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Help! 6th Day and Very Painful

I am excited to have started invisalign... however...

I am excited to have started invisalign... however i have been combating with a ton pain since I started.

I eat frequently throughout the day so I have to take my trays off to brush them about 5-6 times a day. Tonight my gums seem very tender and swollen and i keep getting cold sores in my mouth. I have researched online and have not seen anyone else with these symptoms... HAS ANYONE ELSE experienced tender/swollen gums and a ton of cold sores?! HELP!


I am in the same boat. In my first week and sores galore! I called dentist today and receptionist said if not better on Monday to call back. Canker sores all over...cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, etc. Ridiculous! The side of my tongue has one long ridge of sore down it from the whole right bottom plastic. Everyone where I read and everyone I talk to say this will go away in time. I took an emory board and filed the edge dowon a bit and seems to help a little. Everyone says you rmouth adjusts...I hope so. And I'm so darn thirsty...some gum sure would help!!! Miserable but the end result will hopefully be worth it.

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Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear what is going on for you. :( Do you have any orthodontic wax? Get some & line the outside of your trays with it so it can provide some relief to your lips & let them heal up. You should be able to find some at a drug store, but sometimes its a bit difficult to find. If its really bothering you call the emergency number for your ortho & tell them you need some wax. They will have some at their office and should be more than willing to meet you there to give you some - at least I would hope.

I have cold sores on my lips and my mouth interior is puffy and red. It is hard to swallow and hurts. I have had Invisalign for eight weeks and this is the second time this had happened. I thought AI might be allergic to the plastic but if so then why only two flareups? I have used the cream Abreve (expensive ) on my cold sores and it really helps. I am glad to know I am not alone in the cold sore department. I can't use toothpase-it burns too much- so I brush with baking soda. On the plus side I am losing weight due to less frequest snacking.

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