My Face Got Burn from Ultherapy - New York

Hi everyone, I had ultherapy yesterday so now my...

Hi everyone, I had ultherapy yesterday so now my skin berned and getting worth this morning on around the part jaw nack and check both side, it is normal?

I am also a dermatologist and have been providing Ultherapy treatments for the last two years. I concur with Dr.Samlaska's opinion. It appears to have been caused by an intense pulsed light crystal, not Ulthera.

Thank you Dr. Werschler - this is really, really good information for our community to know!

I have a similar burn - And It was Ulthera. almost 2 weeks. I can see 2 holes in the wound applying Biafine and keeping coved.

I have update photos after one week and day 11,my...

I have update photos after one week and day 11,my face still healing and scar.
Knock wood just had my neck done this past week and above eyebrows /eye area and no pain afterward, a tiny bit tender and i'm a super fair strawberry blonde w most sensitive skin she'd seen she said to me. Depends how high they turn it up too....
I don't have a burn, jch. My Ultherapy went very well...a couple of welts on my neck that vanished within a few hours.
Dr. D. Branson mentions the risk of burns here Obviously, burns are very rare but I am hearing that they are a possibility and are more "intense" than a welt. I understand welts are common and go away quickly, as mine did.

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