My Bumpy Road with African-american Rhinoplasty- insightful journey- New York, NY

Was it worth it? Moneywise, yes, but, it...

Was it worth it?

Moneywise, yes, but, it was NOT worth the emotional pain and humiliation I endured. During the consultation, I had described to Dr. Slupchynskyj that I wanted a less bulbous tip; wanted it refined. My nose had a bulbous tip and a small hump on the bridge. From the profile view, the outline of my nose had a curvature look because of the small hump. My only concern was the tip; I felt alright about my bridge. Dr. Slupchynskyj used computer imaging to show me how my nose would look after he removes the fat from my tip and reshape the cartilage. I told him that my bridge looked soo straight (profile view). Most people’s nose naturally has a slight dip at the supratip (the area between the dorsum and the tip- just above tip). I had read that having a straight bridge is a telltale sign (from profile view) of rhinoplasty. Dr. S. explained that my nose would not look right if he refine just the tip; it would look more uniform if the whole nose was done. After telling him that my bridge looked so straight, he added the custom carved implant using the computer imaging. My nose looked fine in the computer imaging results.
In hindsight, I regret, I wish I had never told him that my bridge looked too straight because he would not had added the implant. BUT, he could have advised me that this custom carved implant has elevation. Furthermore, that its elevation can make my bridge look high (elevated) and that this can significantly change my appearance affecting my other facial features. With this information, I would have made an informed decision.
Since my nose looked fine in the computer imaging results, he had the qualifications, had a lot of experience with African-American rhinoplasty, has good reviews on forums such as and no malpractice lawsuit against him, I decided to select him.
I had the procedure done in July 2013. I followed the usual pre-op and post-op instructions (arnica, vitamin C, antibiotics, and pain meds). Recovery went smoothly. No bruising. No scar tissue. No major pain that can’t be alleviated with pain meds. In the end, my nose is fully functional (have sense of smell; no problems breathing; no constant nose drip). One week, after the rhinoplasty, my cast was taken off. I had some swelling and a little asymmetry. (Advice: You should not ride the subway, after having your cast taken off- people may notice) When I got home, I took a good look at my nose and noticed that my bridge was high. I texted Dr. S frantically. He assured me that it was all swelling. My family felt my tip looked pointy. In person, they didn’t notice the high bridge AT FIRST, but said my nose looked VERY defined.
At one week, 4 days post-op, I saw Dr. S. and expressed my dislike of my high bridge. I told him about my experience on the subway. He told me that I was still very swollen and can’t really make any changes right now- it’s too early- come back in 3 weeks. After doing research, I learned that this look is considered a “high radix”- a high naso-frontal angle (the area between the start of your forehead and the start of your bridge).
When I returned in 3 weeks (a little over 1 mth post-op), the swelling on my bridge had gone down. I told him that I did not like the “high radix” and that my nose did NOT look like this in the computer image results. I told him about how some strangers in the street gave me shocked looks. He felt that my nose looked good. I told him the implant should have been placed at the upper eyelid level- right now, it’s placed too high. He examined my nose and told me that I should wait at least 6mths to do a revision. He will modify the implant or replace it with a smaller one and put it at a lower level. He told me to return in 6 weeks. In the meantime, I wore sunglasses or glasses and makeup to try to camouflage the “high bridge”.
I saw him mid-November- about 4 mths post-op. I had the same complaint about the “high radix”. On the other hand, I liked my tip. This time, instead of suggesting putting in a modified implant, he suggested having the custom carved implant removed. I asked him about how my nose will look. He told me that my naso-frontal angle will be reduced about 4 mm- close to pre-op look. I was able to secure an appointment for the second week of December. I followed the usual pre-op and post-op instructions (taking arnica, vitamin C, antibiotics). After the procedure, I wore a bandage. I was able to take it off the next day and go to work. The implant was removed from the right-side of my nose and that side was swollen. I saw Dr. S 1 week later. Most of the swelling had gone down. Dr. S said there’s still some swelling in my tip. I told him that I liked my tip as it is and hope it stays this way. The high-radix is gone. My tip is not upturned, as in some cases when implants are removed. I look much better. My family thinks my nose looks better- it’s noticeable to them that I had my nose done, but it looks much better. Currently, I’m 5 mths 2 wks post-op; 4 wks after the implant removal.


Dr Oleh I dont know why people go to him for their surgeries Most of the african american noses he did look the same and he uses the implant on all of them. It seems to me that he has an "ideal" look of a black nose and experience those implants on us to test them. LOok at his before/after pictures. They all look the same, reduced nostrils, HIGH bridge, IMPLANT straight bridge.
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I agree!
Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf! You're a beautiful lady.
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My bumpy road to african-american rhinoplasty- insightful journey

Regarding my experience, I want to add that...
He can definitely do the job right without any physical problems arising from the procedure (ex. constant nose drip). His aesthetics maybe a little different, but that’s the case with most doctors. But, the patient needs to clearly express or EMPHASIZE their view of aesthetics to their doctor so that they can get the outcome they want the first time around.

As for the implant, there’s nothing wrong with it. However, I THINK the implant is better suited (aesthetically) for someone with a low or flat bridge, for example, some African Americans and most Asians.


Thank you for your review! You look great :)
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Thank you so much for the post! Extremely helpful!
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Hey foxy boxy, you are right. I complained of high radix and so happy I removed the implant out. It's been 4 months since my surgery and my nose actually gets cuter and cuter...I'm just very happy to have removed te implant out.

Smooth road ahead

This is an update on my journey. In these pictures, I'm 10 1/2 months rhino post-op - almost 7 months post-op for the implant removal. On July 24th, it will be 1 year since the rhino and my nose looks much better. :)


Hi Nu, you look so much better and your nose looks so much more natural now. I was in the same situation like you and got my goretex implant removed 3.5 weeks post 1st op. I have thin skin on the top of my bridge area and can notice the implant outline even though the implant has been removed for a week now - so my bridge still looks high because it's swollen. Did this happen to you as well, where the bridge looked high and slightly swollen after removal? I'm just wondering when the swelling will subside and go back to my normal profile? thanks
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Hi Alexisle, thanks for the compliment. After the implant was taken out, my bridge was swollen. But, the right side was more swollen than the left side because my doctor removed the implant through my right nostril. I took Arnica for up to a week (I think) after the implant removal. I think the swelling went down completely in 3 or 4 weeks. After the implant was removed, I did NOT have a high bridge or high radix - please see my profile picture at the beginning of my first review from January- see the profile pic that says, "3 days after implant removed..." You will see that I didn't have a high bridge anymore. Did you take Arnica or something to help the swelling go down?
Omg I am so greatful you responded, it's been a week and I have been freaking out because the swelling looks like there is a small implant. Like you the doc removed my implant on the right side so I have more swelling on the right side, so my nose looks so unsymmetrical. I am taking will continue taking arnica. Thanks so much for tellin me that it takes 3-4weeks for bridge swelling to go down completely - gives me leaves if mind that it will go down. The swelling has subsided but I can tell the tissues are bruised so it's creating an outline on top of my bridge. Just have to be patient. By the way, with his tip work, did he graft cartilage for your tip work?
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