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I am currently awaiting my trays. I am 28 years...

I am currently awaiting my trays. I am 28 years old and have never been happy with my teeth. I almost got metal braces when I was 23 but decided against it at the last minute. That orthodontist told me I wasnt a candidate for invisalign which is what I originally scheduled the consultation for. Since then I have had 3 consultations with Orthodontists who have told me I was a candidate for both the Invisalign and the Invisalign express. I decided to go with the full to do it right.

I have crowding issues. The final straw was when my daughter had a friend over and asked me if I was missing a tooth because from her angle my tooth protrudes and leaves a space in my mouth.

The Orthodontist I chose is very likable and honest although all of them told me about the attachments (which I already knew about because I spent a lot of time on this site reading reviews). The Ortho I chose even had attachments on the model he showed me. Anyways Im excited about beginning treatment and am expecting some discomfort. I think it will be mild compared to what they will do for my self esteem. Thanks to everyone who posts on here with their experiences, it has been helpful and I will be sure to update once my trays come in.


I am very excited about correcting my teeth and I wont know exactly how long I will wear them until Invisalign sends the trays and movement plan. My Ortho estimates it will take around 1 1/2 years for the entire process...

Oh a year and a half isn't bad at all, I'm sure it will fly by. Let us know when you get your trays and update us how everything goes.

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Hi wnygirl, 

Welcome to the Invisalign community. Are you excited about your new teeth you will have? Do you know how long you will have to wear them? Yes, please do keep us updated we can't wait to hear how everything goes.

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I started my treatment today! I will have 27 top...

I started my treatment today! I will have 27 top aligners and 12 on the bottom, however my Orthodontist will give me new inactive bottom trays every two weeks to wear at night once my treatment is complete on the lower teeth. I will be getting 12 buttons which he will put on in 2 weeks, after I get used to wearing the aligners. They are a little uncomfortable but not as bad as I thought it would be, certainly bareable. I will post before and after pictures after Im finished with my treatment.
I received my trays friday and got the 3d animation which shows the final outcome which I thought was very exciting! My treatment will consist of 27 top trays and 12 on the bottom. I will continue recieving inactive bottom ones to wear at night though until my treatment is complete. My Ortho is attaching 12 buttons before I receive my 2nd set of trays. He wanted me to get used to wearing them and taking them out before he put the buttons on. They are a little uncomfortable but Im still happy with my decision!

A little discomfort will be nothing in comparison to how happy with your smile I'm sure you will be when this is all over. Please keep us updated.




Update... I am currently on tray 6 in my treatment...

Update... I am currently on tray 6 in my treatment. To be honest, I was in pain the first week of my first trays but have experienced no pressure since. When I change trays they feel a little tight for the first few minutes but thats it! I was concerned that maybe they werent working since I wasnt feeling discomfort anymore but I can see the difference in the trays from tray to tray.

My Orthodontis's inexperience is starting to show now, since I went for an invisalign prefered provider and they switched him with his new associate. Ive always suffered from tmj but it has gotten worse since the beginning of my treatment. It was so bad that I couldnt chew or open my mouth wide enough to take bites of hardly anything. I couldnt eat. When I went to my Ortho for treatment he told me hes not comfortable treating those kinds of problems and to see my regular dentist or he could refer me to another Ortho...this struck me as unprofessional since he is my Ortho and Im paying a lot of money for his services, not to be refered to another Orthodontist.

I have 11 buttons and one of them fell off the first day and my Orthodontist didnt put it back on...he said he'll put it back on later in the treatment. its on the tooth next to my front tooth and my only critisism is that if it wasnt necessary from the beginning, I wish i could have put it on later since its very visible in the alligners seeing as they are all fitted for the buttons and its right in the front of my mouth.

Two of my new aligners accidently got thrown out and I had to order new ones and the price charged was more that twice as much as my Orthodontist said it would be. Im still hopeful and enjoying results, I just wish maybe I would have complained about them switching Orthos on me...

Not at all, for 2 replacement trays I got charged $223.00 dollars.. My Orthodontist says this is the amound invisalign charged him and no more...Its my own fault but still an expensive mistake.

Thanks for updating your review. It is super helpful to see what people are experiencing as they go through the process. Sorry to hear the change in orthodontists hasn't been a very smooth transition.

You mentioned you had to replace a couple of trays that had been accidently tossed out. Do you mind me asking how much they charged for your replacements?

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