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I'm bit nervous and looking for support and advice...

I'm bit nervous and looking for support and advice on what to expect. I'm currently 5"7 and 175lbs. I diet, excersise , juice and the fat won't go away.. I will be doing liposuction on my tummy,back, and flanks. Ive been researching and I think liposuction will definently help me. So I have my procedure schedule for March 20.. I'll post before and after pics throughout my journey. Like share and any useful advice is valued.


Good luck! Hoping you get the results you are looking for, I am 2 weeks from having my lipo done. I wish I could offer advice.
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Thanks. I did my lab work today. And as the time draws near I'm can't wait to see great results.

1 week away

I'm one week away and I'm so excited and anxious for my new beginnings. I just hope I don't need to have too much down time like laying in the bed for weeks. This weekend I'm gonna do all my shopping and running around and prep myself for my big day.. I will post pic of before and after next week. Thanks for the feedback and support


Congrats and good luck on upcoming surgery
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I'm ready!!

Sorry I've haven't been updating you guys, work as always. Tomorrow is the big the for me. I did some running around shopping,vist my ps and make sure everything is a green light.. My surgery is tomorrow at 7:45am. And I can't wait for my new beginning. I took some before pic so I can share with you guys. Wish me luck. I will update before and after my surgery.


Good luck tomorrow!!!!!
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Good luck tomorrow! Keep us posted! My lipo procedure is a week from today! I posted my pre op pics and hope to reach my personal goals too :)
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I will. Thanks.

Today is day!!

To days is the day that I do my surgery. I'm so nervous, but I know I'm in good hands with my surgeon. Wish me luck,say a prayer and ill keep you guys updated.


I hope everything went well!
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Good luck
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Post op

Well I did it!! So let me fill you guys on my journey. I got up early got prep. The staff was so lovely to me seriously. They made sure I was ok. I was super nervous. My nurses was sweethearts.. I had my areas drawn on. Next thing you know I went to the OR. My ps was very very genoa routs talk to me and told I'm gonna be fine and beautiful. So I felt relax. I woke in recovery and my throat was sore... Omg.. But my pain was at a three. I got home and my brother was here till my boyfriend came. I took my antibiotics..and took an Aleve for the pain. The pain isn't that bad.. I feel asleep at 3pm and woke up feeling ok. However all I'm really doing is getting up and peeing like a fish and I'm drinking lots of fluids...my bathroom trips aren't too bad at all. And I'm helping myself.my garment isn't too uncomfortable. But I will have in a couple days. But I am swollen. I thank god for keeping safe. #lipoed


So glad everything went well and your pain level is low! Keep us posted. Here's to great results :) Mine is 6 days and counting!!
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Good 4 u, I did not have much pain or discomfort. I do not know what we can attribute that to. Our pain level or ps skill.
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Day post op

Hey guys, I still don't have that pain.. I still haven't taken my Percocet yet..I figure I will take it as soon as I can't tolerate my pain. I've been walking around at. I have swelling still but i feel ok. But I've mostly been in bed with my legs elevated at all times and drinking lots of fluids. Mostly water. I'm still peeing like a fish. Lol I slept ok last night. I kept waking up every couple of hours.. My garment isn't uncomfortable yet... I can't wait till I can shower.. Which is tomorrow I wanna see what my body look like and see how much bruising I got. I will post pics when I take the garment off. But i feel like I will have an amazing body.


Wow! That is awesome! My surgery date is 4/24/15! I can't wait to see the new me! I'm wondering how much fat did they take from you?
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So happy to hear the good news!! Can't wait to see the pics...I'm living vicariously through you until my procedure next week :)
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Lol .. You will be fine. I can't wait to start working out and shower!! My pain level is Low and I just came in from walking. I will pics on Sunday

Day 3 post

So I was able to shower today.. And when I took off my garment I was still swollen, and slightly bruised but I see results already.. I'm happy so far. I have my follow appt this Thursday so I get my next garment. It felt good to have showered today.. I was staring in the mirror for like 10 mins.. Overall I know I have some wAys to go.. So let's see what I look like in 3 weeks..here are some pics.

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Pic 3 days post

Here are my pics


You look Awesome!!!! Oh my I just pray my 54 year old body can look half as good as all of you young chicks!:)
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Thanks.. I do see a little difference. I'm sure you would look hotter!!!
My flanks look bigger 4 days post op! Waist looks better....
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Follow up

So I did my first follow up appt. and everything I coming along nicely. I got my stitches taken out. I also go my new garment cause the one I had was loose I guess I lost a few inches more. Yay! And I also did my first massage today. It was uncomfortable for me cause I'm still sore but the young lady was really gentle. I schdule couple session with her cause my body is tense and would really benefit from the massage. I figure next week I would start the treadmill slowly. As far as pic I'll post some when I'm exactly one month so I can see my progress this far. #still swollen


Glad to hear you're doing well! I am VERY bruised and stiff but only took one extra strength Tylenol today! Yea for us! Keep us updated :)
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I'm doing great! I'm coming down slowly, I'm not a month yet, I workout, eat way better, and still wearing my garment. Overall I'm glad I made this choice!! Pics will be posted in1 month


Yep, that swelling sticking around for so long was a surprise. I am three months out and still have unsuspecting swelling. It is getting better very slowly. So hang in there.
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You look good Kendra. I have a question you mentioned you were having massage. What type of massage did you have and how frequent? What is the porpouse of this ? I will have mine in four weeks.
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