice would be appreciated. thanks! and good luck w ur recovery!
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Hi! I would say stay with 450 or 475, i really wanted 400s but i got scared they day of and told doctor 350-400 and he did 375. I wish i could have gone bigger but i still love them, the look very pretty when am naked and nice and round. Do high profiles so u can have more foward projection and less side boobs, remember we are no 100 lbs so we dont want to look fat. Am uploading more pics so u can all have an idea what 375 looks on a NOT tiny body. Good look you gonna love it be positive. I am 57 days PO and i dont feel like i have anything the first 2 weeks are tough, but ull be fine afterwards.
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You look terrific, if I could drop 10ibs right now, I would jump for joy....Ahhhh (well maybe not jump since im only 5 days post op. ) BUT, I would be ecstatic. The P.S said losing a few pounds will actually make the boobs seem bigger so your right on target & you look amazing!
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Hang in there - it should probably get better soon!
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Hey Looking great girl keep showing your progress! I can't wait neither to go back to the gym and my regular activities.. also the sharp shooting pains I was 2 weeks post op and my breast didn't stopped having them almost till 5 / 6 days ago I guess that's natural but whenever u have a doubt don't forget to ask your PS he won't give you the wrong answer..take care!
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Hmm. I just went back through my review trying to see when my sharp/shooting pains basically ended... I can't find any mention of 'em! I definitely know that I had them, no question about that!!! I guess that's a good thing, that I've already kind of forgotten how long they lasted, as that definitely shows they're temporary. Rarely do I get a sharp pain anymore, and those are usually more related (I think) to a cord. Your pics are looking great - hope you continue to heal well!
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Thanks over all u love their look.
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They look good!!!! Why did you go 350cc? I mean I guess its a good thing since you say they feel heavy :0( I pretty close to your stats and I was thinking 450cc moderate plus profile under (saline) 5'5" 150lbs currently 34b/36a
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I got scared of having a tough recovery. think of a huge implant under a muscle streching it foward. so i told my doctor the day of surgery to stay btwm 350-400. so i guess the 350 looked good on me. Dont get me wrong i like me size very much. Am just impatient. I wanna be myself again go back to gym etc. Also if in the future i have to remove them i didnt want my breast tooo streched out.
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*if i have to remove them, u never know. Plus i got high profiles.
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Yup. Im 17 days post op. I didnt get that many throughout this journey but atm for instance today I woke up with one and just took deep breaths for awhile and then it went away.
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Thanks for sharing your story. I have surgery April 30th. And I am a stomach sleeper and that is what I will miss most! Hope you have a fun night and take it easy! :-)
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Try putting a small pillow under your boob when you're on your side; that helped me when I was first starting to try it..
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It was almost 2 weeks before I could sleep on my side . Mine are still stretching so when I do lay on my side they still hurt . Especially with morning boob.
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I was sleep on my side about 1 week post op
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