Anxious..Nervous..all the Above for my Surgery Tomorrow April 4th! - New York, NY

Well....all my life I was always self-conscious...

Well....all my life I was always self-conscious about my body. I was always chunky even as a kid. When I reached my lowest weight in high school, I looked nice molded into clothes but never out of them. I would never wear dresses or skirts because they would look horrible and wear long shirts covering my butt. OH and SPRING/SUMMER is the WORST. I can't even use layers to hide anything!!!! I used to think that if I put on weight I would gain a butt like my friends did. I had to learn the hard way that genetics also plays a role in your body structure. So here I am 29 and wanting to have my last year of my twenties with confidence in myself. Hopefully, Dr. Francis can make that happen. These pics are taken today. Wish me Luck.......stomach in knots.

P.S. I am having my abdomen, upper and lower back, and flanks lipoed and fat grafting to my Butt and hips. As you can see I have no type of definition. I was told I can get at least 700-800ccs. I definitely have wayyyyyyyy more than enough fat to get fuller hips and butt.

wishing you all the best :)
Hi!I'm so happy for you and wishing you a speedy recovery with beautiful results!I am having the procedure with Dr. F April 20th, yesterday went to my preop appointment. I can't wait to hear from you, please keep us updated and again I know we are all wishing you the best of luck!
Soooo happy for you and wish you have the body of your dreams. Good Luck sweetie!

Today is day 2!!!!!! Going in yesterday of course...

Today is day 2!!!!!!
Going in yesterday of course I was nervous. However, the process was routine and the staff was friendly and attempted to put my fears at ease. General anesthesia wasn't so bad. I didn't even feel the needle or know when I knocked out. I did wake up to PAIN. Not soreness pain. I was told by the surgeon that I have a very flat butt with tight skin so it may be difficult to put in a lot of cc's or give it the perfect roundness. I just told him to put as much as the butt allows.

Right now I am still in pain and taking my meds religiously. I was able to stand up in a 3 min non-fainting spell to snap a pictures. As my endurance increases I will post more. Also I am so swollen I look bigger in my stomach and back to me. Well here goes continuous healing. My incisions are already starting to itch me.

P.S. my surgeon was able to get 750 in my butt while others told me the most 400-500. We shall c!
Yes I can. I am terrified of needles and I didn't even feel it. U feel so overwhelmed u literally wake up not knowing u knocked out. The most pain I felt is from my stomach and butt. I was told not to take off binder till tonight to shower. Walking is best. Improves circulation and avoid bloodclots.
what about your back and belly? Your pic is of day 2, how are you feeling so far?
I'm having back, belly and side lipo, so I'm trying to get a feel for what to expect.I'm extremely nervous as I've never had a surgery before...I'm also a big scary cat soooo..I think you can imagine how nervous I am.
I agree with you. I wish I showed a pic. Utility my butt was so flat I'm thankful some fat took. My butt was extremely swollen n tight. Its still hard.

Still trying to heal. I have excess fluid in my...

Still trying to heal. I have excess fluid in my stomach. I am waiting to see the nurse about it. Currently I am still swollen but I am seeing a butt where a butt should have always been. My energy is picking up today. However, I had to have the Dr.s assistant call in more pain medication. I am unable to function well without it.
Ur right u do have a butt:) good luck on ur recovery. ? What garment r u using. Dont want to buy an uncomfortable one. What did u get for that price?
Ur right u do have a butt:) good luck on ur recovery. ? What garment r u using. Dont want to buy an uncomfortable one. What did u get for that price?
Hi Sheaven!How are you feeling 1 wk postop?

It has taken some time but I am starting to feel...

It has taken some time but I am starting to feel 80% better. I still have A LOT of swelling and a lot of hard spots and lumps. I think I am going to invest in some massages because this is no joke. At first I was very upset because I didn't see a difference. I definitely had to gain some patience because this some trauma to the body.

I have my almost two week check u. I am shy of a day. I received 750cc per cheek. I still have a lot of swelling in my lower back and stomach, with lumps that you can see on my upper abs. I was told I didn't need the compression garment any longer but I will continue to wear it during the day because it feels better with it.

Hopefully in another two weeks i will be significantly less swollen!!!
Hi Sheaven,
I wanted to ask you about the scaring. Do you ave any?Dr. Francis said the incisions will be tiny but I'm just wondering.
hey sheaven its me again. i have my surgery with francis next month and im very nervous. do u feel as if he did could have shaped you up more?
Thank you,
He gave me a binder which I don't feel was as supportive as the other ladies who seem to have full garments. Unfortunately its not like in Florida where the price includes massages which would have been great. The price was for the surgery, binders, and follow up care.

It has been a long time since I created a post....

It has been a long time since I created a post. Unfortunately I see that I will have to do a round two. I am very sad. I have a lump/band on my stomach that hasn't completely gone away. Overall I have a better shape from the side but I don't look half way close to any of the transformations I have seen. I am struggling as to what my next step is being that this cost me so much money. There are almost 5 month post op pics.
My doctor asked me to wait until I was around 5 months. So I have a appointment for Aug 30th. I am going to inquire about the hourglass figure which still hasn't surfaced or the lack of protrusion or sculpting from my butt from the back.
@ Cinnamon2. I have decided for a round two. I am unsure who my doctor will be. I don't know if the revision with my current doctor will give me the results like Salama, Jahno, or Jimmerson at this point. It is disheartening.
does your doctor do revisions? have u contacted him about the lump and did u do massages when u first had surgery?
Sheaven if you decide for a round 2, do you know what doctor you would go with? I'm sorry the first bbl wasn't satisfactory, but don't let it get you down and rob your joy :)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

I am waiting for my consultation to see what can be done.

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