So my 1st pic was Lily one of my friends recently...

So my 1st pic was Lily one of my friends recently got a TT Lipo and a BA by Lily she looks awesome

But as I'm reading some of the reviews (made sure to check out the bad and the good) a lot of people say she doesn't spend any time with you and seems like she does what ever she wants... Also I've read that some people wish they would of went to Duran

I've looked into Duran but she doesn't have as many reviews and not a lot of before and after pictures... I emailed her so let's see what happens

Any opinions?

Oh and also has anyone stayed at Wilson's recovery house ???


I've emailed Duran but she hasn't answered :( .. My next step is to call her

I've seen more of her before and after pictures and read a lot of her reviews .. I'm really impressed and pretty sure she's the one

Wish Pix

Wish pix

Patiently waiting

I've emailed Duran on her GMAIL account three times already

I sent her all my info my pictures and my wish pictures ... Grr

Anyways has anyone stayed at Wilson's or Maria's RH .. I asked them to send me pictures of their RH I'm still waiting for Wilson to send his

Maria sent me hers but she didn't send me a picture of the room

Wilson is charging 85$ for my stay plus 35 for my BF

while Maria is charging 85$ for me plus 50 for my boyfriend

More wish pics

So annoyed

I called Duran just now but nobody answered

8095655349 is the correct number right !!!?!?

(Does anyone know how to remove a doctor from your review ?? By mistake I wrote in the wrong box)

I got thru

I called 1809-331-5050 ext 212
Someone answered but she told me to call back in 10 mins lol yay


Looks as if I'm sticking with Dr Yilly .. Duran hasn't answered my email/Facebook she read my messages on what's app and totally ignored it smh

I have no doubt that Yilly will give me the body I want but I'm concerned about her after care

Question does anyone know if my bf can stay with me the one night I spend in the clinic before I go to the recovery house



after stalking her on IG and writing on every possible source she emailed me back I'm soo HAPPY


So I wear a faja now .. For work and around the house .. Should I stop

Any suggestions

Any suggestions on the brands I should use

-fraxiparina o mexaprin
-amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico
-hierro (Iron)
Lioton gel (heparin gel)
Arnica (tab y crema)


Happy to say my surgery date is October 14th


So I sent my deposit to Angie at Silhouette Recovery Home

Other recovery homes

Dr Duran recommended

Angela’s Recovery House
+1 809-595-3109
Jazmine RH +1809 916-3543 and 1809531-2988
Soraya RH 1809 856-2002

Dr Yily recommended
Ana Maria's:


I stopped going to the gym last week so I can gain some weight (and I'm kinda lazy)

My Fridge

So this is what my fridge is looking like .. How many should I drink a day???

Also how soon should I stop drinking and taking regular pain meds like Advil and stuff


I'm so excited .. Kinda wish the day was here already .. I wanna get this pain done and over with

Throw back lol

I don't wish to look like that again because I want a bubble butt lol

Got some stuff

I'm waiting for the heparin gel which is going to take a long time to arrive and the arnica pills which should be arriving any day now

I'm having a hard time finding
-fraxiparina o mexaprin
-amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico
-hierro (Iron)
I don't even know what the 1st two things are can anyone translate

New wish pics

Idk if i have enough fat to look this awsome but I hope so

Feeling food today

Woke up feeling great .. (I'm fighting a cold) but today I wanna have a productive day (off to the nail salon :D )

Getting closer

I would like to say Angie at Silhouette Recovery Home is the bomb ... I just had something come up on the 15th >=O which means I had to change my date for the 14th

Sucks ass why could something come up on the 13th ..... Anyways Duran said she only had October 24th available which tampered with my stay at the recovery home ... So I'm about to call Elizabeth to see if Angie came threw for me (Pics are a few convos with me and Angie)

Pre op (gaining weight)

This is me from when I 1st joined realself to Last night sept 15th .. Lol my ass got a little bigger and so did my pot hole lmfao I wonder if she can fill it in ...

October 16th

Okay I have a new date thanx to Angie on October 16th ... Way better than waiting till the 24th

Oh nooo

Last night when I was out with my man I ran into some girl I used to work with ... I went to the bar to get some redbull for our Henny bottle from her... Later in the night she came up to me and touched my belly and asked me if I'm pregnant .. Idk who was more embarrassed me or her .. Smfh my day can't come any sooner people are not used to seeing me this big .. I swear I felt like a ball for the rest of the night

so gross

Hate this

Throw backs

Right before I turnt into a lard ass lol

Was going threw my old picture




I got this heparin gel that Duran suggested u would need after my surgery but I'm readying about people getting heparin shots .. Does she prescribe that to you .. Dork the gel work the same way ?!? Do I have to ask my doctor to give me some heparin shots before I leave for Dr?!?

19 days left

Gotta remember not to sit at work later tonight lol

Good question from luckymom17

do you know what type of cannula is Duran using to extract the fat?

And if she uses a nurse anesthetist vs an anesthesiologist (physician)

Anybody have any idea???


Oh my gosh I'm getting sick guys I have a stuffy nose and keep sneezing .. And since I'm two weeks away from my SX date I can't take any medications ..... I've been eating halls and drinking lemon and honey tea.. Anyone know any other home remedies

Doctor apt

Forgot to mention I went to the doctors last Thursday to do a full check up ... When I told my doctor about me going out of the states to do surgery she was very agents it

She asked if it's cause it's cheaper and said I'm very your that I haven't even had babies .. And when I do get prego I'm gonna look terrible bla bla bla Al whole bunch of shit that's not gonna change my mind ... So obviously I didn't ask her to prescribe my anything because I'm pretty sure she was just gonna tell me no .. Well I go back On The 10th to find out all my results don't know why it takes such a long time

Anyways I'm 142 lb 5'5 ... Hopefully in the next week I can reach 150 (I don't wanna look it but I wanna reach it lol)

Text from my bf lol

Oh gosh

Ladies please be reasonable .. If u have skinny legs don't odeh and end up looking like this chick

TY gelzgotthejuice

hey dolls .. omg so gelzgotthejuice told me to check out geemmy realself page and i found it very helpful .. she has a lot of info and even videos ... she has a video thats almost a hr long answering questions ... i watched the whole thing ...EVERYONE NEEDS TO CHECK OUT HER PAGE

okay soo

i decided to buy most of the stuff like pillows maxi pads alcohol pads Neosporin and so on in dr ... but where can i buy compression socks .. not online but like in a store???

Just took this

Cant tell if I got any fatter (I stopped trying cause I felt like a ball)


Lala85 is my new wish pic

one week left

oh my gosh im so excited ... nose still runny and been sneezing uhhh


hey girlies .... I'm depressed .. ive had a stuffy nose for like ever now .... but today i woke up with a sore throat ... not extreme but still..... i told duran just incase i have to reschedule but u know she has millions of emails

i told angie and she said she would ask dr duran... ive read that i can take Tylenol so im gonna take a bunch of that and i herd NyQil is okay

i have a doctor apt tomorrow to find out my hemo level and all that, my doctor is against me going to DR to surgery so i know shes gonna tell me a bunch of shit to talk me out of it

Selfies lol

Some selfies of my tubby self lol

Off to my doctor apt hair apt and to spend some time with my mom
Good luck on your upcoming sx!...Muah xoxo

Thursday Humor

Hey doll, Do Duran have a new email address? Do you know it?
It's the gmail .. But honestly she like almost never replies.. U have to send her a email with ur pix and what u want .. And den stalk her on IG Facebook .. As soon as she post something comment and tell her u been trying to get in contact with her and put ur email (that's how she answered me
Aah don't like that ur not better doll :( ignore ur doc but smile while he/she talks ur head off .. Just concentrate on trying to get better n maybe Vambie (hey sis) advice will do trick

Check List

Baby wipes
Maxi pads
Compression socks
Hand sanitizer
Arnica gel
Vitamin E (skin oil)
Dial soap
First Aid spray
Arnica pills
Tylenol extra strength
And some vitamins (C, Iron, B12, Folic Acid)

Still have to buy undershirts and boxers
I have a few dresses
Giiirrrrrlll ya te vas!!! Que dios te ilumine! Cant wait for your results! I had to gain weight as well. I wanna see how it turns out. Good luck boo stay positive!
Don't worry I'll keep u guys updated
Thank u xoxo


Forgot to mention my hemo is 12.9 yay lol

Oh and I'm also bringing omepratol (forgot I bought that)

I'm still kinda sick (no fever)
Duran said I can sip on Robitussin up until Tue

And I have to remember to buy some ensure for DR

yayy 2 days!! cant wait!!! ugh wish hemo count was same in states but congrats! I think ur all set.. maybe some Benadryl aint itch spray/lotion?
What doctor did you go to? Try eating liver to boost up. Me and you got the same wish pic.. Woot Woot!
Duran was telling me yesterday hemo 13 here is 12 out there -__- if you got 12 here its 11 out there -__-

off to DR

okay so im leaving to DR today.. before I leave im having my mom cook me a whole bunch of liver ... hope it taste good but even if it doesn't im gonna stuff it down my mouth anyways ... im super excited and my tummy is twirling

talk to you guys later
I know I cant believe it .... yeah I got aid spray ... helps with itching and pain
im going with duran ... and yeah im about tomeat some liver
My homegirl is a doctor in DR. She said jugo de guayava with pepper boosts your hemo as well

Here we go

It's not that bad
Girl another thing...she only takes cash...I just a heads up...I called and asked .make sure you have 300 in cash extra as well. Some women needed blood transfusion and they wont do it untill you have cash in hand -__-


Just wanna let u guys know I'm here

Gonna sleep I have to be up early XoXo
Gd luck, happy healing
Yayyyy you got this sis! Sending u prayers !
Good luck hun!!!


Hey girls thank you for the blessings and the love .. I'm up and ready to go ... I will update u as soon as I can .. And after surgery I'll try to at least post a djchdhd so u guys know I made it lol


No surgery today because I have a cold

the EKG lady said I need to take some meds for two days and den I can have my surgery on Friday

I don't mind waiting just sad my boyfriend won't be here for the 1st 3 days .. He will only be here the day of my surgery

Met some of the girls @ Angie's RH their sweet and look great
Aw :/ glad they wanna make sure you're healthy first :)
Yeah me too I know it's for the best


My hemo out here was 13.5

Forgot to mention Duran is such an attractive woman .. And she's so petit and sweet I love her
Good luck to you, god bless you.
Keep us posted miss lady looking forward to your review and wish you a healthy recovery!


okay let's try this again .. I'm due for surgery today .. I'm up and ready for my tests I hope everything goes good .. If so I'll update u guys as soon as I can
Good luck to you again and lots of love , I will be flying to the DR tomorrow I will be staying at yasmin recovery , pray that every thing goes well:)
I am so happy for ya. I wish you the best you're in good hands. God bless.

Quick update

I love my new booty

I'll write a full review when I feel better but here's some pix
You look great. Happy healing
Beautiful! !!!
Damnnn u go mama !! 

One more pic

This pic doesn't do justice I could hardly stand up (right after they put the faja on)
OMG!! you look soo good!

Thank you everyone

My arms are too fat to thank everyone one by one... But thank u all for the love ...

I am so great full my bf was able to stay with me the day of my surgery idk what I would of done without him
The nurses come but u have to call them (the phone is not in ur arms reach ... My night went smooth the pain wasn't bad I was just so uncomfortable when Duran came to see me that night she said it was okay to lay on my belly so every hour I switched from my back to my belly (turning over was a bitch)

In the morning I cried becUsd my bf had to fly back out to ny ... The nurse came in dropped of my soup and dead left if by the door ... They told me I couldn't walk and even if I wanted to I couldn't get out of bed... Duran was shocked when she saw my soup just sitting there and fed me her self ... And she was shocked that I haven't got up to walk ....

Anyways I'm okay walking and sleeping.. The pain it not to bad just so much discomfort .. And it's hard to get on n off the bed so I need help

Also the girls that Are here are post up like 10 days they are A huge help .. Thank god for them too
Congrats babe!!! Happy healing and drink plenty ofwater.
Are those compression socks? Do i need to bring that? Did you have your thighs lipo thats why you are wearing that?
Nope I bout the wrong ones ... I had the ones that come Up ur knee .. They want u to have the ones that come up to ur butt and re toes are open .. If u can find them get them ur gonna need them Of not they were 35$ .. I did not have my thighs lipo

Before my bath

congratulations and happy healing!!!
You go girl you look en great already just wait til 4 weeks wow"I'm glad r doing well:) beside being with lazy nurse lol you know they don't due know more than what they getting paid for local ""now if you was throwing them us dollars around she would od been in that cp all nighto lol anyhow take care my sista. Have great healing""" BB

Okay here we go

So Friday when I arrived at cipla Duran asked how I felt and remarked me... I didn't have to re take any of the blood work or anything because I already did it on wed I spoke to a lady that asked about my medical history had my bf translate is not Elizabeth can help den they took me to my room n made me put on the paper dress... 30 mins later nurce told me to take the blue pill n lay in bed
As soon as I got into bed the guy came with a rolling bed and told me to get on I said but to my bf and was rolled off to the green room... When I got to the SX room the guy asked me some guestions put a IV I'm my hand and told me my body will b numb my mind might still be there (something like that) den I knocked out I think

The room is creepy looks like a room in the movies where they steal ur organs lol

I think I woke up during xs and I began to cry but I don't remember feeling anything
When I got to my room my bf said I was crying and shaking and he would talk to me and I would knock out in the middle of a sentence
He told me I kept asking to see my but and Elizabeth said Duran has a picture and I kept asking to see it

I finally woke up at 2 (came out of surgery at 12 don't remember when I went in but I know I was the first one)

So I didn't have much pain just when the medication would run out my ass would have a burning feeling and I was very uncomfortable and my back hurt .. When Duran came to see me before she went home she said I can flip on my belly From like 10pm to 5 am I had to be flipped back and forth and woke up every 30 mins or hour .. At 5 they gave me more pain meds and I slept well till 7 ..

At 7 the nurce came and unwrapped me later another nurse came and checked my blood pressure den another took my blood my home was 10.5 that morning .. Den some bitch nurse came and dropped the soup off and I already wrote about what happened in my last post

When I got back to the recovery house I ordered my meds didn't have much pain just had a hard time getting in the bed

I'm still good with pain my main issue is discomfort my vagina is so swollen it bothers to walk.. I can get on the bed and off the bed on my own and everything beside my swollen twat is fine
Oh and I'm having a hard time pooping (but I fart a lot)

I'm going to see Duran tomorrow she will probably take my drain out which means I'm going to have to start getting massages (I'm so not ready for that) and hopefully she can prescribe something for my swollen twat (my arms and legs are also swollen but I can deal with that

I'm very happy with my results and can't wait till I can shake my booty lol
Congrats, wishing you a speedy recovery
Hey doll!! U r looking mighty good!!!wish u speedy recovery!!
Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Yay me

Saw Duran today I think she's as happy with my results as I am lol

She took my drain out it didn't hurt just felt weird but it was quick

Today I'll be getting my 1st massage (so not ready I hope it's not as bad as people say it is)
You look really good. I seen your picture on Dra Duran facebook post... So jealous right now... My thirst for booty is real! LOL
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duran did it again!!!!!!!! you look great doll!!!!!!!
Yaaaaasss hourglass ! Weerrrrrkkk! If I may ask what stage 2 garment are u using? Awesome post op Duran dolls r using either marena brand fajas or fajas disenos de prada ..

Thank you all

Hey guys thank you all for the love

Can't wait till my booty/body heals and my butt gets soft so I can shake it lol
You look wonderful. I hope you heal completely soon...How was the massage?
LOVE IT!!!!!
Thanks girlie!! :)


I'm not 7 days post op I'm 5 days post op
Oh yea, did you find out how many cc's you got? Thanks
Hey doll, i loved your review especially about the room being creepy where they steal your organs! haha! I guess its just way old school because its not the states! Anyways, since your twat blew up were you able to pee? How much money did you you bring and spend? You got curves for life and a big booty doll! Thanks for the updates! Happy healing!
Yes I can still pee But since only half of it was swollen I peed all crazy even with the pez and ended up peeing on my faja .. The swelling went don't but now my twat is purple ugh so annoying

Before and after

Wow now that I see my new body I realize how wak I looked before lol
Hey boo !!  Did they say anything about the white nail polish ? 
They make u remove one nail .. Or the Polish if that's all u have
That's weird did they say why they want u to remove only one nail ? 

Measurements and massage

The massages are unbearable I hate them with a passion and is probably the worst part of my whole experience .. They do make u feel better but damn why does it hurt so much and will it ever get better
Worst part is starting today I have to get two a day in order to have 10 before I leave

I don't know my before measurement probably 36/31-32/39
Somewhere around there but today they are 33/28.5/43 yay lol
U look great !
POW..POW..POW...& POW. Can you say ALL EYES ON ME. GIRL....Duran did her thing. How long did you stay@ Angie's?& how was it? I really want a clean place with excellent care & staff. I already know I chose the best Dr., to give me what I want, but now Im so worried about my post-op care. Would appreciate any info & advice you can give.
Angie's place is nice .. She has 3 rooms .. On room has two beds for girls that wanna buddy up I guess .. It has a walk in closet n it's own bathroom .. The other two rooms are also nice and clean ... The girls that take care of u are sweet they don't speak English so u have to sign language and google translate but Angie comes daily and she speaks perfect English... I don't have any regrets .. She has cable with a few English channels and wife .. The food is good

9 days post op

Well I feel great .. Monday will make me 10 days post op and I'll be seeing Duran in the morning for the final check up .. She is also going to put me in my stage 2 faja .. The one I have on now I have it on the tightest clip so I'm ready for the new faja

Oh and my boyfriend came back today ... Yay so far it's been a great day

I finally got out if the recover house
My Boyfriend is back
And I didn't get a massage today (HATE THEM)

Idk if I've wrote this yet but the massages are definitely the worst part of my experience

The night at cipla would be second worst


You look great!!! Congrats!
Thank you for the info. It really helps those who are going down the same path. Continue to feel well & enjoy your new body.
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Finally back in NY

I'm so devastated I lost some fat hope I don't loose any more so it dosent look any weirder ... I'm too lazy to take my faja off to take a picture because it's hard to put on and impossible to do alone .. But next time I take it off I'll take pix...
girl you look amazing! love the results . back to new York city baby! love the post op photos xoxo!

21 days post op

Hey guys

Okay well I haven't got any massages out here which I hope won't do much harm when I do start getting some (my massage lady in dr recommended I get 5 more out here)

I'm healing well I guess .. Hard to say cause I don't know how I should be feeling
I hate being out if my faja and absolutely can't sleep without it.. It feels too weird u feel like a crab out if it's shell .. When I don't have my faja on which is very rare I feel my tummy very tight .. It's still hard .. My bf said it feels like a snake that ate a dog lol

I haven't went back to work I actually quit my job and now looking for something better .. So I just been basically laying around recovering

Oh I forgot

When I sleep in my faja I have to put it on the 1st buckle because I when I wake up its super tight .. Idk if I swell up while I sleep or what but when I wake up it's like super tight .. Might start sleeping in my 1st stage faja but it needs to be washed ..

Oh and I get super itchy lol .. When I scratch it feels awesome
Grl ur killing ur lil outfit's!!! I dont know what it look's like from the back, but it's clearly u have a nice ass!!!! Reasoning: cause u can see it from the front!!!!!!!!!! lol
You look amazing!!!
That last outfit is amazingg, you look soooo good!!

Booty pic

Awesome results!
u looking great hun :)
You look Awesome!!! This is the look I'm going for!


Lol my tiny belly button

(On if my incisions wasn't healing right might of got slightly infected (one under my butt too)


I was cleaning and found my faja belt thing ... I put it on over my one piece faja because it's getting kinda loose and the belt makes it tighter

Forgot the pic

hey girl can you explain if you got an infection - i think you had mentioned that one of your incisions did not heal properly and may have gotten an infection... How did this happen and how did you notice this..Were in DR when this happended or in US
I honestly have no idea .. The little paper she puts to cover the incisions it started to melt after a while and idk if I was supposed to let it dissolve or what but I peeled it off... I ask my bf to look at it he says it doesn't look infected just still open .. And the reason I notice it is cause it's sore and the other one is basically healed and this one is not .. I told Duran about it she told me to put tecassol powder and it will help close it .. But idk where to get that it what it is
I'm not sure if they have it hear but I got some from my TT in DR but thanks for that will make sure I get it while I'm there. That powder is awesome healed my drain wound really quick and good.


Here's the pic of the insicion on my butt that's not healing
How much did you pay total ?
How do u feel? How are ur arms feeling? Do u feel there is a difference in them?
My arms are getting better they don't hurt .. Before I felt that they was numb but now majority of the numbness is gone .. My tummy is still very numb dou and really numb idk if that's normal or because I haven't been getting my massages


Hey guys how u been.. Okay so I'm healing well my arm numbness is almost gone .. My tummy is still numb and hard I hope it's not cause I haven't been getting massages

Okay so before surgery I had the two holes in my butt at I asked Duran is she can fill them she said she will try but my butt has like a memory cell or something and it might go back to normal .. Which it did lol (might of got a little biggest but I don't mind not like I didn't have it before (they are slightly bigger dou) u can't see it when I have clothes on
You look amazing!!!! I was think about Ruran but I got scared going out of the country but I must she she did the damn thang congrats on you new beautiful body!!
opps typo I meant Duran**
You look amazing. Exactly what I want to look like. I'm pretty sure I'll probably go with Duran too.

Some answers

Okay so to answer your questions it totally I think I spent 6k-7k somewhere around there

My SX was 3500 and the RH was 1120 .. Not sure how much I spent on the supplies .. I went out there with 5k but had to get more money sent to me because or the cabs and meds and faja plus I stayed in a hotel for 3 days

And my butt it getting jigely .. Not to much but it's getting there
What brand faja you used & what type is it? (But out or in)
Your body is banging! Happy Healing!
You look amazing and. I am highly considering going to dr. Duran myself


Hey sorry I haven't updated in to long .. So for those of you that follow Duran probably have seen my new post op pix but for those of you who don't ill post them here... I don't know what she uses for the bbl and as for the anesthesiologist I'm not sure what I remember is he began to ask me questions then inserted the IV into my hand and i knocked out

I'm healing find haven't had a massage in the us smh .. My arms feel normal .. My butt feels normal too but for the lipo still a little hard and a little weird but it gets softer each day and I feel more like my self ... I always get itchy dou idk if that's part of the healing lol ...

I'm going back to dr this weekend and hoping I can pass by Durans office to see her and make sure everything is normal
Soo ur not sure wut Duran uses for her bbl it's jus not ur own fat
Ohh lmfao yeah it's my fat I thought u guys wanted to know what kinda of machine ..


This made my day
Yes girl!!! That last pic of that bootie shot is PERFECTION!!! lol!!! Keep doing what ur doing!!
You look amazing. The perfect size booty for your frame. I know you must be thrilled!! Keep us posted on your progress :-)
I need help deciding on duran or yily I want ba or lift too. Any advice?

Sneak peek

Sneak peek of my dress that I had made for one of my two nights in dr
Can I jx say I LOVE LOVE LOVE UR RESULTS U LQQK FREAKING HOT!! N I love those blue shorts wit the chains can I kno were u got them from lolz can u tell me wut else I need so far n how was the RH thank u!! Upsets wit ur booty n those shorts lolz mwahz oxox
You look great!! I plan on going to Duran in April. btw do you know how many cc'c you got?
When in april are you planning to go cuz im planning on going maybe on the 24 and returning may 5-6. Let me know maybe we can be sx buddies.

Here in DR

does you know durans email?? her email on the website isnt working
You look so good I can't wait for my turn

Did Duran get hacked ??

Hey guys .. I got a odd message from Duran .. Did anyone els get a message from her I'm trying to figure out if her email got hacked
Yes I got the same email it's a scam ... Hopefully the word spreads fast and no one falls for it
She's been hacked...she's been postin about it on her fb
Got same message. Her account got hacked

Quick pic update

Omg I have seen your pictures in Durans IG you look amazing
I LUV!!!!
I want your body !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you look BEAUTIFUL


some of u guys need to stop commenting on my Instagram pictures ... My email is in my bio so email me because if ya keep leaving comments on my pictures I'm going to delete ur comment and ignore u
You look gorgeous!! Duran did an amazing job. Love it
You look awesome!!
Did you just get a bbl ?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She is so sweet and really cares about her results. Honestly if I ever had to do anything I would go back to her 100%. You might have a hard time getting in contact with her but as a post op patient she responds quick and always .. Till this day she answers me within a day .. I love her

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
Was this review helpful? 31 others found this helpful