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I wanted this for a long time... I just don't like...

I wanted this for a long time... I just don't like the way I look in my cloths.... My upper body is larger then my lower body (like a football player) I can't stand it. I feel like this will give me a little confidence boost. I saw 3 other doctors and I chose schulman because I loved his before and after pics and he seems to be one of the best for this procedure. His staff was also awesome they answer my annoying emails really quickly lol. Now I just have to get these test done and wait for the day. :)

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Love these results of other people


Good luck! I'm also looking into Dr. S. How was he in the consultation? I want to schedule one but I have so many questions...I don't wanna get disappointed if I only see him for 5 minutes you know?
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He answered all my questions...I didn't feel rushed and if u email him u get replies right away from his staff... They are very nice
Great. Glad to hear it! Keep us posted on your sx :)

Ahhhhhh. I week left

1 more week I'm nervous and excited.... I wasn't really nervous about the pain before but I am now. I keep reading things and people said it feels like u got hit by a bus lol... I also saw a video a girl posted while getting her post op massage and she was screaming :(.... He prescribed Percocet I hope that's strong


Good Luck!
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Big day for us tomorrow boo! I'm really nervous. How bout you? Ready? Bless you girl be strong we can do this!!
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Tomorrow is the big day

Hear are the before pics


Oh my word, your big day is tmwr!! Many blessings!! I'm 3 weeks after you with Dr. Schulman
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I'm excited ill let u know what it's like and post pics
Thanks Shavon....very happy for you! I definitely appreciate that....prayers going up!

Urghhhhhh day after sx

I can hardly write this review this pain is awful... I can take my first shower Thursday so ill try to take pics.... My butttt is hugeeeee and swollen feels like its gonna explode... U will need someone to take care of u cuz I can't do a damn thing for my self


As the days go by.....hope your healing is progressing nicely....
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Ty.... It's hard make sure u have plenty help
Congrats doll, praying for ur speedy recovery because I'll be right behind you. And btw did u think of what to tell ur job???
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4 days post op


Happy healing and a quick recovery.
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Hope your healing is coming along and all goes well tmwr with Dr. S!
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My birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I felt so good and sexy I partied all night long, without sitting of course lol... I guess when recovering u gotta be patient by day 10 u should be feeling some what better


How much did yu weight before surgery , n I have appt on july 17 th to see the same Dr. His work is on the money , yours booty look nice.
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200 and I still weight about the same just got a much better shape.... Ty he is an awesome doctor
Aww:)Happy Birthday girl! Dang, your doing great!
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:) Rachel Mazza, dr.schulman, new garment

Can't wait until I switch into this new garment, It looks sooo much more comfortable then the one I have on. It looks like spanks, no clips or zips.... Let me just say again I'm loving my results... If u are in the ny area or can easily come here for ur sx Pick schulman he is awesome not only is he awesome but Rachel Mazza is amazing... She is the one that answers the phone when u call and answers all of ur emails as soon as u send them... She is sooo sweet and answers every single question u have, and I had a whole lot of questions before and after sx... I emailed her freaking out about how much pain I was in and she made me feel so much better, she's like the friend u need when going through this sx... Anyway I'm gonna upload more pics soon

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Pics almost 2 weeks



You looking good mama, cant wait till july 9th for Dr S to work his magic on me too ,happy healing gal
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Yay yay let me know how it goes and hit me up with any questions
You look great, your stomach went Down a lot so far. Congrats!
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Before and after


Hey, I had my consultation with Dr. Schulman on June 22nd 2013. I loved his office and the staff they are very sweet. I would love to get the BBL done by him now and potentially a BA with Fat Grafting probably next summer. I have some questions for you and since you are the only one that I've seen so far that showed pics of the before and after I have a few questions :) 1. Did you find that he is a conservative doctor? 2. Did he get your butt as big as you wanted it to be? My fear is that he would be conservative and that I would not be happy with my results. But looking at your results, I feel that he is not as conservative as I thought. I would love to talk to you more about the BBL. xoxo
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Hey done got that booty and ran lol Hope your well :))
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Nah I'm here girl I have a second appointment with the doc on the 26 th ill have him take new pics. My Lowe back still soar a little idk if that's normal but other then that everything is great my booty looks good


It's been over a month... I feel a lot better about myself, I can put on almost anything and look good... I am so satisfied... My butt isn't huge anymore but I never wanted a hugeeee butt to begin with. I like my size. People still say its pretty big, I guess I just got used to it.... I still have a lot of soreness in my lower back but everything else feels fine.... Anyone else experiencing this? I see doctor s. again on Friday and I will talk to him about it and let you guys know what he says... I'm going to Dominican Republic for vacation on Sunday and I can't wait to hit the beach and feel good about myself..... :))))) thank u doctor s. and all my real self friends


Hey doll love the results, I'm one month post op too & feel better. Are u still getting ur massages?
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I have a question, so I'm going with Dr. Schulman for my BBL, and I'll be having fat transferred from my abdomen. When the fat is taken from your abdomen, are you required to have a drain? Please let me know thanks.
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Hey girl, I'm gonna jump in on this one since I just scheduled my BBL too. Dr. S does not require drains from what I was told during my consult. :)

A lil over 3 months


Love your results!
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You look great!
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Ty so do u
New York Plastic Surgeon

Seen him briefly for my consult he answered all my questions and told me what to expect. Seems like a nice guy, he has great reviews... I saw 3 other doctors and I chose him because I loved his before and after pics and he seems to be one of the best for this procedure. His staff was also awesome they answer my annoying emails really quickly lol. ... Overall I think he is a excellent doctor can't wait to see my final results a few weeks from now

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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