Hello!! I found my surgeon on real self by going...

Hello!! I found my surgeon on real self by going through reviews. I am having the brazilian butt lift scheduled for next week!! I'm not nervous yet and don't think I'll be til the night before the procedure. I am 5'5" and weigh 172 lbs. I was 181 lbs and lost some weight. I stopped losing weight when I decided to the BBL. I would like the best results and want the Doc to have enough to work with. I have had a tummy tuck and a breast lift done a couple years ago. The breast lift with implants left me top heavy. When I lose weight, I lose my booty. That is why I've decided to do this. I will post pics and updates along my journey to help you ladies with your decision making. Please feel free to ask me questions to!!


Good luck to you I have a consulte with him next month
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Dr. Schulman is really pleasant and knowledgeable. He takes time to answer all your questions and will not do 'extra procedures' if its not needed.
Good luck! I'll be following ur journey.
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I had my consultation on August 9, 2013. I paid the deposit that same date and secured my surgery date for 9/3. Had my physical and blood work completed by 8/19.


Hello increaseme! Im also thinking of getting a bbl with dr. Schulman but I just found out I'm pregnant:) so I can't for now :( I had money saved for my bbl, but now most of the money is for the baby. Do you know if he has payment plans?
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Hi nov16girl!! Congratulations to you! I am not sure about payment plans. I know that the balance of the surgery needs to be paid 3 weeks prior to the sx date. Just wanted to share with you that I had a tummy tuck and breast lift when my baby was 4 motnhs old back in 2009. I had another baby 7 months ago and it really didn't mess up my tummy tuck. My only issue is the weight I gained since my first procedures. Don't want to lose too much now because I want maximum results, need Dr.S to have plenty to work with!!! Conaider your BBL as soon as your ready after the baby only because the prices are going up! I paid $8500 for my TT and breast lift together back in 2009 and now a breast augmentation alone is about $6500- $9000!!!

This is where I started!

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More pics posted!!

Just posted more pics!! Dr. S did mention lipo on my abdomen but he really doesn't think it's necessary. Girls, my tummy is flat when I eat right and besides I already invested in that years ago with the TT!!! I need to order that half foam roll from Amazon, thanks Booty4real for that tip!!! I haven't shared this with my man. My bff is going with me the day of my procedure. I'm a big fan of "not everyone needs to know your business"! People won't understand why I'm deciding to do this and will say "you're fine just the way you are". So it's a secret!! My man anf I don't live together and we're practing celibacy!! So, I don't think he'll notice. A part of me do want to tell him, maybe I'll tell him when it's all said and done!

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Well Proportioned Please!!

As you can see in the pics, my breast augmentation left me top heavy! When I lose weight, I lose my butt. Boobs stay big!! Need to be well proportioned!


Good luck. I'm considering md s as well. Keep us posted
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Ok, great! Have you had your consultation yet?
Wait....you already had your procedure done right? ^^Just a lil confused cause the above post said your "considering md s as well" but I just read your review and your pics look great!

Trying Not To Go Overboard!!!

I love to be organized and some call me a clean creak!!!! So, with that being said....yesterday I cleaned my house (you can eat off the bathroom floor!!) and did some last minute shopping!! I purchased a body pillow from Target, vitamin C, more women's multivitamins, dial antibacterial soap, and the half foam roll. I drove just about to every sporting good store and finally went into Sports authority and they ordered it online for me. Should be delivered to my door in a couple days. Cost was $25 with 20% off (cause it was an online purchase) and free shipping! I will worry bout the stage 2 garment when I get close to that hump. My man was off of work too so I had him stocking up on fruits and veggies for me and the kids. Also had him looking for the Calendula tea that is good for post op swelling. I'm keeping myself well hydrated with H2O preoperative. I think I iust need to find a good scar reducing oil or cream for the lipo incisions. Oh yeah, my bff is getting the lipofoam for me on her way down here on Thursday. I'm almost there ladies!!! Praying as I always do!!!! Also praying for the young lady that was burnt severely!!!! Be encouraged sweet soul!! I will update maybe tomorrow or on my way to the center! Til next time my Luvs!!


Good luck having mines done on 9/10
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Thank you, very exciting and a lil nerve wrecking at the same time! I'll keep you posted hun!
Don't worry you be fine I will keep you in my prayers I'm nervous too I'm praying to God that everything goes well

I'm still up!!

Can't sleep! Cleaned and got my daughter situated for first day of school tomorrow. Having surgery on my baby's first day back to school....couldn't have planned it better! I took more before pics so that i can compare them side by side with the end product. Will post soon! Gotta get some rest now!!! Til next time ladies!! Good night! :)


You did great with your preparation.....can't wait to hear how your doing....many blessings
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Goodluck. Youll b fine
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Thank you!!

I'm Home Ladies!!!

What a day! God is good! I made it thru my procedure! It was scheduled for 12:30pm and didnt end up in the surgery suite till 2:50pm. I'm a RN anf know how things can get so I wouldn't dare fuss anf besides everyone there was so supportive and nice!! To tell you the truth, I was more afraid of post op nausea!! But the anesthesiologist took great consideration in preventing that! Love him for that! The hour and 40 minute ride home was very uncomfortable, I wanted to sit up but laid in the back on my tummy. Dr. S did say that I could sit up for the ride home but I done paid too much money to not follow the rules!!! I'll take Uncomfortable for 200 Alex!!!! lol...I'm really sore and swollen but I have a high pain threshold! He suctioned 4 liters of fat from my bqck alone and placed 1000 ml (cc or 1L) into each cheek!!! I was shocked all that cam from just my back! I have used the bathroom 5 times already since agter the sx, made it yhe house at 11pm. My bff is awesome, she's staying the night and helping me with my kids!!!!! My man and I live in 2 different states. He doesn't know anything about my BBL, forgive me Father but I had to say I took a nasty fall today and broke my tailbone. I really didn't want to fabricate the story but I needed an excuse for when he sees me like this. Here some pics so far!


Random tip--(you might've already picked up on this, but just in case) no sneaking on jeans for a while--risk of killing fat cells
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B4R, I am so swollen even more so now than in those pics. I can't imagine squeezing jeans on and don't think I have any that'll fit! I have to hide this bootay for as long as I can. My current situation is a moo moo given to me by my mother when I was pregnant! lol
I don't want to kill any cells so I'm sticking to the rules! Keep the tips coming too B4R, they're a big help!




Teeeeheeeee......random tip: Walmart has the best stretch pants (moomooo probably best until the 2 week mark lol)--so these black stretch pants are considered yoga pants-- I don't know what I would do without them! And of course, easy on the pocket book so I have at least 7 pairs--at work, I rock them with my beautiful Macy's tunics....the pant leg does not cling around the knees and calfs--my faves!!
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Great! I'll check them out!
Glad you're doing great home safely and recovering well!
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What A Chore!

I did not anticipate removing my Garment so soon, but when nature calls, nature calls! Really was a relief to do a #2! I did not realize what a task taking off the garment would have been. I took it off, did my business, washed up, and by the time I put it back on all my energy was about washed away. I was trying to stay away from the percocet but the pain was wiping me down so I had to take a pill. I was able to measure I hope I did this right, 34 32 waist and 45 romp! With all the prepping for the procedure I forgot to take my pre op measurements. Talk about swollen!


OMG we look like booty twins lol!! You even look great in the dress with the garment on!!
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lol....lol, booty twins, I like that!! Too funny! Girl, I was walking around here feeling like Nicky Minage! ;) Thanks!
lol!!! You got it!

More Pics!

Here are more pics! I showered again today and might I say that it felt so good to have that garment off!! After the shower, I massaged my tummy and all the sore swollen areas with bio oil. Felt great! Oh, and the bootay jiggled as I was walking naked...lol. Felt great! I have beeb taking the arnica tabs and Calendula extract, and yes, they are a BIG help!! My bruising and swelling should be 50 times worse but aren't! Thank you Jesus! The bootay is coming right along, not too big and definitely not small. Perfect size for me! Here are some pics before Aunt G (garment) locks me up!

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Extra compression!

My pubic area was swollen and I didn't habe any lipo done to my tummy, just to my back! So, I folded a hand towel and placed it across the bottom of my tummy and pubis, and also placed two wash rags folded into quaters along the side of my curve underneath the garment. Made sure that they weren't wrinkled. Noticed swelling decreased by half within hours!


luv your results.....I was going to say 'luv your ass' but that doesn't sound right. Dr. S recent work has me thinking....I may choose him. I like the fact that he takes his time and demonstrates care.
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Looks great!!!
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Thank you:)

What a Day!

Healing is draining! Ladies make sure you get plenty of rest as you heal! I know that is hard to do as mother's, housewives, employees, bosses!! Today it took me forever to remove that foam from my back, then it was mandatory back to school night, thank God my love is here with me tonight and picking up a lot of my mommy duties! I feel drained! The more support you have, the better. The more stuff comes off, i.e. dressings, foam, fluid, swelling, the better I start feeling. I really need to rest and no that I haven't been doing so like I should. Everything is looking goodd so far, PRAISE God! Still swollen but coming along!

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more pics 5 days post op


Awesome results! !! U go girly!
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You hit the jackpot!! Sooo Bootiful:))) Hey, it sounds like you got the foam off on your own (God bless you). Any particular tips on that outside of what I shared?
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lol, no girl! Your tip was the best if you have someone there to help. I couldn't wait for my girl to get here so I did it in the shower with a lot of body wash. it was breaking into pieces but I was determined to het every lil bit of it off! Very painful in some areas but I took my time and since I was in the shower I kept on rubbing the end of a bar of soap on the parts that were lifting as I was peeling. And made sure i held my finger down firmly against the skin near the pulled away foam as I peeled away from that finger; this lessened the pain tremendously and prevented the adhesive from pulling the tiny skin hairs! When I got out the shower I still had areas where the adhesive from the foam stayed on, so I gently rubbed them off with the tip of my finger while the area was still damp. It took what seemed like forever but I'm so glad its off! Back rolls are gone and back looks so smooth! Dr. S did an awesome job on the incisions, can hardly sew them! So proud that he did my surgery! One of the reasons I felt so drained, standing in the shower for too long. Oh yeah, and I drove for the first time today since surgery. It wasn't bad, I used 2 neck roll pillows under my knees and two pillows behind my back. Still waiting for the half foam roll in the mail. I'm still in a great deal of pain but didn't want to take pain med because I know I'd be driving. Thanks for the tip on the yoga pants, stocked up on some today too!

Shout out to all my strong ladies...

Shout out to all my strong ladies that are having or have had a TT, breast augmentation, multiple areas lipoed all during one procedure. That is a lot on our bodies all at once but you ladies have strength and bodies have healing power! Benefits are one overall healing, one leave of absence, one anesthesia, one recovery. Set backs is PAIN! lol. ..but I tip off my hats to you hot mamas, NO PAIN, NO GAIN!


Go sis. U r looking really good.
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Thanks and yay!!! I have another sissy! lol :)
Where are your pics @alwaysNyc? What did or are you having done?


So, I schedule a massage for today. I was really looking forward for that relaxing massage to take away some of this pain. The massage therapist told me that she wouldn't feel comfortable giving me a massage being them only 7 days post op. That sucked! I understood why she wouldn't have felt comfortable giving me that massage and its okay. So I just came home took a nice long shower and massage myself and I feel good. I'll tell you one thing I feel a whole lot better than I did 3 days ago. My booty is looking nice! I am still hiding it with big dresses. I wore maxi dress yesterday, and noticed my love staring at my butt . I still haven't told him that I did this procedure I'm just sticking to my breaking my tailbone story. Here are some more pics that I just took!

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Trying to look like you sissy!!!
Aww:)) teehee. If your in the NYC area, there is a "go to" masseuse that ladies have used........

Feeling 80% Better!!

Hey my Brazalian Butt lifters! I had my 1 week follow up appointment last week with Dr S. My stitches fell out on their own and I didn't even notice them. I was feeling very sore at my appointment and swollen. Have to admit to you that I have not been resting like I should have been. That is mainly because I am a single mother of 3 and always on the move. I was able to rest all day Saturday, my ninth day post op & it helped tremendously. That one day of rest decreased my swelling significantly and gave me back 80 percent of my energy. It is very important to rest after having a procedure like this. I have to keep reminding myself the main goal of the garment which I'm also going to remind you. You are trying to achieve maximum compression at the liposuction sites with the garments. So with that being said, the butt area does not need compression. Dr S explained to me that the areas of liposuction needs maximum compression for the maximum results. This is a very crucial the first 3 weeks after surgeryas shape is being maintained.
I was able to attend my class 1 week post op and church service without anyone noticing me not sitting on my behind. Ladies, you can try this to see if it works for you. I have a medium-sized to large handbag that you can either put your regular stuff in, or stuff it with some linen. I am still wearing big dresses and skirts. I placed my handbag at the end of the chair near the back of my thighs and lifted the back of my skirt a little and sat on it. The bag wasn't seen because I covered the sides with my skirt. It really wasn't bad and it was quite comfortable.

At the end of week 3, I will switch to a stage 2 garment. The stage to garment is warm from week 3 to week 8. I ordered a squeem size medium, hope it's nit too big. my stahe 1 garment is a large and it has not been as tight around my but like it was the first week so I'm guessing I should order garment 2 a size smaller. My measurements as of yesterday are: 34" chest 30.5" waist 43"hip. The swelling has gone down significantly and booty is still holding.

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Everyone's healing is different. Heal at your own pace! It's very important to listen to your body!


You look nice! Ur bokd nine days sitting on her....wow and not even a traveling boppy pillow? U go mommy!
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Thanks, I'm not sitting on my butt. My dresses are so big that it looks as if my butt's on the chair but she's floating...lol I'm scares to sit on my lil tush
Happy healing hun and your results are A-mazing!!!! God bless.
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More pics!

Here are more pics with me sitting on my handbag, hopefully this more clear. I'm realizing that before tonight I have not sat down while I'm home. I sit to drive, at church and in class and even then I get up to stretch because my legs goes numb. I'm starting to get used to sleeping on my tummy and standing to eat... FYI- Dr. Schulman tries not to use drains and he doesn't need to using his scoop technique. I did not have a drain just maximum compression where he created the scoop.


0_0.... pink pants are poppin mama! So glad to see you doing well. I'm kinda stalking all you BBL Troopers, lol. You ladies that's posting pics and tellin it all really helps us other ladies to move forward and "GET IT READY, GET IT READY". My time is near and I seek knowledge from any of you ladies, whether we have the same doc or not. It doesn't matter cuz we all getting the same prodedure! keep the pics coming because results are GREAT! be blessed my sista
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You look FANTASTIC!!! Love the handbag idea!
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Thanks! lol, handbag comes in handy just in case you're not prepared while you're out. Make sure it's an old bag and nothing fragile is in it.

By the way ...

By the way......I wear my stage 1 garment at all times!! Only comes off when I'm getting ready to shower. I model the panties and the pants just to take pics for you gals to see how my booty is coming along...lol I still keep her hidden!!


Loving the look the pink pants are the bomb.com he did that
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Thanks hun! :)
Thanks hun!! I haven't started wearing fitted clothes yet, inky trying them on for the pics! I'm still healing and am getting better each day! I do not regret spending the money, the pain, the sacrifice...it's all worth it! It's all the same procedure and everyone's journey helps to pave your own journey.

New at Home Sitting Idea!!

Look ladies, I have not been sitting comfortable in my house ever since my procedure. I found a new comfy way to sit without putting pressure on that tush! All you need is a step stool or something to that nature, a few square pillows and a coffe table or the side of your bed and voilà! Make it happen baby! :)


Hi sweetness25! He pulled 4000cc's out of my back anf 1100cc's went into each cheek/hip area. Pray all goes well with you and your procedure my dear!
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Oh ok n thank you so much!
you're welcome hun!

Surgery Prep list:

Here's a list of the things I found necessary post op, please add on to it if I left anything out:

arnica tablets (easier to take and absorbed better rather than applying the gel cause garment will be on at all times)
Calendula extract (taste better mixed in an ounce of orange juice)
vitamin C pills
multi vitamins for women
bio oil (walmart, don't apply on fresh open wounds)
half foam roll
boppy pillow
body pillow
nex care band aides
dial antibacterial body wash
prescribed pain meds
extra pillows (for the car ride home and for sleeping)
lipo foam
stock up on groceries (fresh fruits and veggies) and household items
clean your house (don't try to clean post op)
run errands pre op
gauze pads (for drain sites)
surgical tape (to hold gauze pads)
feminine pads/ tampons (if it's that time of the month or gonna be)
seamless tank tops (to wear under neath garment to prevent irritation from garment)
Plenty of rest!!!!!!!
Please feel free to add to list the things that helped you post op!!!!!!


Hey 86baby, I made a list of items that I found helpful post op. Check out my review.

Pre op list....

If you haven't had the surgery already....don't spend money on extra garments! Wait and see what your PS suggests and will give to you post op. You will wear the stage 1 garment for up to 3 weeks so you have time. You will not know what size you'll need til you get to that bridge. Don't spend unnecessary money, we spent enough on our booty investments! :)


I have a consultation with Dr S. tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. As per your pics, he does a good job! : )
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Thanks, he sure does and you will see for yourself!
Just read it - so helpful! I just purchased some vitamins yesterday actually (C and Iron) but I need a good multivitamin too. Happy healing!

um um umm!

Trying on some clothes!


And I think your results are great, it fits ur frame perfectly & still looks like u have a fatty just a natural one!
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Thank u!
Ok, thanks for the advice. My family knows, I don't want my coworkers to know. I plan on telling them I've been exercising.
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1 month post op

Here are some pics, I will write an update later.


Hi increaseme did you tell Dr. S exactly what you wanted or did you leave it up to him? I'm asking because I want results like yours but all I said in the consult was "I'd like to look natural" I think I need to be more specific before the actual date of my sx. Thanks in advance for your response.
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I told him that I wanted to look like I had something there, nothing drastic and not ridiculously big! I definitely told him that I wanted something natural. He put way more in than I expected and I'm glad he did and it still gave me a natural look that fit my frame. He will look at your wish pics the day of the procedure. I feel the more cc's he puts in, the better. Of course with all the post op swelling it will look too big a week after surgery but all that swelling goes down and you'll end up with your dream booty.
You look amazing!! I chose Dr. S too! Scheduled for Jan. 2014!! Super excited!!
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More pics

Right now I was wearing a medium squeem during the day and both the stage 1 and squeem together at bedtime. My medium is now too loose. I'm down to 168lbs. I ordered a vedette 103 size 32 but its a lil too snug. So. my aunt is taking the medium squeem in for me. I'm healing well. Lipo areas are so tender and sore when I don't wear my garments. Garment definitely gives you support you need for healing and feels much better when they're on.


You look amazing! Def the outcome I'm looking for too. I'm a few weeks away and starting to get nervous but I'm excited!
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You look great. I feel More confident now on going w schulman. Was considering going out the country cause it would cost me less but it's just not worth the risk. Thank you for your review and pics. Helped me a lot
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How was post op massages? How soon after surgery did u start and how often? I wanna schedule massages I know Dr S says their unnesseccary but I feel they can only help with recovery,
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Lost more weight but.....

Lost more weight but measurements are the same. Everything is looking good. Lower back lipo areas are sore some days but I'm back 100%. No more swelling! The stage 2 garment is so uncomfortable, literally gave me indian burns! Here are some pics!


You look awesome!!! Very beautiful results babe! Congrats on being back to 100 ;) I've been keeping your "at home sitting idea" in mind. Thanks for continuing to update!
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It's perfect. I love the Schulman scoop and shape. Yay! Team Schulman!
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Oh yes sissy.....that booty is Right!!! Fits you like a glove. Despite the weight loss, that booty is holding tough....winning! #teamSchulman
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Waist 29.5"
Hips 43.5"
Weight 165lbs

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another pic


when did you sit on your butt for the first time?
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At 6 weeks post op, I had a five hour flight and had no choice. I did occasionally try to switch positions. It really didn't change anything. Booty is still looking good and starting to fluff!
Oh & that jumpsuit...there is just no words!!! Can't wait until I can wear hi waisted pants! Lol
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Almost 3 months post op!!

Where has the time gone?? I'm feeling great! Had my 2 month (a lil late though) with Dr. Schulman yesterday and all is well. I have been losing weight down to 163 lbs from 175 but no volume lost form booty though. That's only because Dr. S used back fat and back fat is stable fat. You don't lose it quickly with weight loss. No more tingling sensations in my lipoed areas and I no longer use a boppy to sit. I'm starting to fluff and jiggle/wiggle! And the attention is something else based on if I choose to expose it or not!! I'll let the pics speak for themselves! Be inspired ladies! Much love!!

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Ooops!! Here are the pics!!


thank you for this review your body looks amazing
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Thank you and you're welcome!
Look amazing!
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3 months post op!

I'm 3 months post op and I feel great! I'm still wearing my squeem and stage 1 garment to bed and around the house. I'm so happy that I made this investment and didn't share what I did with everyone. I absolutely love my PS for what he's done. Continue to do your research ladies, be motivated and encouraged with the decision you make! ?


Omg you look great !!!!! I saw you are an Rn -'so am I , psych home health ... My biggest question is how was work? Did you sit ?
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Two words..... "Brick House!".... Looking good hun!
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Uh oh! That's what I'm talking about! Thank you:)

Lipo to Thighs-extra leg compression

This is for the ladies, that have had lipo to thighs and swelling into legs/ankles/feet. Try putting on a pair of tights or spanks underneath the stage 1 garment. Once it is on or prior to placing it on, cut out the crouch and cheeks to imitate the look of the cut out areas of your stage 1 garment. The tights or spanks will help with extra compression to the entire legs and prevent digging of the garment into the bruised, swollen, and sensitive areas Here are some pics of a lady 3 days post op extensive lipo to thighs, and upper/ lower back (No BBL). Total of 8 liters of fat was removed, which is also 16 lbs of fat.


Hey Sweetie.....Thanks so much for the tip for providing extra ccompression to swollen thighs. I see and feel iimprovement this morning.
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U look great!
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Thanks sis♥

Pics of Lipo to thighs with extra compression using spanks or tights


Hey lady, I had to revisit your blog. You know we look at so many that sometimes we forget whose pictures/doctors/ goes with whose screen names? Your pictures are that FIRE! Hun, your body is definitely bangin' and the truth! I'm getting ready to inbox you.
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Hey RS sis! Thank you hun! And isn't that the truth. I do forget who's who when I stay away from RS too long, lol. Hope all is well with your prepping and I'll be waiting for that PM:-)
Just sent it;-).

Almost 5 months Post op!

Hey my beautiful ladies. I have been doing great. Enjoying my cheeks and the attention that they get. I sometimes feel guilty for the attention. I am a very humble woman so the attention though it can be enjoyable, makes me uncomfortable. I have posted new pics of my BBL journey. I'm forever grateful for Dr. Schulman for his sculpting and his talent. I don't were my garment all the time but is on more than it's off.

Ladies, I have gained weight. I was 165 lbs last week and 177 lbs as today. I just got a weird craving to eat everything oit of no where! I do go to the gym at least twice a week. Here are the pics with me being 177lbs.

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I am sorry I meant how many days did you need help before you were able to manage on your own. Thanks
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I saw you used a half foam roll. What is that for and hit 13 week pic update is insane. How many days did you need help before you were able town age on your own. Thanks for all your replies. It's helping me a lot:)
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Hi, I love your review and amazing results. I want your butt. I had my so silt today and I am doing the back and not abdomen. I am hoping it turns out like yours. I will show him your butt. Lol. Amazing. Please let me in on advice. I has my consult and is booked for the 3/14. So excited. Thanks
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6 months post op!

Hi ladies! I'm 6 months post op and loving my booty! It's gotten bigger and I love it. Dr. Schulman did an awesome job and his work speaks for itself. Ladies, do your homework in choosing a board certified plastic surgeon and prepare yourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, financially for this journey. Trust me, it is a Journey that shouldn't be taken lightly.


Doesn't that booty look incredible!!! He did an excellent job and you're wearing it well. Rock on!!
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Girl that Phatty is definitely poking! I love it!
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Thank you sis!

BBL Journey

As I posted in my review above, ladies, do your homework in choosing a board certified plastic surgeon and prepare yourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, financially for this journey. Trust me, it is a Journey that shouldn't be taken lightly. Nothing you do pre op can really prepare you for your post op recovery experience. We, as well as our plastic surgeons, all know that elective procedures comes with risks. That is why we read and sign consents. By signing the consent, we agree that we are aware of the risks and complications of the procedure and we would not hold the PS liable if negligence isn't involved.

Many of our vets incurred complications but addressed it on RS accordingly with respect to their PS. Amazonian goddess, sexeeangel and ladyb2011, to name a few. But with presenting their complications on RS, they also updated us with their progression with all due respect to their plastic surgeons that provided them treatment until full recovery.

For the ladies that are new to RS and are considering a BBL or any kind of plastic surgery, do not be discouraged. Everyone's experience is different. You will not now what to expect until you reach the other side of your journey, it's called recovery. That is regardless of whoever you have researched, how much you have researched and whoever you've chosen to be your PS.

If you have experienced any kind of complication and your PS is or has provided treatment for your complications, be mindful on how you present these experiences to the ladies that are looking forward to their day. A lot of the issues that are expressed on this forum isn't alway expressed in such a way to the PS at follow up appointments.

Ladies, I say all this to remind you that no one made us decide to have an elective procedure. This is something we decided to do for ourselves knowing the risks involved. Speak with your PS about any problems that you may have post op and work with them not against them while you are being treated.

I look forward to seeing our future BBL angels' results on RS and pray all goes well with everyone's procedure and recovery. It is a rough process and all of our bodies reacts differently to whatever procedure it is that's preformed. Be encouraged always?


Thank you for that BBL journey post. We (those up and coming to the procedure) need that truth in our midst. This is such a huge undertaking not for anyone to be cavalier about in any respect and at any stage. Much love & respect sis!
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Thank you kindly♥♥

^^Be encouraged always?^^

Be encouraged always?

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Be Encouraged Always!

No question marks (don't know why a '?' Keeps posting).


So inspiring! Your butt is the butt of my dreams, lol. I'm debating between Dr. S, and Dr. Duran. They both do such great work it'll be a tough call. Anyway I really appreciate your honesty about PS itself. Just like you say, everyone heals differently, it's an invasive surgery and complications sometimes happen. The best way to prepare is to be as healthy as possible going in. Thanks and please keep with the updates, as long term BBL results are so hard to find on this website. :-)
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Thank you, so glad that my journey has inspired you♡
Very true view points you made and thank you so much for the compliment! You look very nice! Keep up the great job!
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Going for round 2 on Monday April 7th!

Hey my bootiful ladies. I have been away from my review for a month. I'm here to update you as to where I am currently. I have decided about two weeks ago to go for round 2, which will include my inner thighs and abdominal lipo. I really didn't consider my inner thighs during round 1 and I should have. They rub like crazy in the summer and that have always been a nuisance to me. I didn't have my abdomen done during round 1 and with the recent weight gain, I could use a smaller waist and why waste the fat?! Might as well get more hips, curves and roundness and projection! I really am doing round two for the inner thighs but have added the extras because there will not be a round 3! Lol, no no no! I will keep you ladies updated.

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And of course....

And of course I refuse to go to any other PS for round 2 other than my main man Dr. Schulman!


Can't wait to get some updates, sending you prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery!!!
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Thank you hun!
Happy healing hun!!
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Round 2 Complete 04/07/2014!

Hey ladies! I'm safe, I'm home and I'm recovering. In pain, and about to try to sleep. I'll will keep my sisters updated!


Thank you for sharing ur story. Heal well.and by the way Rd 1 looks amazing! So rd 2, gurl...
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Round 2 recovery has been very painful but I'm looking forward to seeing the end results:-)
Sis.....Hang in there! When you see your final results it will all be worth it. Be patient with your recovery remember day by day it gets better.

Round 2 Update!

Hello ladies! I have been recovering from round 2 so for the last couple of days I focused mainly on recovery. I have been responding to the individual messages below. Here is just the breeze update with what has happened since April 7th 2014, my round 2 date! I have had a recent weight gain. Round 1 pre surgery weight the day of surgery, I was 175 pounds. I lost the wait a couple months after round 1, I went down to 163 pounds. On April 7th Monday, I weighed 183 pounds. My weight fluctuates so much that this is nothing new to me. With the weight gain, my dog ears from my 2009 tummy tuck became a lot larger. I had put on a dress a couple weeks ago and did not wear underwear and you really could see the dog years spoken to the dress. I immediately called the office and scheduled for round 2. I also had my inner thighs lipoed along with my abdomen. As Dr Schulman was marking me up pre op, he examined my old tummy tuck incision and made sure it was okay with me to re open the incision. He explained to me that is he life hold my abdomen then more than likely the skin will become lose and hangover the incision. So, he basically took off the entire scar/incision, pulled the skin on my tummy down tighter and resealed the new incision. He performed a little smooth tuck procedure on me. Finally got rid of those dog ears as well! Yay! Today is 3 days post op. I am recovering. I took my first shower today. I am starting to get used to the pain. The pain is mainly and my legs. My legs really feel heavy and my inner thighs are very swollen. My tummy and hips are swollen as well. We do not waste that over here! Lol, so I had the fat rejected into my lower booty where the creases are and also into my hips. Here are the pictures I took the morning of surgery and the pictures I took today which would be 3 days post op. Thank you ladies for all your support!

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Please don't mind the spelling errors!

He explained to me that when he does lipisuction to my abdomen, more than likely the skin will become loose and hangover the incision.
We do not waste precious fat over here!
Lol, so I had the fat re injected into my lower booty where the creases are and also into my hips. I do not know the amount of cc's I've received as of yet but will keep you posted.


Sis the heaviness in your legs is normal it drove me crazy. Literally I was not able to lift my legs while laying on my stomach. The legs are quite a recovery be patient doll.
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Yes, sissy, I keep thinking about you every time I have to move these tree trunks. But being in the gym doing squats and 8 speed on the elliptical rea
Really helped strengthen my quads and my glutes.

Before and After Round 2 pics

Here's a better picture of my TT incision before and after the scar revision. I am 4 days post op today. I weighed 183 lbs morning of procedure, April 7th. Weight today is 196 lbs. So, about 13 pounds of fluid. It will subside.


You're looking great babe :) Incision placement looks much better. Nice hips too!
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U look great.
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Thank you hun:-)

10 days post op Round 2

I forgot how tough recovery can be. Ladies, always good to have support if not, then a caregiver should be considered. I haven't been feeling well. I ended up with an upper respiratory infection during recovery. Chills and sweats from post op day four to about 2 days ago. It drained my energy. It was tough but I'm feeling much better. Inner thigh lipo is no joke. The more I'm on my legs the more they start feeling like there's lead in them. All in all, everything is getting better. I always say, "it looks and gets worse before it gets better, but things do get better." My tummy doesn't bother me at all. Here are some pics taken today. I also noticed a garment irritation on the back of my left leg.


Hey sis :) wow, looks like your almost 2 weeks post op....just about over the hump!
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Yes, 2 weeks post op, yay! Bout to write a quick review with pics.
Yayyyyy! Ok great!! I posted a quick update this morning as well....goodness how the time flies!

2 Weeks post op Round 2

Very busy weekend and no I did not spend it in the house. Had to step out twice and no I couldn't wear my garments. So it was off for a couple of hours and yes, I did swell up all the way down to my ankles. Once, I got home, I wrapped myself like a mummy. I used my stage 1, my squeem, ace wrap for my thighs and compression stockings, all for extra compression. It worked like a charm. I'm always trying to think of ways to ease extra pain, swelling, and all the other post op nags that we go through. Here are some pics of my extra compression and one of my evening out to dinner.

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Front view...

Pic of front view of extra compression. I weighed 198 lbs last week and down to 187 lbs today. Pre op weight was 183 lbs.


Looking great!!!! Your a pro!!!! Love it!!!
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Thanks sis, keep me posted with whatever you decide.
Yes I will! I go next week to see him. I will dif let you know wat my outcome is :0)

17 days post op round 2/ Follow up appt today

Hello my bootiful ladies! I had my 2 week follow up appointment today. I should have been seen last week but I pushed it to 2 weeks because I knew that I was driving myself.

Dr. Schulman has a new Physician's Assistant and her name is Sari. She fits right in with the rest of the crew. They are all awesome and knowledgeable! Having Sari available allows him more time to be in the OR getting us ladies looking right. Sari took her time to answer my questions and concerns, it was a very good visit.

So I had 2100 cc's of fat removed from my abdomen and 1100 cc's removed from my inner thighs. This is how Dr. Schulman best described the procedure in detailI:
"I suctioned 2100cc out of your abdomen and 1100cc from your thighs.  I took all that fat and spun it in a manual centrifuge to get only pure (liquid-less fat) and it was 1600cc. All that went back in - 800cc per side. You should lose very little of this fat because round 2 fat survives better (it has already survived one attempt at its removal) and also I now spin my fat so there is no water to be absorbed."

So, there you have it ladies. In round one, I had 4000 cc's of fat removed from my back and 1100 cc's added to each sided. So if we want to add cc's, that's a whopping 1900 cc's to each side. Y'all know I have to post pics now.

Round 2 wasn't cheap but it qas well worth it! I feel 85% myself, the other 15% will be when I can sit again, lol. I feel really good. Only feel sore when my garment is off for too long. I have been massaging myself during and after my showers.

I can't stress it enough ladies, plastic surgery recovery is no joke! You have to have someone available to help you with recovery. The help goes a long way and is worth it. It takes a load of stress off of your already immunocompromised, stressed, injured body. Surgery takes a huge toll on your body. It is very important for you to not stress and truly focus on recovery.


Do you know how many in inches did you measure before round one ?
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You look fantastic ! Love how schulman makes 1100 look like 1600 cc
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Round 1 and round 2 you had the same doctor ? What were your measurements before/after round one and before/after round 2. Also what was your height and weight. You look absolutely fantastic, I loooooove that ass
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I'm 1 month post op round 2 today! Still have swelling in thighs and tummy. I was asked about my measurements:
-didn't measure myself before round 1, weighed 175 lbs day of procedure

-after round 1, 30" waist and 43.5"hip
-weighed 183 lbs day of round 2 procedure and I'm 5'5"
-as of today, 29" waist, 46.5" hips.


Sooki dooki now!!!! Hourglass!!!!! Yes I'm green w/envy. Lolololol. So very happy for you. Xoxoxo
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lol, Hey, you never know what your future holds in PS land!! lol
Round 2 rocks you are nice and full and lots of projection! Love it!
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Almost 5 weeks post op

Almost 5 weeks post op round 2 pics. Remain hopeful, prayerful and motivated ladies! :-)


I love your legs!!!! Your body is beautiful!
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Thank you♡♡
Happy Mother's Day sissy!
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Post a Review With Pics

Ladies, we are on real self to gain knowledge, help one another and to make the BBL journey a little more comfortable. I do not mind answering questions or helping anyone out, not one bit. I'm seeing that more and more ladies (I hope we are all ladies on here, if not then oopsss!) are just posting questions and are not posting before/after pics or writing reviews. Just like my journey has helped you or someone else, your journey can be an inspiration as well. So, write a review and post wish and before/after pics so that we can continue to help one another along this BBL journey.


Uhhm, I know you are a very busy mom and professional woman. That being said, what a Sista gotta do to see that booty, eh? (Hehe) From one of your many booty followers B4R * _^ (I'm biting off of MzPhatbooty with her symbol faces.....I'm trying MzP!!!)
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Sis, I'm busy but that's no excuse. I got you with the pic;-)
Girl u look amazing! You make me want to get a round 2... Of course with Dr Schulman. What does he charge for a round 2? Girl I can't believe I would even utter those word esp at 3 weeks. Thank you for the compliment xoxozo

I'm back ladies!

So I'm 10 months post op round 1 and 3 months post op round 2. Recovery was tougher for me round 2 only because I came down with the flu around 4 days post op. All I can say is, and ladies I can't stress this enough, you need a good, supportive care giver to go through recovery with you. Especially for the first 24 hours. Schulman has the details for his care giver. She will go through it with you. You don't need anyone putting you down while your already down physically during recovery.

With all that being said, here are my pics. ENJOY LADIES!


You look AMAZING!! I wanted to ask what was the price for round two because that's exactly what I want done. A bbl,TT and lipo of thighs. I'm so excited. Thinking about getting it done in feb!
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Tgank you hun! The price for round 2 will vary from person to person based on what they're having done. I didn't have a full TT at round 2 so your price will differ.
Increaseme, girl u got that donk! U look awesome and I'm more excited to get my surgery now bc we are built similar in size except I hv more back fat. I'm scheduled Jan 6th with Dr. Ortega in Miami. Thx for all ur tips on sitting especially the purse at church trick (luv it). I'm curious if anyone has just come right out and asked u about ur butt? I'm keeping my procedure a secret too. Is it ok if I use some of ur pics as my wish pics?
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1 Year Post Op Update w/Pics Coming Soon!



girl i am so loving your looks its just amazing i am having mines on the 11/11/14
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Hey lady, you are looking something fierce!!!!! Go on now with your bad self!
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This dr is great just way to expensive he need to have specials or something. When u done with him u will not be able to afford to get other things fixed like a round 2 if needed or breast implants... Wow expensive he is
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New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Schulman is very knowledgeable! He is very active in the medical community and has gotten a lot of recognition from the news, celebrities and his colleagues. He will give you exactly what it is you ask for when it comes to sculpting your curves! I did my homework on plastic surgeons and was willing to travel to Atlanta to Dr. Jimerson. I live in the tri state area and was very grateful I came across Dr. Schulman! My consult went great and he is the #1 go to plastic surgeon in New York for the BBL procedure. Very clean office, professional staff, and convenient surgery scheduling dates! Ladies don't travel far or out of the country because you really don't need to when you have Dr. Schulman!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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