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I got partial incision double eyelid surgery 3...

I got partial incision double eyelid surgery 3 weeks ago. I have very noticeable indents and bumpiness around my incision and extra folds that do not look normal. Will the indents and extra folds go away on their own? I am really starting to regret getting this surgery because now I feel I look worse than before. Would getting full incision double eyelid surgery have prevented the extra folds? What is causing the indents and how can I fix this? My left also feels heavier and tighter than my right eye. Is this normal? Please help me. I am worried that my surgery might have been botched.

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6 weeks. Most of the bumpiness and indents are...

6 weeks. Most of the bumpiness and indents are disappearing on their own. But the extra fold on my right eye is really bothering me and my left eye feels tighter/heavier. It is a very stressful time for me.


I'm not a doctor, but it appears that you may have ptosis in your left eye. This is relatively easy to correct if you go to an experienced surgeon. I'm assuming since you had a semi-open incision, they attached the lid to the orbital septum rather than then levator aponeurosis? If I'm right, then only a minimal amount of fat would've been removed and there would be no serious damage to the internal structures of the eye, making revision surgery easy if you still wish to undergo another operation. I live in Australia, so there aren't many fully qualified plastic surgeons who specialise in Asian procedures here. However, you're fortunate to live in the U.S. where you have an array of choice. One surgeon in particular that I planned to see once I flew over was Dr. Charles Lee in Beverly Hills. You should watch some of his videos on Youtube about ptosis and symmetry in Asian eyelid surgery.
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Honestly, I think your crease looks great! :)
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Yes, I did however she said to wait a few months and then see her if I had more concerns. However, I would like to be sure that everything is normal. Only time will tell... but I am still anxious.

Thanks, I just posted to the Doctor Q & A forum.
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11 months Post Op

11 months Post Op


What was your eyelid measurement with your eyes closed? You said you had a medium crease? What style did you have?
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