First Week Post Op Days- New York, NY

I'm so nervous/excited thinking about having this...

I'm so nervous/excited thinking about having this procedure done. I am 23 (almost 24 at the end of the month) and have been doing research since I was 18. So after waiting all this time, I am sure that I am not going to change my mind. I am really glad I found and have been reading forums and reviews. It has definitely calmed me down :). I've been on 4 consultations already and I'm ready to pick my surgeon. I am 5'2 110lbs 32AA and have a very narrow rib cage. I am looking for a very modest augmentation (around a B cup). I have been thinking about 200-250cc implant. I am a dancer so I don't want to go too large. I am going to my second consultation this Thursday...I can't wait!


             good luck
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thank you :)
Good luck with your next consultation!
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A week and counting! July 26th is the day :)

Its a week from today! Everything is set and ready! I went in yesterday for another pre-op appointment. I am still really nervous and had a couple more questions. He was great at answering everything and even gave me his cellphone number to contact him in case anything came up. I still feel a bit nervous but less since talking to him. I'm mostly nervous about the anesthesia because I've never been under. I have no idea what to expect.

We talked about 225cc or a 250cc high profile silicone implants through an inframammary incision. I am very happy with size since I am petite, have a very narrow rib cage and am active. He told me it would be a month to a month and a half till I can resume dancing and going to the gym. I am used to working out 4-5 times a week so I am sure this is going to feel odd. But its worth it :)

Thank you to all the ladies that wrote reviews! I have an idea of what to expect now and that is helping with the nerves! I will be posting pre-op pictures soon!


Glad to hear you have found RealSelf helpful with your journey! Here is a list of items you may want to set up and purchase for your recovery. Feel free to post your "wish boob" photos...and be sure to share them with your PS too! Looking forward to your updates!

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Thank you Beth! The list of items is great! I will be posting some wish boob pictures today
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Wish Boobs!

Hey ladies!
My surgery is scheduled at 7:30am on 7/26. I feel ready! Today I cleaned my apartment and picked up my medicine from the pharmacy. I also posted some "wish boob" pictures of how I would like to look like.
I picked up a wedge pillow, neck pillow, and some extra pillows to sleep on. My doctor recommended sleeping elevated to prevent swelling. I am nervous about the recovery period and about the results. I hope everything turns out fine.

I was wondering if you guys had any tips that helped in your recovery?


We have the same stats! I am 2 weeks post op with 260cc silicone HP. You can look over my review to see if there is anything that can help you, but right off the top of my head... make sure to get plenty of sleep before surgery! Lots of people think it doesn't really matter since they will be sleeping all day after surgery, but you come out of anesthesia much better if you are well rested. Let your anesthesiologist know ahead of times your specific fears, I was afraid of being nauseous after surgery (oh my gosh, so scared to throw up on top of the pain!) and of being confused when I woke up. She gave me extra anti-nausea medicine in my IV and made sure to put extra effort into talking to me and reassuring me when I was waking up. (I was still confused, but she helped). Bring a blanket in with you, I woke up FREEZING and it hurts to shiver immediately after. I had a pillow for the car, but hadn't even considered a blanket in July! Bring your pain meds/muscle relaxers with you and have your person make sure you take them before you leave for home if you are in pain. Also, pack a yogurt or pudding. I couldn't get crackers down because my mouth was so dry, but that was all I had brought with me. Once I got home, took my meds and had my mom spoon feed me a tapioca pudding I felt SOOO much better, really wish I had those things right after surgery. Drink plenty of water, I made myself a rule that I had to go through a whole bottle of water before each dose of meds, which was every three hours. And also, make sure you have a "crashing zone" set up at home- mine was my couch in my bedroom, reclined and set up with tons of pillows and a blanket. For me the first hour-hour and a half was tough, and after that it was just a matter of staying on top of your meds and not expecting too much out of yourself. Make sure to clue your person in as to what to expect post op as well! Best of luck to you, you'll do great!
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Thank you for all the tips JuJu! I am feeling less nervous and more excited now. I checked out your page and they look great :). Can't wait till tomorrow!

First Day Post OP. No more Sleep...

Hey ladies :)

This is my first post-op update. My surgery was yesterday at 7:30am. I woke up pretty early (around 4:30am) because I couldn't sleep. I took a hot shower and made sure I scrubbed well. I packed a bag with a water bottle, some saltine crackers, a neck pillow (this was extremely helpful!), and a blanket. My doctor's surgical center is 45 minutes away from me so we left around 6:30; I wanted to make sure I wasn't late. When I got there, everyone was so nice and they were great at making me relaxed. The nurse gave me a pregnancy test and took my blood pressure. After, the doctor came in, took some pictures, marked me up, and answered questions. I felt even less nervous about the procedure after talking with him. The anesthesiologist came in after and spoke with me. She was really nice and since I get nauseous quickly (one of my worries was throwing up after the surgery) she had me take one of the anti-nausea pills I was prescribed.

Five minutes later, I'm being taken into the operating room. They put the IV in and I fell asleep in less then 5 seconds. The next thing I know I'm waking up in the recovery room. I was shivering a bit but the nurse put two blankets on me, including a heated one. It didn't take me long to get warm. She also gave me some water to drink and I fell back asleep. About 30 minutes later, I wake up. They help me get dress and I am heading back home. Didn't feel much pain yesterday, just a bit of pressure on my chest which is normal.

I slept normally last night, though I woke up this morning with a bit of back pain (might be because I am not used to sleeping on my back). One thing I recommend is the neck pillow! Not only was it great to have for the car ride back home but since I am not a back sleeper it helped in keeping my head from moving around while sleeping last night.

I am feel pretty good today. A bit groggy, mostly because of the medication. I am taking my Percocet every 6 doesn't take me more than 30 minutes after taking my Percocet before I'm completely out. It is really hard to keep my eyes open after. So I am thinking about taking it every 8 hrs.
Here's hoping that the rest of my recovery goes well. I have my post-op appointment on Monday 7/29. Good luck to all you ladies and thank you for your support! I will be updating you guys on my progress and will be posting taking pictures soon :)

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Second Post Op. The Butt Pain + Birthday!

Hi Realself,

Well I have pain...just not where I thought it would be. My back/butt is killing me. I guess that's what happens when you are not used to sleeping on your back. I woke up at 9am today and my right butt-cheek/lower back was hurting really badly. It felt as if I had a bruise there. I've been walking around and placed a heating pad there...but it still hurts :-/. Hopefully, it will go away soon.

I feel some pressure where my implants are and they are still firm and hard. But no pain, just a bit of an uncomfortable pressure there but so far so good.

I have lowered my percocet to only twice a day and I am taking it in the morning and then at night. Tomorrow I have my first post-op appointment at 11am. Can't wait till I see them without the bandages.

Today is my 24th birthday! And even though I am in pain, I am still happy that this happened when it happened :).


Congratulations! Thank you for your updates and for posting your wish boob photos. Hope your post op appointment went well today. Keep in mind that your pain meds can be constipating. Looking forward to more photos when you're feeling up to it. Happy Birthday!!

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