BBL TODAY! I'm Sooo Nervous! - New York, NY

So I'm a mother of 2 in my mid 30's. And I've...

So I'm a mother of 2 in my mid 30's. And I've always had a pretty flat butt! I'm definitely not new to plastic surgery as I've had BL BA and TT before. But I'm still nervous. I am getting my back stomach and sides lipo'd and then transferred to my flatt butt! I def don't want a HUGE butt but I do need something!!!
Finally after a years I convinced my hubby to let me do this! Fingers crossed it goes well!

Well wish me luck and I will update as I go.

FYI no anesthesia I'm doin it awake which I'm happy about! When I did my TT BL BA I was only under twilight sedation. Prefer this was bc less risky!

I hope all went well. How are you feeling?
Good luck darling...all the best and keep us posted
Good luck!! Let us know how it goes.

Hi girls, I made it through !!! Just very sore...

Hi girls,

I made it through !!! Just very sore and tired from pain meds! Everything looks great so far.

I need to figure how to post pics from my iPhone ..... Hopefully soon!
First things first all the pictures on this website are fake he has his staff put them up and post fake reviews ever wonder why there are only pictures on the table. He has extend your arms in the air so the butt look bigger and ur stomach looks flatter, the pictures from before and after patients are from two different patients. Wants only cash payment because you will never see your money again if not satisfied or if you change your mind. He will have you waiting for over 12 hours and if you want to leave you cant because he has you full amount in cash. He cannot shape a butt and he is not certified. You are never happy with results and he never takes responsibility all he wants is money and for you to spend more and more his consultations are scams he is a good talker he preys on minorites. none of his staff are certified nurses and will quote you a crazy price because they receive commision. The reason you are not put to sleep is becasue they will take away his medical license. You are in extreme pain when you are awake and afterwards. This medical prodecure when you are asleep not local anesthesia. There is no anesthisialogist. It is dirty in an office and not sanitary. We need to stick together and be honest with each other all these post are fake he has his staff do them spread the word this is our body we need to help each other he is a liar a scammer who just wants money you will never get the body you want he will charge you for touch ups
He also has a lot of you tube before and afters!
Dr Ayman Shahine in NYC He's fabulous! He carved my belly an gave me such a nice waist and beautiful curves!!
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