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I am a 30 year old female. I have one beautiful...

I am a 30 year old female. I have one beautiful daughter who just turned 1 in February.

I don’t know what the future holds if I will have more children or my daughter will be the only child .But what I do know is I HATE MY STOMACH!

I have always had a enormous looking stomach and have always been flat chested all my life even when I got pregnant my breast didn’t even get bigger .I think that I am cursed.

I am 5’3 182 pounds my bottom is nice size not to big not to smal , but it will look a million times better if I had a flat tummy. I just want to gain my confidence back for me. I am so sick and tired of people asking me if I am g having another baby or am I pregnant, that really upset’s me . I just want to look and feel comfortable.

My “Mommy Make Over” Is scheduled for May 19,2011 ..I am so excited …If any one has had the surgery or getting ready to I am here for you..LOL!

Ok I have a question ,I dont want to call my...

Ok I have a question ,I dont want to call my doctor and be a nuisance but when is he going ot call me to schedule surgery???

16 Days to my tummy tuck counting down the days.

16 Days to my tummy tuck counting down the days.

Can't wait just sitting and thinking when is this...

Can't wait just sitting and thinking when is this doctor going to call me. LOL

Ok ,I need to know is there anything that I might...

Ok ,I need to know is there anything that I might need before I Have my procedure done, let me know if you have any sutggestions that might have minimized your pain.

Photo Update

Happy Mother's Day LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!

8 more days but who is counting . @ this point im...

8 more days but who is counting . @ this point im so anxious I dont know what to do with myself..My Doctor still has notg contacted me yet Im getting very impatient @ this point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok!!!! Its exactly seven days from the date of my...

Ok!!!! Its exactly seven days from the date of my surgery..I dont feel to thrilled that i have not even received a call from my P.S. ,but if he does not call me by tommorow I will definitely be giving him a call 1st thing monday morning because by that time I will have pulled out my weave! LOL

Ok I just spoke to the Doctor I dont need any...

Ok I just spoke to the Doctor I dont need any preoperative testing because I am so young..WTF ..I want testing...

Ok ladies 3 more days of this flat chested chest...

Ok ladies 3 more days of this flat chested chest and this protruding tummy !!!!!!!! I'm sooo have a mental breakdown right now, I'm having all types of weird thought's in my head that I might suffer horrible necrosis because I am an ex-smoker called my doctor about 5x to ask him all types of weird questions... What's my problem??????

Hay Ladies ...Mission complete I had my mommy...

Hay Ladies ...Mission complete I had my mommy makeover yesterday and I feel like a bus just hit me.LOL..But I am able to walk around and go to the bathroom alone today.My PS wwould like to see me in his office today for
post-op I guess ,I just want to rest,Surgery went well it was a total of 4 hours .The only pain i really have is the sawness of the breast and incision from the tummy tuck , Other than that I hafe to say im doing quite well. I am on my way to see my P.S. now so I will upload pics tonight..Thanks for all your support during my journey...

Ok ,I am highly medicated other than that i feel...

Ok ,I am highly medicated other than that i feel fine.The drains are a bit uncomfortable but thats all.Ill take pictures when i can.

Hay ladies I am 9 days post op both drains are...

Hay ladies I am 9 days post op both drains are removed Loving my TT but I dont think that i got my breast as big as I really should have ..Other than that I am doing fairly well with recovery been over doing it so tomorrow will be a relax day..Cause I have been having alot of pain in my lower back.Ok ladies Ill try to podt my pics when I can..BE WELL!!!!

Still very swollen ,today I went back to my PS...

Still very swollen ,today I went back to my PS because i had some leakage in my right breast ,He checked it out and seen that it was nothing..So just waiting for the swelling to go down.

Today I woke up an my stomach was really swollen...

Today I woke up an my stomach was really swollen ,Not painful but i am very worried about all the swelling.

OK i posted my pics..

OK i posted my pics..

Today was my first day back @ work it was ok..I am...

Today was my first day back @ work it was ok..I am still walking like a 80 year old women..I am having a little puss out of my belly button is that normal??
Dr.Peter Taub

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Can you tell me more about Doc Taub?HE DID A GREAT JOB ON YOU.GREAT!!!

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Looking great Lsparkles1. What size implants did you go with. They look so perfect for you!
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Still swollen on the top portion of my stomach ,but i look great !!!
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You look great! How'd you make out today? This is my third week back at work and i'm still pooped by the time i get home every night. My new belly button didn't close up as much as my doc wanted so she had me apply peroxide with a cotton ball twice a day to help it along.
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Hay Honey,Im soo damn tired ....I need a nap every few hours and you know that cant happen with a 1 yr old,But Im walking better now that I have my compression garment..I went to my PS today he said It looks like I popped a stitch in my belly button he gave me some ointmet for that as well other than that im fine still a lil swollen but I fell much better..
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Hi!!! Hope you're feeling better today! My TT was one month ago today. I'm doing well, back at work for two weeks now. Loving my new belly. Post some pics when you can!!!!!
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I'm so glad you're feeling better :)
Did your PS give you anything for the swelling?? My PS gave me some Arnica and some anti-inflammatory pills which has really helped me with my swelling. How many cc's did you end up getting??
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No ,I still am on antibiotics !! But you look great..Im noticing that i am more tired than normal so I hafe to get me some vitamins..And once I put on my compression garment I walk straight YAYAYAYAY!!!!! But check out my pics..
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Today's your day!!! Good luck and update when u can!!!
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Thanks love ,Im done I feel cery saw.I feel a lot of sawness from where the incision sight is .Other than that im ok..How are you??
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Hope your surgery went smooth :) Good Luck girl !
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Hay it di it went well its just the recovery that a kicker.I am just feeling alot of sawness and I also can feel the stitches ,but other than that im fine and my boobs are not as big as I thought they would be..I am off to see my p.s. now I will post pics later.. Thanks for the support.
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OK 2 more days and im goood!!!!!!!!
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There's alot of stuff that you're gonna need for your surgery. During your pre-op visit , your PS should give you a list of important things to get for your recovery. Your surgery is just 4 days away! So it's important for you to get everything you will as soon as possible.

Also there's a site called
It was very helpful for me
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You are not supposed to eat or drink after 11pm the nite b4. They should provide you with a binder. The supplies you will need in the house are
Gauze pads
Cotton swans and balls
A recliner to sleep in (lol)
Plenty of pillows
Take a top that you can just slip on and zip up or button up. Slip on shoes.
That's all I can think of right now. are you spending the night at the hospital?
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But do i need to do anything specific before surgery???????
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You will usually get a phone call the day before your surgery telling you what time to come in.
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Hey girl, checked out your pics. You are gonna LOVE your results. This is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I am 4 days post op from my tummy tuck with lipo, I am sore, bruised and swollen. I have two drains, but I feel great.

My best advice: stay overnight at the hospital if you can. It's amazing how much help you need. The nurses took care of me overnight (I had my surgery on Friday morning 7:30 a.m.) through Saturday afternoon. They get your pain under control, they took care of my acid reflux that developed, nausea, EVERYTHING. I just laid there. I didn't even have to get up to pee because they put in a catheter.

My tips for making this easier: Wear something like a wrap dress and slip on shoes to the hospital. You do not want to have to tie up shoes or pull tops over your head. When you get home, put on something comfortable and just rest. You will be so happy over your new body you will feel like you can do a lot. you have to take it easy or you will cause your incisions to open and you will be in PAIN.

The anesthesia and pain meds will back you up. Take a stool softener and laxatives. I used Miralax. Trust me, it helps!!!!!

If you have anything specific, just ask and I'll tell you about my experience. Other than that, can't wait to hear about your surgery!!!!
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Thanks Doll How do u feel,I know u just had yours done as well.Do u see a difference as of yet..
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Yes! Its the most amazing thing but u can see the difference immediately. Even tho you're swollen u can tell your GUT is gone!!! As soon as I woke up I peeped under my gown and was thrilled to not see my old belly. I'm so excited. I know its only gonna get better.

Feeling good today. Just taking it easy and getting ready for my post op tomorrow.
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Your surgery date is my brothers bday...and the day I'm going to the Bahamas. My bday is May 23.
I'm 2 mos post op. I'm doing good. I LUV the BOOBIES! I have to wait for the final results of the TT to see how I feel about that. One thing I do know I'm NOT having anymore kids. There is no way I will have a TT again. The healing process is too long for me. Make sure you go LARGE with the boob size so you won't regret getting them too small. You are going to look so good after your MM.
As for the was not painful. Just a lot of discomfort. My Boobs felt engorged and my stomach felt like I had a corset on. It's uncomfortable to sleep 1st couple of weeks. I'm back at the gym now. Knock on wood no complications.?'s just ask...
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Oh,Thank you soooooooo very much ,U girls are the absolute best I swear.I have not had any anxiety attacks yet so I guess I am good LOL.Just waiting for my Doctor to get in contact with me and let me know something i am so anxious.LOL.. And I told him a C- Cup but you are the second person that told me to go bigger cause the look when you are so swollen you will love but when you go down you might not like it.I dont know so maybe I will tell him to give me a little D .LOL..Well Enjoy your trip and tell your brother Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
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U guys are so funny! I had a breast REDUCTION a few years ago and asked the ps to make me a B cup. (I was over a DD). The doc shook her head and said ladies with jugs wanna go down to nothing but ladies with little ones always want the biggest ones they can get! Lol. I ended up a full c-cup and am very pleased.

My advice is to trust your surgeon and go for a size proportionate to your NEW figure. u can't go wrong with that. (Besides bigger boobies are a pain to carry around) smile
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No Noy yet he said he will be speaking to me within the week thats coming up so i guess, I will be doing everything then.
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Well I don't look amazing yet! LOL. I have 4 more days to go..

Did u have your pre-op yet? Also ask him if he's using a pain pump? I can't imagine getting a TT without it.
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