30 Years Old, 5'8, 120lbs, 32B to Full C or Small D - New York

I read tons of reviews on this site after going in...

I read tons of reviews on this site after going in for a consultation with my PS a few weeks ago. Now that I've scheduled my surgery date, it's my turn to contribute. Reading the honest and uncensored experiences that others have gone through has been so helpful as I made my decision, and now as I'm mentally preparing myself for what recovery will be like.

I just turned 30 this year, and getting a BA is something I've always had in the back of my mind. I guess it has something to do with age, but this year I finally stopped caring about what others think and decided it was about time I started living my life for me. After my consultation I was excited but incredibly nervous about all of the risks involved. I went back for a "try on" a couple weeks later which is what reeled me in -- once I had the implants stuffed in my bra, I didn't want to give them back!! Now I can really visualize my curvier, happier self and I can't wait for my surgery on October 9th.

I have a fairly tall/slender frame and a really small upper body in general (as you can see in my pictures I have a really bony chest, always been that way) so I'm concerned about going too big and looking unnatural. At my try-on I looked at 280, 300, and 330 cc and I think the 300 looked the best. My PS will try all three and then pick the one that looks the most natural. I think he has a great aesthetic and understands what I want, so I'm confident it will turn out great.

One thing I'm not sure about is going over or under the muscle. My PS says that the 300cc could probably go over the muscle on me, but any bigger and it would definitely need to be under. It seems like under the muscle looks more natural, so I'm thinking of going with that regardless, but I'm nervous about the additional pain and recovery time. Any advice?

I posted some before pics as well as wish pics. Six weeks to go!!


Under the muscles would look more natural and less risky for a cap con. Also, i read that going under will make us lose some cc's. think it through. even i myself am having a difficult time in deciding between 300cc, 325cc and 350cc!! And my BA is only a week away!! *screams!*
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Caballo, I was having a hard time at 3 days away...it's a big decision, even bigger than buying a car in my opinion. Yes you will loose about 25cc's going under mucle. Have you tried rice sizers yet? You can make them & wear them around even leave the house and go on a errand. It really helped me decide what size I was comfortable with. I liked using a pair of stocking you can get them from the dollar store (that way the conform to your body better than baggies & you can change sizes). Although I fell asleep with some in & woke up craving stir fry. Lol Best of luck to you both :)
Good luck!! Can't wait to see how it turns out :) I'm so excited that I don't know how I'll wait 6 more weeks!

One month to go!

My BA is about a month away now. I'm getting more excited by the day -- I wish it were sooner! I got my pre-op packet in the mail from my PS, which has all the necessary prescriptions and homeopathics to purchase, and lists of things to do to prepare for surgery.

I started doing some surgery shopping this week. I ordered some front-close bras from WalMart and a couple of stretchy no-wire bras to wear in the weeks after surgery. I also ordered a wedge pillow to help me sleep upright, which I learned about from reading the reviews on this site -- thanks ladies!

As I was getting ready for yoga this morning, I couldn't help but think how great my favorite tank tops are going to look after my BA!! Here's another before picture -- keep in mind this tank top has padded inserts in it. Can't wait to compare in a few weeks.


I would suggest going under muscle, it will look more natural & you're less likely to have CC scaring. I really wanted a natural look as well, I have 425cc Mod plus silicone under muscle & I love them. Just know that u will loose about 25cc's going under muscle & the recovery takes a little longer. My friend said the only thing she regrets is going over the muscle & not doing silicone. I wish u all the best & look forward to seeing how you progress :)
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Thanks excitedflower :) I'm so glad that I joined this site -- I've learned so much! I've decided to go under the muscle for sure, and I'm leaning towards a bigger implant (330cc). I want to go back for one more try-on before the big day just to be sure. Your BA turned out wonderful, congratulations!!!

Decisions, Decisions

I went to see my PS today for one last pre-op visit. I explained that I decided to go a bit bigger, and now the plan is to go with either 339cc or 370cc. 339 will get me to a full C and possibly a small D, and with the 370 I'll likely be a D. I think I'll be happy with either one.

I also bumped up my surgery date from October 9th to October 7th!! I put in my two weeks' notice to the itty bitty titty committee :) So ready to do this!


I know you visited my review so I wanted to hop on over and show some love! I think a large C small D is what I am and I'm very satisfied so far. Like I said in my review I still have some healing to do, but I'm loving it! I will keep an eye out for your post op review :)
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you will look great, you have a nice frame for BA. I am super skinny and I was barely A cup, I went under muscle with 350cc, I pushed for 50cc more what my PS recommended for natural outcome and I am glad I did. I am full C cup. If I had to do it again, I would pushed even for 400cc. It was extremely hard for me to pick the right size, at the end I left it on my PS and I fully trusted her. I am very happy with my results and I have HP implants, they look natural. good luck.
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Today's the day!

I can't believe boob day is finally here. I'm going over to the office just before noon...only a few hours to go! I'm not feeling the least bit nervous, just excited and anxious to see the results. See you on the other side ladies!


Yeah! good luck. Can't wait to see your results. Rest and take it easy for a while.
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Thanks Ali! Just got home, definitely tight and painful but so far it's not too bad. Will update with pics in a few days!

All done!

Just got home a little while ago. Everything went swimmingly! It's definitely painful and tight but very manageable so far. My PS could only fit the 304's because my chest muscles were so tight!! I love them so far and will post pics in a few days. Thanks for all the love and support ladies!


Congratulations! Keep us posted on your recovery. Happy healing!
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Thank you Beth! Hope to have an update on here soon...doing well so far though!
that's great. take it easy. ice packs(frozen pea) worked the best for me to relieve that pressure on my chest. just saying...haha

So far, so good

I wanted to write an update about my experience the day of surgery while it's still fresh in my mind. So....here we go!

I got to the doctor's office around 11:45 and they brought me back right away to change. I changed into a gown and non-slip socks. Then the anesthesiologist came back to give me a valium, and the nurse came in to check on me and say hi. After that, everything happened pretty fast, so I didn't have too much time to get nervous. My PS came in to mark me up and go over everything one last time, and then I walked with him right into the OR. I couldn't have been in there for more than 5 minutes before I was out! The anesthesiologist put in my IV and then put a mask over my mouth and said, "Alright, you'll be asleep in a few seconds!"

The next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room. I was having a dream about eating a bagel at Panera, so when the nurse woke me up I was like....wait, I'm not at Panera? I was super thirsty so she brought me some water, and then some ginger ale, and she chatted with me while I waited for my BF to arrive. After awhile it occurred to me to ask what size I got -- 304ccs. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to go with 339 or 371, just a tad bigger, but apparently my chest was so tight that 304 was as big as they could go.

In addition to being thirsty, I felt really cold and shivery when I woke up, so the nurse put blankets over me and had some kind of contraption that blew warm air inside the blanket which was amazing. I stopped feeling cold but I could not stop shivering for the life of me! When it came time to leave, I had a hard time standing up and getting into the car because I was shivering so much. The nurse said that anesthesia has that affect on some people. Just a heads up in case that happens to anyone else out there. Once I got home and got under the covers, the shivering stopped.

The pain has not been bad at all -- I would say it's more tightness and discomfort than pain. The worst part that that first night was the nausea. I got home around 4-4:30 pm and hadn't eaten all day, but I had absolutely no appetite, so I just drank ginger ale and water. Around 8 pm I forced myself to have a few sips of chicken soup and a little applesauce, but that was all I could stomach. I eventually threw up once around 11 pm, and after that I started to feel better. No more nausea today.

Last night I was fine getting up and going to the bathroom by myself -- it definitely hurts to get up at first, but the nurse told me to use my abs, which takes a lot of the strain off your arms and shoulders. Otherwise my BF waited on me hand and foot. Today I've been able to get up and walk around the apartment, make myself some oatmeal, and get drinks throughout the day -- I even took a shower! All in all, it hasn't been nearly as bad as I expected.


first week is the hardest, it will get easier after that. yeah. you did it.
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wahoo! thanks :)

First post-op pics -- 304cc under the muscle silicone

Finally had a chance to try on a cute lacy bralette today -- it's hard to believe that's all me in there! I also had to include a picture of the lovely strap/surgical bra combo that I'm sporting most of the time. The surgical bra is really comfy...the strap, not so much! But I'm eager for these babies to drop, so I'm trying to wear it as much as possible.


Glad your bf is helping you out! I can't believe you were able to try on a cute bralette so soon! Once you drop and fluff a bit more, you're going to go crazy trying things on! ;)
I had it on for all of five minutes! Snapped a couple pics and then couldn't wait to get back into the surgical bra...they are so heavy and swollen! I was just dying to see how it would look :)
LOL! I don't think you're the first BA member that has done this same thing! Rest as much as you can while your body is healing. 

Hangin' in there

So far recovery has not been too bad. I've done some work from home -- in bed with my laptop of course -- and went out yesterday to take a walk and run a couple of errands. My energy levels are still really low. Just taking a shower and getting dressed leaves me exhausted! I can lift my arms above my head to wash my hair and get changed, but I'm still not strong enough to use a blow dryer.

The pain is basically gone and really hasn't been bad at all. I stopped taking Vicodin after day 1 post-op and have just been taking Extra Strength Tylenol the last two days. The only discomfort I'm experiencing is a sore/heavy feeling in my boobs, which seems to be worst when I first wake up (the dreaded "morning boob" I suppose) and in the evening after I've been moving around all day.

The worst part of recovery for me, by far, is the effects of the anesthesia and the pain meds. I cannot understate how grossly bloated I am! I took Colace at the suggestion of my PS, but after no movement for two days I took a laxative yesterday afternoon. When it finally kicked in last night, the results were excruciating. I still don't have much of an appetite and have to force myself to eat. I've been making myself little meals and snacks throughout the day -- homemade chicken soup, oatmeal with fruit, and frozen grapes have been my go-to's. I also keep low-sodium Wheat Thins by the bed and eat a few every time I take pain medication or antibiotics.

Seems like the worst of it is over now -- my plan for this weekend is to relax and watch lots of movies!


the first few days are the worst, than it get easier. bowel movement is tough...use prunes or prune juice, it is more natural way ...than laxatives. I was lucky, I wasn't bloated that much. I remember that ice packs were my best friends for a while. Whole process is not as painful as we first thought, but month after surgery we start to feel more ourselves, I finally can lift heavier things, the pressure in my chest is gone. Enjoy your weekend, staying in the bed and watching movies sounds like a good idea.
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Looking great! I do too had a lot of constipation but prune juice and mineral oil have worked wonders without that cramp feeling! Also I started drinking the original v8 juice and it's weird but I think that's helped me too!
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Feeling great!

I almost feel like I'm back to my normal self now! My post-op appointment is tomorrow, when I'll get my stitches out. Today I'm wearing an old VS sports bra, size small -- still fits but looks a little different ;)


Look great already! I'm surprised to see you in a sports bra that doesn't zip up in the front though. How are you holding up with that and pain wise ?
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Thank you Itty Bitty! It was a little tricky to pull on the sports bra over my head, but I just had to be really careful taking it on and off. Pain wise, I feel great! I'm still a little sore but it just feels like the soreness I'd have after a workout.
look at this beauty! congratulations. I am so happy for you.
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Better every day

Every day they get a little bit softer and start to feel more like a part of me. I'm so glad I did this! Was back at work today and felt fine. Took some Tylenol when I got home, but otherwise got through the whole day without any pain or soreness. Yay for boobies!


Looking Good!
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