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What motivates me to get this procedure done is...

what motivates me to get this procedure done is myself? I have been considering getting this done for about 3 years now. My personal goas are it will make my confidence sky rocket, i will feel alot better about my body and the way that it looks in clothes.

I'm feeling happy but a little nervous but i know that is how every woman felt before getting this procedure done.

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i chose this provider from the website realself

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yes im still getting it but the reason i put the cost at a low price is because i want to go to DR to get mine done and i looked up their money compared to the U.S and i wont cost as much there
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Are you getting a BBL your price is so low for Dr. Schulman
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Congrats on your date! (My BBL is with Schulman also, on Jan 10). Looking forward to your posts!
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I have a March date with Dr. Schulman also. I saw 6 other surgeons and feel very confident in my decision. If there was an earlier date, I would do it! Keep us posted.
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Welcome bbl sister!
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Good luck with your upcoming surgery, I'm sure everything will go well for you! Please do keep us updated with your progress.

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