The First Day of the Rest of my Life - New York, NY

I've been preparing for my upcoming surgery for...

I've been preparing for my upcoming surgery for the past 3 months. 3 more before the insurance company will let me have the surgery. I am tentatively scheduled for May 9th. I'm slowly changing my eating habits. Diet soda is my tough one to give up. I like one at lunch every day and finding that the hardest to give up. I think the biggest thing I'm scared about it how the first few months will be after surgery. No matter what, I'm doing this. I need to get healthy and I have two granddaughters that I love to play with so.....I'm doing this for myself and for them.....Does anyone have any words of wisdom?

Okay....having a little bit of a panic this morning....what if I have this surgery and I don't lose anything. OMG please tell me that won't be the case.

I'm sure that won't be the case! It's not an easy road and it definitely takes work, but with the surgery you have all the tools you'll need to lose weight. Your stomach will only let you eat a small amount and your body should reect things high in fat and sugar, should you be tempted.

So nice to hear someone such as myself I am doing the same thing in the same schedule procedure as u. and like yourself my inspiration was my 2 granddaughters. I'm scared and excited at the same time like you wondering what will happen after surgery I'm scared but that will not stop me I am for 430 pounds I cannot walk or enjoy my grandchildren right now but I am looking forward to enjoying them every minute I can I hope things work out really good for the both of us good luck grandma

7 weeks until I go into surgery. April is full of...

7 weeks until I go into surgery. April is full of final appts before the big day. I can't wait.....I'm still having trouble giving up that afternoon diet soda but I'm slowly trying to lose weight before surgery. I've dropped almost 10 lbs so far. I actually found 3 pair of pants in my closets that are about a size smaller than what I am and they all have the tags on them. I'm going to return them and hold out til I'm much smaller to buy new.....can't wait. I had a business meeting today and it was so fantastic for someone to stop mid sentence and ask if I'd lost weight that I was looking different and great. I so can't wait until I am a smaller version of me and it is definately visually noticeable. Counting down the days.
1 month til surgery....I finally gave up soda. I went cold turkey about 4 days ago and have actually lost a few pounds just from stopping that. I still want diet soda....badly but I'm doing fine without it. Tomorrow is my nutrition class and last of my 6 months weigh ins.

That's awesome! Congratulations! Giving up soda is really hard, I know, but you've done it!


Congratulations on your pre-surgery weight loss! You're doing really well, and obviously people are noticing!

Giving up soda is really difficult, I haven't been able to do it yet either! I drink diet soda, but I still need to totally give it up soon! I've read that even though it's diet, it awakens your brain to the sweetness and makes you crave sweet foods, which isn't great!

Not long now until the big day! we'd love to see a pre-op photo, if you feel comfortable sharing any (Even if you want to crop your head out)! ;-)


Today was my pre-admission testing so all I have...

Today was my pre-admission testing so all I have now is my final appt with my surgeon next week and I'm ready to go. May 9th.....and the rest of my life, here I come.

Yesterday was the final surgeon report before the...

Yesterday was the final surgeon report before the big day. Two weeks from today. I am so excited. I have bags and bags of clothes of every size and I've been going through them all to get ready to start dropping and this time, as I get out of a size, they are going! No more storing of larger sizes just in case. I'll keep you posted......
Words of Wisdom- sleep on a recliner when you get home- it's too hard to get in and out of bed the first couple of days. 2- if you don't already have one, get a shower head that has a detachable hand wand- helps very much. 3- if your doctor has asked that you drink protein, don't go out and buy the big barrels- your taste buds will change and protein powder tastes differently before and after surgery. 4- use toddler size plates, bowls, cups and utensils so that you get used to eating small portions, 5- walk to prevent blood clots.
Thank you so much Isabella. Those are all great things to know. I do have a recliner and already have the toddler dishes in the house. I don't have the shower head but that may have to be an investment we make. My dr said I can drink the shakes but don't have to so I was thinking of just picking up a couple ready made til I find what taste good to me. Did you have to give yourself injections after the surgery for blood clots? I am going to have to for 10 days. Thank you so much for the info. I really appreciate it.
I didn't but my boyfriend did when he had his surgery. Warning: Bruising tends to occur in the area you put your shot. our nurse had forewarned us so when he woke up one morning we weren't as surprised to see bruising everywhere we gave him a shot- it too shall pass- Good luck on your surgery!

Tomorrow I start a clear liquid diet for the next...

Tomorrow I start a clear liquid diet for the next 3 days and then Thursday is surgery....When they told me 6 months of work until the surgery I felt like it was so far off but here I am 3 1/2 days away and can't wait. I'm not looking forward to jello, broth and popsicles for the next 3 days but I will deal. Not sure how everyone else around me will fair....but it will go by quick. I'm just keeping busy packing up our house as we are also moving in a few months...I never do one thing at a My main goal in the next couple days is to take before pics and measurements which I will share down the road when I have some after pics to show you all.....

Hi there, how did your surgery go? I hope you're recovering well and feeling okay! Please do give us an update, whenever you feel able to!

Hi I havent had surgery yet. Its scheduled for june 3rd. Next tuesday is preadmission testing and next friday is upper endoscope.

Ah okay! Have you had an endoscopy before? That's the part I'm not really looking forward to.


Hello, I had my surgery on Thursday and came home...

Hello, I had my surgery on Thursday and came home on Saturday. I'll be honest and tell everyone my experiences. I was kinda in the dark going into this. Know that this is just my experience and everyone will differ.

Immediately after surgery of course I was tired and uncomfortable. I have 7 one inch incisions in my belly and am very bruised. I had to have hepurion shots every 8 hrs to not get blood clots and now that I'm home I have to give myself 1 shot a day for 10 days. They don't hurt at all but I'll be glad when I don't have to do that. The other thing that I didn't expect was I was diabetic after surgery. temporarily. They tested every shift and every shift I had to have insulin shots. At one point my count was up to 220. All I was ingesting at that point was tiny medicine cups of water. They offered diluted juice but I turned it down at first. I wish I had taken it as once I did, then my insulin went down to normal and no more shots of that. I took pain meds for the first day but found that I was nauseous and had a headache. Stopped the pain meds and all went away. They gave me tylenol but I only took it once. I really didn't need it. My goal was to drink 4 medicine cups of liquid per hour and to do this 3 hours in a row in order to have my IV disconnected. For me this was tough as I'm not a big drinker but I forced it. I felt better once the IV was disconnected and I didn't have to drag it everywhere with me. I was nauseous but I think that was mainly the pain meds and that I had nothing in my stomach. I came home yesterday and started EAS protein shakes, chicken broth, jello etc. It was great to get some taste and the nutrients help alot with energy. I'm sleeping in my own bed. I get up several times a night to go to the bathroom and then back to bed. I have only been staying up a few hours and then back for a nap for an hour or two. My body is sore from laying around so I'm trying to move around as much as possible. One day at a far so good.

almost 2 months since surgery

July 9th it will be 2 months since my surgery. I'm am down 38 lbs and feeling great already. My legs don't hurt. I'm breathing better. I've already cut out one medicine and cut the dose of another in half. I have no desire to eat what so ever. I have to make myself eat something 3 times a day. Drinking 64 ozs of water a day is a challenge but one I work hard on every day. I've found that I need to watch my sodium and make sure to eat protein as much as possible. The last couple days I have been teetering at the same weight but I ate the vegies from soup and a smart ones yesterday and can tell it was too much sodium. I'm working on increasing some exercise to help move me along. Over feels good to see the scale moving down.
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