I Want a Small Waist&Chunky Booty!!

Ever since I've noticed bigbooty girls in the...

Ever since I've noticed bigbooty girls in the clubs or on Instagram I wanted a bbl. Then I found this site & finally decided I wanted that perfect body! I always had a small frame even when I was pregnant with my 1st & only child. I'm 23 & 4 11' 1/2 & weight 110-120! When I workout my body gets tone & I love my stomach but hate my butt it gets little. When I gain weight it goes to my face & back (I get wings) but my butt gets bigger! Etheir way I'm not happy :-(

which doctor did you go see that they are charging so little?
seeing your last picture your pbutt is actually pretty perky i did sirgey in santiago dom rep he great. plus you would look good you have a good frMe. remember the surgery has dif outcomes depending on yoir frame
Who was your surgeon? honestly I love the work they do in my country like I was telling some girl that you just have to do the research just like here.. I don't go cause I'm having issues leaving my kids :(

Okay so I'm still looking for a doctor. I'm having...

Okay so I'm still looking for a doctor. I'm having such a hard time because I want to stay close to home and still get the results I dream of. I went to another consultation I saw Dr.Kevin Tehran. He's office is in Great Neck, New York. He seemed nice but I didn't really like him and plus his quote was the highest I have gotten "15,600" for my stomach and upper/lower back and put into my butt. The package did include everything from the vitamins to the garments etc. but way to high for my budget!!! I will continue to look. If anyone knows a good doctor in New York please let me know. THANK YOU
Does anyone know what doctor did Gissydoll on Instagram go to?
Hi ladies! I had backed down from my decision of getting surgery but a year later & I'm still thinking about it. I'm thinking of breast and butt implants! Any good doctors ?? Thank you

I'm backkk

So after 2 years trying to just be happy with the way God made me ... I end up back on here! Well I also had my second baby but I ended up just 10 pounds more than my weight before. I'm thinking about going with Dra Duran... But I'm not 100% sure yet. I'm looking to be on the other side by March 2015 the lastest!
Hey Hun! Why not try Dr. Fisher at Vanity in Miami? I know it's such a hard decision! I'm in CA going to be heading out to see him in the Spring 2015. His work is amazzing and not too expensive. Good lick with your journey ! Oh btw... You and I have the similar stats ... I'm 4"11 110
New York, NY

Okayy so I've gone to two consultations so far both by me (New York,Ny) . I was told 3,500 for everything my back, and stomach lipo but I did not feel safe in that place! I went to another one and she told me 6,000. I would have made Dr.Salama a option since he's so popular on this site but I have read many reviews of people that were not satisfied with the results he had done & the pics showed a bad job done. I think it really depends on how your body is and I rather be close to home. I will continue to go to as many consultations as possible "they are free" and hopefully I can book a date soon!

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