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Darn Dark Circles -New York, NY

I'm 38 and have always had dark circles and I hate...

I'm 38 and have always had dark circles and I hate them!! I always get complimented in how great I look for my age but I also get you look tired today. I feel sad inside because I know I'm not tiered. I want to look fresher and I know if these circles weren't there I would look amazing. I want them gone


Good luck and you look fantastic........I would be careful to allow any Doc to do anything aggressive to the face.......think about Joan Rivers & Lil Kim some things you cannot mask or hide. Your face should always be your pride and joy. Best of Luck...
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Sorry to hear the dark circles are bothering you so much. :-/ We have an information page dedicated to dark circles that might be worth checking out if you haven't already, or are you planning to have a treatment already?

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New York Plastic Surgeon

I have read many reviews and they were good one. I font have a lot of money but I'm willing to take a chance at looking better. I'm a legal assistant at a place where I'm the only one that looks tiered and I'm sure this dr can help

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