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Hi Ladies, I scheduled my BA on May 17th with...

Hi Ladies,

I scheduled my BA on May 17th with Dr. Elliot Heller, but have a lot of things going on fit the following month. My daughters bday party in 2 weeks, trip to Vegas June 13th. Will I be operational and feeling ok for all these things or should I postpone my surgery till later? Please share your experiences and recovery after BA.

Thank you girls!
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Sounds like you're rescheduling your surgery for August. Let us know the new date so we can update the surgery calendar on RealSelf. I think you would be ready for your daughter's party in 2 weeks, but if you had any preparations to do beforehand, that might be challenging. Then trying to lift luggage around on a trip...that could be tough too. Smart thinking! What type/size implants are you thinking of getting? Take care!

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Hi BethH, Thank you for commenting. Yes rescheduling once I have the date I will post it. That's exactly what stopped me, the preperations for the party and just so many things to take care of. I want to make sure and recover fully before any uneccessary physical activity. I'm thinking of moderate profile saline 325 maybe less.
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             you should def. be ok to enjoy your plans in 2 weeks; 
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Hi there! Congratulations on your new adventure. Everyone heals differently . You might be able to be on the go after a week or two but of course you have to follow what your ps recommends for you. I'm on my 11th day post op and still feeling not able to do anything. Some women get their strength back by day 3 ... Lucky. I just started feeling better and less pain by day 9. I'm making sure I don't over do my self for a full recovery and avoid probs for the later. So, go with what your body and mind tells you .
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Hi Minadora. Thank you for our input! I actually canceled May 17th date. I really wanted them before the summer but it just want working out. Like you said I wanted to be on the safer side and give myself more time to heel. I will probably reschedule for the end of August.
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Hi there! I think you did a good choice by rescheduling your surgery . Now you have plenty of time to get your body ready. I wish I kinda did got my body ready like exercising , eating healthier etc before my surgery. But I had to do it or it will never happen lol. So good luck, have plenty of rest, exercise, eat well, meditate, stop smoking if you are a smoker. I'm sure it will be more exciting for you that you have something to look forward to. Enjoy your daughters birthday and Vegas trip.
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