I've been wanting to do a review for months now......

I've been wanting to do a review for months now... But I decided to wait until I am close to my surgery date. I am beyond excited and so anxious to get me procedure done. I am 30 years old and as long as I can remember (unfortunately since I was maybe 12yo) haha I always wanted bigger breast. Now it is my time to shine. After having two kids I decided to go through with it. The time is near n time can not go any faster ugh smh lol. I've had two consultations already with my so far fabulous doctor, Dr. Polavarapu. We went over pretty much everything needed to know. I have one more appointment with her for the final decision on the 18th... a week before surgery. I got all my medications needed for after the surgery and I also completed all my appointments ( EKG, chest x-Ray/mammogram, blood work, physical etc.) it was such a hassle for me to keep up because I work full time but I got it done. I'm sure it will be all worth it.

Here are my stats:
30 years old
My BWD is 12cm
Getting Silicon/ Mentor= comes with insurance
Expected to get 375cc= Dr says this should give me double d
Inframammary incision
Submuscular placement


My breasts looked nearly identical to yours before my augmentation! !! Are you still going 375cc's???:)
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Yes I hope so but my doctor said if my skin does not search enough or of my nipples go to the side I have to trust her n go a bit smaller around 350cc. But she believes I'll be fine with 375cc.
Here is a list of items you may want to purchase and set up for your recovery prior to your surgery. Hopefully this will help the time pass more quickly for you!
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One week before surgery (pre op appointment)

So today was my pre op appointment. I'm exactly a week away from getting my boobies done. Didn't go as I expected. I was a bit disappointed. I go in thinking I'm all set to go expecting that all my paper work is correct (which I sent to my doctor three weeks ago) and boom she's looking it over and tells me she needs my original blood work documents from the lab. Unfortunately it was written on the physical form but they still need the originals smh. I was soooo pist because I sent all my documents ahead of time so something like this would not happen.

So now I'm call my psychical doctor and of course she's no where to be found. I was so annoyed at this point because now every number I called no one picked up or they place me on hold for a long period of time. Dr. P saw my frustration and began to assist me but she was having the same problem as well. She finally got through and they said they will fax it to her. Now the question is when???? Ughhhh now I have to call tomorrow and hope that they received the documents via fax.

Thannnnn I go over sizes again and she tells me she has placed the order already for my surgery (Moderate and high profile 325cc 350cc and 375cc) I was like ummm no I want big boobs not porn star big but worth my money big. I do not want to have boob greed after surgery and be full of regret that I didn't go bigger. We most likely are going with 375cc but she than says she has to have options just incase the 375cc are to big for me. To big for your skin can cause ripples, Frankenstein boobs, may cause your nipples to lean on your sides or cause you to have a huge gap in between your chest. I mean I get it and I seen her work on this site and on hers so I know she knows what she's doing. She said I'm going to have to trust her :/ and she is sure I'll look great... She believes I will be able to get at least 350cc -375cc.

I think I was just so excited that my surgery is a week away and to hear that I am missing a sauce of information just brought my sprits down. I'm sure it will all be ok but I am just soooo anxious and want them done so bad that I don't want nothing to get In the way of me having this surgery next week. I just have to wait it out till tomorrow. Wish me luck!


I was a 34b Pre -op just like you.My doctor let me go wtih 375cc on right and 400 cc on the left.So far i love my result.Maybe you might satisfied with your new size.Good luck sweetie.
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Thanks and your mommy makeover looks great!!
Thank you sweetie.Your new girls are going to look awesome.I bet your counting the days.

It official

So after all the stress I had last night and this morning trying to see how I can get my paper work in order once again, I get a call from my PS stating that I am good to go and the documentation I provided is in fact ok for them. Smh I was happy to hear that though. But anyways she said my appointment is at 3pm Tuesday and to be there two and a half hours before. I'm soooo ready and excited. My last day at work before I start my vaca is Friday and don't go back till March 5. Gives me time to recover and shop a bit for new bras and shirts :)


Can't wait to see either! Mine is the day after yours!
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I can't wait to see your results!!! I'm so excited for you!! We'll good luck and keep up in the loop.
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YaaayyyY! All is well...very happy for you love :D
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Today is the day!!!

Today is the day ladies wish me luck. I will be posting pics and keeping you guys up to date if I'm up for it today. See you guys later :)


Good luck honey! Looking forward to hearing from you x
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Good luck!! Can't wait to see the results :)
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I'm sooo excited for you!!! I'll say a prayer. Sending hugs your way.:-)
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Say hello to my little friends

I am extreamy tiered but I wanted you guys to see my results. I got 375cc high profile... exactly what I wanted :-) I'm so happy with them thus far. I'll fill you in on my day tomorrow.


Hey congrats! Ive booked my consultation. Thank you so much for sharing your story and giving me her number. I still can't find much of her work. Can you give me her web site?
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Congrats, looking great!
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Thanks feeling like crap though lol but it's all worth it!

One day post op

Day one and I'm in some pain. Mostly on my right breast. Nothing unbearable but yet very uncomfortable. I slept for the most part of the day but I told myself I need to get up n walk a bit. It's hard for me to eat because I constantly feel the need to throw up. On that note my mom took some days of to help me out with the kids and what a great help she has been. She wasn't to happy about it at first but she came around and loved my results. She said they not as big as she imagine. In my head I'm like hum wait till they settle. At the moment they are a bit boxy and high but I know they need time to drop, fluff and make its way to becoming well rounded boobs. As far I'm happy with my results.

I arrived at the hospital about 11am two hours before surgery and ended up getting home around 10pm. Yup a very long long day. My husband was with me every step of the way and also took two days of to take care of me.

I was so drowsy after surgery and I refused to leave without talking to my doctor. She came down before heading home and she stated everything went well. She gave me the best news I was longing for and that was that she was able to fit 375cc high profile mentor implants woohoo lol. She even gave me a high five. I also received my implant identification card. She took a pic of my breast with her personal cell phone and texted it to my phone. She said any questions I can contact her. I told her thank you and I won't harass her lol. She was wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone. I have a follow up appointment with her on Friday. She said at the moment I do not need to wear a band around my chest because they not as high as she expected them to be. On Friday I am to bring it in just incase she decides I do need it. I personally feel I do but I'm going to listen and not be stubborn.


CONGRATS!!!! They ride high at first but will drop. looking good girl and welcome to the other side!! :)
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Congrats :)YESS TO THE GIRLS!!
Thank you. I have her card somewhere and when I find it I'll give you her exact website. But for the meantime you can go to Google and put Dr. Polavarapu website n it will pop up. Did you book an appointment with her? Good luck!

First post op appointment

Today was my first appointment since surgery. Well I'll get straight to the point. She said I am very swollen especially on my right breast which I already expected. I also have to start wearing a band with a bigger sports bra. So now am in a little bit of pain again because I have to start getting use to wearing the band. It puts so much more pressure on them. I'm ok with it because I noticed it does make a difference and I'm all for the cause. I'm just annoyed and let's face it I'm impatient who doesn't want to see results right away lol. But I'm ok besides that I'm taking it day by day. I know everything will be ok. My PS said she is not worried at all I just have to start doing some massages and wear the band more often.

Besides that I return two weeks from now Tuesday to remove my stitches. PS said that I should defiantly see some changes by than. Pretty much I'm riding high because of the size implant I got. I'm stubborn n I wanted big boobs. So now I have to deal with what comes with big boobs. I can't wait till they drop and fluff. That will be an exciting moment for me.

Also I haven't been able to eat as much as I normally do and she says that plays a big part in swelling. She order my to drinks lots and lots of water to flush all the swelling out and eat less salt in food (I'm a big salt eater) . She recommended for me to start juicing and eating a lot more veggies which by the way I already do.

I will continue to keep you posted and any advice given is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance my booby friends!!


Congratulations! They actually look awesome with the band around them, and they don't look too big! Your PS did a good job in selecting your size. I, too, can't wait until my day arrives! Also, how is ur incision site healing? Do you mind sharing pics of it when you get a chance? Thx'
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Here are some pics of my incisions. My right breast is a bit bruised. It's also the one giving me the most trouble and pain.


Thanks I posted some up for you
I definitely won't mind 375's if they look like yours!

Finally seeing some results.

Finally my right breast is dropping a bit compared to the first day. It is still a bit tight and stiff but I defiantly feel they are softening up. I just wish they would drop as quick as my left breast but no complaints because I do see and feel the changes. I'm happy about that because I was starting to worry. I'm soooo impatient so that has a lot to do with my worries.

I truly believe the band has has been a great help in assisting my boobies and I am massaging them a lot more than usual since they are not hurting as much. The pain has defiantly gotten better since the first three days. I stop taking pain medication... I didn't like the way it was making me feel. I was constantly sleeping and unaware of my previous hours. Now I just have a cold and I don't want to take anything for it. Idk just feel I shouldn't. So now when I sneeze oh boy does it hurt my chest.

Other wise I'm seeing some kind of results and I'm happy to say the least. The only thing for me to do now is take it day by day, be patient for results, wait for them to gradually drop and fluff, continue to eat better and drink a lot of water (PS orders) and do tuns of massages.

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Boob Greeddddddd!!!

I think I'm having boob greed. I am totally loving my results but if they were bigger I would of been more in love. Now the question is will they get bigger since they are fairly new and tight? I mean I did get 375cc high profile. Do I need to wait till they drop some more and fluff? Idk anyone???? After that being said I am happy that they are in fact dropping day by day, that they are softening up and that they are no longer so boxy like the first day of treatment.


I think I'm suffering from boob greed too! I got 350cc and I keep telling myself 375 wouldn't have fit anyway lol
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No it would of fit that's what I have n besides it's only 25cc's more. It's ok it's natrual and common to have boob greed lol greed :-)
They are coming along nicely! You have beautiful skin! Can't wait to see your progress!
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Back to work comfy bra

I'm returning to work on Thursday and not looking forward to it :/ I got use to being off for two weeks.... Sucks. So anyways I decided to go and get me a comfy bra because lord knows that surgical/sports bra is not cute and does no justice for the girls. I ended up get a size 38D wa wa wa lol was hoping for DD's. Let's also remember different bra brands different sizes. But it's ok I am very satisfied with how they are coming along ;) I can't wait for the day I can start wearing push up bras.


They look great! I've been maxed out at 375-400 based on my chest size. I wonder what size ill become? I'm currently a med/full b. I'd like to become a full C small d. :-)
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That's was my max.. 375cc and my chest size (BWD) was 12. I was a 34b. As far with the bra I bought today I got a 38D. But all brands are different. Good luck!!
I think boob greed is completely normal! I got 450/500cc and I want to go bigger :( people look at me like I am crazy but each day they seem to look a little bigger than the day before. I wanted 500/550 but my doctor maxed me out at 500 and wouldn't do it. LOL I completely trust his opinion though so.
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Can we say perky!!

Just randomly trying on t-shirts hehehe. Oh what a bra can do. Imagine when I start wearing push up bras.

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Slowly making there way

They taking some time to drop but at least they are dropping.


Your results look great!
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I love your results! I have yet to go bra shopping and I am almost 14 dpo! I guess I am trying to wait it out. Don't want to disappoint myself. LOL maybe this weekend I'll go to vs and get fitted :) YOU LOOK GREAT
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Thank you for sharing your progress. As an African American we see so little of "us" getting them done and seeing the results. I just LOVE you boobs. My date is June 15i=th and I am super excited.
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Dropping daily.

I'm defiantly seeing some results day by day. My left breast continues to drop nicely. On the other hand my right breast is taking its time... Buttttt it's defiantly working its way in.... They are dropping as well. Right breast still looks a tiny bit boxy but at least it's dropping. I was beginning to get worried.

I've been also having some issues with my right arm. For some reason it feels a bit weak, lazy I don't know how else to explain it but it's been bothering me. It doesn't help that I'm a righty and I use my right arm for everything. I also went back to work yesterday and I am from New York, driving to the city is out the question. In this case taking the subway and using my arm to hold onto a pole doesn't help while the train is crowed and moving like crazy.

Today towards the end of my workday I also found a bit of blood from my right breast on my comfy bra. It didn't worry me to much because it wasn't an excessive amount but I'm glad that I go Tuesday to remove the stitches. For some reason I have a bit of brushing and a small dent underneath this breast.


Looking great! I am loving watching your progress pictures because I am starting out high and a little boxy like yours and look fantastic already at just 10 days out. My left (started out bigger) had 410cc and is dropping pretty well, but my right (started out smaller) has 440cc and is being incredibly stubborn. It's nice to see your progress is going so well.
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Oh, and I am just 2 days post.
Yes I'm a working progress. Like I've been saying we have to very very patient when it come to Franken boobs. That's all we can do for now. I will be following your progress... Good luck!!! :)

Treating myself

I brought myself some new bras. I know I'm not suppose to wearing them anytime soon but I wanted to treat myself and make myself feel good about what size I am currently. Besides before getting them done I went bra shopping and they were to big so I went back to return them and got my current cup size at the moment.

I'm loving my new look and so excited for what's to come. Everyone seems to make a big big deal about Victoria secret but as long as I can remember vs always runs small, they make to think you bigger than what you really are, their material goes bad after a few washes and they are expensive as hell.

With that being said I always loved loved american eagle bras (aerie). They are the best in my opinion, very very affordable and I also bought my bras from them even when I was a B cup. I went shopping their last week and I end up fitting a 36D. They feel fabulous.

Dose anyone know of any affordable bra brands beside vs?

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Today at work something told me to check my right breast and waalaaa blood coming from my incision. I was a bit worried yet not to worried. I'm just annoyed that my right side of the breast has been giving me trouble since day one. It's the one that is taking so long to drop (slowing dropping but it's dropping) it's the side I'm having trouble sleeping with, my right arm feeling kind of funny (gets tiered rapidly).... It's just something after something.

But anyways because I saw blood I decided to call my PS directly because no seemed to be picking up the phone at her office. She right away said I have nothing to worry about because the stitches are going to be removed tomorrow. After all it is a cut and as long as there no blood gushing/dripping it should be fine. She's away on business so she said if I feel it's an emergency I can do a walk-in at her office and have the nurse take a look at it. I decided to take her word for it and just wait till tomorrow. Besides at this point by the time I reached her it had already stopped bleeding.

I honestly can not wait till tomorrow and remove these suckers out (hopefully). Fill you guys in tomorrow. I will continue to tell myself patience patience patience!

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Two weeks one day post op

You know I wasn't going to post these pics because I didn't thing they are appealing but this is real self.... so it's soul purpose is to show your real true journey before and after surgery.

Yesterday I went to remove my stitches and it wasn't to bad at all. But my PS told me I should of dropped more than I have and she can tell that I stopped wearing my band. Well she was right. I pretty much saw some results the first week I wore it and got happy and stop wearing it. It was just so uncomfortable wearing it. It was so tight and I hate it. Besides I didn't want to go to work with a band. She pretty much ordered me to wear the band 24/7 for a whole week straight. Her exact words were "sorry I know you want to look cute but you are going to have to wear the band with some big sweaters". Ugh. So today thats exactly what I did. I took the band of when I got home for an hour but I will put it back on. She wants to see me in a week as well to see if there are any changes.

After removing the stitches she said to hold of on a shower till the next morning and make sure not to use any fancy soap. She said after a shower make sure to use a clean towel and tap on my scar gently. By the way they look horrible at the moment.

When it comes to my body I hate marks/scars. I know it takes time to heal. My right breast is still taking a long time to drop and heal but she said wear the band and we go from there. I'm not to worried about it because they look good in bras but I still want to look good naked you know.

Otherwise it's a waiting game and I'm still early in the game. I have to continue to be patient, do as she says and wait it out.


I'm only 8 days post op with 500 cc HP but I already have boob greed! My doc wouldn't do more than 500 but now I really want 600-650. Your results look absolutely awesome. Very natural shape with nice fullness. Congrats!
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You are making great progress and to achieve 36d with 375 yayyy lol
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Looking good girl. Listen to your doctor. We wouldn't want our great investments going to waste!!
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When is the moment that you will see your official results? I know it may be different for everyone but there has to be a range of time when you know and you tell yourself ok this is it... This is how my boobs are official going to look.

I'm worried about my right breast because it's not dropping as fast as the left one. I may be over reacting but it's bothering me so I'm venting. When I try on tank tops with out a bra you can see the difference. With a bra they look fab.

I'm hoping for the best!


Hi I am having the same issue my right was/has been the highest and the one with occasional pain while my lefty seems to be cooperating ! It's extremely normal according to my ps and also reading so many reviews frm so many other women ! According to my ps and most ps they say 3 months is when you will see your "final result' and it has to be true ! Lol try to be patient as hard as it is believe me I kno happy healing xo
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Thanks so much! And believe me I know how you feel when it comes to boob greed.

They coming along. 2weeks 5days.

As far... my results are coming along. My scars are getting a bit better but I'm dying to put some scar ointment on them. I'm not sure if I should or can as of yet. I'm going for a follow up on Tuesday so I have many more questions for my PS.

I want to know if I can start putting coco butter because I'm starting to see strength marks underneath my breast. So not cool. Besides that they are still a working progress and they are drooping day be day.

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Second follow up appointment 3weeks post

Went to see my PS again today because she felt my boobs were still to high the last time I went. In this case she said that I had to wear the band 24/7 for one whole week. Well it worked. I defiantly see the difference and they have dropped drastically. She said continue to wear the band a little while longer so they can drop a little more.

I asked her when can I begin to wear push up bras or wire bras and she said wait another month. She's happy with my results but I should wait a while before I start to wear them. You have no idea how bad I want to start wearing them. I was so excited about my results that I went to go fitted at American Eagle (aerie) and purchased my self a bra (34D). Oh how in love I am with it. I am going to go back and buy me some more tomorrow.

As far as my scar she told me something I found so interesting. I asked her if I can start using coco butter and ointments. She said I may but people don't realize that what removes a scar is literally massaging the scar tissue. Even if it hurts. She said the more I massage, pinch, put pressure on the scare it will soften the skin down and it will not feel as hard as it does now. She actually did it and boy did it hurt a bit but I definitely felt the difference right away. I know it sounds crazy but I truly felt it soften up a bit. Of course she said I have to continue to massage them a lot more.

But anyways hope your enjoying my new boobs as much as I am. I'll post more pics of my new bras tomorrow since I am officially addicted.


Looking fabulous!! She did tell me about the scar pinching too, and she pinched me.:-o. Take care and may you continue to make good progress :-)
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Thanks for the update, they look great! I have been wearing an ace bandage while sleeping and it has helped. I'll probably start wearing it whenever I am just at home to move things along too. Mt left side is coming down fantastic, but my right is being very stubborn.
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New bra and bikini.


your results look amazing!!! LOVE!
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Looking OUTSTANDING!!!!! Xxox
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Your boobs and size look great! I'm so jealous of your size!!!
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3 weeks 4 days.

Not much has changed at least I don't think so... But I like to keep updating with some pics and get some feed back for you guys. My left breast still seems to look a bit bigger than the right. Now I feel like above the left breast it needs to go down some more. I'm still wearing th band at home/night. But I don't know something is off for me. It's nothing extremely noticeable but I see some difference between the two. My husband says its all in my head and it's nothing that can be noticed unless I point it out. To me my right breast still needs to drop. As I continue reading other reviews I realized I'm not the only one with this problem. Must seem to have issues with their right breast.

What have you guys done to help out with your right breast to drop a bit faster or evenly? I mean I'm sure at times there is nothing we can do but.....


They look great. I'm a little over 2 weeks post and I loooove mine. I can't put any cream on mine yet but ai already bought the kind my friend said she used after her ba and she didn't have a scar. Minr haven't dropped much but I go back for my post op next week.
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Thanks. Yours look great!!!
Great results.
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1months 2days

I'm a bit bothered by my right breast. Ugh so annoyed by it. It is still not dropping or as fluffed as my left breast. It may not appear that way to others when they look at it but I know some can relate when I say it bothers me knowing that they are not as even as I want them to be.

Besides that I can not complain. I have not had any complications and they are still coming along. I am very grateful for that as I read other reviews. I am ok with my results and I am still happy with them I just wanted to be extremely happy. But I'm happy haha :)


You look GREAT! I wish I'd gone with 375! Can't wait to see your final results!
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You wish you would of gone with 375 and I wish I could of gone 425cc-450cc lol
I agree, you are looking great! And your scars are healing extremely well, too! Have you or are you using any scar cream?
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I went for my one month post op appointment and it went well but I'm very worried. My left breast is just not cooperating. My right breast looks absolutely perfect. I'm concerned. My PS said she's not worried about it. In my head I'm like sure... They all say that and she's not the one walking around with one breast bigger than the other.

Anyways she said the reason for this is because the scar tissue underneath my right breast is so much hard than my left. I need to continue massaging the scar and massaging the breast so that it can soften up like my left breast. She also said I need to continue wearing the band and put a lot of pressure on the right breast. At this point I'm concern because I'm a month and a week post op. Can this be my finale results? I know they say usually give it three months but I don't know. It looks to me like this is it.


Is the shea butter helping with the scars? I've been using the Palmer's cocoa butter. Has anyone had good results with the Bio-oil? Any other creams?
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All I use is Shea butter. I have been using it for years. I used it while I was pregnant and I currently use it on my kids as well. I believe it works... I have no starch marks and my son has skin problems and it works for him as well.
I got 380 midrange, and also started out with less breast tissue than u so u look way bigger than I.
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Wearing the band 24hrs straight.

I wore the band all weekend and I think I may have a chance of even breast :) I am seeing some difference already. Now imagine when I wear it for a couple weeks straight, 24/7. At this point all I can do is continue to be patient.


Hi myperfectjourney. How is your healing been coming along ?
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I like them.
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Thanks!! :D

Happy Mother's Day!!! Almost 3months

Hayyyyyy everyone. It's been so longggg but I figured I was posting to much of the same pics. Not much has changed but yet I defiantly see a differance with my right breast, they dropped a lot more. I'm soooo happy with the girls. They have fluffed and look great in my opinion when I wear certain clothe. I'm happy with them..... Buttttttt I'm defiantly see myself going a bit bigger in the next five, six years. Hey call it what you want but I'm greedy.

I have to go for my last follow up before my PS leaves New York and I've been lazy to do so. Not good I know but I plan on going sometime around this week. It is way over due. As far as pain I do not have any besides the fact that I still have that numbness feeling on my upper right breast. My nipples did not gain all of its feeling quite yet.

My left breast still seems to look a bit bigger than my right but when that bra goes on I do not have a care in the world because it looks the dam same.

Hope you guys enjoy my pics ;)


Girl they look FANTASTIC!!! I have to go for my follow up before she leaves too. Have a great summer!
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Thank you!!!! I sure will with the new girls. You have a wonderful summer as well!!! ;0)
Looking good
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