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I started tattoo removal on 1/31/13 in attempt to...

I started tattoo removal on 1/31/13 in attempt to erase an impulsive decision I made 15 years ago. I never really thought about what I wanted to I ended up with a red scorpion that everyone thinks is a lobster. I hate it and have wanted it gone for about 14.5 years!

My first treatment was fine, no blisters or redness and I noticed very a teeny change. This last treatment was very different. I had immediate blood blisters and itching that drove me crazy! One night I scratched so hard that I now think I'm going to have a keloid scar. Let me know what you think and how your removals at going. My next treatment is at the end of April but I may push it off if I think I have more healing to do.

My post Need to work out how to post photos. My sessions are 4 weeks apart. She takes about half hour to laser 2 tattoos. We will get our results xx
aloha kokowillis, I see that you are going through laser tattoo removal. I have had two single sessions and this past week I had the new R20 technique (multiple passes in one session separated by a 30 minute break). The first session left me itching but not the other times. I use hydrocortisone for the itch and I do keep it bandaged for the first week. There are some fabulous bandages, called Duoderm I think available on Amazon and maybe even your local drug store. and they are waterproof and last for days. Slather your lasered area with ointment, slap on a duoderm and maybe that will help. As for the keloid, you could use kelo-cote ointment, it's available online through Amazon also. Antihistamines like Benadryl pills/syrup also help. These are all things I've used, tried and it has helped me. all the best with your laser removal and keep us posted. aloha...k

Wow, it seems like you had a lot of fading for just 2 treatments! Do you happen to know what kind of laser they were using on you?

As for the possibility of a keloid scar, here is some info that might prove helpful:

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It's been about 3.5 weeks since my second...

It's been about 3.5 weeks since my second treatment and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna scar. Stupid itch!! Any tips for trying to limit scarring?? I wonder, if the next treatment causes a blister, would the scar return once the blistered skin is gone? I'm getting my removal done at a dermatologist so I'm hopeful that if there is noticeable scarring, they can help. I also think going to wait till 8 weeks post for my third treatment and not 6. The skin is actually still red and healing in some areas. The good news is I notice HUGE fading!! So that's something positive!
The fading is incredible!

Baby Benadryl is what my tattoo removal guy tells be to take for itching, I still itch but not as bad. I am on my 4th session and he turned up the juice on the laser this last time boy did it hurt and my tat was one giant blister (24x6) it was very painful for about three weeks with the added laser power, hopefully I get much better results this time as much pain as I've gone through.

I'm definitely going to take your advice this time and use benedryl when the itch comes! Funny, my 4th session is next and my doc said that's the one he's going to turn the laser all the way up!

Today was the third session and although I put the...

Today was the third session and although I put the numbing cream on an hour and a half beforehand, it still hurt like a bitch!!

He treated the black first and there was very little skin change, I wondered if it was working. Then we finally treated the red for the first time and whoa... it immediately got that ash-like appearance. It's throbbing a lot now, just 3 hours later.

I didn't scar from my last session as I feared and he said I'm having amazing results. Next time we are going to turn the laser all the way up. Nervous but so excited!!

I took a video today to show some of the folks who are still in the consultation phase what it looks like. As you can see, the black wavelength had minimal change and the red wavelength set off a light show! The pic is from Monday so about 6.5 weeks post treatment.

Can't believe I'm on the third session already!
Hello! I am on my 6th session ...I am having an arm band removed off my upper are...similar to what Pam Anderson has! It has been a year and it looks like another 6 months for me.i am having it done here in my home town at a Plastic Surgery facility..they are very good and takes maybe 10-12 minutes and I'm done! Feels like an elastic band snapping on your skin.. only it's x 100% more painful! Yikes! But so worth it! I tried the numbing creambut it didn't work for me...I feel pretty tender for the first day and then the pain fades! Never had the itching as bad as you are experiencing does itch..but not that much for me! Good luck to you!
Wow! Quite the light show!
Haha, I know! That was the first time it did that, guess it was for the red ink. I have a huge blister right now and I'm so excited for 2 weeks from now when it comes off and I can see the change underneath!!

3 weeks post 3rd treatment

So I'm about three weeks after my third session and I definitely don't have the crazy itch I did after the second one. After a week the blood blister sort of disintegrated after a shower and left shiny red skin. Every day it looks better and I'm excited for my 4th treatment which will be around June 12th or 19th.

4 treatments, 8.5 months later...

I haven't updated in a while. Been in the whole cycle of treatment, healing, treatment, healing. When I look at my before picture I can see how far I've come but when I look at my ankle I still feel so far from having nothing there. I've been waiting longer between treatments and I think that has helped a lot with healing. My doc is very happy with how it's progressing. I dunno, I guess I just wish it was over already. I'm glad cooler weather is coming so I don't have to explain the bandages. On a positive note, I feel less embarrassed by my tattoo overall. I guess since its faded so much, it's not as noticeable.

Anyone find that healing speeds up over time? Not sure if the laser wasn't turned up enough last time but the skin was completely healed after two weeks when the first two treatments took at least 6 weeks to heal.
Your progress is looking really good, thank you for coming back and sharing with us.

Thanks for your update, you're making great progress! How long are you waiting between sessions?

At least 10 weeks. My first two sessions were after 6 weeks and I don't think the skin was fully healed so now I wait a lot longer.
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