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I have held off on BOTOX for a long time. Three...

I have held off on BOTOX for a long time. Three years ago I underwent facial rejuvenation...face lift, brow lift, upper & lower eyelid surgery. The results were great and I wanted to maintain them as best I can. During a consultation with my cosmetic surgeon, I voiced my concerns about becoming one of those frozen, BOTOX-faced women. He assured me that this wouldn't be the case. He explained that he could help ease the new wrinkles forming around my eyes and at the corners of my mouth, with BOTOX. I decided to go for it and am so pleased. My muscles still move, they just aren't as exaggerated. The result looks natural and it feels natural too. I look more relaxed and refreshed, but it's subtle. I'm totally hooked!

Just had my second round of BOTOX injections. I...

Just had my second round of BOTOX injections. I love the fact that my cosmetic surgeon has a light touch and understands my desire to look natural and not "done." I have definite results with BOTOX but my facial muscles still "work" so I don't have that strange, mask-like, frozen-faced look. Once again, I have to give credit to Dr. P.for his skill and expertise.
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Dr. P took the time to listen to my concerns and answer questions. He explained what I could expect from BOTOX, and what it wouldn't address. He was honest and very genuine. He had a light touch and I found the injections to be virtually painless. He did them himself, instead of handing me off to a nurse, which also impressed me. His office is on Park Avenue in NYC so I thought his fee for BOTOX might be a little high, but it was very competitive.

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Hi Lonestar,

I too have read about the frozen face effect, I'm glad you didn't have it. Thanks for the extra detailed information. According to the community you are so right about having an experienced person administer Botox. Please keep us updated on your future procedures.



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Hi lonestar,

Thanks for the Botox review. I can completely understand how you don't want to look frozen. I'm glad he made it so you don't' and your muscles still move. Did you have any bruising and are you going to continue with Botox? Please keep us updated and welcome to the Botox community.



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Hi Brit,

I didn't have any bruising, although Dr. P. told me it may occur. I had some tiny red marks at the injection sites which could be easily covered with makeup. They were virtually undetectable.

I am definitely going to continue getting BOTOX with Dr. P. He has a light touch so the results are natural-looking. No one would ever guess I had BOTOX, but I can see a real difference. The corners of my eyes are smooth again, and the corners of my mouth don't turn down as much. It really refreshed my appearance with no downtime.

I read about celebrities that have tried BOTOX but didn't like the frozen face effect. I don't understand this. If you have the right person administering the BOTOX, this doesn't have to be the case. So that's the key...finding the right person to administer the BOTOX (of course I would recommend an experienced plastic surgeon with a great reputation) along with having realistic expectations.
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