Schulman doll's update (1st post op w/the doc, pics & other stuff)

My BBL story (this 1st entry is kind of long,...

My BBL story (this 1st entry is kind of long, sorry)

I'm 5'4" and weigh around 147lbs (when I started writing this on 9/12/13). Im 37 years old. Workout 6 days a week. Three of those days are full body strength training (push-ups/biceps & triceps curls/rowing machine/one leg squats with weight/walking lunges/adduction & abduction/abdominal roller). The other three days are running (cardio) 2-3 miles at about 9-10 minute mile pace.

I love to eat. Healthy food most of the time. Some fried or dairy laden food on occasion. Small to moderate portions. I drink water 95% of the time. The rest of the time is juice, tea or wine. And I do enjoy sweets, cake/cookies/ice cream. But cholesterol, thyroid, etc. are all good.

After a year and a half of my 6 day workout routine I saw a difference. My derrière became more defined and overall I slimmed down; I was around 160lbs when I started strength training. I basically went from a medium to small, more muscle and less fat. But I plateaued and could not come down anymore without (1) going to a vegetarian diet and (2) loosing any feminine softness I had left. I'm a woman and having a muscular fatless build is not my ideal. So 1 & 2 weren't going to happen. I know I'm an attractive woman but I didn't feel sexy when I looked at my body. I felt healthy & strong but not sexy. I felt like lipo sculpting and BBL would give me the sexy body I desired. Plus I did suffer the usual cruel comments of noassatall, you don't have a butt you have a behind or you're really pretty too bad you don't have a fatty. As well, having a full chest did not compliment my petite derrière.

My manicurist went to her homeland DR and got liposuction on her back/flank/abdomen & fat injections in her derriere. She came back looking pretty good for someone who didn't workout nor eat right for the several years that I've known her. I was inspired. I didn't want to go to DR. I wanted to be close to home just in case of emergency medical needs. I know it's cheaper in DR and many women have had great experiences but I need an American board certified plastic surgeon and US hospitals.

I started my research. How the procedure works, as much technical information about the removal, preparatory treatment of fat, re-injection techniques, before/after pictures, compression garments, etc. Then I went looking for candid doctor reviews. That's when I found realself and it was just what I needed.

I decided to see at least three doctors, I chose the doctors by the most qualitative reviews by patients and patient selfies. I gathered up like 30 questions so I could do my due diligence when I spoke to the doctors and my wish pictures.

I took some pre-op selfies. And set out to see each doc w/questions & wish pics. I want to get a heart shaped ass with plenty of projection, have my tummy flattened out from lipo, the backs of my arms showing the definition hiding under the fat, and back/flank fat significantly minimized.

Met Dr Schulman. Came across as down to earth, confident in his work & realistic. After looking at my wish pics, he told me two things I couldn't achieve (a lot of lipo on the abdomen & still have good contour/wish pic where skin was really taught) and cautioned me against too much lipo on the inner thigh (b/c the skin is thin there & he was concerned about sagging). He basically wanted to know what shape I wanted & how big I wanted my derrière. He wouldn't get into cc's & inches after surgery because its unpredictable. Also told me I didn't have enough for a shelf and/or a really big derrière (good, didn't want one. Want scoop & crescent. Not a bullet butt). He also told me that if I gained 5-8lbs that wouldn't be bad. I had about 30 questions, mostly technical and he answered them all. When I was done he joked he needed a drink. And asked if he passed. (He did pass with flying colors). The staff was professional & the entire experience went smoothly. I forgot to remind the staff that I wanted to see pictures & compression garment when I was done with the dr. It would have been great if the assistant in the room during the consultation would have told the other assistant who goes over dates, pricing, etc to show me those things. Overall a very good 1st time experience.

After seeing Schulman I knew I wanted him to do my surgery. But in all fairness to myself (and to keep my mom happy) I knew I had to continue with the two additional consultations. Also, I wanted to let enough time pass to see results of some of Schulman's patients who were having surgery between October 2013 and January 2014. And I also needed to gain weight (go figure, I spend 21 months adjusting my eating habits & incorporating exercise into my life to have to undo a lot of that work). I also spoke to an acquaintance of mine who has the gift of sight & she told me to gain 10-15lbs if I wanted Schulman to really deliver the results I envisioned. So I removed cardio altogether and put potatoes/bread/baked Mac & cheese/all juices/gravy and boost plus (it's like ensure) on the menu and got rid of all nonfat foods. I was determined to gain the weight in a healthy manner. It's working (at the time of this post I'm weighing 150lbs - up 3lbs from consult w/Schulman)

10/11/13: consultation with Ayman Shanine's office (I saw shahine b/c a friend of a friend (whose cousins works for Shahine) recommended him and boasted that he did Kimbella's derrière. She appeared on love & hip and is Juelz Santana's baby mama. Her derrière looked pretty good from what I remembered so why not?)

I want to start off with a disclaimer....if there are any patients of Shahine reading this entry what follows is my opinion based on my experience. Nothing more & nothing less. Absolutely no offense is intended just speaking my truth.
I arrived about 30 mins early to Shahine's office. It was VERY crowded, not well ventilated and the "practitioner" (I use this word to differentiate him from a plastic surgeon which he is NOT and cosmetic surgeons are NOT board certified) had not arrived yet, which was fine. I filled out the standard paperwork. The office assistant (Nadia) was polite and courteous. She took my paperwork and let me know I would be seen shortly. As we waited (my mom came with me) I reviewed the "certifications" on the wall and noticed something quite peculiar. Amongst the many acknowledgements (from cosmetic not plastic surgery institutions) there was one that appeared in two different places on the wall. It literally had the same date and signatories. My mom and I both thought that was very irregular. I know I've NEVER seen that before in any medical providers office.
A short while after Nadia took my paperwork we were directed to an office where Nadia went over the procedure. Now in my head I'm thinking this woman has not demonstrated she is a nurse and she definitely isn't a doctor, so why on God's green earth is she talking to us?! But I listened for kicks & giggles. She asked to see the areas I wanted the fat removed from. I showed her my stomach, back, flanks & arms (but unlike my consult w/Schulman she did not touch the fatty areas to examine their suitableness). She told me I had plenty of fat (Schulman wanted me to gain 5 more pounds from where I was on 10/11/13 for a total of 8lbs) and she said I didn't have fat on the back of my arms (which Schulman said at first glance that I didn't when he touched my arms he changed that statement).
Then Nadia wrote out the pricing ($16k total). Thereafter she had us watch a video and review pictures. During the video a young woman is talking while Shahine is performing her BBL. Freaky!!! But what is going through my mind as this patient is explaining how being awake helps her help Shahine b/c she can turn & move so Shahine can sculpt the curves she wants is that she isn't a certified medical expert and why should I take her words as anything other than commentary. And I don't want commentary for a surgery of this magnitude and for 5 figures that I'd have to drop!!!! Then came the best picture of all, at least for me. Nadia shows me a picture of the fat extracted from a patient. The fat is laden with blood (and probably saline b/c that's what Shahine uses to help extract the fat - research on the government websites { OR} for medicine & biotechnology discuss everything about fat grafting, from extraction to preparation to injection, etc) and using saline is a HUGE no-no to get the best fat for grafting. That was the kicker for me. As well the fat that is being reinjected should not be full of blood if it separated properly (the beauty of research on government and the American board of plastic surgery websites, amongst others). Nadia talked about how general anesthesia is bad/dangerous (my mom & I know that's BS - we know someone who underwent 12 hours of general anesthesia for mastectomy & reconstructive surgeries in one day - she was just fine during & afterwards). After the video and pictures Nadia reworked the numbers after we discussed paying in cash and got down to $14K and said I could probably negotiate further w/Shahine. These quotes are still more than Schulman yet there is no true surgical facility, there is another room where he does the procedure & no anesthesiologist to pay for, garment isn't included...hmmmm?!
I was able to speak with two patients. One who was all done - bless her heart, she looked like Betty Boop (tiny waist w/large breasts & derrière) and the other looked like much had not been done but let me qualify that with I never saw her before pictures & just went off of her description. No offense to either of them but I was not impressed. My mom had already returned to the waiting area and I joined her. As we waited another 30 mins (from my appt time of 6:30 to 7) we talked and observed. Seems some women were waiting to have a procedure done (I don't know any facility that schedules procedures so late in the day - this gave the whole thing a 1950's abortion chop shop feel to it from my perspective); we're listening to women reiterate this falsehood about general anesthesia being "bad and dangerous". As my mom quoted, they drank the kool-aid (meaning they just believed what they were told without doing research to qualify what they were told).
By this time it's apparent that Shahine isn't keen on punctuality (and only God knew when he'd arrive and how much longer I'd have to wait to see him), he does NOT ensure he does the consultation and the whole operation was more of an assembly line than medical office to receive qualitative service. Needless to say I was done. I didn't wait to see Shahine I left. I've added the link to the video for Shahine in action....

This now leaves me with my last consult. I'm scheduled to see Dr. Hughes in California next month (visiting family and thought I'd stop by to see what he has to say since he is close to LAX). Will be back to post after seeing him.

One last thing. I want to say a HUGE thank you to every woman on RS for sharing your experiences and pictures. For me you are God's angels delivering words of wisdom, caution and support. It's making my eyes misty at how generous everyone is on this site. You all have been an amazing source for me, thank you!!!! So I want to do some shout outs to Schulman patients (who have done their BBL) b/c you all inspired me: booty4real (thank you for guiding me to others), bbldollie, highhopes1, dede123, anuhio, eilson, jblnyc, tadabam. And to 86baby & lemi720 - I pray for your successful surgeries; looking forward to seeing you as the next Schulman masterpieces.

Board certification/licensed office based surgery/anesthesia (in the US)

I love information. Knowledge IS power. And a recent encounter inspired me to do more research on how valuable board certification and using a licensed operating facility are when receiving cosmetic plastic surgery. In my opinion, cosmetic plastic surgery is a speciality that requires a verified skill set & expertise subject to review & examination. The facilities used when performing surgery are just as critical as the surgeon him/herself - a licensed facility has demonstrated to the board of health that it is capable of not only treating patients but caring for a patient in case of complications in affiliation with a hospital as necessary. I wanted to share the resources I came across with women who are considering doing bbl, just as food for thought....

Definition of board certification from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:
being a physician who has graduated from medical school, completed residency, trained under supervision in a specialty, and passed a qualifying exam given by a medical specialty board

Definition (or rather lack thereof) cosmetic surgeon from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:
The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above.

Definition of plastic surgeon from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:
a doctor who performs plastic surgery

Found it quite interesting that one of the most respected dictionaries did not have an entry for cosmetic surgeon so I felt compelled to share all the definitions to highlight this.

Despite the dictionary's lack of recognition there is a board for certification in cosmetic surgery. Here's the link

The above site, similar to the American Board of Plastic Surgery (link:, allows patients to search for a doctor who has taken the time to earn the respective board certification in a speciality in order to demonstrate the requisites as described, for example, in the definition by Merriam-Webster dictionary for board certification.

Licensed surgical facilities (NY link:
This NYS government site describes what surgical procedures require a licensed office and what surgical procedures don't as well as why. Being licensed ensures regulation by the NYS department of health.

Board certification for an anesthesiologist can be verified as well (link: Local anesthesia does not required board certification to administer hence a cosmetic surgeon (who has NOT taken the CS board certification exam) can offer this service.

The US national library of medicine article on general anesthesia, this link ( also has a sublink to conscious anesthesia aka local anesthesia. I appreciated how the risks for both are outlined. Demonstrating that ANY anesthesia can have complications with the severity dependent on administration, dosage, etc.

By no means does board certification and a licensed operating facility 100% ensure the very best doctor/service in the world. IMO it is a very good starting point since ALL anesthesia and surgical procedures involve risks and the possibility of complications. IMO the BBL procedure is worth the medically regulated route via a board certified plastic surgeon, licensed facility, etc. As patients I believe we are worth the extra steps on the doctor's part (getting certified in the cosmetic or plastic speciality, using a licensed facility, etc.) and our part (doing comprehensive research on the doctor's credentials/patient reviews for consistency and to seek out unbiased medical information on how the procedure works from libraries & the internet). Yes, patients should be able to implicitly trust their medical providers but we all know the world isn't that safe a place where every practitioner is impartial and candid as they provide counsel to their patients.

God's speed to us all in the decision to make a change that affects the rest of our lives. Wishing you all a happy, safe, successful BBL as you continue your journey!

Finally posting pics (before & wish)

Hey Ladies. Just sharing some pics I compiled. Figured it's time to get on board. Lol

Consult w/Dr. Hughes in Cali

Hey ladies! Happy early gobble gobble first off and to all those shopping for "Black Friday" good luck with the crowds over the next few days. You're brave souls. Lol.

As promised, I wanted to post about my consult w/Dr. Hughes. I really liked his energy. He reminded me of Schulman. Down to earth, listens, candid, etc. He went over my basic information and he asked me what I was looking for. I told him arms, inner thigh, abdomen, back & flanks for liposculpting. And that I wanted the lateral depressions filled so the illusion of hips is more prominent. (I'm not hipless just hip-challenged IMO). And that I NEED PROJECTION. He did the "touch" test to see if the areas were suitable. And as usual my arms seem to be a "sticking point". Dr. H didn't think it was necessary but said it could be done. I guess I have more tricep muscle than fat - I tell ya it doesn't look that way to me. Lol. He said he could probably get about 1000cc into each cheek (same estimate as Dr. S). But what I found interesting and different is that he tells his patients that they should anticipate loosing 50% of what he puts in. YIKES!!!! He said that he over estimates so that if it's less loss the patient is pleasantly surprised (he explained that some patients have come to him post op displeased about the size, they had unrealistic expectations. I get that since booty greed is real). That would make me want to put 2000cc in each cheek. Lol. He did mention he's done that much but of course my chunks aren't enough for that. I told him that I gained weight for this surgery and he told me not to gain anymore. That made me feel better b/c I'm feeling like a freakin stuffed sausage in my clothes these days. I can't even zip up, let alone button, most of my work clothes. I'm hiding in dark colors hoping to hide the bulges. He also described how he goes in layers in the muscle & above/below to get the projection right. I asked him about platelet rich plasma and stem cell use in the fat. He replied that platelet rich doesn't have much scientific proof so he doesn't bother. And there isn't enough evidence for him to go gung-ho with the stem cell stimulation. He doesn't use drains, he just leaves the incision open since he creates 3 altogether if there is no lipo to arms & thighs (he uses the same incisions to remove and inject the fat). Nor does he support lymphatic massages as a result of the lack of scientific proof it actually helps. He said the most important component (because I asked about compression garments, ab boards, etc) was that the abdomens and lower back areas have sufficient compression since he does aggressive lipo there and does not want fluid build up (seroma). He agreed with using arnica post op. And said his patients could wear spankx as a stage 2 garment since after about 7-10 days he would be able to make a good assessment about the progress and efficiency of healing. That was useful. Plan to ask Dr. S if that is feasible for me too. So overall it was a really good consult. His office is running a special right now so the price for everything I wanted would be 11K. Kinda glad he's not in NYC or I'd be really torn between him & Dr. S. His staff was very professional & accommodating. So overall an excellent experience. I did do my background check on him and he is board certified with the American board of plastic surgery. No outstanding negative reports or complaints. I would highly recommend anyone who is on the west coast to at least do a consult with him. He's physically very big (which could be intimidating) but he's got this teddy bear kind of aura and I only got positive energy from him.

Hope this will be helpful to the community. As always ladies, very best wishes on your BBL journey.

And the anxiety has begun

Hey there my BBL sistas! So as my title says ....anxiety has officially started. Actually started a couple of weeks ago but I was determined to keep my big girl panties on and remain strong. Yeah that's not really going down. So I hope you all don't mind me whining on RS b/c I feel like you all are the only ones who will truly understand.

Since august 2013 I've buried my head in research about this whole BBL process. I'm very analytical by nature. When I was seeing a therapist (nothing crazy, I just believe that my mind needs a check every so often, same way I get an annual visit to the dentist, gyn., etc) she said that I process things cognitively and I need to embrace my emotions. Well once again I didn't "feel" much about this surgery except that I wanted it. Now that there isn't much more research to do and I'm going to give my deposit to Dr. Schulman sometime this month my emotions set in.

Sometimes I'm really happy excited. Sometimes I'm scared shitless and want to cry. I started to process that once I give the deposit I'm committed and for me that means no turning back. I refuse to leave a deposit and then change my mind, that money isn't refundable. I'm getting scared about the looks/questions from the women of color in my office - I work in a firm where the minorities (everyone that is not Caucasian) make up about 15% of the entire workforce. My boss won't say anything even if he noticed. I decided that I would just tell my boss that I'm having an outpatient procedure relating to a female issue (that usually scares men off). But I do catch him checking me out from time to time and I really don't want him to notice the new derrière. I know, wishful thinking on my part. I have not told a single coworker and won't. I don't like people at work in my personal life - I don't want to hear their opinions. And moreover I don't give a shit about what they think. But still wishing that everyone just acts like nothing has changed.

I'm just all over the place emotionally now. When I had my breast reduction (almost 2 decades ago) I wasn't feeling as emotional as I am about this. A good friend of mine who is a psychologist, just not mine, says it's b/c this is elective whereas my reduction was medical. Makes sense but that isn't helping to soothe my erratic emotions.

So ladies if you have any words of wisdom to help me calm myself down I'm all ears. I really want to get my feelings under control. I'm picking a surgery date in early April 2014 (that's my bday month and this is a present to myself). And I need to calm down given I have like 4 months to go. I'm trying not be a nervous wreck but it's getting increasingly difficult.

So this nervous nelly is welcoming all positive feedback. Thanks in advance ;-)

#team Schulman - did the dang thang today!

Praise The Lord. Finally booked my date. I sucked up my anxiety and told my boss on the 19th. Of course I didn't tell him the procedure just that I was having surgery. The only thing he flinched at was the disclosure that I'd be out for three weeks consecutively. But he was ok with it overall, especially since I said I should be "ok" to work from home for the other two weeks if need be. Trying to avoid that like the plague.

Needless to say I owe Hearts218, Increaseme, 86baby and Elli890 a GIANORMOUS THANK YOU for talking me off my anxiety cliff and giving me such practical advice. Ladies, you were so right about me making it bigger in my noggin than it needed to be. And I felt so much lighter after telling him. Xoxoxoxo to y'all for the support!

It took me a while to get the money orders for today. I was scared to commit (my commitment issues even reach into things like this). I get scared I'll be disappointed so I avoid commitment. Lol. And I walked around the whole day with unassigned money orders tucked into my bra (since I was being fiscally irresponsible by not immediately filling them out I figured I'd keep them in the safest, most secure place I know LOL). But when it came time to write Dr S name I scribed with ease.

So I'm going to refine my list of items to purchase. I'll be scouring the pages of the Schulman BBL vets to ensure I don't miss a beat. And thank you again to Booty4Real (I hope she stops by my page to see this) for being my patient "0" and giving me the direction I needed around RS and being so candid about her experience w/Schulman because it would have been tough to find him on here with all the journeys relating to Salamas, Duran, etc on RS.

Needless to say I'm more excited than anxious right now. I know the time is going to wiz by and I'm praying to God that I'm ready to go when the time comes.

In case I don't make it back to RS before the new wishes for everyone to have a happy, healthy and fatty booty new year!!!!! Xoxoxo

Stage 2 compression question

Hey ladies, wanted to get your feedback. For those who are post op and have gotten to or have completed the stage 2 compression garment through 6 months post op period..... were you ever told that boning in a garment/corset would leave permanent indentations in your abdominal area if you wore it prior to giving your body at least 6 months to heal?

I went to a faja store today and the sales lady put me in this corset with boning. It really curved my figure. So I asked about wearing it as my stage 2 garment and she told me that I couldn't do that b/c of the boning as it would dent my healing abdomen. I asked her what if I put lipo foam underneath and she was adamant that the corset was meant for after 6 months or wear it pre-op to prepare my midsection for lipo.

I didn't feel completely comfortable with what she told me and wanted to get input. Appreciate all feedback. Thanks!

Tumescent liposuction for BBL (future patients of Dr. Matthew Schulman)/ PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO GET TO THIS INFO!!

Recently there was concern about burns from having the BBL procedure with Dr. Matthew Schulman. A few of us are scared about using him as a result. While no medical procedure is 100% guaranteed safe/without issue - I thought it helpful to those who were alarmed like me to refresh our understanding of the tumescent liposuction procedure that Dr. Schulman uses to obtain fat (adipose tissue) for the BBL procedure as opposed to ultra sound assisted liposuction, etc. to obtain the adipose tissue. Below are links to well recognized medical resources about liposuction. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THOROUGHLY THROUGH THE INFORMATION IN THE LINKS!!!

Please note that friction burns are possible even with tumescent, from what I read in one of the links below. I would also like to add that Dr. Schulman has an outstanding track record overall (from what I've read on RS as well as his standing in the medical community). Even the best surgeons on this site have encountered unfavorable reviews and complications during procedures. I encourage every woman to educate herself, trust her intuition and make a comprehensive decision about moving forward with the BBL procedure no matter which doctor you may choose.

God blessings and speed to all my RS sisters who will take the BBL plunge in the future. And to all the RS sisters who have encountered unfavorable complications from this procedure my prayers go out to you. I would also ask that as you share your complications, please be very concise in your descriptions of lipo, friction, etc types of burns. It is crucial to those of us who have not gotten to the other side to have the most accurate descriptions and details of your experience/journey.

Much respect to all.

I GOT MY MEDICAL CLEARANCE!!! Schulman doll incubating ????

I'm jumping for joy. Got my paperwork back from my PCP's office a little bit ago and I'm all cleared for surgery. I had to share b/c I'm bursting at the seams. God is so good!!!
You Schulman vets - I'm coming to join you. Lolololol

Dr. Schulman: final pre-op/update to "burn" concern/list of items for Sx

Had my final pre-op today w/Dr. Schulman. The last time I saw him was September 2013 and he remembered me. I thought that was cool b/c I know he sees a whole lot of people. He said he kinda didn't want me to be his last consult of the day after the grilling I gave him last time. But I promised him it'd be easier b/c I forgot to bring my list of questions (my boss had me so distracted I forgot to print them). We laughed about it.
So here's the deal (for my case): he confirmed I could get the derrière in my wish pics; he will do his best to snatch the waist but my back rolls won't completely disappear. I thought that was fair. (And I'll do all the waist training I can post op to contain/minimize the rolls.) He said to stay away from the waist cincher until I'm in my stage 2 garment. I asked about arm compression that would encompass my breast and he said no b/c as full as my breast are I'd run the risk of the sleeves not being tight enough; I'm good with that. He said he'd put me in arm compression that hooked in the back leaving the girls out (of course he was professional and didn't call them "girls" - that's my reference). I asked about cutting out the bottom of a lounge chair so I could sit and watch tv, he said no. He was concerned it would put too much pressure on the lateral part of the derrière and interfere with the fat properly taking. He did confirm I could use my kneeling chair but that I should expect to feel pressure/discomfort b/c the crease of my derrière/sciatic nerve will sit right at the edge of the seat cushion (not thrilled but I'll live I'm sure). He confirmed he will extract my abdominal fat from my inframammary crease (thank goodness, the incision will be hidden right under my breast). He also confirmed he would be able to extract fat from the posterior axillary fat pads (the crease area on your back where it meets your armpits) but not the anterior one (the crease where your breast meets the armpit); he said the anterior ones have more breast tissue and when he tried in the past it did not yield optimal results. He told me not to go overboard ordering stuff to wait and be patient to see what I need. I asked if I HAD to take arnica/Bromelain pills (I did some research and there is no conclusive studies that proves it definitely works to reduce bruising); he agreed with my research but said he prefers I do as it was better to err on the side of it better meeting my vitamin needs than straight pineapple juice; he said he wasn't sure I'd get enough of that vitamin just from pineapples and he was concerned with the amount of sugar I'd be consuming for the pineapple juice. I understood his logic and bought the pills he has in his office. He confirmed I could buy lipo foam and recommend getting the kind that did not have adhesive; also confirmed I could use ab/back board under stage 1 garment with the lipo foam. I also asked about bio oil - he said I could use it b/c my healing skin would be thirsty and need moisture; but in lieu of bio oil I could also use argan oil or any lotion that was gentle/unscented (he referenced something like aveeno baby lotion). I also asked about psyllium husk or castor oil to make a BM happen; he said no b/c it may cause me cramping and that would be worse than any constipation I would experience - he wrote me a prescription for colace and said I could use glycerin suppositories if necessary. I asked about lumpiness; he said it would more than likely be in the flank area and that as the swelling subsides I'll notice if I have them. He said I could just massage them with my hands. I asked about getting the lipo foam he puts on off at the first shower; he said his nurse discovered that dousing the lipo foam/skin area with dial liquid soap about 30 mins before shower time makes it easier to take off while showering (uh will definitely be laying out a plastic drop cloth and having mommy slather me in it). He said I didn't need to buy covers for my bed as there would not be excessive (or may he there wouldn't be any) drainage since he closes the incisions, what he said verbatim escapes me - sorry ladies. He confirmed that taking 3 weeks off should be sufficient for me to heal and be able to return to work without issue. He said I didn't have to walk every hour on the hour post op to avoid blood clots; that I could walk whenever I got up to urinate.
Now for the lipo burn issue: he was familiar with my question, confirming there was a recent spike in this question from his patients. He confirmed that lipo burns cannot be obtained from tumescent liposuction (same as the information in the links to the articles I posted). He did confirm that blisters are possible from a garment pinching/rubbing the already sensitive post op skin and/or having older skin (I didn't ask him to elaborate on the older skin part - it doesn't apply to me so it's not of concern to me).
So when I got home I got to the ordering the final items and here is my completed list (some things I got before - had to catch the sale prices where I could):
- nutribullet (to make my pineapple/kale/celery/cucumber drinks)
- non adhesive lipo foam
- abdominal (hexagonal) and back boards
- cotton seamless tanks
- bean bag (so I can mold the shape and lay on it to make myself comfortable; plus I'll be close to the floor so I can use all fours to get upright)
- massage table (I wanted to use this to keep my neck aligned while sleeping, I have herniated cervical discs)
- kneeling chair
- shirt dresses
- funnel (so I can stand while tinkling)
- contractor garbage bags (to line the tub when it's time to BM, derrière can hang off side of the tub while I go & mommy has easier clean up)
- argan, avocado, almond oil (plan to use these, as a mixture, instead of bio oil since I already keep them in my home)
- cetaphil antibacterial soap

Still need to purchase (when the time is right):
- additional stage 1 garment (so while one is being cleaned I can wear the other; may do the same thing for the arm compression garment)
- waist cincher
- stage 2 garment
- silicone scar spray (dr. Schulman says his office carries the kind surgeons use, so buying that AND it also has sunscreen so it can better protect the incisions for becoming darker if/when exposed to the sun's uv light)

I think that's about it. I'll probably be suffering from insomnia the night before surgery so I'll wait until then to post my pre op measurements.

Needless to say my list has excerpts from other patients list. So I want to offer a HUMUNGOUS thank you to all who have shared so freely and made my reconnaissance less taxing. You angels!!!

Woke up from my weirdest dream about having my BBL

Morning ladies. Thought I'd share my dream, it was crazy weird. With less than a week left my mind is compensating for my calm, collected exterior. Hope you all get a laugh same as I did once I was lucid enough to realize it was just a dream.....
So in my dream I wake up post my BBL in what I'd assume was a recovery house. I did not have a compression garment on and I was laying on my butt. Of course, I'm flipping my shit because this should not be. I'm yelling at the doctor (who wasn't my doctor, Matthew Schulman) that this is a mess, why don't I have a garment on, why do you have me here laying on my ass and where is Dr. Schulman.
Everyone (my mom, the doc who did my surgery and some other people) is trying to calm me down to no avail. I get up and look at my butt and start yelling some more that it looks like nothing was done; what is the shelf at the top of my butt and why does it drop off like the end of the great barrier reef (in Australia). The doctor starts explaining that Dr. Schulman could not do my surgery because he was busy; she had told Dr. S that he should have just rescheduled me but he insisted my surgery get done because I had to go to my prom (wtf?! prom was 2 decades ago). I'm walking around outside now in some type of parking lot looking for Dr. Schulman. I go back into the recovery house and ask the doctor who did my procedure, "how do I make my butt bigger because it's too small and this just won't do?" She tells me to do some kind of squatting exercise. I start yelling again that I can't exercise it's too soon. Then I started crying and went looking for the phone. I was trying to call Dr. S to schedule a round 2 for my BBL immediately, like same day. I get some other doctor on the phone that I do not know who offers to help me in lieu of Dr. Schulman. I start yelling at him that he cannot help and I want Dr. S. He tells me that Dr. S in the grocery store shopping. And I'm like wtf?! this is what Dr. S was doing that he could not do my BBL?! I hang up and look up and one of my ex boyfriends is standing there talking real calmly to me (he was always very calm on the outside) and he tells me that it's ok that I'm having trouble reaching Dr. Schulman and that I need to relax. I go sit down and then realize that I should not be sitting on my butt.
That's is when I woke up. My body was in this contorted position because I was trying not to put pressure on my butt since in my dream (which of course my body felt the situation was real) I should not be sitting. When my mind cleared up I just busted out laughing and called my mom to tell her about the dream. She was cracking up too.
Hope this gave you all a nice chuckle..... ;-)

Less than 24 hours and I will be a Schulman (doll) masterpiece :-)

Yippie skippy!!!!!

It's about to go down. Hot damn!! Thank you ladies for all of your support, best wishes and prayers. I truly appreciate you all. I've been thanking God for all of the blessings that are surrounding me - my support system for this endeavor is immense.

I posted a few last pictures of me pre-op. I want to have a solid reminder of where I came from because that's it for this little laterally depressed behind of mine. Lol

I'll do my best to update/post pics after surgery once I'm lucid and not loopy from the Percocet (painkillers) Dr. S prescribed.

Btw - I'm not nervous at all. I'm tired as all heck - very busy day with work and last minute prep @ home to ensure my mom knows where everything is and what to do w/me & feed me tomorrow and over the next few days. I hope this "calm" stays tomorrow when I finally get to the operating room.

Ciao bellas! See you from the other side. Xoxoxoxo

Pre-op measurements (forgot to add to the above review)

So dang on exhausted my mind isn't on target, forgot to add the pre-op measurements:

- 34" around my waist (1" above my belly button)
- 37" around my lower abdomen (1" below my belly button)
- 40.5" saddlebags
- 39.5" buttock/hip
- 33" inframammary crease, round my back
- 13.5" around the fullest part of my upper arms (right & left)
- weight: 157.5lbs

Liposuction will be performed on my entire back, abdomen, flanks and arms. I am not having my thighs liposuctioned.

God is awesome, made it thru

Will do better update in a couple of days my RS sistas. Wanted to let you know that I am alive and well. Love you all.

2 day post op update #team Schulman

Hello my RS sisters,
Day 1 was hell. My ass hurt so much I cursed in the recovery room about having to lay on it. The ride home was short but felt long. I couldn't wait to get home and take some Percocet. I drank my pineapple, celery, cucumber, kale @ ginger drink. I walked around each time I went to urinate which was about every 1-2 hrs. I ate prunes, drank lots of water, and some ginger ale. To get off of the beanbag that I was sleeping on, I shimmied down and used my arms to get upright -- like kneeling in a pew at church. Then I got to one knee and used the closet doorknob and a chair to counter my weight to stand up. Jay, the nurse, suggested cutting a hole in the bottom of a plastic cup to aid in the urination process as I stood over the toilet. It worked like a charm. Slept ok when I did sleep. Got really stiff and sore going into day 2. Two Percocets every 6 hrs is a must for me so I can get around without feeling like shit. I placed lipo foam, that I bought, between the garment and my skin to relieve the pain from the top front part of my garment cutting into my skin which was very painful. I also used a piece of lipo foam in the crotch area to stop the garment from cutting into my skin there as well. I've also eaten chicken breast, fresh pineapple and bread. I have been taking my meds religiously--probiotics, multi vitamin, arnica, antibiotic, stool softener and Percocet.
FYI - my lipo numbers:
Lipo from abdomen: 2780 cc out
Lipo from back & arms: 2700 cc out
Total into butt: 2250 (1125 right side & 1125 left side)
I will respond to your individual posts when I can type on my own because my mother had to type this review for me.

Having a post op moment...

Hey Ladies/BBL Vets, need some words or wisdom/encouragement for this recovery journey. Woke up this morning (from another weird Percocet/hallucinogenic induced dream) stiff as a board, feeling like it's day 20 instead of day 4. Kinda of emotionally tired of not having my body functioning like I'm accustomed to it working; wishing I was further along than I am and a wee bit bummed. Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful and grateful...but also just tired of the aches, pains, swollenness & soreness. Today is shower day, in a few hours, and hoping that will make me feel better. But I'm very much soliciting all advice to help put this journey back into perspective. I've been praying for my inner peace to wholly return again and waiting on the Lord patiently....
Help please my sistas......

Schulman doll - 1st shower

Hey Ladies. Took the first shower today. The whole "event" took like 2 hours. My mom unlatched the garment and it felt so good to have that pressure relieved. then she slathered the dial antibacterial soap over my foam and the adhesive (over the steri-strips) to loosen them. I laid in the soap for like 45 minutes while my mom removed the adhesive. It was uncomfortable more so than painful. Got into the shower and it was like a little piece of heaven. LOL. I slowly inched the foam from my skin while I was in the shower. Got out, dried off & lotioned up. Then my mom put cornstarch all over me so we could easily get me back into the garment. Ha! Yeah, right. Getting that thing over this booty and up around my tender skin was no joke. The Lord had mercy because it wasn't excruciating although very uncomfortable and slightly pain. We (my mom and my bff were on duty for this event) were so preoccupied with getting me back in it before I swelled up too much that no pics were taken :-(. But I will say that when I walked past the mirror I could see my shelf and the curves where Dr. S filled the lateral depressions looks great. I do have slight rolls on my back (as Dr. S warned I would) but overall the shape (even being so swollen) looks great to me. I did notice that in the crease of my arms (on both sides) I do have small friction burns from the garment (posted the best pic I could take of it). I put lipo foam on those spots to protect my skin from the garment. All in all not bad. Feeling a bit better from my emotional moment this morning (thanks B4R for helping me refocus). Now I'm looking forward to that first BM. I've been gaseous so hopefully it's just a fart away at this point LOL. BTW - been eating more too. Added kale salad w/ pico de gallo and cheddar cheese, rice & beans and artic char to the menu. Appetite is coming back very nicely. That's it for now. Mucho besitos queridas!!

Schulman doll's update (pics & another 1st)

Schulman doll's update (pics & another 1st)

Sorry ladies. Added the above pics prematurely. So here's the skinny. The pics of shower day are of the massage table my mom prepped so I could be slathered with the dial antibacterial soap, me actually slathered up (to get that foam & adhesive off) and one of my largest bruises from surgery (nothing Dr. S did wrong, just natural reaction of my body to the trauma of surgery in general). Also posted some pics of me semi-out of my garment so you could see my current results.
And the best part for me of all.....had that 1st BM this morning. I couldn't take it lingering at the door anymore so my mom got me suppositories. After taking one, I took my garment down (there was no way on God's green earth I was sliding the thing piece to the side as nurse Jay suggested) so I could push that sucka out. It took a little bit and I was begging God the whole time to help me out. Felt a lot of relief once it was done.
Overall feeling good. Mornings are still tough emotionally but it gets less taxing as the day progresses.
Hugs & kisses my BBL sistas!!

Schulman doll's update (1st post op w/the doc, pics & other stuff)

Hello ladies!!

I had my 1st post op w/Schulman yesterday and wanted to provide an update.
- Visit w/the doc: he removed the remaining sutures. Told me that everything looked good. Instructed me to start massaging the "hard" areas on my arms, tummy & flanks with my fingers b/c this was scare tissue (I asked if 5 mins was enough per area & he said yes). Asked him about the bruising on my arms b/c I want it gone (yes, I know healing takes time but I don't always practice the virtue of patience LOL) by the time I return to work on April 28th, he said it should be gone or barely noticeable by then. He gave me clearance to start wearing stage 2 garment at my 3 week mark; I told him I didn't want the ones he is selling b/c of the thong & I don't want a thong in the tushy crack any longer than necessary (I find it uncomfortable). He said ok, so I showed him the Squeem slimvest #26J and he approved me wearing that {my new measurements: 31" waist/41" hips puts me in a medium garment =) =). Included a pic in this post too just in case ....}. Ordered the Squeem last night & I'm so excited. He said the shelf should go down a few days after switching garments (thank goodness b/c it's too pronounced for the office). He said I had some fluid on the/my right side of my tummy and that he was going to drain it. I asked him when. He said now. I looked at that man like he'd lost his mind. He saw my face and said the needle will only pinch. I reminded him how much I HATE needles and he looked at me like you'll be fine. Ugh....that sucka hurt going in!! Yes I'm a big baby, make no qualms about it. But he drained it out and overall a minor event. He said I could resume LIGHT arm workouts and walking on the treadmill @ 3 weeks but that I should mentally prepare myself for the swelling which will ensue thereafter. (I think I'm going to wait until my 5 or 6 week mark. I'm a big baby and I don't want the pangs of pain that come w/swelling these days). He said that I have to wear my stage 2 garment for "24 hours" for the first two weeks that I wear it (of course taking it off to bathe); after the two weeks I only have to wear it 12 hours a day. He commented that some patients feel more comfortable wearing a garment around the clock and if I wanted I could switch between 1st & 2nd stage over the course of an entire day, totally my choice. He said that I can put my compression sleeves back on - I was concerned they would interfere with the bruises on my arms subsiding quickly - he said the two are not correlated. He looked at the MINOR garment burns I had and said they look really good but that if the arm compression sleeves aggravated my skin again to remove the sleeves and it would only mean that the swelling in my arms subsides slower. (FYI: I called Dr. S on April 11th asking him if I could treat the garment burns w/Biafine, I already had some in my home. He said yes and that I could not over treat so to apply the emollient as often as I could and cover with gauze. Pics are included). He told me the numbness (in my arms, lower back, flanks & abdomen) I have should remain for the next 3-5 weeks and then switch to either itchy skin and/or burning/tingling sensations as the nerve endings heal. I have to see him again mid-May (approximately 1 month from this 1st post op visit). He told me if I have any fluid collection to come back sooner and he will drain it.

So sidebar. At the end he asks me if construction is going on outside his office. I told him not that I saw. He says ok and then indicated that the construction workers can get a bit expressive as patients (in their form fitting clothing, of course b/c we are so proud of our new hot bodies) come in/out his office for post op consults. I started cracking up. Just tickles me pink how little self control men can they've never seen a hot body before.

Other updates:
Sleeping - more consecutive hours a night. Up to about 4 hours straight before I wake up. Sometimes it can take me 1-3 hours to go back to sleep :-(
Eating - totally back to normal. I can eat about 75% of my normal plate of food.
Lavatory related stuff - BMs back to normal (1-2 times a day). Still have to push some to get it out at times. Today is my last day of colace (dr. S prescribed stool softener). Hopefully the BMs stay on target going forward. Still using the urination cup that nurse Jay recommended creating to aide w/going immediately post op. It's just easier than squatting over the toilet.
Getting around - walking more briskly. I can easily walk 2 miles without feeling fatigued. I walked up a hill (about 45 degree incline) a few nights ago and I felt that "exercise" in my left hip area. Felt like a tightness nothing painful. I was perfectly fine the next day. I went grocery shopping yesterday after my visit w/the good doc. A lady bumped my precious derrière with her bag and it was painful/uncomfortable. I wanted to beat the brakes off of her Grrrrrr! I have to remember to work around these inconsiderate NYers until I'm fully healed.
Stiffness/swelling - much less overall. In the morning when I first wake up or in the middle of the night when I awake from sleep are the "worst" times but NOTHING like what it was the 1st week after surgery. I started sleeping on my bed (on my stomach w/my arms stretched out on each side) about 5-6 days ago. The beanbag had served its purpose and wasn't ideal any longer for overnight sleep. But I still lay on it when I watch TV in the living room if I don't want to sit on my kneeling chair.
How I'm feeling emotionally - amazing, great, wonderful, etc. no more morning blues about pain or activity restriction.....b/c those issues aren't present anymore :-)
Moisturizing my skin - I use Aveeno unscented baby lotion mixed w/avocado oil (referenced in my list of items for post op). It's working quite well.

I've added some pictures with the descriptions too for reference. Played dress up (without my garment on) and I'm loving what I see. I thank The Lord everyday for His blessing, grace and mercy throughout this whole journey. He is amazing!!! And again I offer a huge thank you to all you RS ladies that came before me to share your wisdom, to all that have sent me such beautiful and kind well wishes and encouragement - this sisterhood is wondrous and I'm truly humbled by how much love, support, guidance, kindness and goodness I found here. Xoxoxoxoxoxox.

Correction to picture.

Sorry ladies, needed to cover up an oversight in this pic from my initial posting update.
New York Plastic Surgeon

I believe that Matthew Schulman is a talented and caring plastic surgeon. In my opinion he has earned every award and recognition posted in his office and iterated by his many patients on this website. Every encounter I've had with him has been wonderful. He listened to my wishes, clearly explained what was achievable and why as well as the converse then delivered. The staff in his office as well as the operating facility are excellent as well. I would highly recommend having a consultation with the good doctor so you can experience for yourself. Every penny I spent for this procedure with him was well worth it.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Hey ur looking great girl!
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Thank you huney!
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Go head ladies, take a chance! Lol, that's what's up! You almost have to have a round 2 to achieve the look you desire.
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Sho nuff! Unlike some of our ladies, I had lots of bricks (aka fat) to harvest....there was no way he could've cleaned me dry with all I was packin' at 5'3 160 lol! Now the booty--I could EASILY walk away from the table....but I got some extra back/bra line meat that I want cleaned off the bone lol!
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And like you said sissy, we don't waist fat around here!!
  • Reply,..and see below
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Lol, we sure will not do no wasting!! Fat cells are vital.
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Y'all got me amped!!! If the remaining back roll and lower tushy fat don't go away w/waist training I'm going to let him get the meaty part below my armpit/above my bra strap. And there is no way I could let that fat go unused. My right cheek is/has always been flatter than the left and I'm already fiend-out to correct it. Dr. S asked me to be patient as the tushy finishes settling, meanwhile I'm thinking....this should fall under the "revision" policy ;-)
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Awww :) we got our little sis all amped!!! Your big sis over here feels like she's not lookin' out for you cause I want you to enjoy and embrace your beautiful/bootiful transformation! Dr. S is right--you won't know until about the 4 month mark. Even with your swelling, I just see skin (no meat). We'll see how it plays out. And that booty of yours is nice and round--my eyes see great symmetry!
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Thanks sis. I know it's still early and we (most people) look at ourselves with the most critical eye. I'm also a "perfectionist", typical type A personality. I'm committed to practicing patience and I've also been telling myself (to counter the type A behavior) that the human imperfections make my results appear even more natural. But I'm soooo enticed, especially seeing how increaseme looks post op - still looking naturally curvy. If I do it it won't be until the end of the year when work demands get really slow b/c of the holiday...plenty of time for me to sort out my emotions vs what's logical/ reasonable :-). But don't get it twisted....after seeing your results I'm sure I'll have my battery pack charged. Lol
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I get you babe. And it sounds like your keeping it all in perspective (just thinking ahead and extra stoked from our BOOTIFULL Increaseme--and that booty has indeed increased lol!). Your right, that will give you plenty of time to see your true results and sort things out.
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Yup--gave up some good swimming weather....not this year! Exactly--either Fall (gotta beat the snow!) or Spring......
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Oh wow, don't know how my post popped up here lol! RS has a mind of it's own sometimes! lol
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It does b/c the reply I just posted popped up top instead of in response to your post above. Lol
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Love your transformation. Man Dr.S is really baking it known with these amazing booties. You are a knockout in the blue dress. Curves ahead:)
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Thank you Cajun!! I believe he is very talented. He improves upon what God has already bestowed ;-)
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Another Happy Schulman Barbie. Im Even More Convinced Hes The Right Doctor. Happy Healing!!
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Yes, very happy :-). He was surely the best PS for me. I believe you'll be happy w/him as well. Thanks for the well wishes.
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Look at you beautiful--Gorgeous!!! Absolutely outstanding update as always :)) And of course, Dr. S took wonderful care of you at your post op visit. Too funny about the construction workers lol!
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Thank you sis! (I'm curtsying. LOL). Yes, Dr S has the best bedside manner & caregiving. Ahhh, the mom has gone w/me everywhere and she is "man repellent". Lmfao!! They don't say a word. We catch them looking though. Plus I've been doing my impression of "bumetta" makeup/jewelry, wearing sweats w/a long coat or maxi dress w/a large shirt over it, haven't done my hair since the day before surgery (rocking two cornrows) and my fitted cap. Ain't no sexy outside just yet....will get my grown & sexy on when I head back to work ;-)
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Welcome hunni :)))) Hehe.....I feel you right there!!! LOL!!
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U look great!!! Hey no matter what u wear that booty shows girl!! It's urs now rock it!!!
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Thank you Undecided1nj!! LOLOLOL. Same thing my mom said. It's only at work that I want to take it slow. Ordered some fit & flare style dresses so it's not as obvious, my mom agreed the look was more subtle. I work for a high profile invest firm & for the ceo of a global division. If I came in with my normal sheath dress (even w/my suit jacket on) all heck would break loose. Ahahahahaha. But trust & believe that outside of work it's on & poppin. I paid for this asset and will be getting my monies worth. Lmao!!
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I'm so glad you have such am amazing bond with your mom. My mom is gonna have a fit. But she will get over it. Lol.
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