Post Op Day 5!! Before and after pic added!!

Hello all, I'm a 30 yo mother of 3. 5 5' and 170...

Hello all, I'm a 30 yo mother of 3. 5 5' and 170 lbs. Aiming for 160 prior to surgery. Was initially only scheduled for a TT with Lipo on 2/1 but decided to get the fat transferred to my hips which has dents on the sides, as well as the upper portion of my butt. My PS doesn't perform those together so I'm getting them 1 week apart. I was paying an extra $2000 for the lipo on top of TT , so I said why not go all the way and get the BBL as well for an additional discounted cost. I have a fairly decent shape as well as butt size, I'm just pretty much looking for that more curved effect of the hips, and roundness at the top of my butt effect. It protrudes out a good amount, but seems to sag a bit. Any advice/info on recovery/sleeping, garments etc... would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks :)

I'm scheduled for 2 surgeries... BBL on 1/24 and...

I'm scheduled for 2 surgeries... BBL on 1/24 and TT 2/1 I came across a recovery kit on makemeheal and I was wondering how would I go about starting my post op portion of the kit. Do I start the recovery pills right after my BBL, or should I wait the week and start following my TT. Of course the latter would make sense. But I would love to speed up my BBL recovery as well. Any advice ladies?? TIA :)

Hey you all... Less than 2 weeks away. Getting all...

Hey you all... Less than 2 weeks away. Getting all of my post op supplies in order. Messaged a few ladies who seem pretty informative, but they haven't gotten back to me just yet. My Vitamedica kit should arrive today. Started my Vit C and Iron this week. Now I'm wondering about the garment. Was thinking of the Vedette 317 since it seems to be pretty common. How is the sizing on that one?? Don;t want to order the wrong size. Also Iv'e been reading about the foam and boards. What exactly is that for?? I'm getting both lipo and TT. Would those things benefit me? TIA!!

So here are my dreaded Post Op pics. My main focus...

So here are my dreaded Post Op pics. My main focus is lipo of my mid section and transferred to my hips and upper buttox. I have the projection, I'm really just looking for the shape/curves. I have dents in my hips that sucks balls!! With those filled in it would give me the shape that I'm looking for. As you can see with my belly, it's horrendous! After the BBL there should be lots of skin left, hence the reason for my TT a week after my bbl. 11 days to goooo!!! Can't wait :)

Sorry for the black and white pics. They seemed a...

Sorry for the black and white pics. They seemed a bit easier on the eye this way lol

Added a few more before shots, along with me...

Added a few more before shots, along with me wearing my Body Magic which gives me the exact bootay that I'm going for! Wonder if I can wear this as a compression garment as well...

Hey lovelies!!! I had my lab work sent in to my PS...

Hey lovelies!!! I had my lab work sent in to my PS yesterday, and I was a bit worried at my Hemoglobin being 11.3, a tad bit lower than the normal 12-16. Missed a call from them last night, and returned it this morning. Thought I was going to get the dreaded "we have to reschedule" response, but instead they told me that my levels were fine, to continue with the iron, and that they actually wanted to move me to an earlier date of 1/22 instead of 1/24. I passed on it though and decided to keep my initial date.

But with that being said, I highly recommend everyone to make sure that their iron levels are in order at least 1 month prior to surgery. Also try to get your lab work done a bit earlier just in case you need to step it up a bit with any particular vitamin. I did it last minute, less than 2 weeks before. No bueno! If it were any lower I would've been screwed. After our long waits, it would suck to have to postpone for something that we could've addressed before hand.

Also received a few more packages within the last couple of days. I'll be sharing all of the things that I purchased for this sx. Shouts out to ForeverBooty for sending me a very detailed list that she compiled from various ladies here. Was extremely helpful!!

Did your PS lipo your abdomen as well?? Or did...

Did your PS lipo your abdomen as well?? Or did they just do the TT with lipo of Flanks and other areas?? I ask for 2 reasons. First, beings that I have most of my belly fat in the area that he would be removing for the TT. I'm wondering if he would collect it first to use towards my BBL. 2nd I see lots of ladies who have gotten just BBL's complain of lumpy uneven stomachs afterwards. Seems like its caused from the lipo. Since I'm getting a TT as well, I'm wondering if I will have this problem (lumpy areas) also.

Now for those who have experienced the lumpy stomach, how did you all fix it?? I have ordered the lipo foam from Contour Md, but I'd love to know what helped even and smooth it out, as well as how long it took. Thanks in advance ladies :)

So anxious!! Can't wait to get rid of my bra...

So anxious!! Can't wait to get rid of my bra rolls, back fat, flanks, and these hips in order! Wondering how many cc's I should tell him I want. My measurements are as follows:

34 right under bra
33 smallest part of waist
40 hips/butt


I'm mainly looking for that curvy look, no so much projection. Just a sort of rounded booty, with curvy hips. My hips have an indent on them, and thats my main issue. So of course he'll have to fill that in. I'm just really looking forward to that coca cola shape. I love my curves and would prefer that over anything. Hopefully I'll get that small waist Iv'e always wanted as well!!

Well ladies, I'm getting dressed now, then off to...

Well ladies, I'm getting dressed now, then off to Manhattan I go!! Super nervous, but excited as well!! Please send those prayers my way. Will update as soon as I can. Good luck to those having procedures down today as well!!

Had my bbl this morning. Dr and staff were great....

Had my bbl this morning. Dr and staff were great. So far not too much pain, mainly soreness. Tried the Vicidin on the ride home and that had me a lil loopy. I opt for Extra Strength Tylenol after that and it seems to be working just fine. Experiencing a lil dizziness every time I stand up but I think it was due to lack of eating. Had some soup and I feel much better. So now in recovery mode. Will update more as I'm able to. Will try to snap a few pics as well. Until next time ladies :)

Post op day 1 pics added. Still super swollen....

Post op day 1 pics added. Still super swollen. Forgot to mention I don't have any drains. I assume it may take a bit longer for all the extra fluid/swelling to go down. Still only taking ES Tylenol for the pain. Drinking pineapple juice and continuing with my Iron, Vit C and Vitamedica kit. So far sleeping laying on my stomach had been the hardest part. I tried my foam so I could sleep on my back and it worked for about 2 hours before it got a bit uncomfortable. The stiffness from laying down is the only thing that causes pain. If I'm standing or walking around I'm fine. Yesterday I put my foam under my garment as its a Large Marena and wasn't as tight as I'd like it to be. Today I started with my size Large Squeem over it. Gives better compression on the areas under my arms and breasts which are really bruised and swollen. I remember my PS saying he removed over 2 liters of fat, and used 800cc in my butt, not sure how much in my hips. Will get full details at my appt on Monday. That's pretty much it for now. Can remove my gauze and shower tomorrow, can't wait!! Til next time ladies :)

I was able to take my first shower since Sx, and I...

I was able to take my first shower since Sx, and I must say I felt great afterwards!! My husband went to work this am so my mother stopped by and helped me. Removed all the bandages, covered the stitches with bandaids and massaged Arnica gel all over my back. She washed my garment so I grabbed some old Spanx that I had along with my Squeem vest for the meantime. Had some Progresso Light soup now I'm feeling great!! Still randomly taking ES Tylenol. On a pain level of 1-10 I would say I'm at a 4. It's more so soreness than actual pain. I am having an issue with sleeping on my stomach. It's causing me neck aches! That really sucks! But overall it seems to be getting better by the day. Hope it continues this way. Til next time ladies :)

So today is PO 3 and I have noticed a major issue!...

So today is PO 3 and I have noticed a major issue! I removed my garment to shower again, and I notice major indentations on my hips. I mainly got FG on my hips and outer butt area, and the garment that I have zips up on the sides, right wear I had the transfers!! So the marks from the lining and zippers are all along my hips. Afraid that its going to alter my results :( I ordered another garment, but haven't received it just yet. So what do I do?? Can I wear my Squeem vest and regular underwear?? Or is compression necessary on my butt and hips as well? I read that compression is only required on the lipo areas, which would be my flanks and whole back. Would the vest suffice for that?? I wore the Spanx for a day, but those were a medium and seemed on the tight side as well :( I have my PO appt tomorrow and will follow up with the garment issues then, but what should I do in the mean time?? Advice please ladies!! TIA

Added a before and after pic to show the exact...

Added a before and after pic to show the exact areas my PS targeted. I requested that the dents on my hips be filled in. I only had my back and flanks lipoed and told him that hips was my only focus. He totally succeeded in that! I just hope that I don't lose any of the volume on the sides. I never wanted to add projection or fullness to my butt. Just hips. If they stay I will be super happy!! *crosses fingers**

Has anyone ever experienced loss of fat after transferred to hips?? Would love to keep these hips for good!!
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After a few consults I ended up finding Dr. Yager thanks to Real Self. Immediately felt confident with his work, knowledge, environment, as well as staff.

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P.S ur ass looks Fabulous huney!!
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Wow I've been dien to do this if thts the price I'm deff doing it too!!
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Your booty looks good girl! I love how he contoured your hips and waistline. Looks wonderful. Oh, and it's because of the Body Magic that I had surgery! I know all too well how good your body looks when you wear it... lifts the booty and gives you a wonderful hourglass figure.
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you look super amazing!! skin so smoothe!!! IS THAT THE MARENA GARMENT? HAS YOUR BUTT FLUFFED MOORE? ALSO, IT WAS ONLY $45OO ???
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I love what h did for you, I hope your results stay
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You look great! It's a good thing you stopped using the garment with the zippers as soon as you noticed it was denting your skin. I wish I did that but didn't and now have a what looks like a permanent dent :( All the best hun on your tt. It is important for you to walk as much as you can after the tt to prevent blood clots. I thought i was walking enough but was wrong and ended up in the hospital for three days with pulmonary embolism. So walk walk walk!
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I had read your blog a while back and found it super helpful! I will try my best to walk as much as possible. Sorry you had to experience that, but glad all is well now! And yes, I stopped that garment right away. Hopefully they'll give me a new one after the TT. Thanks so much for the info :)
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Look into contour md, I ordered 5 different garments from various sites and none of them fit right, but contour md has a garment custom made for bbl patients , love it, it even has an adjustble stomach compressor. If you go their website it's the style 51z
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Thanks so much! Will be looking into it tonight. I'm determined to find one I feel totally comfortable in
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I wouldn't put compression on butt or hips. Just midsection until ur garment comes. I'm currently wearing a garment w butt out from day 1.
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Brandnew414 where is garment from?
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I'm just wearing compression on my mid section (Squeem with foams) and some boy shorts. Will straighten out the garment situation over the next couple of days...hopefully. Thanks!
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How much is he charging for the tummytuck? You look good also.
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Thank you! He's charging me $7500 for the TT. I got a better deal since they I booked both the Bbl and TT together. $12000 for everything.
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What is the new garment that you ordered? In response to your questions. If you are wearing the Vedette 317, from reading it, it has latex and that is a no no after surgery because it impacts the skin adhering back to the body from the lipo. So try to stay away from latex garments until at least a month. The squeem is good on top of your garment if and only if the skin, stomach underneath it is smooth. If it is not the squeem may leave lumps and dents this early in recovery. About the garment that you need is one that has stretch material for the butt. It compresses the lipoed areas but not the butt. Your hips will be okay in this garment if you have stretchy material in the butt area. If you look at my page my garment is like the ones Yily gives her patients. Vedette is changing their garments so I can't give u a # for them.
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The garment that I'm wearing is a Marena one that has a zipper on each side where the hip area is. It also has the straps that goes over my shoulder to keep it up. Not fond of it at all! I began wearing my Spanx, with my vest over it as pictured above, but even that feels a tad bit tight. Now the garment I ordered was one recommended by another bbl member on here. I'll upload a pic for you to get an idea. She loves it and it seems like it'll be perfect! I'm just confused as to what I should wear in the mean time. I have on the Spanx now, so this will have to do. My new garment should arrive tomorrow. And I didn't have any lipo on my tummy at all as I'm having a TT on Friday, but as for the smoothness everywhere else, I have the foam underneath the Squeem vest. So hopefully that works better when it comes to avoiding lines/dents
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What is the other garment from the reason im asking is because im doing a bbl and im looking for a garment with the butt cut out. It states on the site that that typical garment is for butt augmentation but 8 though when u have a butt augmentation the garment had to be cut out.
  • Reply That's the link for the garment that's on it's way that was recommended by MissAri You can check her profile, she had it on in a few of her pics and she's pleased with it.
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Marena has garments that dont have the two zippers on the side or those lil snaps they have those you pull up like spanx I believe there call I have one on right now im mot sure if they have one with the butt out though. Maybe if you give them call they can help you better because I cant one on the site
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I've seen different garments by Marena, so I'm not sure why my PS would give me this one in particular (with the zippers and straps like Spanx) Totally not BBL compatible especially when you got hip grafting as well! I'm going to see if my PS can change it tomorrow at my follow up appt. I'd prefer the one I ordered over them all anyways, so hopefully it arrives tomorrow
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Looking good...happy healing!
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Thank you :)
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Ur waist looks small.
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It's already 2 inches smaller! And that's with swelling, can't wait to see the final results :)
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