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I am also a victim of the Lifestyle Lift procedure...

I am also a victim of the Lifestyle Lift procedure and the inexperience of the doctor doing it. I was promised quick, easy, pain free results. Instead I suffered excruciating pain, developed thick, keloid scars all around my ears and neck and just had to undergo extensive surgery to try to fix the horrible mistakes that were made.

I spoke to a lawyer in NY and they are helping me sue the company and the doctor for all the pain they have caused me. I hope it will make the company and the doctor change this procedure or how it is performed so no more women have to suffer!! April 13, 2012 M.R. New York Gal


Slick ads, pretty women, Debbie Boone singing their praises, only deals with faces, got me, too, hook line and sinker. Bad scarring from under the chin and down the center of the neck (T-bone style), side of neck 3 inches below hairline, etc. This is a bad greedy group with no thought of the client. They operated 3 times and never got is right. I'm not only scarred but uneven. There should be a class action lawsuit!
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I wish you ladies the best and thank you for your comments. I will continue to search for a doctor. At this point lifestyle Lift seems to risky.
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Hi., you better believe it's too risky. Please do not have it done. I was ok for 6 months, and then both sides of my face became numb and I have a terrible tingling. I know it is all from nerve damage. We should be telling anyone who will listen. I e-mailed the Dr. Drew Show. I haven't heard from them, but two people in the Lifestyle Lift organization have They are afraid that if the word gets out that their butchering business will be over. We need to get together a class action law suit. Get our money back and stop these so-called plastic surgeons from harming anyone else. They aren't surgeons....they didn't train a long time like real surgeons. Get the word out
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See photo, The scaring was much more extensive. Both ears, face. I only submitted one photo where i would not be recognized.

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