do your research before you allow implant in your nose **very unnatural - New York, NY

I am 5 weeks after septo-rhinoplasty. No words can...

I am 5 weeks after septo-rhinoplasty. No words can describe the regrets I have for going under the knife as it was so very unnecessary. I should have done more homework and not have taken this procedure lightly. I have always been called pretty (and hilarious girl) even though I have what most western (insert "white/caucasian") doctors would call a bulbous, round nose but somehow it just seemed to fit my face well. I just thought I would be cuter with a slightly slimmer nose (thank you media brainwashing), so for a few years, I always fantasized about what my nose would look like smaller and was always browsing "ethnic rhinoplasty" websites but always chickened out until....I met this new girlfriend whom underwent rhinoplasty before (her results are ah-mah-zing) and swore it changed her life and she was so very happy.

So she gave me the name of her ps, I went on the website and thought all the pics were awful and told her that and we had joked that she initially thought the same but when she went to his office so more pics in his pics book and they were better so here I am $150 later for a consultation I go in and look at the book and yes the pics were better.

October 2012
Doc comes in and here is our convo:
Me: " I think I am really pretty but I believe I would be even prettier if my nose was slightly smaller" (Seriously, I rated myself an 8 out of
Dr S: " Yes, most african american patients who come for a consultation come for the same reasons: low bridge, wide nostrils, and no definition in the tip"

Then he takes a few pics, steps out and comes back with the "computer imaging" when he shows me I tell him " I don't like the pointy nose and I am fine with my round profile", he replies "I cant refine the tip if I leave the roundness".

In his opinion, I need his "cookie cutter" african american 3 tiered approach:
1. a custom tailored SLUPimplantâ„¢
2. tip refinement
3. nasal narrowing

I take the pics and share with my bf who urges me not to go through it that I am just fine the way God created me....I left it alone until one year later...Broke up with my bf, feeling really low and decide to do smtg for myself so I go back in for a second consultation which was free this time and same as first consultation I was unprepared and had no specific clue of exactly what I wanted except that I wanted a slighly slimmer nose... and smtg very subtle so that noone notices I had surgery....ha! (I should have spent time asking myself questions like do I really want an implant or not?, do I really want the tip of my nose to be altered? These questions didn't really cross my mind...LADIES DO YOUR RESEARCH))

So I decide to go ahead with the three-tiered cookie cutter approach as proposed by "expert plastic surgeon"....

Surgery scheduled for Oct 2013 (I have a week off from work and tell myself it is now or never).

I go in and when I am in operating room my blood pressure is dangerously high (177 over 114), doctor comes in and says "I am going to give you something and if it remains high, we have to reschedule the surgery" - this should have been a sign for me to get my behind up and say " SAYONARA!" - Yes, he did give me smtg but guess what I didn't wake up until... AFTER the surgery was done to hear that I needed to go to "doctor ASAP bc my blood pressure was dangerously high"....hmmm, what happened to rescheduling the surgery as you mentioned, doc?....I guess he wanted to get it over with but I basically could have had a stroke, a brain aneurysm and after having received my post-op report I was confirmed that surgery should not have been performed...This incident is now being reported to the Board for medical negligence.

Fast forward, 7 days, the cast is removed and to my dismay, I look like a totally different person, what happened to my subtle change request?!! I had shown him some pictures of nose job he performed on other patients and he replied that my nose was different...ok my request was subtle change!!

I am told "it is the swelling, it will go down"

Except that I go home and cry at the reflection in the mirror, I do not recognize myself, I look like a mix of Michael Jackson, the Joker, Miss Piggy, a raccoon and so on. I definitely do not look like Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Beyonce and by that I mean their results...VERY NATURAL LOOKING!

My mom saw me and started crying because my once cute face was just ruined ...I keep looking in the mirror to find out what went wrong....The oh-so-famous "custom tailored SLUPimplantâ„¢"....It made me look like a roman statue, if I had asked for an aquiline (please look up this word if you don't know the meaning and look at the pics) look I would be fine but no, no, no I didn't ask you that unnatural look Dr S.

10 days after surgery, I schedule another appointment to express my concern and Dr S. tells me that it looks just like in the pictures....Yeah right! The implant absolutely did NOT look like in the pictures, it was placed WAYYY TOO HIGH (as confirmed by 3 other ps)....It changed my entire facial features in the worst way possible, my face is no longer proportionate, face is now long, eyes are sunken in, straight naso frontal angle, no curve between eyebrow and rest of nose, bridge actually looks weird from the semiprofile almost obstructing my eyes....JUST PLAIN AWFUL LOOKING

I am told to wait at least 4 months before removal.

4 months being super miserable, I just couldn't wait, I have never felt so depressed in my life ever...4 way, I decide to text him pretty frequently because I was so desperate....I guess he got fed up of my texting and agreed to remove implant and he dares tell me "I will charge you again if you want to put the implant back in". When I tell him how unnatural it looks and that it basically was ethnically inconsistent with my features, his reply " its a matter of perspective and preference".

I posted a pic for everyone to see - the after implant is MORE NATURAL!

3 WEEKS after surgery, I go in for the implant to be removed....What a relief! I don't exactly look like my old self (bc of tip work) but at least I can stand looking at my own reflection in the mirror.

The lesson I learned " Do not mess with what nature gave you unless you really have to" (i.e. you are super ugly in your own eyes, you have nasal functional issues)

I know it is a long post but I felt I needed to share my experience.

Before I end this update, a few tips for those who seek ethnic rhinoplasty:

Ask yourself - what is your goal?
- raise bridge
- smaller nostrils
- refined tip

If you choose to raise your bridge, there are different ways, either from your own tissue (grafts) or with (artificial) implants:
Grafts include:
Ear cartilage
Rib cartilage
Hip carilage or bone
Skull bone

Implants include:
Porous polyethylene
PTFE (Gortex)

Please know that there are differing doctor opinions when it comes to raising your bridge using SILICONE or SILASTIC IMPLANT as used by this doctor.

Do your research and be aware of the infections and extrusion rates and possibly the revision rhinoplasty you will have to go thru if infected because you have a foreign material in your nose. The use of the implant means faster operation time for the doctor but very often unnatural results for you as a patient..Think about the long term of having a foreign thing in your nose which the body doesn't accept and keep trying rejecting by forming a capsule around it...DO YOUR RESEARCH.

As I am only 5 weeks after rhino, and 2 weeks after implant removal, my nose has to heal ...I will update you on the rest of this ordeal. Keep me in your prayers for a smoother recovery.

4 months post-op and actually happy with my results so far

It has now been 4 months since my surgery and although I was very unhappy in the first month because of the whole high radix and having to go through implant removal ordeal.

I must now say admit that my nose is turning out to be really really cute, very natural looking and I get men approaching me at least a few times a day to compliment me on my "beauty". (Beauty is such a subjective concept - hence the quote marks). I'm also told, I look like a doll at up is my best friend ever and I swear to never argue with her!!)

So this being said, if I were to do this over, I would prepare myself emotionally and mentally because I just wasn't ready for the emotional changes it takes you through. To look at your face and see a different person can take a toll on you especially if you dislike the new you. Luckily, I realized very quickly that the implant was not a great fit for my face and was able to have it removed almost immediately. My nose is still healing but I can honestly say that the tip work done looks great and I'm getting used to my new nose...without the implant!
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

My issue was that the doctor should have discussed the fact that adding bridge implant drastically distorts the rest of your facial features, had I known that I would not have agreed.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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hi missyncyc, I was happy with my old bridge but thought I would look better with an implant but like you the cuteness in my face was gone, it made my face look long and my eyes wierd looking. I promptly got it removed and I think my surgeon got annoyed of my constant emails and messaging. Luckily he agreed to get it removed, I'm 5 days post implant removal and feel so much better. Could i ask you whether he adjusted your tip to reflect your old bridge profile? After removal implant, did you notice your tip become more wider and did you experience any extra scar tissue in the nose? Thanks
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Hey Alexisle, all my surgeon did was remove the implant, the tip was not adjusted to reflect my old bridge. After implant removal, my tip did not become wider and I didn't notice any scar tissue. Did you had your tip done when you had surgery or just the implant?
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Hi missync, I had my tip and alarplasty done as well as implant. I was 3.5 weeks when I requested goretex implant removal but I was still swollen in the tip area. When he opened up my nose he said there was still 3-5mm in swelling in my tip. Oh I had tip defattenung done and ear cartilage graft in the first op So now I've swollen up again however this morning the tip has de-swell slightly. I swear this whole experience has been traumatic, I literally could not work for 3 weeks, the implant gave me massive headaches too. Did your doctor do tip defattening, cartilage grafting for you? What type of implant material did you remove and did he remove yours by open or closed technique? I hope my swelling goes down over the next month.
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As u said that no one actually knows u had a Rhinoplasty, dat means u didn't do any drastic changes? Which also means u had a close Rhinoplasty, Right?
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Hey Shanny1, I believe that yes changes were not drastic after I asked for the implant removal. I had an open rhinoplasty though. Are you thinking of getting your nose done?
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Sorry Shanny1, I think you meant to ask missynyc that question, best of luck..
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Not thinking of it, I am going to get my nose done BUT at first I didn't really know exactly wat I wanted until I came across ur review. I didn't even know there was such a thing as nose implants. Lol. But thankfully I saw ur review some months ago den u gave me ideas :-)
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I totally appreciated you sharing your experience. Wake up AA! We need to get as much info as possible before we undergo this procedure. Our noses are the most difficult to achieve a natural look! Best of luck on your recovery! I'll keep you in my prayers...
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Hi DColeman, Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, as AA we need to do even more research. Thank God, I'm now 8 months post op and despite this whole implant removal ordeal my results are very very natural. No one could actually tell I had a rhinoplasty done. Are you thinking if getting your nose done?
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Yes, I need smaller nostrils and a refined nasal tip. I do not want my nose bridge to be raised. Bye the way, you after removal pic is looking fabulous! We're you tip redefine done with an implant as well? You are a God Sent for sharing you story! Now I feel empowered to go forth and make a well informed decision! Thnks
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Thank you! Yes I'm so happy I removed the implant. My tip was refined without the use of the implant. I'm sure you will b happy with your results as long as you are prepared for it emotionally and know exactly what you are looking for. Good luck. Can't wait to see your pics or read your story ;-)
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Thanks for the info! Still searching for the right ps in south Florida, will keep you abreast of my progress! Keep me in your prayers!
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Hope I'm not being too much of a bother, but were you breathing compromise with this procedure as the is also high on my list of of questions and concerns, thanks again...
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your constant blaming of other people for YOUR mistake is annoying, if you felt so pretty then why get a nose job lol. Grow up and take responsibility for YOUR CHOICES!!
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Lol..."amberLynn" read the review again. You obviously have nothing better to do with your time than to leave this kind of comment. Xoxo doll
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your constant blaming of other people for YOU mistake is annoying, if you felt so pretty then why get a nose job lol. Grow up and take responsibility for YOUR CHOICES!!
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Love ur Review!! I also want a nose job badly & I'm going to have one. At first I was jus thinking to myself dat I wanted a slimmer more straighter nose but after reading ur review about knowing exactly wat I u want. I have to do further research now. I know I definitely DO NOT WANT IMPLANTS. U gave me excellent information but now I'm confused. I will read ur review again & do homework. Thanks :-)
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sigh ... you are gorgeous (and write so well, I read this whole thing in under 5 minutes!) :) I appreciate the honesty and all of the information as I have an ethnic nose as well and nyc just doesn't seem to have enough ps to do this :(
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Hey mimixoxo, yes I encourage you to do your research really well before embarking on this journey! Good luck
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I'm happy for you. Yeah, Dr. S does good tip work. But, the implants are not for everyone. Please post a pic.
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Great, congratulations on liking your new nose!
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I'm going through the same ordeal.I had a graft on my nose and it looks so unnatural and not me..I don't want to look at the mirror let alone take picture..I look scary with too high bridge..Its been a mnth of my surgery and now i have to gather enough money for revision rhinoplasty.I want to take my graft out and tip redefined like I usedto have but it seems I now have to fly to The US from Asia..Frustrating,I paid to have a worst looking nose..
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Hey Shova, Which type of graft did you doctor put in? What results/look were you going for?
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My surgeon put a graft from my iliac crest and put it from my radix down to the tip of my nose.I just wanted an ever so slight increase in height of my radix and a slight nose but now my nose is too high,tip deprojected and worst of all,crooked with asymmetric pinched nostrils..
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I was really set on getting a nose job. I agree that the media brain washes ethnic people into thinking white features are more beautiful. I almost cried reading your story. I'm sorry this happened to you!
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