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I am a mother of two and grandmother. I am 44...

I am a mother of two and grandmother. I am 44 years old. When my daughter was born, I weighed 120 before pregnancy and 175 during. I lost alot of the weight but I weighed 140 for a long time. I am 5' tall. My skin got stretched (well everything got stretched).

I work out and no matter how hard I try the "ick" is still there. I tried really hard one year and I looked better than ever but I still had the wrinkles and the jelly belly..

I am having a breast lift and TT and I can't wait. This site has been a god send.

I never thought dream would come true but I got a huge promotion so happy promotion to me.

Ok, TTFinally, we are less than 48 hours away from our Tummy Tucks! Are you as excited as I am? I am working tomorrow :/ I have a few loose ends to tie up and if I stayed home, anxiety would probably kick my butt:) I will be following your recovery and wish you the best!

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. This will be a huge transformation for you! Sometimes there's just no way to get rid of the belly without surgery. Sad, but often true. Thanks for turning to us for support. We're here for you!


Day three. I am feeling really good. Pain pump...

Day three. I am feeling really good. Pain pump removed yesterday so I lost the luxury of the numbness so I feel I little more sore today but I am up trying not to overdo it. Can't wait for drains to come up.
looking good!
Your results are phenomenal! Thanks for sharing, and congratulations!
awesome! You've inspired me - I gotta post a picture too... you look great!

So it is day 5 am I am still very sore in my core....

So it is day 5 am I am still very sore in my core. My breasts are good no pain at all. Where the pain pump was removed is sore and swollen. I feel so much better when I stand up straight.

I have slept in bed since night two and that hasn't been so bad. Well the guest bed because ours is too high.

I am still taking the Arnica and Bromelain. I can't say if it worked but I had minimal swelling and bruising. Bruising from lipo almost gone BUT he only took out 200 ccs so I think that matters.

Ibuprofen might also be helping because it is an anti-inflamatory

So yesterday's day out was successful. My left drain put out 10ccs in a twelve hour period but the right one is still pumping 30-40 in a 12 hour period. I was hoping to get them out tomorrow so I don't have to figure out how to hide them at work tomorrow.

As of yesterday (day four) I had also gained three pounds so maybe there is more swelling than I think. But also on day four I was able to poop. Smoothly on day five as well. I have been using a women's laxative once a day they are usually pink, along with two vegatable laxatives (I think it is the generic of the Senot at rite aid. Anyways I feel much better in that respect.

I am tired of the chair so I am having my DH pack it up and send it back to mom's. I am on the couch today. It is much easier to get up from the couch. If your recliner has a handle forget it.

My son hasn't been to see me yet. His reply was "it wasn't a real operation, you chose to have it.". Well hmmpf. He is young but I miss my grandson it's been a week (LOL).

Ok so back to work tomorrow 1/2 time I think. Maybe 10-3. I sit all day so I think if I have a stool I will be okay. (Bringing heating pad).

I used an ice pack last night on my core (over two layers of shirts). It felt soooo good, wait it felt amazing and then I read you shouldn't use one. Uggh. Well I read you shouldn't use a heating pad either but I use it on my back so there should be no worries.

Enough for day 5 happy healing ladies.
My ps said to use ice pal over binder.. I also used heating pad on my back.. Good luck going back to work..

One week update. I went back to the Dr. and my...

One week update. I went back to the Dr. and my left drain is gone yay.... But there is a something over my belly button. He wasn't sure if it was fluid or infected or or.. uggh. He put me on an antibiotic for a couple days I go back Thursday hopefully to get other drain out and see how we are doing. Work is good. I am back to a full schedule but when I get home, I change and go right to my chair. I am excited everything is looking real good and each day it gets better.
You are looking great! Let me know how the full day goes. I envy your ability to go go go, it makes me feel lazy!! Hehe, I'm glad you're feeling good!
Looking good. Do u think it was a good time to go back to work? Trying to get 8 weeks but seeing if I could use less.
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