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Hello ladies,I'm new on here,but I've been...

Hello ladies,I'm new on here,but I've been visiting this site for the past year. I've been reading about the journeys of some of you. I've seen some before and after photos of some great work. I've heard some not so great stories of some.I like this site because I feel that its's very informative and it seems like it's a great support system for some that are still in the decision phase. I'm hoping to get a bbl with Duran and a possible BA. I'm thinking on one hand to get the whole thing over with at once and get procedures done,but on the other hand I'm thinking maybe it might be too much to do at the same time. I recently gained about 15 lbs :/ but I'm gonna get it down before the surgery. I'm 5"3 142 lbs and I have a pretty shapely body,but I definitely wanna enhance what I have and get the tiniest waist possible in the process! Lol My sister and I are going together,which is good. It's great to be going through this with someone especially my sister. We plan to go in feb,hopefully. And we plan to stay at Real Recovery Armonia for our RH. We were originally gonna go with yily,but after reading alot of bad things about her bad attitude,how she burned one girl,also how she over books herself. We decided to change our doctor. Duran does great sculpting all together great work from what I see and not one bad review about her. Which was a relief. According to her current and previous patients,she's very nice and puts alot if effort into her work. I feel completely confidant that she's the best dr for us :) wish you all alot of luck on your journey and happy and speedy recovery to those who are recovering.

Got the quote!!!!!

Hey ladies so I got a quote from Dra. Duran. I'm so excited! I'm gonna call the office tomorrow,to check of my date of feb 17th is available. I hope it is for my sister and I and if so,we're on our way. The deposit is $250 to hold the date. The email for those that don't speak Spanish,just basically says "if you don't suffer from anything and everything is ok,I can do your surgery. My price is $3,500 us for liposculpture and bbl. if I do that and the breast augmentation it's $5,500 us. Write me back or call my office so that can give you an available date. Here I leave you the information" And she wrote a bunch of pre surgery things and post surgery things such as things I need to take before surgery what I need for post surgery. Address n numbers to recovery houses in DR as well as she will need my flight info n RH n surgery date to make sure everything is ok. It gets very lengthy,but all informative. The important thing is the quote!!!! Yayyyyyyy super excited my sister just sent the email this morning,so she's waiting for her quote still. Can I tell you I love the fact I hear all great things about her. She seems very sweet from what I heard and her twitter is full of her "duran dolls" :) she takes alot of pride in her work,which I love. :)

Sorry a few errors I just noticed lol

Sorry a few errors I just noticed cause I was writing back and forth from memory lol but it's pretty much correct lol

Got my surgery date!!!!

Hey ladies! Got my surgery date of feb 17th as requested! Thank Goodness cause my sister got her date confirmed as well,cause she was smart and put it in her original email. Lol Dra Duran answers her own emails btw! Well atleast the ones to review. She's super sweet! Oh and just to let you guys know,she's going to start doing only 3 surgeries a day she said very soon.She does 4/day right now. My sister had the 3rd slot for that day, I'm guessing cause she said she won't be doing 4 surgeries a day anymore only 3,but that she will do mine,I'm guessing because I'm coming with my sister.I'm happy she only does 3-4 because I heard that of Some doctors doing 7! That's crazy!She seems to put alot of thought and effort into her work and I love that! I told her I'm going to place the deposit this week. I definitely wanna secure that date lol I'm super excited! One step closer! Good luck ladies I'll keep you guys posted if any updates and I will be looking forward to seeing yours as well! :)

Wish pics

So I noticed pretty much everyone has wish pics up here. So here are mine. :)

I've decided to do the BA also :)

F*k it! Might as well do it all lol I've been driving my sister crazy,whether to get the BA or not. I've decided to do it! Lol who wants to go through surgery twice! Lol but my only thing is that,I don't have kids yet and although I heard it's safe to have had a BA done and have the baby breast feed. I heard having the implant placed through the nipple isn't recommended. Which is what most surgeons prefer to do these days I think as it's for a quicker recovery and less scaring. Anyone have any advice :/

OMG!!!!!! Ladies go read her story!!!

Ladies! Please read her story and view her pics! It's so horrible! I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else! I feel so sorry for this girl! Go visit lisaandra34 page!

Yayyyy supplies

My sister did some latenight shopping at dollar tree lol :) it's a start

Trying to keep my weight up!

Trying to keep my weight up! I'm hoping Dra. Duran can take most of the fat from my hamstrings. They are the worst! Smh I can do so much conditioning on my legs and my hamstrings will still not be toned! Smh

Only 3 more months

Hey ladies! So I haven't been on here in a while. So just an update,some things have changed. First change is that I moved up my surgery date from feb 17th to jan 27th which I'm excited about! The downside to me moving my date,is that I was able to because my sister isn't going to have her surgery done at the same time as mine anymore :/ She will be getting hers done later in 2014. So if anyone wants to buddy up that's going on Sunday jan 26th let me know. As for everything else,I'm just going to start looking into buying all my supples in December. I have created a list thanks to all you girls and your advice :) If anyone has any additional advice please let me know :) Hope you all are doing well. I'll be following your journeys

Purchased my flight! :)

I bought my ticket today. With the holidays coming up I'm sure the prices of flights will go up. 2 wks ago the ticket was almost $100 less. Should've bought in then lol my date is confirmed my ticket is bought; now all I have to do is wait for the day I leave. Super nervous,but also very excited :)

Almost time!!! :D

Super anxious as I count down my days 36 days and counting! Ticket bought,my dates are confirmed at real recovery armonia and supplies purchased and on it's way. My vacation time is already set at work. I was lucky to get a full 2 wks off with no questions asked. Super excited to become a Duran doll!

19 days and counting

I'm packed and super excited!!! :) I cannot wait to just get on the plane already for it to feel real! I'll add in my last few personal items right before I leave. The only things I'm waiting as far as supplies to add in,is my lipofoam and my ab board and compression socks that should be arriving very soon :D

My supply list

Hope this helps some

Lipo on hamstrings?

Hey dolls I wS just wondering if anyone has had lipo on their hamstrings combined with their bbl?

Weigh in :/

So I weighed myself today 147lbs! I knew it must've been a lot cause I can tell in my face. I'm happy in one way because I was able to gain even a few lbs more than I wanted,BUT not happy I'm walking around with all this extra weight! :/ I feel like a piggy waaaaa :'(

Leaving in 3 days ...

Well guys I leave in 3 days and it still hadn't hit me yet. I am however getting more anxious as the day gets closer. The weather here in NY is terrible right now. My friend was suppose to leave tonight and arrive tomorrow mrng,but with the snow storm we got,her flight was obviously cancelled. She'll hopefully leave tomorrow around noon. Her surgery is scheduled for Thursday. I'm just happy that since my sister can't come,at least my friend will be going through this with me lol we're going to be staying at the same RH also. I'm hoping and praying everything goes good from here on out for us both.God willing. Those who are having surgery tomorrow,you all are in my prayers. Gn dolls.


Hasn't *

At the airport!

It still doesn't feel real yet! I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to board.Lol I'm a little nervous going by my self,but knowing that my friend is waiting for me on the either side is calming my anxiousness. She had her surgery with Duran on Thursday and has been keeping me in suspense about how she looks! lol that's how she is lol but she sounds very happy with the results. I guess I'll see the results for myself in person in a few hours lol

I'm back from DR :)

Hey ladies I know I kind've went MIA after I went to DR. I actually updated my review while I was there,but before I could update it it got deleted :( anyways so where do I start. I got to DR that Sunday jan 26th was scheduled to have surgery the next day. That did NOT happen! When I got to cipla that Monday,they tested my hemo and it was 11.0! Smh I was disappointed but they did put me on an iron treatment for 3 days tues,wed and thurs. That Friday I went back and had it tested. I was good to go. I can't stress this enough! Make sure your hemo is good! I wasted recovery time by having to do the iron treatment,but I'm so happy that Duran was keeping my safety in mind first. Dra. Duran is super sweet and even more beautiful in person ???????????? I stood at my recovery house until Sunday feb 9th which is REAL RECOVERY ARMONIA I cannot tell you how much I LOVE them!!! I owe a great deal to them,they did everything they could besides my iron treatments to help me raise my hemo. Like juices and iron enriched food and of course a good ol dominican remedio lol which is basically like a home made something medicine or treatment lol one of the nurses made this remedio she made for her husband that suffers from anemia and that I believe helped me also. Here are some post op pics. I'm home now dealing with the swelling still and hoping it will go down fast. I got lipo on my stomach,back,and legs and a bbl I'm very happy with my results so far and I know it will only get better. I couldn't have made Hey ladies I know I kind've went MIA after I went to DR. I actually updated my review while I was there,but before I could update it it got deleted :( anyways so where do I start. I got to DR that Sunday jan 26th was scheduled to have surgery the next day. That did NOT happen! When I got to cipla that Monday,they tested my hemo and it was 11.0! Smh I was disappointed but they did put me on an iron treatment for 3 days tues,wed and thurs. That Friday I went back and had it tested. I was good to go. I can't stress this enough! Make sure your hemo is good! I wasted recovery time by having to do the iron treatment,but I'm so happy that Duran was keeping my safety in mind first. Dra. Duran is super sweet and even more beautiful in person ???????????? I stood at my recovery house until Sunday feb 9th which is REAL RECOVERY ARMONIA I cannot tell you how much I LOVE them!!! I owe a great deal to them. I couldn't have made a more perfect choice for a doctor and recovery house. I'm home just dealing with the swelling now. It's uncomfortable but I'm dealing lol

Few days post op was still very flat :) don't mind the granny panties. I was out of my faja while it was being washed lol

Reg my previous post

Hey my part of my previous post got duplicated. Sorry if it looks confusing lol

Measurements * :)

I just took my measurements
34-26-42 I unfortunately don't know feat they were before except that my bustline hasn't changed I've always been a 34 but I did wanna get my waist to 24 so just 2 inches away :) Does anyone know how much more volume you get when you fluff?

Regret ...

When I first had surgery and I got home from the hospital,I slept on my butt for the first 3 days. I had so much back there that I said go myself if I lose a little volume it's ok. It was really really big. Of course I slept with a boppy pillow,but still. Now that a lot of the swelling has gone down (2 wks post op) I'm wishing I wouldn't have done that :/ it's still big don't get me wrong. I'm just worried about wafts gonna happen when more of the swelling goes down. Plus my job doesn't help. I have to sit 12 hours a day at work smh. Hopefully when I fluff,I'll pick up some more volume. So tip to all you ladies,even if your butt looks ridiculously big,try to stay off it. :/

Me at 2wks post op (almost 3 wks now)

Update 6 wks post op

Ok so it's been a few weeks since my last update. I'm not sure what' happened but I lost a lot of volume very disappointed ... And my legs definitely not what I want. I'm not saying it's because of anything Dr. Duran did. She did an amazing job. It's just the way my body reacted to the surgery I guess. Also I had to sit at work for very long periods. I never sat directly on my butt though. I stood for long periods throughout the day and I sat forward with pressure on the lower part of the back of my leg. So not on my butt at all. So not sure what happened. I'm already thinking of round 2 lol

6 wks

So Friday night I emailed duran about a round 2. I lost a lot of volume and want the results I had not now lol I've been doing everything I was suppose to. I'm still sleeping on my stomach at night. Still wearing my fajate faja. Which is the #1 faja that surgeons use in Colombia and DR but it's also the most expensive one. It runs $150. I'll post a pic later for any who are interested. Anyways duran emailed me back yesterday. She responds to her post op patients fast. Of course cause we usually need immediate answers. But she advised me to use a corset type faja for the top only and leave my bottom loose and see it that will help. She said to use a lot of compression in my lipo'd areas and after that I probably I won't think of having another surgery. I told her I will try it but that I still want to do the surgery again.I'm waiting for a response.

Continuation of my last post

I just want to add that I'm very happy with my lipo on my upper body. The lipo on my legs I definitely want to do again. The fat in my hamstrings mostly came back. Which I understand that she had to go light cause of my hemo. That's probably why. But definitely round 2. I told my boyfriend lastnight,he thinks I'm crazy. Lol he's like what the hell! He's like why you want to be so perfect. Smh men they don't understand.

Pics ..

Im going to be deleting my pics just because I heard a lot of ppls pics were being shared. But if anyone wants to see an updated pic message me

Sorry I've been MIA ladies

So things face calmed down a bit and I'm here to answer and questions that some of you may have. I know how it feels to be on the other end not knowing what to expect. Inbox me or comment and I will do my best to respond. Xoxo dolls

5 months post op

About Duran

I think Duran is an amazing doctor that takes alot of pride in what she does. Her work her dolls as she calls us are so important to her. She is what you call a quality doctor. When I was there for my surgery Duran was booked until July and that was in the end of January! I feel like she really takes her time with each patient. She gives you a very very natural look. The few who know I has surgery or so amazed that my results look so natural. She will give you a tiny waist and a very nice full butt. Be specific when you tell her what you want and show her pics. Now as for the look I wanted. I wanted that very barbie look that unfortunately doesn't look as natural BUT it's the look I like. If that's what your looking for,Duran will not give you that. Her work looks very natural. The only person that gives that look that I know of is cabral king of the barbies! Lol which btw trained Duran and Yily and also is the owner of Cipla. For my round 2 Whenever it is lol I will be seeing Cabral. He's amazing at sculpting and his work last! I've seen and know of patients of his that they look the same as almost 10 yrs ago and even after having children. He had some bad press in the past,but there's more to the story. And ever since those incidents,I've known like 8 girls that have gone and came back amazing! I think he needed to stop letting ppl do his lipo that's how him yily were burning ppl. They were letting assistants do their lipo. I think he stopped as for yily a girl I knew woke up during her sx and she said 2 men were doing her lipo and that was in February. Anyways girls have a beautiful day everyone. XoXo
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Do you think it was because you slept on it before it had a chance to vascularise? I read that Yily says you can sit straight away because she puts the fat under the muscle, but it don't see how this can be true.
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Sorry I don't check my Realself frequently a anymore. I think it could be. It's still very full though. Now that I've fluffed. I just would want it a little rounder and added some volume to the lower part of my butt lol
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Put up another pic n measure. So we can compare ...I think you look good
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Thanks doll. I'm posting an updated pic now. I emailed duran about round 2 lol
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U look awesome
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Thanks hun
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Looking so so so good lady
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Thanks hun
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The rest of my message didn't post idk why lol but I said I'm just trying to get more flexible. Post surgery your sooo stiff lol
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Hi Hun ! U look great ! I'm a Duran doll returning for BA :) ... Y didn't you do the BA if u don't mind me asking ?
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I didn't do it cause I just decided to leave my breast natural for the moment I wear a 34 C so they aren't small but I wanted a cup size bigger,but I have no children so I'm just gonna wait until after then I'll make my decision. Also I have a mix of breast tissue that can create small lumps and because I have a history of breast cancer in my family I need to beware of that
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Thankyou and I don't mind you asking :)
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Aww ok I'm a 34B , want a bigger cup but I also get cysts at times us have breast cancer history so I'm a bit confused
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Yea they say it's harder to detect when you have implants so I guess the best thing to do would be to talk to duran about it and see what she advises you to do.
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I think it will all come together. I'm glad to see that Duran talks to her post op patients more quickly cuz at this point I haven't heard from her since she have me my quote
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You look great!! Thanks for updating and sharing more pics. Hope you continue to have a smooth recovery.
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Thanks so much hun :)
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Pics? Glad u made it home safely!
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Thanks hun! I'll be posting pics periodically as I see changes
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Thanks hun. I'm back and doing well :)
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How many days after surgery did you stay in DR
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I stood of DR for 14 days but I was post op 8 days when I left because I had to wait for my surgery cause of my hemo
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Oh okay. I will continue to watch your blog so I can see surviving Recovery was for you. I'm a little scared for that so I'm trying to expect the worst. What day did you start massages??
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I will continue to update as my recovery progresses. I couldn't start my massages until day 5 as per Dra Duran. She said she didn't want me to start massages any earlier because of how much blood I lost after surgery. If you look at the sheets in my hospital pic you can get an idea also :/ I was borderline transfusion,but Duran saw I was not dizzy or in more discomfort more than any other patient. I actually heard a lot of girls faint when they put on your faja for the first time. I took it like a champ ;) the surgery was definitely worth it to me,but not everyone feels the same post.
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