Interested in Having Some Plastic Surgery Done

Hi I am 23 years old And I am very interested in...

Hi I am 23 years old And I am very interested in having some plastic surgeries done because after having kids I tried to maintain my body to look alright but I'm a bit Unhappy with the way I look. After having my kids I have very large breasts Went from a 34B to a 36D and I'm very unhappy with that also I had a vertical C-section very unhappy with that my stomach isn't flat anymore my stomach looks bigger than my behind ughhh hate it! :( So I would like to get a buttocks augmentation, a breast reduction and a Liposuction. I would like an hourglass shape and my 34B breast. I'm trying to get this all done in the Dominican Republic and for those who are wondering why because of coarse pricing and cost!!! If I found an affordable Doctor in the U.S that would except monthly payments then maybe I would have chosen one. I tried bank loans and financing/Care credit but since I am 23 years old with no credit history I wasn't approved!

Please anyone fill me in on anything that could help me thank you.

Welcome aboard! I say research the Doctors in the DR & start saving your money they operate by cash only in the DR. The top PS are Dr.Augustina Hilario Duran, Dr. Yily & Dr. baez & I'm sure there are a few others but these sculpt wonderfully. They all have RS profiles just search to get contact info( to email for quote) & look at their before & after results bc it's plenty of RS sis up here that has posted their pics. Also we all gain confidence in one another when you have pic's of yourself posted w/ ur spec's ( heigh & weight) posted- some may not respond if they see no pics on your profile. Also you can search supply list to see what ladies are buying as well as searching for SX buddies & RH. So good luck on your journey!!
Thank you very much that was very helpful i really appreciate it And I will research these doctors thank you so much hun
No problem Hun & on my review I have some good info too. Check it out.

In search of a board Certified doctor.

Someone Please help me find a doctor in the "DR" any recommendation please.
Feeling a bit stressed out about all this ;(
Hang n there ok!
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