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Hello Ladies! For name sake, you can call me...

Hello Ladies! For name sake, you can call me College. I am 21 from NYC (Queens) and I am looking to get my Brazilian Butt Lift procedure with Dr. Wendell Perry as a College Graduation gift to myself. I finish Undergrad in June 2014 and would like my procedure done either that same month or July/August 2014. I've been creeping on this site already for a year. So I've finally (Aug. 2013) decided to join and post up my "Wish" Pictures and gather all the RESEARCH and INFORMATION I will need going into this procedure.

Pricing wise, I would like for my procedure (surgery price) to fall between the 8,000 - 9,000 price range.

-Currently, I am weighing in at 210 pounds standing at 5'4 inches.
-I have an Apple Figure, carrying almost ALL my weight in my STOMACH.
-I have NO ASS AT ALL.
-Large Back
-I have pretty decent looking thighs, legs calfs
-Large D/DD Cup Breast (I will get my breast reduced and lifted AFTER my BBL)
-My biceps/triceps are pretty Large, not incredibly large but big enough for me to dislike

-For the next 9/10 Months my goal is to bring my weight down from 210 to 150 lbs.
-I have a goal weight (after BBL) of being 135-145
-I want my procedure to give me a BIGGER, FULLER, ROUNDER BUTT.
-I want my procedure to give me a SHAPE that is not like an Apple, more HourGlass.
-I want my procedure to give me a FLATTER STOMACH.
-I want my procedure to allow me to feel like a WOMAN!!!

These are my goals/aspirations.
Looking forward to chatting with you all and posting up my Before, During and After Photos.


First photo of mine updated to RS

What I'm working with, naturally..

First time uploading my body pictures to RS

This is hard for me to do.. But thats me! Thats my body, for now.. Pre Sx Goal: Loose 50-60 lbs in a year.

Hips I would like

The hips I want

The Breast I want

I would also like to get my breast done. I have large, saggy, heavy breast. I would like to take them down some and make them smaller and perkier.

My body. Bad picture, will do for now.

This is my body. Saggy breast. HUGE stomach. Narrow lower body. I have no ass. Large upper body, shoulders, back. My thighs are a decent size. Too bad I don't have an ass to match. My legs/calfs are thick.

All of this stomach needs to go. Fat from my shoulders, back, arms and inner thighs need to GO! I need my breast smaller and perkier!

What I don't want to happen to my body

What I don't want happening to my body. No funny looking, awkwardly placed, awkwardly proportionate pieces of fat placed in my hips or thighs. I want to look natural. I want a fat ass of course, but I want my new body to look normal not dysfunctional.

What I don't want happening to my body

What I don't want happening to my body. No funny looking, awkwardly placed, awkwardly proportionate pieces of fat placed in my hips or thighs. I want to look natural. I want a fat ass of course, but I want my new body to look normal not dysfunctional.

What I don't want happening to my body. No funny looking, awkwardly placed, awkwardly proportionate pieces of fat placed in my h

What I don't want happening to my body. No funny looking, awkwardly placed, awkwardly proportionate pieces of fat placed in my hips or thighs. I want to look natural. I want a fat ass of course, but I want my new body to look normal not dysfunctional.



Feeling a little discouraged about choosing the RIGHT doctor

I'm feeling a little discouraged. Have ya'll ever looked at the BAD reviews your favorite doctors got? Them thangs will fuck your head up. I'm reading so many bad reviews on Salama & a few on Perry and I'm just so sad and I keep thinking to myself, what if the results I want are not realistic for my current body type. What if I come out looking worse after surgery then I did when I went in. What if I don't fully love my results. What if I come out with one cheek bigger than the other, so on and so forth. This shit is really scary. I've been lurking on Real Self already for a year and I still haven't had 1000% confidence in a doctor yet. I also don't want to pay 13, 14 or 16k for a Butt Transfer. That is absolutely NOT realistic. All I can do is hope and pray on it.

3 Doctors I am considering

Perry, Salama or LaGrasso.
Even though I read some really stomach turning reviews about Salama on here.

Advice. Which should I do first? Breast Reduction/Lift or BBL

As I am working on loosing a gang of weight the next 8-12 months. I want to know which I should do first? My breast reduction/lift or my Brazilian butt lift. I know that I can not do both surgeries together, it is not wise to do so. I've posted wish pictures of the boobies & ass I wish to gain. Let me hear your advice ladies.. Thanks!


Gained 10lbs =(

Real Talk: Let me vent for a second

I refuse to believe I have to leave the COUNTRY to receive decent plastic surgery for a decent price. First of all, 10K to have lipo & fat transfer is RIDICULOUS. That is tuition, a down payment on a car or house. 10K is A LOT of money. Too much money. I have nothing against those who chose to leave the country for surgery. As for me, I personally do not feel 100% safe going to a country where I am not from, where my language is not thoroughly spoken or understood. On the contrary, I feel like DR is creating and sculpting some AMAZING bodies. But how long are these bodies lasting? Is your body staying that way 12-24 months post-op? Its so frustrating seeing people only 0-3 months post op and trying to make a life decision based off that tiny bit of information. I've read that swelling last up to 6 months. So its very difficult trying to pick and chose a surgeon based on results that aren't even a year old yet. I guess this is why it is imperative to do EXTENSIVE research. I've been on RS for a few months now, but have lurked on the site for just about a year now. When I first came on, I felt like Perry was the one. His pricing was right, his behavior and mannerism was right and he had some decent-good work. I hadn't ready any bad reviews on him at the time. I thought he was the "one".. Fast forward today, I see some not so happy reviews on him, his pricing has gone up and I'm taking a closer look at his bodies, I see some un-even-ness and shaping that I personally am not too fond of. I don't want to act off of emotion. I don't want to rush into this and get stuck with results that will drive me into a deeper depression. *Breathe*. I don't know what to think or say or do. I'm just so stuck


Perry is not my doctor of choice anymore.
As I am not completely, 100% happy with each and everyone of his results.
The search continues

Im taking that vent/rant back.

After being on real self for so damn long. Reading so many damn post. Seeing the Ups & Downs of this BBL procedure. I think I'm going to dish out the money if it cost me 10K or more. I have to be realistic. This is a COSMETIC surgery, I can't be frugal with my body, health or money. If I have to invest in a good doctor, then that is what I will do.

With that being said, I ditched my liking for Salaama, Perry, LaGrasso.. & I think I'm gonna keep it in the NYC hometown with MATTHEW SCHULMAN. I've been watching his reviews lately and I've been seeing some NICE fattys that he is responsible for. I'm going to continue watching him like a hawk and if (by June/July) this summer I feel like he is still supplying AMAZING looking asses, I'm gonna invest the 12K and go to him.. It will be so much easier and less of headache to keep my procedure local.. I will be saving so much money off Plane, Hotel, Travel and so much more. We'll see...

Schulman it is.

I've finally found a doctor with results/track record that I am happy about..
Schulman has done some AMAZING work thus far and I'm going to put up the beaucoup bucks and get transformed by him.

Current Goal May 2014 for the next 8-9 months

I currently weigh 233 lbs.
My goal for the next YEAR is to loose 75 to 95 pounds bringing me down to a range of 158 lbs - 138 lbs.

My height is 5'4..

And before I go under the knife, I would like to loose a great amount of weight so my CANVAS for Dr. Schulman is at a better place

the world

the world treats you better when you look better. the better your body, the better you'll be treated at work, at school, in social settings so on and so forth. sad reality. i'm very young. fresh out of college young. i've had a bad-bent-wideback-body my entire life and for me, this procedure is going to be life changing. its not even about having a fat ass to me. its about being feeling like a woman for ONCE in my motherfkn life. i've always felt ugly, insecure, unwanted, sloppy, unlady like and very unhappy. my body/image issues have brought that on. my insecurities with my body have negatively affected every aspect of my social life. i cant maintain healthy relationships with people ESPECIALLY men because of how insecure I am. it might sound bizzare, but to me this surgical procedure will be a blessing. it will be life changing. the happiness that will begin in my life, i can't even begin to explain.. women with nice proportionate figures take for granted what they have. when you're born a swan, you dont concern yourself with the feelings of ugly ducklings. you cant fathom our lives or livelihoods.

Exactly what I want

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I'm considering schulman also! I have about 40 pounds to get off! Good luck to you!
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Welcome doll! I'll be watching your journey as I start my own. This weight loss thing before surgery is definitely hard but we can do it!!
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Welcome to the team!!! And kudos to you for sparing no expense to ensure you have a reputable and proven PS to do your BBL. I agree w/the other Schulman vets below. He is the truth. Blessings on your continued journey!
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Good choice you are in great hands..he's the best, i owe my summer body to him!!lol
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I do think he's the sh*t, if I do say so myself *in my Jay-Z voice lol Your a wise woman :) All the very best on your journey!
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Congratulation 1st in the graduation. Good luck with surgery i hear great things with him.
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I'm sure Dr. Schulman won't disappointe u. He exceeded my expectations.
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Great choice hun! If you have any questions, hit me up on my page. Nothing like having an outstanding plastic surgeon right in your own backyard!
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Hey girl I love your pictures and the realistic outcome of your body you want I want exactly the same something natural. I am booked with dr fisher in Miami you should check his work out as we have similar body types. I hope you don't mind me using your wish pictures
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I definitely believe your PS can achieve your goal, you have a nice shape already
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I still say salama I love my results
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Why is it not wise to do both? You'll save a lot of money combining procedures plus you'll only have to go through the whole surgery and recovery thing once. But if you want two separate procedures, I'd say do your BBL first then get the breast lift. You're gonna have to wait 9 months (I think) between procedures so you can walk around with a bigger booty and smaller, curvier shape during that time then get your lift later. My opinion, but it's whatever you're wanting more at the moment :-) Oh and I've been hearing some messed up things about Salama lately too, girl you better some serious homework!
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Girl. Salama had some great work in the past. But now? I am not as impressed. The search isn't over. I am trusting this surgeon with my money, my life and my procedure. I will do an extensive search!
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Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life! I think it's a great idea to want to give yourself a new body as your graduation gift. It'll give you life like you've never had it before. Try to focus on what you do want rather than what you don't want. Sometimes that can be difficult to see presurgery, but I found it gave me lots of life to look ahead instead of looking at the negatives. I tried as much as possible to respect other people's surgery and their bodies and stuff by not posting negative pictures of them on RS. You know you never want to call someone's journey into question, but I don't think you meant to do that at all. In my experience (you can see from my before pics), I was a little overweight presurgery, and I would say getting to your ideal weight before surgery makes surgery infinitely better! I definitely tried, but I was still off by a few pounds and I think it made a difference, hence my revision lol, and I ate garbage after sugery and that didn't help at all. All the best on your journey, College!
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Hello Dollie! Thank you so much for your kind words and advice! I entirely want to be at a lower weight # before surgery. I want to do my best (on my part) to ensure I have great results. I do believe that being at my goal weight for surgery will give my doctor a better canvas to work with and will be better as far as maintenance. I chose to communicate the things I want and don't want because I want to be as clear and meticulous with the doctor with what I would like and what I am afraid of. My intentions are not to hurt anyone by posting negative pictures. I'm excited for a new body, but I definitely do have my set of fears. But like you said, I should definitely be more positive! I was reading through your posts and I appreciate how candid you were about your experience. You definitely put things into perspective! All the best & thank u!
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That last wish pic just gave me life!!!
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aint her body poppin!!
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Good luck on your journey I'm 9 months po salama and love it
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I'm stuck between Perry & Salama.. They're both AMAZING! I refuse to travel out of the country.. Your booty is POW!
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I love a woman who knows what she wants....and you clearly do....all the very best on your journey!
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Thank you so much for your kind words. I've been stalking asses for YEARS. I know exactly what I want to look like when I'm done. I want to communicate my needs as clearly as possible so I can have the best results!
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queens in the house! lol..good luck on your journey hunty! :)
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Thank you hun! :)
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I also love your wish pics, very detailed and specific. I know losing weight is hard, I've tried every diet and exercise I could find, but I've never had a ton of luck. I really hope you have success in achieving your goal weight! If you want to have your BBL next summer you might wanna start looking for a Dr and booking a date. Some surgeons are booked out for the next year. Not to rush you of course, just giving you a heads up (I ran into this problem). Good luck!
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Idk how I missed that first line, you stated you were looking into Dr Perry! Never mind my last few sentences, I'm overdoing the advice lol.
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