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Hi. I'm 5'1 and now weight 148 pounds from...

Hi. I'm 5'1 and now weight 148 pounds from a weight loss of 35 pounds. Mother of 5 kids and terrify of having this surgery but I know it needs to be done and can't wait. From reading everyone's story here I love the support you all give yourself and that's what I need a support system. I'm having lipo, tt with mr, and breast lift with possibly ba. We will make a final decision on 3/7 when I go in for my last pre op. my surgery is scheduled for 3/9 @ 8am. Anyone on the same date?. BTW how do I update my story here as the days progresses ? Thanks.

So my date is coming soon and I can't wait, my...

So my date is coming soon and I can't wait, my sooooo scared, I've never gone on surgery before and now I'm getting everything on one shot. The 9th is just around the corner....I'm so scare!!

Yesterday I had my lat pre op. and I love my doc,...

Yesterday I had my lat pre op. and I love my doc, all my exams came back normal, the payment is in. I'm being placed on a full body girdle including arms. I'm getting lipo only in few areas because my ps says I don't have much fat, and what I have is mostly loose skin, so he's doing lower back stomach, inner thighs and flanks a bit, muscle repair,tt, bl with a reduction reconstruction of them and inject my butt to show a lift. I go in tomorrow 3/9 @ 8 am. So after today 8 pm I cannot eat or drink. I also have to take a shot on my belly at 8 pm tonight and that is to prevent any clotts I believe . I have to take an overnight bag because I have to stay in the facility for the first night with round the clock nurses. I'm very excited and can't wait. Yayyy. Good luck and God bless all that are going in as well.

Here I am should be sleeping but I can't yet, but...

Here I am should be sleeping but I can't yet, but I will try since I have to be in clinic tomorrow before 8 am. Wish me luck

Getting ready to go to clinic and I'm shaking all over

Getting ready to go to clinic and I'm shaking all over

2 days post op have 4 drains and I'm aching and...

2 days post op have 4 drains and I'm aching and can't hardly walk

Yesterday I went for my 1st po on my 3rd day po....

Yesterday I went for my 1st po on my 3rd day po. Still have all 4 drains but he gave me a muscle relaxer pills. Hopefully that will help.
I then had a bad night up at 4 am. And today I was even crying. I know it's all normal but it's just soo scary and painful and uncomfortable specially for someone of no major surgery to have had all this done at same time.

I can't even post pics of my before because I don't know how to.

So today Saturday I'm 8 days po. My 4 drains were...

So today Saturday I'm 8 days po. My 4 drains were removed on Wednesday that was 3 days ago . I was very scared it will hurt but It didn't hurt at all. I did feel the bottom 2 at my pubic area come out. I was afraid of them getting stuck but they didn't . In 2 more days I have another po visit and they said they will remove my stitches, I have not seen my scar because it's been bandage up, but at this point nothing to do. All that is uncomfortable is my back because of the lipo and my butt due to the butt lift my wonderful ps did. Lol

So my last stitches were removed yesterday those...

So my last stitches were removed yesterday those were the ones on my bb and the back were I had lipo. I feel great...I have some sweeping for, time to time but the lymphatic massages really do help. It has been such an experience and so far I still feel like I made the right's only been 2 wks po and I'm still swollen but SO far I like the way the clothes fit...and the incision is a very thin line.

My breast still ache all the time...I'm down 13...

My breast still ache all the time...I'm down 13 pounds since surgery but I'm still swollen. :( . And I'm so very tired of this burning feeling in my tummy that I'm not sure if it's because of the garment.
Dr. Roberto Bitar

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I think the burning your feeling is the nerves coming back to life @ least that's what my PS told me. He said its a good thing cuz it means the feeling is coming back even though it hurts. Happy healing!
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How have I never seem your profile? Crazy! We had surgery the same day but I still have 1 drain, get it out this thursday. Well I'm glad to here your doing pretty well, besides the swelling but I'm sure that will go with time. Good luck with continued healing.
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Thanks, yes I had all 4 drains removed 1 wk po, good luck with your last one. I will post pics by next wk.
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Hi there! These first few days are the hardest. It will get better!

To post photos you just go into your review (you must be on a laptop or PC) and scroll down to the photo field, then click "Choose File". PM me if you're still having difficulty.

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I have on a full piece garments with sleeve s because of my breast reconstruction and lift, yeah I'm pretty sore but I take pain killers also with the percocets so it does help. I have someone that cooks for me so I basically just in bed or sitting or trying to walk. Today I go back to see my ps. Wish me luck. And thanks for the advice it feels good to to be alone on this. :(
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Are you taking something for pain hon? I'm sure if this is your first surgery you must be awfully sore. I am shocked at all you had done for the price that's pretty amazing. So all went well and you are home now. Do you have some help there? Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and get your rest, if you have alot of pain ice packs can really help out. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
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Thanks my Ps is from south America and is consider one of the best in his country. He has even worked with Dr. Rey from tv show. Anyways I went yesterday for postoperative and too early to remove any drains so I still have all 4 of them and I see him again tomorrow .
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Hey girl. Let's talk when u can. We r surgery buddies and I went in yesterday too. Hope u r doin well
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My back and sides hurt sooo much that I can bearly sleep and have 4 drains. Now I'm 2 days po. How about you?
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Good luck tomorrow :)
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Thanks I made it lol
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I'm so freaking out at this time. I think I'm having seconds thoughts about it...I'm actually a surgery virgin. This is my 1st major surgery. Wednesday I meet with my psthen I have it done Friday @ 8am. What about you mountainmomma?
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Hi girl...I am march 9 also. How r u doin?
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I'm very nervous and having second thoughts but at same time feel excited. I meet with my ps tomorrow wed and then I have to get my compression garment . How are you holding up?
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Good luck....and yayyy to us lol
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I'm glad you found us and started your story here on RealSelf. Congrats on your weight loss! That's fantastic!

To update, you just go into your review, hit the update button and you can add more on to your story whenever you want. (I'll also be sending you a PM on how to get into your review).

Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Not much longer now!

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