I Want a Small Waist&Chunky Booty!!

Ever since I've noticed bigbooty girls in the...

Ever since I've noticed bigbooty girls in the clubs or on Instagram I wanted a bbl. Then I found this site & finally decided I wanted that perfect body! I always had a small frame even when I was pregnant with my 1st & only child. I'm 23 & 4 11' 1/2 & weight 110-120! When I workout my body gets tone & I love my stomach but hate my butt it gets little. When I gain weight it goes to my face & back (I get wings) but my butt gets bigger! Etheir way I'm not happy :-(

Okay so I'm still looking for a doctor. I'm having...

Okay so I'm still looking for a doctor. I'm having such a hard time because I want to stay close to home and still get the results I dream of. I went to another consultation I saw Dr.Kevin Tehran. He's office is in Great Neck, New York. He seemed nice but I didn't really like him and plus his quote was the highest I have gotten "15,600" for my stomach and upper/lower back and put into my butt. The package did include everything from the vitamins to the garments etc. but way to high for my budget!!! I will continue to look. If anyone knows a good doctor in New York please let me know. THANK YOU

I'm backkk

So after 2 years trying to just be happy with the way God made me ... I end up back on here! Well I also had my second baby but I ended up just 10 pounds more than my weight before. I'm thinking about going with Dra Duran... But I'm not 100% sure yet. I'm looking to be on the other side by March 2015 the lastest!
New York, NY

Okayy so I've gone to two consultations so far both by me (New York,Ny) . I was told 3,500 for everything my back, and stomach lipo but I did not feel safe in that place! I went to another one and she told me 6,000. I would have made Dr.Salama a option since he's so popular on this site but I have read many reviews of people that were not satisfied with the results he had done & the pics showed a bad job done. I think it really depends on how your body is and I rather be close to home. I will continue to go to as many consultations as possible "they are free" and hopefully I can book a date soon!

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