Ladies, you have given me so much--your generosity...

Ladies, you have given me so much--your generosity of spirit. Even if this page helps just one woman to make an informed decision about this surgery, it will be worth it. I am not one to put myself "out there" like this--yes, the veil of anonymity indeed helps. Nevertheless, feelings of vulnerability, fear and shame rise to the surface. So I speak to the vulnerability, I speak to the fear and I speak to the shame....and I say, "Be of good Courage"..... "Peace be Still" it forward.

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And the count down begins......

Here are my stats--I am 5'2 and currently 165. I have lost 15 lbs over the past three months. I plan to lose 10 additional pounds prior to my surgery date. Dr. Schulman emphasized that it is best for me to get the weight off prior to surgery.

I had my consultation last Wednesday. I secured my surgery date the day of the consultation. Considering I am looking for the biggest, fullest, roundest booty possible for my frame with great projection, Dr. S is looking at between 1200-1500 cc's per cheek.


Okay good luck now do you have to take vitamins before , like did get your garment yet ? Im so excellent for you new booty here you come .
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Thank you :-))) yes, I will be taking vitamins. The garment is included in the fee.
Okay imma have to check it because I cant find one on long island that do a nice job when are you going to get it done ?
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My love/hate relationship with Padded Underwear (*see pic*)

Well here she fanny panty....I have worn padded underwear for YEARS....The LOVE: looks fantastic with jeans; certain pants and skirts, I've even rocked it in a bathing suit! On many occasions, i have been referenced as having a big booty lol! If they only knew.......

The CONS: it has a visible ridge under certain clothing (anything too thin and/or too light in color will not work); it has no hips to it so looks funny under dresses...and when my husband grabs my behind, I don't want him holding a lump of foam......I'm sure you ladies understand lol

So here's my daily ritual. I put on my regular (non padded underwear)-then I put on my long line bra (for my back rolls/fat and stomach...smooths everything out) and lastly I slip on my padded booty. I can't tell you how amazing it will be to not have to "suit up" like this anymore.......


I had a pair a while back lol so i know the struggle It only looks good in dark thick jeans. I remember by boyfriend never noticed when we were about to do it I was like wait i gotta go to the bathroom I would take it off and hide it lmbo how silly and I have the bra to smoothe my back out too smh wow I cant wait to have this procedure done...
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LOL toooo funny. I want some padded undies LOL where do I buy??? Dr. Schulman is going to give you azz like you have not imagine. I have a consult with him in June to discuss my BBL. I'm doing a TT with another Dr. Salama , but don't want to travel back to him again if I don't have too for my BBL. Too much with hotels and air fare.
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good thing is that when u get this done hopefully it will not be too noticeable to other eyes, probably for us that wear padded urderwear wont be a big change with clothes on, but we have to remember padded underwear was just an illusion not our real body.
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My love/hate relationship with Padded Underwear (*see pics*)

As I head out the office, here is a pic with my fanny panty on with black slacks. Mind you, I've lost weight, so the slacks are loose, but you can kinda see how it looks....


I have those butt pads as well. So excited to finally throw them away!!
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Look at that lol.....oh yes, the day I throw them away will be beyond amazing!
Good luck booty4real, I hope you have amazing results!
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Go Hard or go Home.....the work out....started a multivitamin (USP verified)

Another great work out at the gym today....I go hard. Cardio 35-45': combination of light running at 5.2 and steady walking at 4.0-4.5 with arms moving steady. Motivation: Dr. Dre's Beats Headphones. Love running to Clique with Jay and Kanye....once I get to Kanye's part, then I know I'm in the home stretch lol. I also do resistance training (upper/lower body) and core work ( I know I have some great abs under all this meat! lol) I do about an hour of resistance training and then finish out with stretching.

I have been going to the gym faithfully for a couple years 1-2x a week. Helps me to treat myself to what I want and still maintain my weight. In February, I decided to knock some pounds off--same work out, but changed my eating.

I started a multivitamin in preparation for surgery. I prefer to derive my nutrients from food, but considering this is major surgery, I figured I need to start on a good multivitamin. I chose NatureMade Multi Complete--USP verified and affordable.


I like your workout plan! Keep it up boo it will def pay off! I can't wait to get back in the gym.
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Aww...thanks babe....yea, I'm gettin' it in lol I can understand.....I'm definitely gonna miss it too...really good stress reliever for me....but I want my big booty and refined it'll be worth it! lol
Yaaaaas! Get it hunty. We will be fabulous very soon and it feels great. Have you shared the news with anyone besides hubby? I'm being very tight lipped, don't want to get talked out of (which is not gonna happen) or told I'm fine the way I am. But I can't wait till I do spread the news.
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The power of words....."Eww, her butt is so flat!"

It was a beautiful summer day in the hood. I was 11 or 12. Got done playing double and running back/forth to the corner store. It was getting hotter and hotter outside. Hey, let's go swimming! So we all meet up and walk up to the city pool. I was and am a three, I would scare people. I loved hanging out at the bottom of pools in the deep end on my back and look up at the sky with my arms/legs gliding back/forth....still do. Back to the hood. My new neighbor from downstairs happens to join us. Light skinned girl..mean as hell.....long hair....small build....not really pretty, but being light skinned with long hair and a bunch of sisters gave her Mom would tell me, don't pay that girl no mind...she's a trick baby was true, but my mom was a trip lol. I remember I felt the sneak attack coming from this girl....she couldn't stand me and I knew it. I got her wrath by default as her family did not like my mother. So we're all walking back from the pool with our bathing suits on and towels wrapped around us. Mind you, I'm trying to stay out of this girls way. All of a sudden, I hear her yell out "Eww, her butt is so flat!". Needless to say, I was mortified. I don't know what was worse, being called a "N" just about everyday in my all White suburban school before my mother lost yet another job, or hearing "eww, her butt is so flat!". The "N" attacks were hurtful...but I don't think I internalized that as much. I remember begging my mother to buy me these padded underwear. I was so excited when they arrived in the mail. I wanted them to work so bad....they didn't. Then when I hit puberty, I started to get a little booty. My mother would tell me "you have just sits low". We would call it "bottom butt". And I did have some butt at the time (gone way south since then)...but in my mind, my butt was awful.... I would strategically try to find blouses that would cover the top, non-existent part of my butt and look for pants/skirts/shorts that didn't flatten out my "bottom" booty. Ya know, I find it amazing. I am a successful business woman, mother, if you asked me, does that wound still sit inside of you? I would have to say, yes....the power of words.


Awwwww u got me so motivated , growing up I also had cute cuz around me with very nice shape n I didn't have non of that n went thru hell crying all the time .i asked a lot of quns about my body n my moms always told me im pretty , but u know what im getting my bbl with Dr Schulman on the same day u got , july 9th.All the best.
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I feel u babe. That's right, our day is right around the corner!

About a month away.......

Received a call from Rachel (Patient coordinator). She is mailing out my scripts and the medical clearance paperwork. I will likely go through an urgent care center vs my primary care physician as I prefer to maintain privacy relative to the BBL. Looks like the scale is about to drop another 5 pounds....very pleased.


Yayyy you're almost there!! I am scheduled for a consult. with Dr. S. next week. When you secured a date at your consult, did you have to put a down payment then? Also, if for whatever reason we do get medical clearance, is that refunded do you know? Even though I am healthy, I'm nervous about the medical clearance (you know how the worrying just can't stop when it comes to BBL lol). Good luck & keep us posted!!!
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whoops .. i meant if we DON'T get clearance
Yes indeedy:-)) Great to hear that you are scheduled for a consult! A 10% non-refundable booking fee is required to secure the surgery date. The total payment is due 3 weeks prior to the surgery date. Medical clearance is required within 30 days prior to the surgery date. I was concerned too so I moved swiftly--I got my pre-opt physical out the way today and tomorrow morning will complete my lab work.

Completed physical, Lab work, filled scripts....

Once the lab work comes in I will be all set. I was recently approved for an extra 500K term policy as a preferred insurer so I don't expect any problems. I was going to purchase some probiotics, but decided to instead use yogurt and Kefir as natural probiotics while taking the antibiotics. The key is eat/drink the yogurt/Kefir, wait 2 hours and then take the antibiotic....these days are gonna go by lightening fast so pacing myself to get everything in order


That's right:-)))

Short and Sweet....I've done my due diligence and I happen to choose a US Doc

Let me be clear, I have extensively researched BBL Doctors for YEARS. Some information was shared with me yesterday and I proceeded forward with further due diligence. That being said, I am confident in my decision and will proceed forward. I realize there are several "CAMPS" here at RS. I happen to be on #TeamSchulman. I support all women and show love across the board whether you choose a Surgeon from the DR, Mexico or what have you. That being said, those of us who choose a US Doc would appreciate the same respect and decorum. Should we be ridiculed for choosing to pay more here in the US as though we are fools? Or should a woman who chooses to save some money through medical tourism be judged or stigmatized for her decision? All plastic surgery comes with risk whether you choose to have surgery in the US or through traveling abroad. In peace.


Hey regard to your recent post I just wanted to put my two cents in (as someone in the legal field and as a potential patient of Dr. S). No matter how good or bad a doctor is, chances are at some point in his/her career he will be subject to a medical malpractice suit. Remember, ANYONE can file a complaint against does not mean it's a viable claim or the doctor was at fault. After reading your post, out of curiosity I did a med mal search on another plastic surgeon I know and my family has been going to for years. While he has top-notch credentials, does fantastic work, and we all trust him, I saw like TEN cases against him. But guess what? They all were dismissed. Does this change my opinion of him? Absolutely not. Now don't get me wrong, as educated consumers we shouldn't just ignore any med mal suits we see against our doctors, but my point being, at first glance it's easy to strike a doctor off when his name comes up on a court website yet sometimes with a little more research into the particular case, we may find his med mal history isn't reflective of his work. I'm sure the woman who pointed this out to you was only trying to help, but I just wanted to give you another point of view. Dr. S. seems like a fantastic choice and as a (hopefully) future patient of his I am rooting for you girl!! Now rest up and get ready for that hot bod :)
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Hey Babe:) so beautifully articulated. Thank you so much for taking the time to follow up with such a thoughtful post. And we know, NYC is considered to be a highly litigious town. Yes, girl, I am sooo ready to go get my booty! lol Good looking out:-))
No prob...anytime! Can't wait to see your results!

It's Official! Medically cleared and paid in full

I will be having the surgery three weeks from today. I plan on being out of the office for 2+ weeks. Very excited.....can't wait!


Is official, congrats on your upcoming life changing journey bbl sis.....
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Can't believe it's really gonna happen...kinda surreal....thanks sis

Not gonna risk returning to work too early

If I'm gonna do this, I betta do it right. My job is very sedentary. Dr. Schulman advises we are not to sit directly on the fat grafting for 2-3 weeks. I can always sit on my thighs, but I'd rather wait the full 3 weeks before doing that for long periods. If I can drop 12 stacks, I can take 3 weeks off!


Omg jus read ur post about the love/ hate relationship with the padded underwear...soooo true!!! Ive been wearing those suckers faithfully for years as well (will not leave the house without them status)!! Lol When ppl find out they think I'm nuts! Now that I had my bbl I wanna have a fake booty burning ceremony! Lmao
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Ain't it tho!!! Yup, you and me both sis....I don't leave home without it! Yes, I would love to take them all and burn them in my backyard while sipping a glass of Chardonnay....instead, they are all going in the garbage except for the one I will wear the day before the surgery. I will likely cut it up and place it in the garbage at the hotel!
Hey quick question for you and any other Schulman ladies if you don't mind...What was the process for securing the date, like mentally? I think I am ready to secure a September date (if available) but I'm trying to think of any other questions or concerns I should get out of the way. This is such a HUGE step for me (I've never had any kind of surgery - never even been under anesthesia) so I don't wanna rush but at the same time, I'm starting to feel like I've researched this to death lol. Any advice is welcome! Thanks!
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I will fight, scrape and crawl to get this body in the 150's by JULY 9th!

I have FINALLY dropped another 4 pounds....hola at a Sista! So that makes a total of 19 pounds gone. The scale is now at 161. Realistically, I am confident of getting at least another 3 pounds off by my July 9th surgery date. I've been getting MANY compliments. Love the more chiseled look in my face and neckline. I am not meant to be skinny and I'm perfectly fine with that. Recently attended an event....took lots of pics....and I must say shorty is looking HOT. One of my dear friends who is very straight forward, blunt and not big on giving compliments, told me I looked like a model in those pics and that my skin was flawless.....feels really good (*big smile*)


Great review...I know you can drop those last extra lbs!....can't wait to see you post-op..!
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Got my game plan set for the weekend....greens and protein with a little brown rice. I will be happy with 159! Thanks so much!
Oops it sent before I typed....YOU ARE DOING GREAT... WOW!!! u go girly!
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Dancing around the house....tying up any loose ends...had "the talk" with my husband

I'm ready to do this. Woke up refreshed from a HARD work week. Enjoyed lovely family time last night. So I had a sobering conversation with my husband making sure he knows where all our important documents are at and making my expectations clear regarding family/business....God forbid anything goes wrong. He looks at me intently and says "I really don't like this talk your sitting me down with right about now". I said to him, "look, you know how I am....believe you me, I expect to come through this with no complications or what have you, but you know I am a realist....and for me to have a peace of mind when I lay down on that operating table, things need to be in order...." He calmed himself down. Aaaah, so glad the weekend is here.....I'm dancing around the myself rapping...NOT lol


Girl, you are going to be fine and I am sending you internet hugs and prayers for July 9th. How is your husband doing? My boyfriend is already freaking out and I haven't even put my deposit down yet! lol.
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Thanks Hun :) hubby is good....encouraged him to go out and hang with the fellas--they're all out fishing-he just called to check in and says "hearing your voice gives me good luck so I can catch the Big One"....he's a mess lol! I'm holding down the home front. He's gonna be taking care of me so definitely want him to "let his hair down" b4 the big day! Awww, sounds like your boyfriend cares a lot!
Hubby sounds adorable! Hope you are relaxing these next few days. Do you know what time your surgery is scheduled?

About to make some fish and grits, start Arnica tablets today, Last chance work out

My husband was able to let his hair down with the fellas fishing-nice catches-now I'm about to fry these bad boys up and hook up some grits. I sho nuff will not be grubbing. The scale is just about at 159 despite my period mid I'm not about to sabotage it. Plan on hitting the gym hard today....gonna miss it.


Your day is tomorrow!!! :D Good luck!!! Wishing you a quick and painless recovery and the body of your dreams! Thanks a million for your informative, funny, and smart blog! You BETTER keep us all updated girl! ;)
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GOOD LUCKKK !!! I know you'll do fine and are going to love your results :)
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YOU DID IT MAMA! 159 is close enough!!! Well its SHOWTIME and I'm just checking on you. Oxoxox's shdld have crossed over to ms big booty4real side by now. God bless now and forever!
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I had so much fun today in NYC I didn't want the day to end.....SIKE.....I'm ready to go get this BOOTY4REAL!!

Got rid of all the padded underwear (aaah) and walked around NYC as a straight up flatty....haven't done that in years! Ate some delicious food.....and in the evening, I went for a glorious swim....the hotel's pool was super LONG....perfect for an hour of lap swimming....the lights were so beautiful under the water....thanks so much for all of your well wishes....much love my Sistah's


Wishing you Amazing results & a speedy recovery!!!
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Dance Lady...we are here with you! It cracks me up the fun you had in NYC today! You are gonna do great! Get some rest, but tell us all the details later!-lol! Did your Hubby catch any fish? He's a good man!
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Good luck girl!!! :)
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I made it.....God is So Good!

Hi my beautiful Sistahs...all is well....everything went smoothly! I will update more when my minds clears......


Happy for u hon, wish u a happy healing!..God is good indeed:)
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God is good indeed!! I'm glad you had a successful surgery. Happy healing!
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Thank you God gor yet another answered prayer and victory for our RS sister! You get your rest we all are here on the side line cheering for your speedy yet healthy drop it like it mofo hot NEW BOOOTY recovery, xoxo's smile!
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Take notice if you haven't already.....Dr. Matthew Schulman is the business!

Day of surgery: arrived at 6 a.m. for an hour pre-op visit; the pre-op nurse was very informative; lovely/a genuinely kind disposition; she went over my post op meds/instructions. The surgical site was very comfortable/clean. Dr. Schulman peeked his head in to say good morning-so cute/completely unpretentious. Soon there after, Dr. S came in and took picks, talked with me and marked me up--made me feel very much at ease. He noticed my weight loss, and still felt confident of giving me a solid amount of cc's particularly considering the laxity of my booty skin. We briefly went over my wish pics (a special thank you to the ladies who pm'd me some of my favorite pics). Dr. S got the message: give me the max of cc's you can get in my cheeks with a refined waist and back. He made it clear that I would not have the tightness as the young ladies in the pics. I told him basically all I care about is roundness and projection. Dr. S has a superb bedside manner--he really took the time to listen and make sure we were on the same page. Lastly, the Anestesiologist sat down with me. Very informative, well-experienced, asked me to take the nail polish off of one finger-He was so sweet/very down to earth-I told him I was prepared for that and had my nail polish remover with me. I made sure not to have gel polish on just in case. The pre op nurse commented on how well organized I had everything. She placed the IV in my arm and then walked with me to the OR. I remember laughing with Dr. S about all of the booty rap songs. The Anestesiologist encouraged me to continue to talk and all I remember after that was waking up to a very soothing voice. The post op nurse was very sweet. She told me everything went perfectly. Dr. S came in very positive/upbeat and shared that it looks like I got the record cc's: 1600 in my left cheek and 1700 in the right (I had some Asymmetry where my right cheek was bigger than the left)--I said to myself, now that's what I'm talking about.....Hot diggity I hit the booty jackpot!

My husband was an excellent chauffeur--he had it set up beautifully in the minivan to allow me to stretch out on my stomach. I stayed buckled in throughout the ride back home. I was very comfortable. We pulled into the rest stop twice to have me walk around, use the bathroom. I ate the inside of a DD croissant--hubby's idea--just right and drank some ginger ail. I sang a lot....mission happy and thankful for God's grace and mercy.

Pain--not so much....more like a deep muscle soreness. The strength in my arms from working out has helped tremendously.

Urination-- lots of water consumption and ginger ail...pee started off a very rich yellow. I pee about every 30 to 60 minutes. It has lightened up tremendously. Sitting on the toilet: forget about it. I have been using a large plastic Golden Corral cup--I like it better than the female urinal. To avoid mess, I make sure to feel for my "anatomy" and make sure the cup is placed properly--works like a charm. I also have been using Vaseline on the outer lips of my Va Jay Jay to avoid any irritation from all the peeing.

Medications: taking the antibiotic (1 every 8 hours); Percs (started out 1 every 6 hours--on Day2 took two and then transitioned to Extra Strenghth Tylenol 2 500 milligrams every 6 hours). Also taking the Arnica.

Sleep--no problems--I lay on a long, comfy body pillow and elevate my feet just a tiny bit with a soft foam pillow.

Getting out the bed--I pivot onto my my knees (I have a comfy foam pillow to rest my knees on). My husband set up our roll out bed in the living room.

Walking and standing--I made sure to walk/stand day one. On the morning of Day 2, hubby took me out for a little 10 minute walk in front of our home and I get up to walk around when I urinate and take my meds.

Additional Day 2 information: received call from Rachel (patient coordinator). Arranged post op visit for next week.

Appetite: not so much. Ate cold watermelon and sunflower seeds. Also had a little almond butter on a piece of whole wheet wrap. Drinking lots of water and a little Gatorade. I make sure to coat my stomach before taking my meds.

My head is clearing from discontinuing the Percs. Too strong for me.

Best thing for me about Day 2: passing gas....simply glorious! I am in no hurry for a BM. Dr. S directed me to take my first shower Saturday morning.

That's it for now...thank you all again for your beautiful words of encouragement and support! xxoo


I'm happy you're sticking around bc I finally had the nerve to schedule my date with Dr. S!! So I will definitely be sending you a bunch of annoying questions. I apologize in advance :)
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No worries babe...I got your back. You and I are cut from the same cloth (I just got some years on you lol) Ok....duly noted :)))
I neglected to say got your date!!

Day 2 post op pics


You look hot!!!! wow--Dr. Schulman is great. :0). It sounds like you are doing well, get some rest, don't over do it... this s your time- :0)
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Thanks so much babe :)))
Ahhhhhhhh suki suki now! Look at u gurl! He did that and some! Wow!! You have crossed over to all dat a$$ and some!
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Day 3 post op--The infamous first BM; refreshing morning walking; feeling great!!

So here's the skinny from my experience/perspective on the first BM:
I was passing gas all day yesterday; my body was clearing the path for that BM. I awoke around 5:30 a.m., glided out of the bed on my stomach (of course) to my comfy memory foam pillows waiting to receive my knees. Stayed on my knees....busy passing gas...and was time. There was no way this was going down with the garment on. I gently unzipped/unhooked the garment, slowly pulled the garment down to my knees. Now, if I had the ability to sit on my thighs while on the toilet, I would have had no problem--couldn't do it. I proceeded to get a garbage bag, lined my tub (yes I did) and placed a towel over one of my many pillows on the edge of the tub--this maneuver allowed me to only sit on my thighs while using my upper body strength to stay elevated (consistent work outs pay off in more ways than not!) I was able to stretch out my arms across the edge of the tub as I sat on my thighs.....and then I handled my business....pampers wipes (sensitive)--love them. While the garment was at my knees, I was able to wash up at the sink--felt sooo good. And of course, I took a looksy at my HOT new body--loving it!!

Today was day 3 for my morning walk--so refreshing--beautiful breeze--the trees were dancing--peaceful. I walked an extra 5 minutes this morning and I haven't even taken the Extra Strength Tylenol yet.


LmAo!! Love it!!
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Hey boo :)) LOL!!
See now.....gurl you worked that thang out! Neva would I have thought to do it that way! So does it hurt to push out a BM also? Cause omg I went through that having back surgery.....glad ur feeling better n better every day!
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Even if I lose the expected 20-30%, I can officially say BYE BYE to padded underwear!

Looking at this PHATTY, I ain't even gotta worry about getting taken over by the infamous BootyGreed! Dr. Schulman gave me EXACTLY what I asked for. As far as I know, Left cheek (1600 cc's); Right check (1700 cc's) apparent Schulman record...I'm not mad at ya lol! I will find out all the details at my follow up next week. The day before my surgery, I threw out my last pair of padded underwear on the streets of NYC right in the green trash can seen in this pic-seemed only fitting lol!


LOL, I said good-bye to my booty panties too!
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Bye bye fanny panties....I would have loved burning them up in my backyard while sipping on some Chardonnay, but I said, well, probably a bit to dramatic lol! I sure enjoyed throwing the last pair in the trash and walked around as a flatty all day lol! Girl, Dr. G hooked you up....curves for days!
Thanks Hun!
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Day 5-Happy Saturday :)) * First pics without garment *

Recovery is progressing nicely. Sleeping well. Not one, but two BM's this morning-and that's without the assistance of any stool softeners or prune juice. Just eating plenty fruit and vegetables. I have the garment (Marena) in the wash by itself (hand wash setting-cold water-Woolite). I am about to take my first shower.....yes Lord! I can independently get in/out of the garment with no problem whatsoever. No dizziness at all. I have approximately 11lbs of water was initially close to 15 lbs of water weight-I see this will take some time-my new hot bod gives me plenty incentive to be patient with the process lol! So glad I dropped all that weight prior to surgery! I will stick to a low sodium diet and continue to drink plenty water. My lil' sis, Tada Bam noted on her blog that Dr. Schulman recommended drinking Calendula tea to help with the swelling-I purchased some organic, caffeine free Calendula tea from Amazon. I have 3+ days left of the antibiotic (Keflex). I have been drinking Kefir-cultured milk smoothie (blueberry-yummy!) two hours before taking the antibiotic--as I mentioned previously, Kefir is a natural probiotic-very good prevention for yeast infections. It can be found at any Walmart right by the yogurt.


Thank you for the detailed posts! I am now 3 days post and had my first bm this morning. I could feel the gas all night and my stomach was so tight. I'm still having trouble getting out of need by myself completely. My garment is lined with maxi pads and adult diapers. I'm also wearing an adult diaper on top of all of it. So hot an irritable but day 3 is definitely easier. Too scared to lay on my side. Have you figured other ways to relax other than laying face down in be? I climb up on an accent hair backwards with a body pillow in front ms rest my head on the top ledge, read, watch tv, iPad etc. not sure if its ok to sit on my knees but it feels fine....I just feel my but muscles tighten a bit if I don't hold myself up. This process is crazy. Congrats tho, you are looking great! Glad to have someone share the same bbl bday with.
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Awww :) your welcome! For me, I actually have no desire to sit except to position myself for the BMs. Several ladies have used the strategy of cutting a booty-size hole out of a beach chair (examples at ForeverBooty's page and LolaJae's ). Obviously your in no shape to rig this yourself, but may be someone could help you out)....who did is your surgeon?
I love kneeling at the edge of my bed with my knees comfy on memory foam pillows

Genuine Flatty-A Reflective Moment

As a teenager and throughout my adulthood, I have had "the stain" spoken upon by Msbrandnew1. My booty never had a chance. On my father's side, I come from a long line of flat behinds. My mother's side helped me out a little bit, but not much. It didn't help that my mom had a fascination with big behinds and would always point them out "Would you look at that girl with that big ole upside down question mark ass....or....That's a big ass right there"!! I didn't pay it any mind until that fateful day of innocence lost walking from the pool, when my neighbor proclaimed "eww, her butt is so flat"! The stain of low self esteem I developed from having a flat butt did not deter me educationally or professionally. I am a successful woman in my own right. Nevertheless, my flat butt was a daily awareness. Padded underwear came through for me on one hand, but there was a certain anxiety I felt wearing them--"is the ridge showing, is it too far to the right, are they starting to get a flat look, what if God forbid I have a medical emergency, get hospitalized and my secret get's discovered, I sure hope my husband doesn't want to grab my butt while I have this foam on.....". Here's a pic of me the day before surgery-my last day as a Genuine Flatty.....brings me to tears.


Gurl you will never have to worry about anyone calling you Flatty anymore cause guess what??Now you got a PHAT A** Going On Hey Now!!! I'm so proud of you that you had the Courage and Faith that God will see you through this and he did you Look Amazing.
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Awww *big smile and hug*--I have buried the flatty and everything attached ....God Is So Good....thanks so much sis!
Curves, curves and more curves.........pow
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Bottom's Up! *OR Pic*


Wow!!!!I'm so happy for u!!! I'm going to take some lessons in from your tips!!! Thx for sharing.happy healing girl!!
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I truly appreciate that Macmareeee :)))) thanks so much sis!
Lol dr s got me contenplating but nope nope nope and um always n nyc! Wow! He did that! I wish u could find ur classmates now.....and just strut bby gitl!
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OR table pic

I'm gonna let the pic speak for itself! Lol


That booty is sittin RIIIIIIIIIGHT Babe! Wooooo! So happy for you! xoxo
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Awww :)) thanks sweetie! xoxo
B4R girl you over there stuntin fo real, yes maam there is no doubt you got azz for days!!
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Bubble butt lol

Heading down to NYC for post op follow up. Gotta say, I feel brand new this morning. Less stiffness, less tightness, more mobility. I had a very low grade fever on and off for two's definitely fully abated. I'm on my stomach stretched out in the back of the minivan listening to the song "Bubble Butt" on the radio...holla at a Sista!

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Lost 11 pounds of water weight

I have drank water like it's going out of style--ate lots of watermelon--every time I urinate, I drink. Also started the Calendula tea (smooth).


So glad it went well. That's a good way to travel, even without a BBL ;)
  • Reply
lol! Thanks Hun :)
Congrats my sis I'm so happy for you
  • Reply

Initial Post Op appointment this morning--here are the details

My husband drove me down to NYC in our minivan (driving back home now)--I lay across the two seats with a body pillow and an extra pillow to rest my head (as needed). Dr. Schulman was right on time-I don't think I waited even 5 minutes. His support staff are simply lovely. I still have a considerable amount of water weight, but it's getting better each day with plenty h20 and watermelon-low salt diet-Calendula tea-and of course the garment and walking.

Dr. Schulman is very down to earth--easy to talk to. He shared with me the following:

A total of 7 liters of fat was removed (3 liters from the front-abdomen area and 4 liters from the back). He placed 1700 cc's on the Left side and 1600 cc's on the Right. So that means I have a net fat loss of 3.6 liters (approx. 8 or 9 pounds).

Dr. S removed my stitches and demonstrated proper sitting (on my thighs).
I purchased my Stage 2 garment at the office and scheduled my next post in a month.

Recovery progressing very nicely *big smile*


Hey hun
  • Reply
Hey :) how many days post op r u?
Im 6 weeks I just saw Dr S yest

Double digits *Day 10*-I gave hubby a "hands free" fashion show

I woke up early--I had a very low grade fever for 3 nights straight (completely normal)-- hot sweats/cold chills--No fever at all since Wednesday night. I am feeling beyond great! The booty is already starting to jiggle (left cheek). Both my husband and I are absolutely AMAZED with the results! He is salivating at the mouth.....indeed :)) Down fella lol! He'll get his "hands on" Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in due time. My behind is HUGE so as I said previously, when I lose some of the volume, it will be absolutely no problem at bootygreed here! I know I must be feeling my Dr. Dre beats on....twisting and backing this ass up to GET LOW ......trying on dresses.....dancing in the mirror....marveling at my new KILLA hourglass shape!

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Nah, Hands Off lol!

No handling the goods-eyes only!


Hourglass queen! Your shape looks fantastic! :0)
  • Reply
Awwww :))) Thanks so much sis! Gonna take a pic with my pre-op panties tomorrow--gonna be so funny putting them back on as a phatty!
It's gonna be crazy!!!! I'll be looking for that photo!

*new pics*-Wearing pre-op panties......


In such little time and you look fantastic !!:)
  • Reply
Little Sisssss * big smile* Thank you so much!! I feel GREAT
Nice! you look good girl, weight loss n all. Bootay is just right for your size. Congrats. Happy healing!
  • Reply

Drove for the first time; Released about 16 pounds of fluid since surgery day

Yesterday, I drove for the first time. So you ask how did I sit and protect the Golden Fat? I used a yoga mat under my thighs and a boppy behind my back--the booty stayed completely elevated. How did I release so much fluid without the benefits of lymphatic message? Drinking water like it's going out of style; eating VERY CLEAN, nutrient rich, low-salt foods adding no extra salt to my meals; circulating the lymph through diaphragmatic breathing several times throughout the day and movement via walking and drinking Calendula Flower Tea.


He did a wonderful job on you. To be honest, I shaped very similar to you, and your before and after pic convinced to go with him as my surgeon. Don't it feel good to have a phatty for a change???? LOL I can't wait.
  • Reply
Awww. :) you know I feel you! You will be one VERY satisfied customer! Let him know that his record booty sent you lol! It feels great Kiyafierce.....a dream come true!! Have you been researching for a while?
It's been something that I wanted to do forevvveerrr, but recently I went on vacation and every woman I saw had a huge behind. After that I was like hell nooo, something has to be done. I need to be the total package, and be able to look cute in everything I wear. Not just select clothes. I dreading taking a before pic, I know it will be devastating to look at.

Two weeks and two days post op......

Walked this morning for over and hour--completely normal now--I'm able to keep up with my pre-surgery pace; hills-no problem. Driving--yoga mat under the upper thighs and boppy behind my back works perfectly--Royal Jelly completely elevated. My booty--absolutely love mind you-she's massive: extremely round with lots of projection and lots of Jelly up in went shopping at Macy's to prepare for work on Tuesday--I found some very flattering outfits that will also camouflage all this Jelly. Mind you, there is an expected 20% loss of volume-I will keep Juicy under wraps until I'm pretty much at my more final result.


Ur booty big & beautiful! Congrats !! Dr schulman did his thang on you!! Super happy for you :)
  • Reply
Thanks so much BB!! Yes, girl, I love me some Dr. Schulman
Wow sis! U are healing and moazing rt along there! Alrt 1600 w a shooter, slooow it dwn! Lol u go ma!
  • Reply

Bathing Suit Pic


I see you over there girl
  • Reply
Looking lovely in your nee swimsuit!
  • Reply

One Bathing Suit for now.....keeping her under wraps for a minute

Love the flat stomach and the absence of the back boobs/rolls, Yes Lord. I'm looking to camouflage the Royal Jelly right now (as you see in choosing a one piece and the pattern of print....also bought a black one piece that does the job). Walked again for over an hour on this glorious day...

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Meant to say One Piece Bathing Suit

Gotta get my swim on soon!


I must say I agree with the ladies. You got it now so you have to flaunt it. But I wanted to ask you how do you get comfortable enough to sleep at night. My first night was pretty bad.
  • Reply
Thanks hon :)) I'm the patient/methodical type....gonna EASE the phatty into the public (especially professionally).......I've been wearing yoga pants for my long have broke their necks to get a double looksy The Royal Jelly will have her day......all in due time lol I just hit you up on your page about how I handled sleeping.
@Terra--what part of your body is suffering the most while sleeping?

Yippie!! UPS delivered more cloths today....I'm pretty much all set for my return to the office

As you may know from reading my blog, I work in a professional environment. There are several ladies like myself that also face the post op challenge of dressing for the office. So imagine dropping this big ole phatty right out the gate......uhmmm, no.... after being out for three weeks that would be ridiculously obvious lol! So, strategy, strategy, strategy. I am getting my mind back into business mode- Touched base with my secretary.....I've never been gone for 3 weeks, 2 weeks-yes indeedy.....but not 3. She held me down very well. Ok, so back to my Phatty Transition Plan--I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on cloths considering I will not be wearing most of these camouflaging outfits next year. I bought skirts with lots of movement, but tapered at the waist, some lovely Alfani and Calvin Klein that flow over Miss Fanny (very pretty/classy) and a couple Maggie London dresses. Also, two pairs black slacks--I will be wearing form fitting/silky, sleeveless blouses (got some GREAT deals on Jones of New York and Michael Kors)--I found some super affordable Charter Club open-front cardigans (Rayon/Spandex--very silky/comfy/very light weight)--I will wear the Cardigans over the silky sleeveless tops with the black slacks. Ladies, the SALES are off the chain right now!!


@Terra-Same exact thing with me the first few days (VERY TENDER). Did you purchase any lipo foam? Yes, your right.....garment will be just fine after the tenderness goes away.
No maam imma need u 2 take a two piece pic before September on somebody beach? Jones Beach one of them.Time to stunt at least one time this summer.

Meant to say Alfani and Calvin Klein blouses

One of which is a tunic....lots of flow....but pretty and doesn't give an appearance that I am trying to hide a baby (so not happening lol) or a big ole phatty......yea, I got that though!


Looks great and I love your bathing suit... U looking fine as wine :) Where you buy it from?
  • Reply
Hey lovely :)) Thanks hon....Macy's....half off...also got a really nice black one piece (different style...fits the girls and booty very well)
@Terra--ok, if you don't have a sheet of lipo foam, then try may be a maxi pad (or two of them if needed)-place it between your skin and the top of the zipper....just in the area(s) of tenderness....I love the lipo foam (I had purchased a sheet from lipo express and glad I did). I took the whole sheet and placed it at the top of the garment (about an inch in going across my entire abdomen)--it was long so I just let the other end hang out folded over in front of my garment

2 weeks and 4 days-*pic*

Husband gave me a full back/sides massage this morning--delicious! Still plenty numbness in the back--less in the tummy. The booty has come down--still has full roundness and good projection.


You look amazing! !
  • Reply
Aww :)) thanks so much!!

Shear Panty Pic--Mr. Photographer wanted this pic lol!


Great! Ok! Pics pics pics....and dont forget nxt week....oooh wee! Nixed emotions
  • Reply
Lol.....ok.....Can't believe your big day is coming up!!!
Hi sis! How r u feeling now ur bck at work?
  • Reply

Pics--will be 4 weeks post op on Tuesday


Girl you have a bubble booty for real nice and round bet the hubby cant get enough lol, I have ti hide from mine lol
  • Reply
Yea Sis....I'm feelin' it.....ha! He got some for the first time this morning.....took a shower together and then laid it on him.....pure and utter ecstasy....he is like a little precious lamb now lol
Thanks for sharing your journey. He did a really good job on you. Your shape doesn't look fake at all.
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Driving post op

When I first started driving 2 weeks post, I found that the rolled up yoga mat directly under the top part of my thighs and the boppy behind my back worked the best. Since that time, I transitioned to using a half foam roller (24 inches in length) under the thighs. At two weeks, I don't know if my thighs would have been ready for the firmness of the foam (due to soreness). I like the half foam roller much better as it maintains it's shape and stays in place--the boppy behind my back is still needed while driving. You will find that the combination raises you up high--depending on your vehicle, lowering the seat evens things out. While driving, I keep my left leg straight out with my foot directly to the floor--this positioning also helps to control the elevation.

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Half foam roller....

You can also place a nice thick towel over the half roller....I find that I don't need it though.....


Dayum!!!!! I'm mean you look AMAZING! !!!! I did the camouflage for my worked well. .. you go girl! ! Love it!
  • Reply
Hey Leslie :)) thank you!! Yes, good camouflage is a piece of cake!
Don't be hiding DAT bigbooty Judy!!!! Miss u tt u soon ok!
  • Reply

Officially 6 weeks tomorrow *Pic*

Everything is progressing nicely. Dr. Schulman prefers for his patients to not resume normal sitting for 8 weeks. I've gotten used to it. For my post op workouts , I have been walking on the treadmill--I am not doing any lower body resistance work at this time--only upper. Despite the post op swelling going down and some reabsorption, the booty continues to remain round with good projection. Looks very natural on my body.....and let me tell you, this booty has set my libido has been on and popping around here.....and yes, my husband can't keep his hands/eyes off of it! Just like BBTW (bigbootytinywaist) says, sometimes you literally just gotta get out of the man's way....or just plain ole hide lol!


Love it @ ur
  • Reply
* love it at ur love life has been on n poppin. Get it sis! ;) love the projection on ur booty!! Very happy 4 u boo! Stay fly ;)
Hehe...The love life is ridiculous! I've always been pretty-type sexy with a head full of hair, but now with this A$$ confidence/swag is through the roof! Lots of little perks too--free meal at one of my favorite Jamaican restaurants--refused my money....despite knowing I'm married and don't step out lol Thanks so much babe :)) will do

lil'clothing tip at almost 7 weeks post op

Tunics are the way to go. What are so special about Tunics? The Tunic allows you to get away with wearing a nice pair of black yoga pants in a professional office environment. Summer Tunics are so perfect--the booty is completely covered
while still showing beautiful shaping (the
bubble butt carries it perfectly!) Tunics are so light and airey--super comfy and super
attractive. Now I don't know about other ladies, but my booty is not ready for structured/tailered slacks--still too confining. I got HUGE compliments at the office yesterday. Since I took off 20 pounds prior to surgery and have worn padded underwear for YEARS, my surgery has been completely undetectable. Someone said to me "you look incredible....I am so jealous...all that hard work paid off...". If she
only knew I had A LOT of help compliments
of Dr. BTW, I purchased most of my Tunics from Macys.


BTW, you look AWESOME!! He did an excellent job, big difference with before and after. I just read your entire review and I love it!!!!! Thank you hun!!
  • Reply
Yikes!!! So the wedding is 2weeks post op. You can sit on yours, but will be VERY tough.
Thanks sweetie!!

In pursuit of a what expense?

I addressed a recent matter with a young woman here at RS by pm. She remained resolute in her position--"you sounded jealous"...and added, "your results vs mine are such a difference".The young woman referred to my results as "mediocre". It leaves me to ponder on the question: in pursuit of a phatty and a nicer body.... at what expense?" Does a woman sacrifice what is good, what is decent, a loving and kind heart? I say this, if the heart is filled with pride, competition and vanity before surgery, then the heart will be fueled even the more by these destructive intoxicants after surgery. Buyer beware!


Wait B4R let me understand another "woman" using that term loosely tried to compare her results to yours & felt that you results were mediocre. Before I go off I'm gonna ask u to explain & reiterate this nonsense doll.
  • Reply
Girl, the ish was crazy....and I can't blame it on her being young.....I handled it though...indeed :))
Lmbao at Msbrandnew..girrlll u missed it!

Happy 8 week Birthday Booty!

It's been some ride! So about Ms. Fanny--she's round with nice projection, she's very bouncy, no hard or flat areas, she looks very natural, she's on the big side, but not huge by any means, very suited to my body. The slope--on point--never thought in a million years that it was remotely achievable. Dr. Schulman gives the green light for normal sitting at 8 weeks. I plan to begin the process very slowly in small increments with a soft pillow (taking the advice of my Booty Sergeant NYcutie ). At the gym, I continue to do upper body work and the treadmill. At the 3 month mark, I will start up lower body work again. I haven't had any reabsorption in about two weeks (it was minimal though--the fat passed through the urine). Compliments/stares are the daily norm......I've adjusted, but it's still kinda surreal.

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8 week post op pics


Great results!
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Wow you look I love that dress in your 8 week po pic .
  • Reply
lol thanks hun:)

Walmart stretch pants with Squeem

I have spoken a lot on these stretch pants (aka yoga pants)--super affordable and allows the booty to breath! I believe they are referred to as "yoga"pants. Love my squeem, but definitely could use a small.


Hey hun, are you using a boppy pillow to sit on now? I'll be making two months next week. I have been following ur journey closely ... We are about 3 weeks apart:)
  • Reply
Hey hun :))) I'll be updating at my 3 month mark. Yes, I use a nice soft pillow for sitting at my office.
Wht is the foam used for?
  • Reply

The Booty is a Holding Tough

Getting ready to head to the gym. Approaching the 3 month mark-will give a more in depth update at that time. Hope everyone is well and being good to yourselves.


Booty looking riiiiight! And so is that tummy... U killing it sis.
  • Reply
Awww:)) thanks babe!
Ddaaaaaaammmmmnnnn...yougot a big ol good B4R!!
  • Reply

Cabral article in the New York Post "Woman dies after cosmetic surgery by dubious doc"

The link to the September 21st article is:
Cabral's patient, was a reportedly 31 year old mother of seven children. She died 17 days after surgery, last month on August 29th. The article also reported on Cabral's clinic closing for 10 days this past June after three women, all from overseas. So very sad.


Looks great.. Love the outfit
  • Reply
Thank you!
wow. By the way, your booty looks FAB!!
  • Reply

Correction-"...this past June after three women, all from overseas, died".

See above for information on Cabral article.


You look good especially in the white panties I'm waiting on my turn so I can give my baby a tease :)
  • Reply
Teeheee.....I'm being bootyjacked lol aww.....I'll be 3 months post op on Tuesday....happy birthday big ole bubble butt lol! I truly am happy and at peace....thanks so much! Amen--your one should ever go to him again---absolutely NOT
  • Reply
You're welcome hunny bunny;)

My Phatty will be 3 months old tomorrow--Happy Birthday!

She done took full residence on my body. On a level, it seems she's been here forever. On another level, my newly invigorated shopping tells on her! Figure-fitting dresses were NEVER part of my wardrobe--and a belted trench--well clutch my pearls--my body is wearing it! The lipo work has lengthened me--when I tried on my Michael Kors belted trench, I stood their speechless. When my Mom saw it on me, she was speechless as well. Wherever this Phatty goes, she get's attention. Gotten used to it. After finishing up at the gym yesterday, I went to the market. As I bent over and reached to the back to get the freshest bread ( the grocery business is so sneak lol), I felt someone staring. As I looked to my left, I saw a woman staring at me--when I looked at her face, I saw that "stain" (my girl MsBrandnew1 coined that term--that low feeling of having a flatty). As she walked away, I saw that classic V wish all women who wanted to change their body could do it....those of us who have had successful plastic surgery are truly fortunate....we should always be grateful and never take it for granted.

Here is a snapshot of some of the common questions:

Sitting: yes--but incrementally--30-60' at a stretch with and without a pillow. Without a pillow, I use really good posture and place most of my weight on my thighs.

Swelling: builds up in the abdomen if I don't drink enough water; massages are very important as well, and of course, compression.

Garment--I wear my original at night and my Squeem during the day (most days).

Weight--maintaining at 160

Skin--tingling at times on my abdomen--no shooting pain

Exercise--walking and upper body only. I will resume lower body workout at the 6 month mark.

Sleep--I still sleep on my body pillow laying on my stomach and occasionally my sides

Miss Phatty--shaped like an upside down question mark--she's on the big side.....fits my frame beautifully. I love that she doesn't go flat when I lay flat on my stomach. A couple times, I went to go "suit up" aka " gear up" (MzP!)--I'm referring to padded underwear and long lines....the couple mornings I caught myself going to suit up, I just chuckled to myself.....even if i have a little more reabsorption (don't see that happening, but still a possibility, ) those days of " suiting up" are OVER.

Busy day tomorrow so figured I better update today along with some new pics. Hope everyone is well and being good to yourselves....Much Love!

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3 month Pics


How hav u been doin booty holding good. Whn did u notice it stop shrinkig or goin down
  • Reply
Hey Lady :) yea, she holding tough. I stopped spilling fat in my urine at about the 8 week mark. The first month is when it goes down the most from all the swelling and then it pretty much stabilizes
You look AMAZING!!! Can you tell me how you used the epifoam?
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3 months and two weeks on Tuesday


Inbox check madam.
  • Reply
Got u
Sis, Is your skin still tight back and stomach area??
  • Reply

Had fun out on the town with this tight leopard print dress

I'll say it again, I love me some figure-hugging clothes now. For those of you ladies who have "suited/geared up" (shout out to my girl Mzphatbooty) with padded underwear, long-line bras, etc., you know that it's hard to get away with certain outfits-the ridge from the padded underwear will show, etc. And with a flatty, most of us are gonna stay out of anything that shows the imprint and shape of our booty. So to have an actual bubble butt with a shelf and back arch is absolutely amazing! My body now more aligns with how I feel--super sexy, confident, strong-a powerful woman in my own right.......


Big booty judy lol
  • Reply
Lol I was actually thinking of asking this but didn't know how to word it to not sound like a creep. I'm just wondering how your big booty looks from the back and how the hips also came out
  • Reply
Teehee...hips same as the stretch husband is cracking up right now!!

Couple pics.....


Ok! That's what I'm talking about sissy! Thank you! Tell hubby I said thank you & his photography was spot on, & I swear I'm not after his beautiful wife Lmbo! Wow girl I can see it! Dang!!! Look at that. That man Dr. S is talented! Your even too! Was your hubby able to go back to the game after that? Lol Don't answer that;)
  • Reply
Looking good sis... That booty is right.
  • Reply

Eli--hubby told me to tell you this one is for you lol Hope is clearer lol!


Teeeheeee....he is watching the game and cracking up....he did a tight shot for you as he felt the other was to shadowy lmbo!!!! He says I owe him bigggg in the morning.........
Whoops--misses an L in your name sweetie
Awww your hubby is much appreciated & so are you hun, you won't let me doubt getting my sx for a nanosecond! Thank you sweets! Ok, I'm satisfied now lol!



Ur an angel for being so helpful.. The triangle that you wake up with when are you supposed to take that off , on which day? is it when you shower? I'm confused about that. And i have been hearing its glued on, any recommendations how to easily get it off?
  • Reply
Awww :)) nope -the "triangle" is placed in an inside of the garment (it's inserted into like a little pocket). You will have lipo foam glued on--Elli posted earlier today on using an adhesive remover--she has a pic of it on her page--I would definitely recommend getting your hands on that!
....on the inside of the garment....

It will be 4 months post op on Tuesday--Ms. Phatty is holdin'!


u look amazing !!!
  • Reply
Thanks sexy lady :))
Not only is your booty holding, but that stomach looks flat too! ((Virtual high five))
  • Reply

Elli890 shared with us a product I sooo wish I had post op.......

It's called Med-Sol Adhesive Remover (see pic on Elli's page). Let me tell you, getting that foamed surgical tape off was tough.....even took a bit of skin off my outer right thigh....ouch!! For those Schulman ladies with upcoming surgery dates, do yourself and get your hands on this product! Thanks Sweetstuff aka Elli890 ((hugs and kisses))

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Teehee........let me re-word that...... yourself a favor........


Hey, I still sit on my boppy and my corset gets very uncomfortable when I'm riding for a long period. Do you feel the same discomfort??? Did it hurt when you first started sitting on your butt??
  • Reply
Ok Schulman Angel, you sexy thang! I have a good idear... have hubby go all out this time n take a video for your next update. Now, ahaha while modeling those nice bubbles, do a slow 360 with your fine self for our viewing pleasure & knowledge BUuuuT very important....make sure he's in the correct position!!! Lmbo! Just wanting to bring a laugh outta ya on this wonderful but cold n cloudy Sunday;))) And to any newer ladies seeing this, No... I'm not a sick perv lol! I'm def not serious!  This is a inside joke but coming from previous posting below lol!
  • Reply
About to choke on my got me cracking up over here so mission accomplished lmbo!! Aaah, nothing like a good tummy-felt laugh on a cold n cloudy Sunday....your the best!! ((I'm still cracking up))

Booty pic inspired by REFLECTIONS ON BOOTYLOVE.......with a little tongue-in-cheek (no pun intended lol) mixed in...

When you fall in love, he may be the last thing you think about before you go to sleep and the first thing you think of when you wake up. When we are in "phatty pursuit" pre-surgery, we may find ourselves on RS morning, noon at night. Similar to Romantic love, Bootylove can be passionate, intense and is that allure and ultimate attraction to that PHATTY. Whether you have always had a flatty or had the misfortune of losing a phatty to weight loss, etc., you have likely experienced Bootylove. As in romance, Bootylove is not a "one size fits all" type of love. Not at all. RS bootylovers undoubtedly have become "booty connoisseurs" with our own personal aesthetic. The many wish pics that adorn page after page.....the upside down heart-shaped aka heart dropped booty, the DONK, the big ole Shelf, the classic bubble butt, and all the variations in between. It has been said that there is a thin line between love and hate. In our RS Booty World, there is a thin line between Bootylove and Bootygreed. When bootygreed is in the midst, there is THIRST.....a deep thirst that may never be quenched. Now let's not confuse Bootyanxiety with Bootygreed.....Bootyanxiety often takes form after the post op swelling goes tries to convince us that our new back sides are only temporary and that one day, all will be lost. But when Bootylove is working right for us, we will work through our fears enjoying that phatty and taking it all in stride. And for those of us who were a "genuine flatty", we can settle our nerves by telling ourselves, the booty may get could happen.....but it will never again be a "genuine flatty". So once you get that phatty, if one cheek has a dimple or the other cheek is a little bigger than the other, Bootylove will tell you, "don't major on the minors". I'm reminded of a woman who's back ran straight into her flat, wide butt, who wore padded underwear everyday for years, and then on one beautiful Tuesday summer morning, she woke up out of anesthesia with a BOOTY4REAL!!


Check PM...
  • Reply
Happy healings, looking good
  • Reply
Thank you :)

The above piece is entitled-"Ode to Booty: A BBL love story"

Wishing everyone a very joyous Christmas and Happy New Year! My 6 month Big Booty Birthday will be on January 9th--I will update my review with new pics. Much love! B4R


Is it January 9th yet? Geeesh she got us Over here checking the calendar waiting on pix lol
  • Reply
Hahahaha......oh you got jokes ma?! Got me cracking up in this bed lol!

Officially 6 months post op!

Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year!


Yayyy!! U made it at 6 n look hotter than ever ! :-)
  • Reply
I know right!! sitting feels so normal now....just occasional soreness....awww :) thanks luv!
Woohoo Happy 6 Months!!! Time flies!! Looking great mama!
  • Reply

6 month review

Hi :)) It would be remiss of me if I didn't write an updated review considering 6 months post op is such a momentous benchmark in our BBL recovery.

The most wonderful thing for me at the 6 month mark is being able to sit comforably without much soreness and without BootyShrinkageAnxiety. BBL vets and newbies who have done their research are well aware of the psychological/emotional impact from this surgery. At times you may find yourself experiencing anxiety as you observe the booty going through changes post operatively. That's when a positive support system can help in managing those bouts of anxiety that may kick up......supportive, "real" feedback can go a long way considering our minds can play tricks on us with post op BBL recovery. Pre-op/post op "selfies" can also help to fend off BootyShrinkageAnxiety....and all those "extra" attention/compliments doesn't hurt either lol! One of my fav reassuring things to do is to rest my hands at the top of my "bubble" and feel that oh so "bubbly shelf"....or look at my phatty as I lay on my stomach in the nude and see her keep the projection.....or see my booty's round silhouette as I get a glance of her shadow...or look at her imprint poking through an over-sized T-shirt or some simple pajamas....'cause in my flatty days, my butt would've looked/felt like a plate of flapjacks.....keeps my head in check! lol

I held on to most of the fat. Dr. Schulman has truly mastered the classic "bubble butt"/peachy heart shaped booty. He works with the natural contours of the body to build your booty to the best proportions possible for your particular body/skin type. More recently, I was very proud that Dr. Schulman received the BBL recognition he very much deserves, when I was chosen as one of Realself's "10 Most Talked About BBL's.....". It speaks to his outstanding skill set and the high-quality of his work.....for me, as one of his many patients, it was truly an honor. Thanks again to my sista ladies Back2me45 and Elli890 for bringing the "...Top 10..." to my attention or I likely would've never seen it lol! I am the same one who for months on end didn't notice/understand "RealFriend" until our girl BklynBeauty talk about it on her page lol

Skin sensations--very minimal numbness/tingling--concentrated in the lower back. A couple weeks ago, I experiened some intense tingling with soreness on the sides of my butt-it lasted for about 3 days and has now pretty much dissipated.

Work outs--As we see with our beautiful and oh so "sexy thick" sista, LolaJae, it is possible to work out HARD with both cardio and resistance training and maintain the fat ((her "Beloved" is SMOKING)). For myself at this point, I do a nice vigorous 4-4.5 walk on the treadmill with intermittant inclining and have now re-incorporated lower body work to my upper body strength training. Just an aside.....the attention this shape gets at the gym is RIDICULOUS.

That's it for always, much love :)))


Love you're update sis! You are truly a real friend :) Happy 6 months! I like the way you describe the love you have for your booty and how you reassure yourself those fat cells are alive & still showing out bigtime ;) If it wasn't for you & other vets I'd be so lost in this hunny. Thank you for everything ;)Xoxo.
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Awww :)) thanks so much sis for the love! xoxo
Great review. .....
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6 month pics


Congrats on making the Top 10 list! I gotta find this article. So about the back tingling...does it also feel like a burning/skin irritation feeling (though without actual skin irritation)? It's kinda hard to describe but that's how my back feels (I'm two months post). My back and stomach swelling is making me think I gained weight or Dr. S. didn't remove all the fat... please tell me this is just normal swelling :) Because I'm already thinking of lipo round 2! lol
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Another beautiful post. Thank you sis for continuing to share. Needless to say the derrière looks incredible. Testament not only to Schulman's skills but also to excellent post op care and it's benefits.... Culo linda :-)
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Wow u look amazing!!! Happy 6 months! Love Dr.Schulmans work, he's amazing...your booty is the perfect shape and love that tiny back/waist...looking beautiful girl and you are one of the few where the booty is really holding up ...I guess due to fact dr.schulman uses pure fat etc...
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Just re-organized some of the post op pics with timeline in each caption

Pics starting at 12 days post op through to 6 months


Thanks babe! Now with regard to the is indeed just pure light tingling with a little numbness occasionally. I had the burning/very intense tingling....slowly ameliorated.....noticed much better at 4 months. Now regarding swelling, are you saying you see " rolls of fat" or puffy/fluid-looking pockets?
Awww :)) your welcome....happy you enjoyed it :)) Thanks sis! *blushing*
Hey gorgeous! Thanks so very much!!! And your right, Dr. S does use a special technique to help those precious little fat cells graft!

Height correction......

I remain a shorty (lol), but I am 5'3 not 5'2


Hey beautiful I love that pre-post collage/journal type pic review. Thanks for the motivation. Ur a awesome person for keeping us "newbies" going. Muah!
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How could I forget to include the leopard dress in the collage.....


Awesome, one of the best post ops.
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U guys all of u look absolutely amazing.
Thank you sis!!! You started the #JawDropCrew! haha!! Love ya! Thanks again!
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8 months post op pic

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Didn't post...I'll try again...8 month post op pic


Dat booty is banging and sittin rite...i love it!
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Thanks sis :-)
I absolutely LOVE your results!!! You go girl!!! I want a big butt too!! ;). congrats and take care
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8 month post op narrative

Amazing how the time flies! Although I have remained connected to the RS community by primarily supporting our ladies through their respective journeys, it truly can be a challenge to update my review. Many of us get to a point in our recovery where we are simply "Big Booty Happy Campers" and fully return to "normal life" with our transformed bodies. That being said, I realize it's important to update for at least a year if anything but to help ease concerns of losing the fat.

The Booty--she's big and bodacious with shapely hips and on point projection. The Schulman signature arch/back dip and the snatched waist makes my phatty appear even more pronounced. And considering my larger frame (big boobs/thighs/semi-broad shoulders/back), I carry my phatty very well.

Exercise/weight--I work out 2-3x a week consistently for about 2+ hours per workout session--both cardio and strength training. I have no desire/need to lose weight--just maintain.

Skin sensations--the numbness and tingling feelings in the back stopped (about a month ago).

Cloths--anything within reason that shows my shape (form-fitting)--lovin' it! The 8 month pic is an example of my dress casual attire.

Bra line/upper back-I do have some residual fat. Dr. Schulman advised that he would need to see if it's actually more fat or skin. If it is indeed fat, I might undergo some additional lipo to that area. I likely would not want the bra line excision as our RS sis, Bigbootytinywaist just underwent, but I won't rule it out either. Neither will I rule out adding more fat to MS PHAT BOOTY. If Dr. Schulman determines there is viable fat for transfer, there is no way I will allow those precious little fat cells to go down the drain.....Let the Bootylove flow......Peace.


U look amazin
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Thanks dabooty!
Glad all is well with MS Phatty!!!!
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It has come to me that I have observed a pattern--ladies who have high levels of anxiety combined with high (possibly unrealistic expectations) pre-op appear more at risk of deep dissatisfaction and emotional challenges post operatively.


Hey hun, That bootay is looking righteous ma!
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Very good observation!!! Are you reading the DSM-5? The mind is a very delicate and powerful organ, more so than any other IMO. I believe it needs maintenance and health check ups just like any other system/organ in the body to ensure it's functioning at optimal levels. Maybe a psych analysis would be good before any surgery - just to make sure patients are mentally in the best place to manage, in a healthy way, what is going on and about to happen as a result of the surgery....just a thought....
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Hey Sis....Unrealistic expectations can certainly take one down a road of feeling disappointment. To help me stay grounded, I referred to my pre-op pics often. What we have to remember is that the PS can only work from the foundation given. My prayer before surgery was that I recognize improvement.
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So what to do.......

Take your time, don't rush into it, do lots of research, ask lots of questions, a solid support system goes a long way, as suggested by Back2Me45 take pre op pics and refer back to them as a reminder of where you started. Be mindful of expectations--the transformation is more about being the best YOU, not our wish pics--clear, open communication with our respective plastic surgeons is key in managing expectations.


Your body is the shiznit! Gives me much to look forward too! I love your posts bc you are the real and so on point with your advice to us women. I never posted wish pics only bc I was really happy with my body to begin with, but I've had previous surgeries and I know what unrealistic expectations can turn into...a lifetime of depression! I love love love you and am thankful that you keep us updated even after 9 months! Muah!
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Thanks you sis! Amen and Amen! Awww :)) I love you too! Muahz!!
Wow wonderful results and the booty has maintained itself:)
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9 + months post op....Oh how the time flies!

I am now over 9 months post and loving it! I spoke to Dr. Schulman's wonderful patient coordinator, Rachel to schedule a consult for additional lipo to my bra line area/upper back for next month. Hope everyone is enjoying this glorious Sunday morning!


reading the story "the power of words" actually brought tears to my eyes... the same crap happened to me in high school and since then I, too, have been wearing padded underwear. it's been ten years now, and I am FINALLY having my own BBL done in Miami this coming week. Thank you for sharing your story, it's nice to know I am not alone.... you look absolutely stunning btw
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Thank you so much. I'm deeply humbled....when I wrote it, I felt it come up from deep within--it was a very therapeutic for me--it gives me great joy to know my story touched your heart. I now feel healed in that grateful for that! Many blessings for an amazing bbl journey!
Um big sis, I think it's time for an official update. We're all waiting for your write up ;-). Don't chide me too much for putting you on blast. Xoxoxoxoxo
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Inquiring minds want to know :))

On Wednesday, I had my follow up consult with Dr. Schulman. The purpose of this visit was to determine if the residual fold in my bra area was more fat or skin.

Let me start out by saying it was so lovely seeing the ladies again (office support team: Rachel, Amanda and Amy)--they are simply wonderful. As the Surgical Coordinator, Rachel does a great job--she is always very responsive, informative and courteous. I was very appreciative of Amanda (Medical Esthetician and provides office support as well) helping me navigate through the City when I got lost....she was very kind and supportive. And to the delight of my tastebuds, Amy shared with me the most delicious black n white cookie....melted in my mouth.

It was rather surreal to see Dr. Schulman again. The appreciation and gratitude I feel towards him is unmeasurable. I stood in front of Dr. Schulman in my shear panties and bra completely comfortable and at ease....and happy to see him after all these months :) It was clear to him that the fold was mostly skin and explained that back skin tends to be very thick--so you think it's mostly fat. He determined that additional lipo to the area would produce about a 20% improvement and that would not be enough fat for additional fat grafting to the derrière. Speaking of the booty, Dr. Schulman was very impressed with the amount of fat that survived--he said, "....even in your hips......" He was also very impressed with the lipo results---my waist area/lower back is snatched indeed. Dr. Schulman clearly takes great pride in his work. We both agreed that it didn't make sense to move forward with a revision--the results would be welcomed, but likely minimal--so why go through post op recovery just for that. We discussed a bra line excision aka upper back lift. He didn't feel that was appropriate for me--it's not like I have ROLLS of skin. That being said, I asked Dr. Schulman to assess the viability for a breast reduction and mini tummy tuck. So here's the plan: breast reduction with abdominal liposuction and mini tuck with lipo to the upper back. The harvested lipo fat from my abdomen and upper back will be transferred to the booty. Although I'm good with my stomach--no stretch marks--good skin quality, but some looseness below the belly button--I don't desire a "flat as a board" stomach, but it would be nice to get rid of the softness under the belly button. He liked the positioning of my belly button-I should get a nice result with a quick recovery. I expressed concern about not being able to sit/sleep on my back after the breast reduction to protect the fat grafting. Dr. Schulman said that considering the extent of survival fat with my Round 1, for all intents and purposes, my booty has been conditioned to receive/retain fat--I would be able to sit/sleep on my back. No date set, but I plan to get back on the table within a year.

Ok-- now to the super fun stuff :) I had the absolute JOY of meeting the beautiful and fun-loving amazing is that, right?!!! She said it perfectly: we were like two school girls meeting a new friend the first day of school! And let me tell you, as you already see from her pics (but they do it no justice), her booty aka "Ms. Put that On a Leash" is POPPIN'', OK!!! Round and Projected! Shape will be BANGIN' for sure! It was so sweet of her to take the time out to meet me at Dr. Schulman's office--and ladies, you know we cut up, right?!!! lol Of course we had to check out our respective ASSETS. We were giggling and cheese-smiling like school girls! So when it was my turn to "show and tell", I gave a demonstration of what "Ms. Put that on a leash" has to look forward...I said, look at this and proceeded to make that booty snap, crackle and pop on command......Ahahahahahaha!!! Dr. Schulman stepped into the wait area for a quick minute and smiled when he saw us together. Then in perfect RS sisterly unison with hands on hips, we twisted our backsides to him as we smiled from ear2ear......I think we made Dr. Schulman blush lol!

Truly a memorable time and a classic Schulman Doll moment! Love you ladies and hope everyone is enjoying a great Memorial Day weekend!


Definitely love you results!!! Happy bootyversary!!!
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This week is someone's YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Just think a year ago this week you PM me to get my girlfriends pic of Dr J's AWESOME SKILLS never realizing that 1600 w a shooter wld come out even mo' Betta ! Smile beautiful sustagurlfriend relationships blossomed,we shared good times n bad times, lost some dolls during our journey and thru all the riddicule of newbies not realizing our heartfelt commitments to walk them thru there journeys as VETS walked US through OURS...yet PHENOMENAL WOMEN WE ARE... Still WE SUSTAS RISE! " Happy ANNIVERSARY LET THE FIREWORKS CONT...TURN DWN FA WAT!" Enjoy and Embrace the NEW YOU! Luv u! Hope u cont to blog WHN time permits!
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That's year ago in a couple days. I will definitely update for my one year mark. Thank you!

One Year Post Op!

Here it is.....the point where we all hope to arrive with our respective booties well know beyond a shadow of a doubt our derrières are here to stay! I turned in my Genuine Flatty Card with accompanying padded underwear and longline bras for killa curves adorned with tight dresses and undoubtedly a booty4real :)))))) I am forever grateful to my highly gifted and talented plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew Schulman. His compassion and ease of relatability, his uncompromising attention to patient care and safety......I would do it again without a blink of an eye! My official Booty Birthday is July 9th......I went in on a Tuesday so today is meaningful to me as well.


Your transformation was great. I have never had a flat butt but i know how it feels to get teased about an already insecure spot on our bodies. I have had small itty bitties for years and teased by everyone. Now that i got these double d's lol those same people that teased me is looking at me in amazement/jealousy. Keep doing your thang. You look great. Plastic surgery is a gift no one should take for granted.
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Thanks so much for the compliment and for sharing about your personal experience with feelings of insecurity. I love when we as women can identify with one another. Teasing can definitely trigger some internal injury (insecurity, etc) sometimes without us fully realizing to what extent. Very happy for you that the gift of plastic surgery has helped you as well. Your so right--we are truly fortunate.
Yes gurl! I can feel the sentiment! I was suppsoe to go to my consultation on the 12th of this month but I've had to push it to the 26th because I had an unexpected emergency. But yes Dr. S is the bomb and I can't wait to see him!
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Round full effect!

Here's how it all went down......Just shy of two weeks ago, I gave Dr. Schulman's office a call to get a sense of his availability. I came to the conclusion that I did not want a Winter surgery so if I didn't get it done by November, I'd wait until Spring. So I spoke to the wonderful Rachel (Dr. Schulman's Surgical Coordinator) and she informed me that there was one available slot in September for me and October was completely booked. When she revealed that it would be Monday, September 8th, I was a bit hesitant as I wasn't sure if I could get everything done in a timely fashion (get home-front situated, business, booking accommodations, etc. as well as pre-op physical, lab work.....). Suffice it to say, I pulled it off. I must emphasize that I would not have been able to make this happen without Rachel's outstanding support. There were several communications between Rachel and I over the past several days--in each exchange she was very responsive, timely and efficient.

Surgical game plan--Breast Reduction (long over due), Mini Tuck (Dr. Schulman's signature Smooth Tuck), and a bra line touch up. Any harvested fat will be transferred to my already bootiful derrière. To be clear, this surgery is not about a Round 2 bbl for me (not by a long shot), as I am overjoyed with my booty.....but as my girl Increaseme proclaimed, "we don't waste fat around here"! lol

I had a beautiful day in was perfect for walking and exploring......ate a delicious meal (shrimp tacos, baked macaroni with lobster and an outstanding chocolate soufflé). As I walked around, I encountered several admirers who were rather vocal....and as usual, I took it all in stride.....Schulman curves tend to draw a lot of attention lol

Welp, it's time to catch some shut-eye :) I thank you all in advance for your well wishes. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, I will touch base in the next couple days. See you on the smaller breast, flat stomach, bigger booty side! xoxoxoxo


Hope all is well, thinking of you XO
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Best wishes. keep us posted please.
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Wishing you a speedy recovery
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Recuperating beautifully from a Breast Reduction, Mini Tuck, lipo to back and a little fat transfer

Hey Ladies :)))

Thank you so much for your warm well wishes! I am doing great! I have not needed any Percocet; Tylenol 1000 mg is working just fine for me. I have been in no pain--deep soreness and stiffness only--predominantly in my back from the lipo--very manageable. I am eating and drinking well. Very much enjoying quality time with my hubs--he's been wonderful :)

On the big day (Monday, 9/8), I was the first patient--I arrived at 7:15 a.m. and was in surgery from around 8 a.m. to 1:20 p.m. Dr. Schulman said every went great! I woke up from anesthesia a little after 3. I was never cold. I woke up to seeing J's sweet face (Dr. Schulman's surgical nurse)--I felt very comfortable and at ease. I am already IN LOVE with my boobs (Nelly Jelly you had me cracking up Ms. Lady!!) During the pre op mark up/convo, Dr. Schulman agreed that a full C would be right for me. I am required to keep the surgical bra on until my drains are removed (one in each breast). As Dr. Schulman examined my abdomen, he determined that I didn't have much fat left (mostly skin which I was more than willing to get rid of lol The loose skin was below my belly button). Regarding the fat transfer, I had 200cc per cheek (just fine by me....we already know my booty is da truth....look back at it! teehee!). My back is sore as all get out so whatever fat Dr. Schulman was able to remove he did the best job possible. I absolutely love the patient care and coordination. I had a question for Dr. Schulman en route home and he e-mailed me back within minutes (he is amazing!) Rachel (Surgical Coordinator) called me this morning (so sweet....she's the best!) as my husband and I ate breakfast out. I assured her I was taking it easy and doing very well. My husband has waited on me hand and foot.

I have my bottles of Adhesive Remover (Uni-Solve) thanks to Elli890 (miss her a whole bunch....hope she is well). The Uni-Solve has already helped with removing the tape from my IV--saturated a cotton ball and applied to edges--came off lickety split!

I am overjoyed that I did this--an amazing gift......forever grateful.


Hello Sis......Stopping by to show some love. I know Ive been MIA for awhile. I got to do better for the girls up and coming. I just turned 10 months still loving my results just need a few areas improved. I will post updated pics as soon as I can. I did see Dr Schulman and he said unfortunately I dont have any fat to harvest......Bummer. I will be in Miami next month for a friend's retirement party so, I plan to stop by to see Dr Salama for his opinion. Glad to see your second dip went well can't wait to see pics.
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Good to see you! Would love to see some recent pics. Have fun in Miami showing off your new body!! And trust me, Dr. Salama has a fat tracker, if it's there he's gonna find it. LOL.
Hey girl ^_~, any pictures of your most decent procedures?
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A little update with a couple pics......

Absolutely, positively LOVE my results! My breasts have healed so beautifully :)))) Scars are well hidden (undetectable as they are under my breasts; my vertical scars underneath the nipples are pretty much invisible (already!). My beauties are now a perky 36D cup...nipples are all get out SEXINESS.....nipple sensitivity.....through the roof (in all the right ways!) My waist is now at 28 inches. The 200cc per cheek gives a little extra booty pop....definitely was not needed....but as a consummate booty lover, I'm surely not complaining lol!


You look great!! I love your very informative review. I was wondering, does he use SCD compression devices during surgery or just plain ole compression socks? Thank you for your time.
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You are gorgeous!!
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Thank you!!
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