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Extraordinary Trustworthy Doctor - New York

Convinced by before-and-after photos of his...

Convinced by before-and-after photos of his patients, and their rave reviews of Dr. Yang's skills and bedside manner. I am thrilled with the results and the care I received.

I had considered plastic surgery for several years...

I had considered plastic surgery for several years. I feel more energetic and vibrant than I ever have in my life, but my face was making me look sad, tired, and older than I felt inside.

I wanted a neck lift and to do something about my newly emergent jowls, but I was terrified of ending up looking like Joan Rivers or the countless other celebrities who have been victims of bad plastic surgery. I put it off for a long time.

I interviewed two plastic surgeons, but one seemed very young and inexperienced, and the other seemed blase (I think she was chewing gum) and recommended a multitude of procedures that I had never considered, with a total price tag of over $20K.

Then I began reading message boards like RealSelf and started gathering more information from other people who had undergone cosmetic surgery. Seeing before-and-after photos of real people with excellent, natural results gave me the courage to pursue further.

I started reading reviews of doctors. I came across articles that Dr. George Yang had written answering people's questions about plastic surgery, and was impressed with his detailed and thoughtful answers, and the passion for his work that he expressed. I looked at before-and-after photos of his patients and was very impressed. His patients' end result looked natural and becoming -- like themselves, only better. Youthful, but not pulled taut like a 65-year-old trying to look 25.

Then I read a multitude of 10-star reviews from his patients commenting on how kind, compassionate and caring he is, how much time he spends in consultation, how he will not recommend unnecessary surgery, and most importantly, how pleased they were with the results.

Even though he is in New York City and I live out-of-state, I called to schedule a consultation during a time I knew I would be in NY.

Like others described, Dr. Yang spent more than two-and-a-half hours in consultation with me. I never felt rushed, and I left with all my questions answered (rare, these days, with doctors!). He actually seemed to enjoy talking about his work, even though he must have explained these things to many people many times.

I thought I need upper and lower eye surgery (based on what other doctors had told me), and was prepared to pay for this in addition to a neck and lower face lift. Dr. Yang told me he didn't think that I needed upper eyelid surgery and explained how my lack of eyelid showing actually helps me appear more youthful.

As for the lower eyelids, he recommended Restylane injections to plump up the hollows and make my under eyelids on a more even plane with the rest of my face. He saved me the pain, risk and recovery period of eye surgery (not to mention the thousands of extra dollars I was prepared to spend!) He did the Restylane injections that afternoon, which produced just the results he said it would.

I decided to have the facial surgery performed the following week, and booked a room at a nearby hotel that he recommends to his patients.

I was nervous on the morning of the surgery. I elected to have the procedure done in his office under local anesthesia which, again, saved me thousands of dollars in fees for anesthesia and for the outpatient surgical center. I was given Valium to relax me, and a gentle series of shots of lidocaine. I was perfectly numb, and felt nothing during the 2.5 hour procedure except tugging and pulling.

I did hear the sound of what sounded like scissors snipping away for what seemed like a long time, which was a little freaky, but I didn't feel a thing. I was dozing on-and-off during the procedure, and felt very relaxed while classical music played.

Afterwards, my husband brought me back to the hotel. My head and face were wrapped in bandages. I took painkillers for the first two days, but the pain was mostly like a dull ache and not unmanageable. I slept a lot for the first 24 hours. Dr. Yang came the next day to my hotel room (!) to check on me. He told me that everything looked good.

On the third day, Dr. Yang removed the bandages and I saw my new profile for the first time. I was amazed already at how good it looked, and knew I made the right decision! By the 3rd day I didn't even need Tylenol. There was no pain -- just a lot of numbness, which is disconcerting at first.

I returned on day 5 and 8 to have stitches removed, and traveled home on Day 8. When Dr. Yang showed me my before and after pictures on Day 8, I could have cried, I was so happy with the result. I looked like my old self, just younger and more rested. I didn't look like a different person -- like me, only better!

I returned to work yesterday on Day 9. I wore a turtleneck to cover some of the remaining bruises on my neck, but my colleagues didn't seem to notice a thing. (I hadn't told them why I was in NY.) Just what I wanted!

I've had questions just about every day since before the procedure, and Dr. Yang has answered every phone call and email promptly -- with care, concern and patience -- never treating me as if any of my questions are silly (some of which clearly were).

My only fear in singing his praises so highly is that if I decide to re-do the procedure again in ten years, I'm afraid he will be so in demand that I won't be able to afford him in the future!

Dr. Yang, I cannot thank you enough.

Additional Photos

Someone asked for a frontal view of my face before and after. Just found these photos to add.
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

I cannot sing Dr. Yang's praises highly enough! Caring, patient, kind, humble. But most importantly an artist, and highly skilled at what he does.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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@Sadie you looks beautiful.. I love your results so refreshed!!
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Thank you, Riverafambam. I'm very happy with the results of my neck lift.
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Just did Botox and juverderm . Told co2 laser will be my "crack".
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He's in N.Y ha! That's doable ;) I love your results :)
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Thanks, TT. Highly recommend Dr. Yang as a surgeon.
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How long did you stay in NYC? I'm in SC so it would be easier to stay than travel back and forth
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As with my eye surgery in LA, I stayed in NYC about 10 days for my neck lift. It's nice to be away from home during the first week of recovery, and be free of one's normal responsibilities.
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I'm so sorry about the eye situation. I admire your tenacity to have it fixed!! For the neck.....10 days?!?! I'm sure you followed up with the eyes but when did you go back for the neck follow up. I can't imagine you would need anything else. You look fabulous.
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Sorry, no. I see now in my original review it was 8 days. I had to follow up with Dr Yang on Days 5 and 8 to get stitches out. I saw him the morning of Day 8, then traveled home that afternoon. I was back to work on Day 9 (with a turtleneck). Nope, I'm not planning to do anything else -- just a little Botox maintenance between the brows.
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You look very good..did you also have the lower face lift with it/
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I had what Dr. Yang calls a "Necklift Plus" which includes a mini lower facelift.
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Two years later and I'm still thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Dr Yang for facial surgery.
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Thank u sallify! For all the great great info! U look very pretty n natural. I learned a lot from u. Thanks a lot for sharing all ur knowledge ^_^!
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You're welcome, Mely. I'm glad youve found it helpful. I've tried to share the kind of information i was hungry for pre-surgery.
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I just had a neck lift from Dr Yang and I am super pleased with the results. Day 4 and I had the stitches under my chin removed today, will get stitches behind ears removed on day 8. Pain is totally manageable with medication, I think I will return to work day after tomorrow (day 6). I am still slightly swollen but the difference in my neck is amazing already. I want to wear the compression garment as much as possible because I cant wait to see my new neck when it is 100% healed! Most of the bruising is on the sides of neck & chest, easy to hide with a scarf.
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It's been almost a year, New York5005. Hope you've been enjoying your new profile!
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THANK YOU. it doesnt do much good for me to read people's experiences if they dont tell the name of the doctor. thanks for sharing!
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I made a mistake. I had what Dr. Yang calls a "Necklift Plus," again which is a necklift plus mini-facelift to tighten the neck and minimize jowling. I should add that I am 53.

Dr. Yang's literature says that the Necklift Plus is recommended for "younger" patients (it's all relative!) who still have some elasticity of the skin. For older patients with more sagging, he recommends the deep plane lift.
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Sure, georgie430! I had what Dr. Yang calls a "Millennial Lift," which is simply a neck lift combined with a mini-facelift. I did not have a deep plane lift. The recovery was very quick. I was back to work in two weeks, with only minimal bruising left on my lower neck and upper chest, which was easily concealed with a turtleneck or a scarf. No bruising left at all at three weeks.
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Hi Do you know the difference between a neck lift plus and a lower facelift? I'm interest in a lower facelift that not only addresses jowls and neck but also cheeks.
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You look great....... Any chance you can post the exact type of facelift you had??
Was it the deep one? Looking to really do my HW
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Very beautiful! You look so much younger and happier :)
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Exceptionally natural, pretty result, but it would be helpful to post front face shots too.
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Hi Francesca, I don't personally know the doctors and haven't had a neck lift myself, so I can't tell you if any doctor is better than another. However, here is a list of Facial Plastic Surgeons in Toronto. I would suggest you do some research on them all, have consultations with several of them and look up reviews, etc. You'll know which doctor is the right fit for you once you meet them.

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Hi Kirsty Cornwakk !! I see the reply to Sallify and I would like very much to see this Dr.Yang for a neck and lower face lift, but he is to far away from me..... I'm from Toronto Canada, can you recommend someone that is as good as Dr Lang here in Toronto for me please !!!!
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