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Hi everyone, I had ultherapy yesterday so now my...

Hi everyone, I had ultherapy yesterday so now my skin berned and getting worth this morning on around the part jaw nack and check both side, it is normal?

I am also a dermatologist and have been providing Ultherapy treatments for the last two years. I concur with Dr.Samlaska's opinion. It appears to have been caused by an intense pulsed light crystal, not Ulthera.
Thank you for Dr.Samlaska to make more clear with my case ,it's very good educate and very helpful for me and everyone who see this comment.
I am a dermatologist and have been providing Ulthera treatments for over two years. The injury shown is inconsistent with Ultherapy treatment. The device produces a line of 10 to 20 very focal thermal-coagulation points deep in tissue that measure 0.5 mm wide and 1.8 mm in length. Any complication from the device should produce a line of dots, as shown on the demos available using the plastic test card the company provides. The injury shown in these photographs is more consistent with contact of the crystal directly with the skin in the intense pulse light devices (FotoFacial). This would produce an injury that is a perfect rectangle, such as shown. I question if any gel was used during the procedure. So sorry for the results, but I can't believe this was an Ulthera device.

I have update photos after one week and day 11,my...

I have update photos after one week and day 11,my face still healing and scar.
Knock wood just had my neck done this past week and above eyebrows /eye area and no pain afterward, a tiny bit tender and i'm a super fair strawberry blonde w most sensitive skin she'd seen she said to me. Depends how high they turn it up too....
I don't have a burn, jch. My Ultherapy went very well...a couple of welts on my neck that vanished within a few hours.
Dr. D. Branson mentions the risk of burns here Obviously, burns are very rare but I am hearing that they are a possibility and are more "intense" than a welt. I understand welts are common and go away quickly, as mine did.

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